Microsoft MS-DOS

MS-DOS was the prime member of whole DOS family of operating systems from Microsoft or other vendors. Developed to be run on x86 based perosnal computer, MS-DOS quickly become main OS used on IBM PC. While it was later replaced by Windows, it is still used for simple operations on some computers used for basic maintenance or simple tasks. Most old DOS programs cannot be run in modern operating systems and have to be emulated through programs like Dos BOX or virtualization software.

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Microsoft MS-DOS software applications

4DOS (3)   -   JP software
A command line shell
ACCPAC Plus (1)   -   The World Management Pte Ltd.
An old financial-management system
Adlib Tracker II (6)
Audio tracker aimed for OPL3 FM-chip
Advanced Revelation Database (1)   -   Revelation Software
A DOS development environment
AHX (1)   -   Abyss
An older music editor for making C64 syntn tunes
Are You Afraid of the Dark? The Tale of Orpheo's Curse (1)   -   Viacom New Media
An adventure computer game based on TV series Are You Afraid Of The Dark?
ARJARJ icon (25)   -   ARJ Software, Inc.
Once very popular file archiver for MS-DOS
Aspetra (1)   -   Andy Wood
An animated RPG game
Autodesk Animator (11)   -   Autodesk, Inc.
An old 2D animation and painting program
AutoFlix (2)   -   Autodesk, Inc.
An addon for older MS-DOS version of AutoCAD
AutoShade (1)   -   Autodesk, Inc.
An old shaded graphics rendering software
Ballance (1)   -   Atari, Inc.
A marble/ball puzzle game
Bert's Dinosaurs (2)   -   Wierenga Software
An old painting program for children
Bio Menace (3)   -   3D Realms/Apogee Software Ltd.
2D, side-scrolling, platform game from Apogee
Blake Stone (3)   -   3D Realms/Apogee Software Ltd.
A sci-fi first person shooter computer game based on Wolfenstein 3D engine
BloodBlood icon (4)   -   Monolith Productions, Inc.
One of the bloodiest first-person shooter computer games ever
BRIEF (1)   -   Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.
A very old text editor for DOS
CarmageddonCarmageddon icon (4)   -   Eidos Interactive Ltd.
A violent car racing computer game
ChiWriter (2)   -   Cay Horstmann
Old word processor for MS-DOS
Civilization (1)   -   Sid Meier
Legendary stratagy game from MicroProse
Clusse (1)   -   Heikki Hannikainen
An old free DX cluster server software
Commander Keen: Aliens Ate My Babysitter (2)   -   id Software LLC
The sixth in the Commander Keen series
Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy Set (3)   -   id Software LLC
A game from the legendary franchise
Commander Keen: Invation of the Vorticons Trilogy (4)   -   id Software LLC
A side-scrolling action computer game
A phylogenetic tree selection software
Copy Fast (1)   -   Chang Ping Lee
A floppy disk coping utility
CyberBykes (1)   -   Artificial Software
A 3D action computer game
DeHackEd (1)   -   Greg Lewis
Editor for original (vanilla) Doom video game
Deluxe Paint (2)   -   Electronic Arts, Inc.
An old graphics editor for Amiga
Derive (1)   -   Texas Instruments Inc.
An old computer algebra software
DescentDescent icon (15)   -   Interplay Entertainment Corporation
A legendary 3D shooter
Descent 2Descent 2 icon (17)   -   Interplay Entertainment Corporation
A 3D action shooter game from the Descent series
DFSeeDFSee icon (5)   -   Jan van Wijk
A partition and file system utility
Dig It! (1)   -   Pixel Painters Corporation
An Action platform computer game
Disk2FDI (1)   -   Vincent & Sonia Joguin
A professional disk imaging software
djgpp (3)   -   Delorie Software
A DOS C/C++ development system
DoomDoom icon (12)   -   id Software LLC
A first person shooter computer game
Doom IIDoom II icon (11)   -   id Software LLC
A successor of legendary first person shooter computer game called Doom
DOS MemMaker (1)   -   Microsoft Corporation
An old memory utility for DOS
DR-DOSDR-DOS icon (5)   -   DRDOS, Inc.
