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Useful websites and web apps which are accessible through common web browser. Various conversion services, mail services, data storage services, all these are in this category.

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On-line services list

2qfx Convert Pro (6)   -   Moneythumb
A collection of financial file converters that allow users to convert data into Quicken.
3D Transform (12)   -   3D Transform
A website STL converter
3DVIA Player (1)   -   Dassault Systèmes S.A.
A free web browser plugin for viewing 3D formats
AccuWage (2)   -   Social Security Administration
Software to check W-2 and W-2C reports
Adobe Color CC (2)   -   Adobe Systems Incorporated
A tool for creating color schemes
Adobe FormsCentral on-line (1)   -   Adobe Systems Incorporated
An online service for management of online forms and surveys
AIRLINE (1)   -   Efzed Pty. Ltd.
A web based air flight simulation
ALLDATA Repair (1)   -   ALLDATA LLC.
An OE-direct diagnosis, repair, and maintenance online service
Ambassador (6)   -   Pulse Microsystems Ltd.
Online software that allows users to change design formats, resize designs, change colors, and more
AmiProject (2)   -   AmiProject
An online MS Project files viewer
Animated GIF to WebP converter (2)   -   ezgif.com
A website for conversion of animated gif images as webp files.
APK Downloader (1)   -   Evozi
A tool for downloading APKs from Google Play
APK to BAR Converter (2)   -   Good e-Reader
An APK to BAR package converter
App InventorApp Inventor icon (2)   -   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
A cloud based Android app development tool
ASCII Art Paint (9)   -   Kirill Live
free and open-source web-based application for ASCII art
ASCII to text converter (4)   -   Advameg, Inc.
An online tool for generating ASCII number from text
AutoCAD WSAutoCAD WS icon (1)   -   Autodesk, Inc.
An on-line service used to edit and collaborate AutoCAD design data over the Internet
Babel3D (38)   -   Geometric Ltd.
An online CAD conversion service
Badongo (1)   -   Badongo.com
Old hosting site service
Blophome (2)
An online interior design software
Bridge Base Online (1)   -   Microsoft Corporation
A bridge game online service
CastlevilleCastleville icon (1)   -   Zynga Game Network, Inc
Highly popular social network fantasy video game from Zynga
CityDesk (1)   -   Fog Creek
An old text editor
Clara.io (5)   -   Exocortex Technologies, Inc.
A web-based freemium 3D computer graphics software
ClustalW2ClustalW2 icon (1)   -   European Bioinformatics Institute
A general purpose multiple sequence alignment program
Code Architect (1)   -   Embedded Systems Academy
An on-line development environment
Collaborate (3)   -   Blackboard Inc.
An online collaborative learning application
Construction Clouds (1)   -   Gabbisoft Ltd.
Art business and project management software
Convert BibTeX to PDF (3)   -   Andreas Fischer
An online converter for BibTEx
Convert CSV To HTML Table (3)   -   Data Design Group, Inc.
A free online converter
Convert JSON to CSV (2)   -   JSON-CSV.COM
Online converter for JSON and CSV files
CPBitmap Converter (4)   -   CleverByte
An on-line CPBITMAP converter
CSV Free Online Converter (3)   -   GGInternational.net
A an online converter for bank and accounting exchange files
DoubleGISDoubleGIS icon (1)   -   2GIS
A map navigation of Russian and Ukrainian
DropboxDropbox icon (1)   -   Dropbox team
A free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere
Eaglercraft (1)   -   Eaglercraft developers
A fan made version of Minecraft
EarthNC Online Viewer (1)   -   EarthNC, Inc.
An on-line viewer for EarthNC charts
A CSV to TXF converter
FB2 to ePUB (2)   -   Oleksandr Tymoshenko
A FB2 to EPUB online converter
FB2 to MOBI (2)   -   Oleksandr Tymoshenko
A FB2 to MOBI online converter
FeedlyFeedly icon (1)   -   DevHD
A RSS feed on-line service
Firefox Bookmark Backup Reader/Decompressor (3)   -   Jefferson Scher
Online utility used to recover Firefox bookmarks
FIT to TCX converter (2)   -   Michael Pohl
A web-based converter for Garmin files
FontConverter (6)
A free web service for font conversion
FormSaver.Net (2)   -   Pliner Solutions, Inc.
