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Developer: Type3

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Type3 logoType Edit

Developer / company: Type3

TypeEdit is the leading artistic CAD/CAM software dedicated to the CNC machining environment. In early 2005 Vision numeric decided to segment TypeEdit into 4 different packages organized by industry type - Jewelry, Engraving, Mold, Sign industries .

TypeEdit is endowed with the most advanced functions in the world of graphical creation and dimensional machining. Intuitive modules allow us to finely adapt to the needs of each user. Whether it is simple engraving, lettering on a plaque, doing 3D engraving on a medal, or placing a logo on a warped shape, this single software is all you need.

Text function

Text editing addresses professional typographers’ needs and wants and is completely editable. It allows you to write your text onto lines and to align or move it on its baseline in many different ways; or to place it in an envelope. The Text in Column function allows the user to automatically place text in completely customized columns. All True and Open Type fonts can be used as well as special characters, but professionals will greatly appreciate the ability to create their own fonts, save and re-apply them since page setting is automatic. Plus, modify text parameters such as kerning, spacing, rotation, slanting, compression, interline spacing, etc. using the Rapido tool and automatically save and re-apply those attributes. Moldmakers will appreciate the text mirror function to create perfect molds. Position your text according to departing point, write vertically or automatically onto an arc and use the spell checker for greater security.


this ingenious function generates templates with variable content automatically. TypeEdit will also minimize the displacement of the tool. It allows you to automate repetitive tasks.


Easily project your design onto a 3D surface. TypeEdit offers several methods to project or map geometry. Indeed it depends on the shape of the surface whether it is conical, cylindrical or any other shape and it also depends on the way you want to machine the part.

Construction tree

Make any change at any time thanks to the construction tree! As you build your 3D piece with the TypeArt module, every step of your construction is saved. You can modify any parameter in the historic tree and re-compute the whole TypeArt model automatically and instantly. Reduce your creation time significantly with this new, unique and “parametric -type” tool! Plus, change and adjust the resolution of your object once it is done to save even more time!

TypeArt texturing

TypeEdit offers a wide range of possibilities to add textures to your artworks, adding value to your finished products. Create a random textures playing with interactive parameters, apply predefined ones from a textures library, create stunning weaving patterns or directly convert photos into 3D data: all those possibilities to quickly and efficiently generate decorative motifs and/or 3D textures which will allow you to achieve unique effects on your final model.

TypeArt simulation

More than displaying a real image of what your model will look like after the machining process, the TypeArt simulation function will also allow you to automatically retrieve the areas left un-machined regarding the tool selected. Then, creating a finishing pass inside those areas is as easy as a mouse click and will definitely help you to reduce machining time and hand finishing process!


Machine a large number of shapes and/or letters on the same piece of material. It maximizes use of machine production capacity and minimizes material use and wastage.

Prismatic Letters

Add a unique sense of style to all your signs. You have the possibility to control toolpaths parameters to an extreme precision. The final effect you get on the letters depends on the thickness of the letters and the shape of the tool. A prismatic effect will yield fabulous designs; it just gives a greater visual impact and value to your job!

Color machining

Machine efficiently by selecting a kind of machining to a color defined during the engraving creation. The order of the color machining can be changed (drag and drop with the mouse). The same color can appear several times in the same sequence at different moment of the machining.


The Sequence toolpath enables you to create as many toolpaths as needed but gathered in only one. In this way you optimize the machining time and distance. Instead of using several toolpaths with different tools that will pass numerous times in the material, all passes are carried out cleverly in order to suppress the useless tool displacements.

Type Edit pictureType Edit works with the following file extensions:

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Type Edit default file extension associations

vnd file icon.vnd

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