Other operating systems or devices

Applications and programs used on less known or significant platforms and devices, or on some that are no longer actively used. Includes for example IBM OS/2.

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Other operating systems or devices list

A3000 (1)   -   Yamaha Corporation
An older professional sampler from Yamaha
Ape (1)   -   Steven Tucker
A hardware emulator of old Atari
APL*Plus/PC APL (1)   -   Ken Iverson
A is programming language developed by IBM in 1960's
AreskiCC (1)   -   Areski
A CallingCard handling program
Atari 5200 (1)   -   Atari, Inc.
An old video gaming console
Atari 7800 (1)   -   Atari, Inc.
An old video gaming console
Atari ST (11)   -   Atari, Inc.
A 32-bit personal computer from ATARI
BMW iDrive (11)   -   BMW
A control system for BMW cars
Brew MP (5)   -   QUALCOMM Incorporated
A mobile operating system by QUALCOMM
Comic Book DS (1)
A digital ebook maker
Darik's Boot And Nuke (1)   -   GEEP EDS LLC.
A data wiping software
Dell KACE (1)   -   Dell, Inc.
Physical or virtual systems management appliances
DeltaV (1)   -   Emerson Electric Co.
A digital automation system
DisplayWrite (5)   -   IBM
A WYSIWYG word processor
Emax II (1)
A stereo 16-bit sampler
Fast SMS Set (1)   -   Comat AG
Tools for programing Comat SMS RELAY devices
Final Fantasy XIIFinal Fantasy XII icon (1)   -   SQUARE ENIX CO.
A RPG video game for Sony Playstation 2
Formula 1 2001 (1)   -   Electronic Arts, Inc.
A racing video game for Playstation and PC
Formula One 2001 (6)   -   Sony Corporation
A racing computer game for Playstation and Playstation 2 gaming consoles
Gecko OS (1)   -   Nuke
A cheating program for video games
GenePix Pro (6)   -   Molecular Devices
A tissue and cell array analysis software
GEOS (6)   -   Berkeley Softworks
Older OS for Commodore and early Mac
Guitar Hero 3Guitar Hero 3 icon (2)   -   Activision
A third game from the popular music video game franchise
Haiku (1)   -   Haiku, Inc.
An open source operating system
HP BridgeWorks (1)   -   Hewlett-Packard Company
A tool for producing ready-to-build, distributable components from OpenVMS applications
I-DEAS (6)   -   Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.
An older CAD software
IBM 4690 Operating System (1)   -   IBM
A point-sale platform
IBM Storyboard (2)   -   IBM
A graphic editing suite from early 90s
Older Braille keyboard device
JACOsub (2)   -   Alex Matulich
An Amiga video titling software
KGB (1)
An old emulator for Amiga
LHWarp (1)   -   Jonathan Forbes
An old floppy disk tracking program
LoseThos (14)   -   Terry A. Davis
A 64-bit operating system for x86-64 based computers
LV Backup (1)
A tapeless disk-to-disk (D2D) backup system
lzx (1)   -   Data Compression Technologies
A file archiver for Amiga computers
m-View (1)   -   Momentum Technologies Group
A solution used to create wireless video-streaming system
Magic Shadow Archiver (1)
A disk archiver for the Atari ST computers
Magic User Interface (2)   -   SASG
A program for making GUIs for Amiga apps
Mario Kart WiiMario Kart Wii icon (17)   -   Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Popular car racing game for Wii from the Mario Kart series
Microsoft XBOXMicrosoft XBOX icon (7)   -   Microsoft Corporation
The sixth-generation video game console produced by Microsoft
MirageOS (1)   -   Detached Solutions
A flash shell for TI-83 and TI-84 calculators
Mobipocket Reader for PalmOSMobipocket Reader for PalmOS icon (5)   -   Mobipocket.com
Mobipocket reader for PalmOS
MobyExplorer (1)   -   Bermin Software
A file manager and FTP & FTPS Client for Java J2ME
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (2)   -   Capcom Co., Ltd.
An online RPG
MoonShell (12)   -   Krishen V. Persaud
A homebrew multimedia player for the Nintendo DS
MUI-Magic User Interface (1)   -   SASG
A software for making GUIs
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (1)   -   CyberConnect2
A video game for XBOX and PS3
Nintendo GameCubeNintendo GameCube icon (5)   -   Nintendo Co., Ltd.
6th generation console produced by Nintendo
Nintendo WiiNintendo Wii icon (7)   -   Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Seventh generation console produced by Nintendo
NoiseTracker (2)
Audio Tracker for Amig
NRG Symphonie (1)   -   NRG Systems, Inc.
A data logger device
Octatrack (1)   -   Elektron
An 8 track performance sampler
Odin Sphere (1)   -   ATLUS
A 2D fantasy action RPG
OfficeSuite ClassicOfficeSuite Classic icon (5)   -   Mobile Systems, Inc.
OfficeSuite Classic is a mobile office solution for PalmOS phones