A web platform for form processing
Formswift Free PDF Converter (2)   -   Formswift
Online converter for PDF documents
Free College Schedule Maker (1)
A scheduler builder
Free Flash to HTML5 Online Converter (2)   -   SourceTec Software Co., LTD
A free online service used to convert SWF to HTMl5
Free Online OCR Service (11)
A web-based OCR conversion and text recovery service
Free PDF Converter (44)   -   Baltsoft Software
A web-based document to PDF converter
FSI Viewer (1)   -   NeptuneLabs
On-line picture image viewer
Garmin GarageGarmin Garage icon (2)   -   Garmin Ltd.
A utility used to customize Garmin GPS navigation devices
Gif to Video (2)
A simple online GIF to video converter
GmailGmail icon (1)   -   Google Inc.
On-line electronic mail service developed by Google
Google Apps Script (1)   -   Google Inc.
A JavaScript cloud scripting language
Google CalendarGoogle Calendar icon (1)   -   Google Inc.
A web calendar application from Google
Google DocsGoogle Docs icon (9)   -   Google Inc.
Word processor web app from Google
Google DrawingsGoogle Drawings icon (5)   -   Google Inc.
A drawing web app from Google
Google DriveGoogle Drive icon (10)   -   Google Inc.
Client for a cloud storage and productivity service from Google
Google FormsGoogle Forms icon (2)   -   Google Inc.
A form making web app from Google
Google Fusion TablesGoogle Fusion Tables icon (3)   -   Google Inc.
A experimental data visualization web app from Google
Google SheetsGoogle Sheets icon (10)   -   Google Inc.
Spreadsheet web app from Google
Google SlidesGoogle Slides icon (9)   -   Google Inc.
Presentation wep app from Google
Google Swiftly (3)   -   Google Inc.
A discontinued SWF to HTML5 converter
GoToMeeting (19)   -   Citrix Systems, Inc.
Online meeting service
GPS Visualizer (6)   -   Adam Schneider
A GPS mapping tool
Haluha Pearls (1)
An on-line computer designing game
HAR Viewer (1)   -   Jan Odvarko
An online tool visualizing HTTP Archive (HAR)
IES to EULUMDAT Converter (2)   -   Fast Online Lighting Design 1
An online converter for IES and LDT files
IGES to SVG converter (3)
A convert for 3D graphics accessible from web browser
iMageToVideo.com (5)
An online picture to video converter
Invoice2go (1)   -   Invoice2go
An invoices editing tool
iWorkiWork icon (9)   -   Apple, Inc.
Office productivity suite from Apple
iWork for iCloudiWork for iCloud icon (8)   -   Apple, Inc.
An on-line version of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote
JAR/JAD to APK Online Converter (3)   -   Netmite Corporation
Online JAR to APK web service
A data encryption website service
JIRAJIRA icon (2)   -   Atlassian
An online service for plan, track, work
JitBit MSG to EML converter (2)   -   JitBit
An online converter for Outlook MSG files
JQueryJQuery icon (1)   -   The jQuery Foundation
A feature-rich JavaScript library
JSON formatter (4)   -   JSON Formatter
A web-based JSON tool
Know Your Stuff (1)   -   Insurance Information Institute, Inc.
A free online home inventory software
KnowledgeMill Filler (1)   -   KnowledgeMill
A content sharing platform
App that helps manage and share your Life
LimesurveyLimesurvey icon (2)   -   Limesurvey Project
An open source survey software
Madoko (4)   -   Microsoft Corporation
A fast markdown processor
MDBG Chinese-English dictionary (1)   -   MDBG
An online Chinese-English dictionary
MediaWikiMediaWiki icon (1)
A software wiki package
Microsoft Power BI (3)   -   Microsoft Corporation
A cloud-based business analytics service
Microsoft Windows AzureMicrosoft Windows Azure icon (3)   -   Microsoft Corporation
A cloud platform developed by Microsoft
MIDI to TXT online converter (4)   -   Online Music Games
An online converter for MIDI format
MindMeisterMindMeister icon (10)   -   Meister
An online mind mapping solution
Moodle (2)
E-learning on-line service
MyGeodata Cloud (14)   -   Antonin Orlik
An online GIS converter
Need for Madness (1)   -   RadicalPlay.com
An online arcade racing browser game
Notessimo (1)   -   Notessimo
A music composing app
Online 3D Model Converter (42)   -   Alexander Gessler
A free online 3D model conversion service
Online BinHex Encoder / Decoder Tool (2)   -   XAFUD
An on-line utility used to encode and decode files ih BinHex format
Online CAD converter (46)   -   ConvertCADfiles.com
A commercial online CAD converter
Online Cost Planning Service (1)   -   Alexander V. Ilyin
A resource planning on-line service
Online DBF Converter (6)   -   Astersoft Co.