An embedded DOS system
Dr. Hardware (2)   -   Peter Gebhard
An advanced system information program
Drivespace (2)   -   Microsoft Corporation
An cold ompression tool for MS-DOS operating system
Duke Nukem (3)   -   3D Realms/Apogee Software Ltd.
The very first part from Duke Nukem action computer game series
Duke Nukem 3DDuke Nukem 3D icon (6)   -   3D Realms/Apogee Software Ltd.
A legendary action 3D first person shooter computer game
Dune (2)   -   Virgin Games, Inc.
Adventure video game based on Frank Herbert's sci-fi novel
Dune 2 (1)   -   Electronic Arts, Inc.
One of the first RTS games ever
EasyPlot (1)   -   Spiral Software
Old scientific software
Electranoid (1)   -   Pixel Painters Corporation
Arkanoid style computer game
Enchanter (1)   -   Infocom
Ancient vidego game
Entrypoint 90 (1)   -   Phoenix Software International
A complete data entry solution
EWView for MS-DOS (4)   -   EW Avionics
A software for EW Barographs and Flight Recorders
Forecast Plus (1)   -   Walonick Associates
A set of older forecast tool
Forgotten Realms: Unlimited Adventures (1)   -   MicroMagic, Inc.
Very old fantasy RPG
GEM Draw (1)   -   Deltasoft
A graphics drawing program fo GEM
Genecyst (5)   -   Bloodlust Software
A Sega Genesis system emulator
Golden Common LISP (1)   -   Gold Hill Co.
A programming environment
GPS_LOG (1)   -   Soaring Pilot Software
A soaring pilot software
Grand Theft Auto (1)   -   Rockstar Games, Inc.
The very first game from popular GTA series
GRX (1)   -   Csaba Biegl
A 2D graphics library for DOS, Linux
HAP (1)   -   Hamarsoft
A low-memory compressor
HereticHeretic icon (6)   -   Raven Software
A legendary first person shooter
HeXenHeXen icon (6)   -   Raven Software
A 3D action first person shooter computer game
Hyper (1)   -   Peter Sawatzki
An old file packaging program
Impulse Tracker (3)   -   Jeffrey Lim
An audio tracker software
Jazz JackrabbitJazz Jackrabbit icon (1)   -   Epic Games, Inc.
A legendary action platform computer game
Lands of LoreLands of Lore icon (2)   -   Electronic Arts, Inc.
A fantasy role playing game
Legend of Kyrandia 2: Hand of Fate (2)   -   Electronic Arts, Inc.
A point-click fantasy advanture from Westwood Studios
Little Big Adventure (2)   -   Electronic Arts, Inc.
A legendary adventure game
LOCOSCRIPT PROFESSIONAL (2)   -   Great British Software
As word processing software for Amstrad computers
Lotus Symphony (8)   -   IBM
An old office productivity suite for MS-DOS
MakeIndex (1)   -   Pehong Chen
An old program for sorting data
Matrix (1)
An old spreadsheet program for DOS
MechWarrior (2)   -   Activision
BatlleMech simulation computer game
Monopoly Deluxe (1)   -   Virgin Games, Inc.
A computer version of the popular desk game
Monster Bash (1)   -   3D Realms/Apogee Software Ltd.
A action platform computer game
MS-DOSMS-DOS icon (67)   -   Microsoft Corporation
Old operating system by Microsoft dominant in 1980s
MultiMate (2)   -   Softword Systems Inc.
An early word processor for MS-DOS
Need for Speed (5)   -   Electronic Arts, Inc.
The first part of legendary action car racing and car simulation video games
NFBTRANS (1)   -   National Federation of the Blind
A DOS-based freeware Braille translator
Norton Commander (3)   -   Symantec Corporation
The legendary file manager for MS-DOS
Norton Guides (1)   -   Symantec Corporation
Development environment
Novell NetWareNovell NetWare icon (19)   -   Novell, Inc.
A network operating system by Novell
Operation Body Count (1)   -   Capstone
3D first person shooter
Pac-man (1)   -   NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.
A legendary arcade game developed by Namco
PC-File (1)   -   Buttonware
An old database sofware for DOS
Perform (1)   -   Delrina
Very old electronic form program for DOS
Phantasmagoria (1)   -   Activision Blizzard, Inc.
A famous adventure game
Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods (1)   -   Electronic Arts, Inc.