Opera MiniOpera Mini icon (7)   -   Opera Software ASA
A popular web browser for mobile platforms
OS/2OS/2 icon (62)   -   IBM
An older computer operating system developed by IBM for PCs
Palm OSPalm OS icon (15)   -   Palm, Inc.
OS for handheld PDAs
Pascal/MT+ (1)   -   Michael Lehman
A Pascal SO 7185 compiler
Personal Paint (10)
An image editor for Amiga
Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 (2)   -   Pioneer Europe NV
A CD and MP3 player device
Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 (1)   -   Pioneer Europe NV
A CD and MP3 player device
Pioneer DVJ-1000 (1)   -   Pioneer Europe NV
A video mixing device from Pioneer
Piped (1)   -   Queensgate Systems Ltd
A data technology by Queensgate
PMMail/2 (2)   -   VOICE
An E-mail client for OS/2
Pocket Physics (1)   -   Tobias Weyand
A simple physics video game
Pocket Zone (3)   -   The CAD Zone, Inc.
A data collecting tool
PodFlow (1)   -   Ikon AVS Ltd.
A programming software for podules
Portable Radiation Package (1)   -   RMR CO.
An atmospheric downwelling radiation measuring software
PRIZM (1)   -   Casio
A programmable graphics calculator
ProReveal Test (2)   -   Synoptics Health
Protein detection test for checking the presence of residual protein on surgical instruments
PsxPlay (1)
A discontinued movie player for Sony PSX
Q-Flash (5)   -   GIGABYTE
A BIOS update tool included in GIGABYTE motherboards
R-Link (7)   -   Renault
Multimedia interface installed in Renault cars
RadioRA (2)   -   Lutron Electronics, Inc.
A wireless total home control system
Resident Evil ZeroResident Evil Zero icon (1)   -   Capcom Co., Ltd.
A survival horror video game from the popular series
RevolutionEDX (1)   -   4pi Analysis, Inc.
An X-Ray microanalysis software
RISC OS 6RISC OS 6 icon (19)   -   RISCOS Ltd.
Last version of RSC OS
RoboForm for PalmRoboForm for Palm icon (8)   -   Siber Systems, Inc.
A password manager for Palm
Samsung badaSamsung bada icon (4)   -   Samsung Group
Proprietary operating system developed for Samsung Wave smart phone series
Samsung LCD TVsSamsung LCD TVs icon (3)   -   Samsung Group
Samsung smart TVs software functions
SolarisSolaris icon (14)   -   Oracle Corporation
A Unix certified operating system for workstations and servers
Sony PlayStationSony PlayStation icon (8)   -   Sony Corporation
A fifth-generation video game console produced by Sony
Sony PlayStation 2Sony PlayStation 2 icon (7)   -   Sony Corporation
A sixth-generation video game console produced by Sony
Sony PlayStation 3Sony PlayStation 3 icon (8)   -   Sony Corporation
A seventh-generation video game console produced by Sony
Sony PlayStation 4Sony PlayStation 4 icon (1)   -   Sony Corporation
An eighth-generation video game console produced by Sony
Spectrum Disassembler (1)   -   Marco A.G. Pinto
Small utility for Amiga
Star Fox: Assault (1)   -   NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.
A cction-shooter hybrid video game
StarTrekker (2)   -   Fairlight
Audio Tracker for Amiga
StrawHelp (2)   -   Rick Murray
A help system for RiscOS
SymbOS (2)   -   SymbiosiS Production
Old Commodore 64 OS
Synology Download StationSynology Download Station icon (1)   -   Synology Inc.
Download application for the Synology NAS devices running Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM)
SZS Modifier (11)   -   Chadderz
A program for creating Mario Kart Wii texture hacks
The Intel Reader (1)   -   Intel Corporation
A special text to voice hand held device
THEOS Corona (2)   -   THEOS Software Corporation
An older operating system for server class machines
Tinytag (1)   -   Gemini Data Loggers UK
A data recording device and software
TizenTizen icon (3)   -   The Linux Foundation
One of the mobile operating system platforms
TMC (2)   -   jaskier
A music composing application for ATARI computers
TOS (11)   -   Atari, Inc.
Operating system for ATARI ST family of computers
TViX HD M-7000A (1)   -   DViCO
A HD Network Media Player
Video Format Combiner (1)   -   Silicon Graphics, Inc.
A video editing software
Waverunner2 (1)   -   LeCroy
A DSO device by LeCroy
WebOOGL (1)   -   The Geometry Center
A 3D web browser
WebOS (1)   -   Hewlett-Packard Company
A mobile operating system developed by HP
WinUAEX (2)   -   Xport
An emulator for Microsoft Xbox video gaming console
xisoxiso icon (1)   -   xiso
A management utility for Xbox
Xnick (1)   -   HyperG/Smuggl0r
A Xbox nickname changer
Zelda Classic (5)   -   Armaggedon Games
A remake of Ninento's The Legend of Zelda video game
Zombies Ate My Neighbors (1)   -   Konami Corporation
A horror video game

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