A website that offers database conversions
Online FBX Converter (2)   -   Daly Realism
An online converter for FBX format
Online font converter (25)   -   t-reinhardt.ch
A tool for online conversion of fonts
Online LUA to TNS converter (2)
A website LUA to TNS converter
Online OXPS to XPS converter (2)   -   PDFConvertOnline
A simple OXPS to XPS online converter
Online pmid to ris converter (6)   -   Paperpile
An online citation converter
onlineasciitools (9)   -   Online Ascii Tools
A set of online ASCII tools
OnlyOfficeOnlyOffice icon (6)   -   Ascensio System SIA
Online office productivity suite
OpenBabel (13)   -   Cheminfo
Online chemical format converter
OpenStreetMapOpenStreetMap icon (4)
On-line mapping solution
Panzoid (3)
Tools for creating beautiful, custom content
PhotobucketPhotobucket icon (1)   -   Photobucket
An on-line digital photos hosting and sharing service
PhotopeaPhotopea icon (18)   -   Photopea development team
A web based graphics editor
PicovicoPicovico icon (4)   -   Picovico Inc.
An online photo to video converter
Picture Resize Free Online Images Converter (75)   -   Lonking Software, LLC.
An online graphics converter and resizer
PixlrPixlr icon (9)   -   Inmagine Lab Pte Ltd
An on-line photo editor
PlayBook .apk to .bar converter (2)
Android APK files to BlackBerry BAR files converter
PNG to PMB online converter (2)   -   martinet.nl
A free online PMB generator
PogoplugPogoplug icon (1)   -   Cloud Engines, Inc.
A Cloud data storage service
POLARIS App Generator (2)   -   INFRAWARE Technology
An on-line service for convert Android Application to Tizen Application
Powernoodle (1)   -   Powernoodle, Inc.
A virtual work engine
Project HTMLifier (5)   -   Sheep_maker
Online tool used to convert a Scratch project to HTML
Publisher to PDF Online Converter (2)   -   Cometdocs
On-line converting service that allows users to convert PUB files to PDF documents
PX7 Patch Conversion Utility (2)   -   Propellerhead Software AB
A utility for converting Yamaha DX7 SYX format
Retro Converter (2)   -   Kurt Tools
An online converter for Scratch files
Roleplay (1)
A discontinued online e-learning solution
ScratchScratch icon (11)   -   MIT Media Lab
A programming language used to create interactive stories
Snap! (1)
A visual, drag-and-drop programming language
Speech Pad (3)   -   Design-Sites.ru
A voice recognition and converter software
Structure Editor (1)   -   HighChem
Structure drawing tool
SubtitleConverter.Net (5)   -   J. David REQUEJO RODRIGUEZ
An online converter for subtitles
TEXT TO IMAGE converter (10)   -   Muri
An online text to image conversion service
TI-89 Converter (4)   -   TI.ZEWAREN.NET
Online tool for conversion of TI-89 files
TI-92 Converter (5)   -   TI.ZEWAREN.NET
Online tool for conversion of TI-92 files
Torrent Editor (1)   -   Torrent Editor
Online app for editing existing torrents online
URL Melter (1)   -   Penguin George
Online website used to shorten URL links
VectorMagic (7)   -   Cedar Lake Ventures, Inc.
An online bitmap to vector conversion service
Visual Paradigm OnlineVisual Paradigm Online icon (12)   -   Visual Paradigm
Modern, online version of Visual Paradigm
VoiceBase (24)   -   Voicebase, Inc.
A Voice Search & Transcription Platform
Web Books Viewer (1)
A free webbased ebook viewing service
WebShots (7)   -   AG.com, Inc.
A large free photo sharing website
WebTranslateIt (1)
A on-line translation service
WhatCrypt Tools (14)   -   WhatsApp Tools Dev
Online service for WhatsApp databases
WixWix icon (1)   -   Wix.com, Inc.
A cloud-based web development platform
WriterDuetWriterDuet icon (9)   -   WriterDuet Inc.
A cloud-based screenwriting app
XML4web (1)   -   Altairis, s. r. o.
A content management system
An XPS/OXPS to PDF conversion services
XPS2PDF (3)   -   AppCreek Limited
An online XPS/OXPS to PDF Converter
XSL Transformer - XSLT (2)
A free online translator for XSL
ZAMZAR - Free Online File ConversionZAMZAR - Free Online File Conversion icon (32)   -   Zamzar
A web application that offers huge file conversion capability

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