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VinylMaster Pro

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Platform, operating system:  Microsoft Windows icon Microsoft Windows

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Developer: Future Corporation Ltd

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Future Corporation Ltd logoVinylMaster Pro

Developer / company: Future Corporation Ltd

VinylMaster Pro's user interface puts all the designing tools you'll ever need right at your fingertips, while the convenient pop-up menus mean that your screen is never cluttered.

Overview of Modules

  • Scanning & Tracing: Designed to scan and then trace given artwork to be cut out onto a Vinyl Cutting Plotter or Printed out.
  • Curve Editing: Advanced Tools to manipulate shapes (edit) that are made from curves and lines (paths).
  • Import/Export: Interface to swap designs between VinylMaster Pro and third party software, such as: CorelDRAW, FlexiSIGN, Omega and SignLab etc.
  • Welding Module: Specialist Tools that remove unwanted lines behind shapes to form new shapes which in turn can be cut out.
  • Special Effects: Applies special effects to artwork, such as: Outline, Inline, Block and Drop Shadow, 3D Effects, Cast, Extrusion, Stripes, Multi Outline, Wood Carve, Tool Path and Keyline etc.
  • Image Cut: Applies thin lines to an image (bitmap) that when cut out onto vinyl appears to be a photograph (not vinyl) from a given viewing distance (optical Illusion).
  • Vinyl Spooler: Manages and Sends for cutting, artwork that has been converted into a Cut File.
  • Speed-Weed: Applies a line through a Cut File without effecting the strokes of text for rapid weeding of vinyl.

Overview of Built-In Tools and Features:

  • Text Features: VinylMaster Pro's text features are second to none. The program comes with a full set of text manipulation tools to make efficient sign design and layout a breeze.
  • Clipart & Corporate Logos: The Clipart 6000 collection puts a wealth of quality ready-to-cut clipart images at your disposal. We also include a great selection of accurate corporate logos from many major companies - over 3500 of them! - all ready to be cut out.
  • Rulers & Dimension Tools: You'll love our range of on-screen measuring tools. The Scale Ruler feature will really save you time marking out your work, and your print-outs can even include actual-size rulers, letting you take measurements directly off them - no more worrying about scale ratios!
  • Vehicle Templates: Creating car and truck signage has never been easier! VinylMaster Pro comes with a growing range of full-color photographic vehicle templates, including front, rear and side views.
  • Shapes Tools: VinylMaster Pro comes with a library of standard shapes. Each has its own set of special control points which give you total control over every aspect of the shape using your mouse.
  • Distortions: VinylMaster Pro comes with a range of editable distortions which can be applied to any object, including text. A great feature of these effects is that they are persistent - you can go back and edit the distortion, even after saving and re-loading the file.
  • Color Charts: VinylMaster Pro's Color Selection Module lets you select your materials from a list which includes most of the current brands of vinyl available today.

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vclip file icon.vclipvdoc file icon.vdocvjb file icon.vjbvlogo file icon.vlogovmo file icon.vmovmp file icon.vmp

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pdf file icon.pdf

Other file extensions associated with VinylMaster Pro

pdoc file icon.pdoc

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