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Developer: TreeGenerator

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Developer / company: TreeGenerator

TreeGenerator is a 3D graphics software used to generate trees. With its realtime features, texture handling, extended parameters set, and multi-format export, users will be able to create the most realistic trees.

  • DXF, OBJ and 3DS export of your trees
  • Handle texturing/UV coordinates generation (not exported in .DXF fileformat)...
  • Interactive control of all parameters of each branch level for reasonable tree complexity.
  • Leaf designer : just draw the outline of your leaf, with the help of a leaf texture if you want, and TreeGenerator meshes it automatically and place it all over the tree.
  • Control leaf density and scale for each branch level
  • Levels of detail changing the resolution of your tree mesh, and billboard cloud feature
  • Number of levels to increase your tree complexity
  • Random seed change to be able to generate lots of different trees from a same set of parameters
  • Tree's structure stored in the exported file allow easy modifications (each leave and each branch are stored independantly which allow redesigning your tree in your favourite modeler, and doing some special effect with leaves like wind blow).
  • A bark texture tiling utility allows you to make a bark texture tileable (shading removal, symetrization...).

Branches parameters are :

  • Length, Radius, Radius decrease with length (linear and exponential terms)
  • Twisting (radius and frequency)
  • Bending
  • Noise
  • Resolution ( number of vertices along and around the branch)
  • Number of children and children positionning
  • Leaves density
  • Texture


TreeGenerator pictureTreeGenerator works with the following file extensions:

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TreeGenerator default file extension associations

tgf file icon.tgf

Common file extensions used by TreeGenerator

3ds file icon.3dsdxf file icon.dxfobj file icon.obj

Comparison table of actions that TreeGenerator can perform with each of its associated file type beta

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If you need more information please contact the developers of TreeGenerator (TreeGenerator), or check out their product website.

File type \ Action


























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