How to create and customize themes in Windows 7

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If the look of your computer screen is important to you, you probably already explored the desktop theme feature in Windows 7 operating system. The desktop themes in Windows 7 allows users to customize their desktop background, window border colors, sounds and screen savers so they can create the most suitable desktop environment for them self.


How to create your own Windows 7 themes?

To create a new Windows 7 theme follow these few simple steps:

  1. Open Personalization by clicking on the Start button → Control PanelPersonalization.

  2. Choose a theme to apply it to your desktop.

  3. Now you can change one or more of the following settings:

  • The Desktop Background. You can use a single picture or a series of pictures in a slide show for your desktop background. Of course you can use your own pictures, or choose from the pictures that are part of with Windows 7 Themes.

    To change the background, click on Desktop Background, browse to the pictures you want to use and save the changes.
  • The Window Border Color. You can change the color of your window borders, taskbar, and Start menu.

    To change the border colors, click on the Window Color, click the color that you want to use for your borders and  adjust the color intensity and then click Save to save the changes.
  • Sounds. You can also change the sounds you hear on a certain events happening in your computer.

    To change the sounds, click Sounds on the items in the Sound Schemes list, and then click OK.
  • The Screen Saver. Finally you add or change your favorite screen saver to your desktop theme.

    To add or change your screen saver, click Screen Saver and click on an item in the Screen saver list. Now change any settings to suit your preference and then click OK.


After you have done all these steps, your new customized theme will appear under "My Themes" as an unsaved theme. If you want to further customize your newly created theme, make sure you save it.

Personalization screen in Windows 7 control panel.

How do I save my own Windows 7 themes?

After you are happy with the look and sound of your new Windows 7 theme, you can save it for later customization or sharing to others. To save a theme follow these few simple steps:

  1. Open Personalization by clicking on the Start button → Control PanelPersonalization.

  2. Select your unsaved Windows 7 desktop theme and use it on your desktop

  3. Click on Save theme.

  4. Type a name for your customized theme and then click on Save. Your new theme will now appear under My Themes.

How can I share my own Windows 7 themes with others ?

Of course you can also share your customized themes with your family and friends, if they also have Windows 7 operating system. To share the theme with others, you will first need to save it in a shareable file format, which has the THEMEPACK file extension. After that, you can just send the file to your friends through e-mail or with the use of a flash disk or other storage device and they can apply your theme to their computers. To share a theme follow these few simple steps:

  1. Open Personalization by clicking on the Start button → Control PanelPersonalization.

  2. Select the theme you want to share with someone and apply it to your desktop.

  3. Right-click on the theme, and then click on Save theme for sharing.

  4. Type a name for your shared theme and then click Save. By default, Windows is saving the themes in your Documents folder.

Note: Only some editions of Windows 7 feature themes. If the person you wish to share your theme with has Windows 7 Starter or Home basic editions or any different version of Windows, they wont be able to open and use your themes.

How do I delete my own Windows 7 themes ?

If you are no longer with your current custom theme, you can simply delete it from your computer. You can't delete a theme you are currently using, so first choose a different theme and apply it to your desktop, then you can delete your old custom theme.

Note: Themes that come with Windows 7 can't be deleted.

How do I get more themes ?

You can find and get  more themes in the Personalization Gallery on the Windows website.

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