A famous God-game by Bullfrog
Print Artist (9)   -   Sierra Entertainment, Inc.
Old software for making and printing cards, calendars and more
Project Manager Workbench (1)   -   Applied Business Technology
Ah old project management
QEMM (4)   -   Symantec Corporation
A memory manager for MS-DOS
QLAY (1)   -   AJAW
A Sinclair QL emulator
QuakeQuake icon (13)   -   id Software LLC
A legendary first person shooter computer
QuickBASIC (4)   -   Microsoft Corporation
An IDE for MS-DOS operating system
QuickFileCollection (1)   -   George Lyapko
Old file archiver for MS-DOS
QuickView (4)
A multimedia viewer for MS-DOS
Racter (1)   -   William Chamberlain and Thomas Etter
An AI computer program for generating of English
Raptor: Call of the Shadows (1)   -   3D Realms/Apogee Software Ltd.
2D scrolling action shotting computer game
RDosPlay (1)   -   Roman Dolejsi
An Audio player for old DOS audio formats
Redneck RampageRedneck Rampage icon (3)   -   Interplay Entertainment Corporation
A 3D first person shooter computer game
Rescue Rover (1)   -   Softdisk
Old puzzle computer game
RUMP (1)   -   Computer Graphics Service
A RSB and ERD spectrum analysis tool
Samna (1)   -   Samna
A legacy word processor
ScopeTraX (1)   -   Chris S Craig
Old audio software for DOS
Score Preview (1)   -   Leland Smith
An old shareware viewer for score music files
Scream Tracker (6)   -   Psi
A free mod tracker for MS-DOS
SEAL (1)   -
Shadow WarriorShadow Warrior icon (4)   -   3D Realms/Apogee Software Ltd.
A first-person shooter computer game
A molecular crystal structure analysis software
SimCity (8)   -   Maxis
A legendary city-building simulation from Maxis
SimCity 2000 (5)   -   Electronic Arts, Inc.
A legendary city building and manager simulation
SIO2PC (1)   -   Nick Kennedy
An Atari Disk Drive/Printer Emulator
SpecEm (1)   -   Kevin J. Phair
A Spectrum emulator
SPEFO (6)   -   Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
A program for processing stellar spectra
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menance (2)   -   LucasArts Entertainment Company, LLC
A an action computer game from Star Wars universe
Star Wars: Dark Forces (8)   -   LucasArts Entertainment Company, LLC
A first-Person action shooter from Star Wars universe
Star Wars: Rebel AssaultStar Wars: Rebel Assault icon (4)   -   LucasArts Entertainment Company, LLC
The legendary simulator from Star Wars universe
Star Wars: TIE Fighter (4)   -   LucasArts Entertainment Company, LLC
Starfighter space simulator from Star Wars franchise
Supaplex (1)   -   Elmer Productions
A very old video game for DOS
TED5 (16)   -   id Software LLC
Level editing software for various computer games including Wolfenstein 3D, etc.
Telix for DOS (1)   -   deltaComm Development, Inc.
An old communication product for DOS
Terminal Velocity (2)   -   3D Realms/Apogee Software Ltd.
An Arcade style flight simulator
The 11th Hour (2)   -   Trilobyte, Inc.
Adventure computer game
The 7th GuestThe 7th Guest icon (4)   -   Trilobyte, Inc.
A horror puzzle solving adventure computer game
The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight MysteryThe Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery icon (1)   -   Sierra Entertainment, Inc.
Advanture game from the popular Gabriel Knight series
The Dig (2)   -   LucasArts Entertainment Company, LLC
A sci-fi adventure computer game
The SCORE Music Publishing System (1)   -   San Andreas Press
A music notation writer for MS-DOS
Transport Tycoon (2)   -   Microprose
A legendary business simulation video game by Chris Sawyer
Triton FastTracker (2)
An audio composing and editing software
Tuningwrench (1)
An old MS-DOS audio utility
Turbo Pascal (28)   -   Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.
A software development system for Pascal programming language
Turbo Profiler (5)   -   Borland Software Corporation
An old program
VBASE/40 (1)   -   Stok
A speech prompt editor
Velvet Studio (3)   -   Velvet Development
Music composing software
Very Ordinary Rendering Toolkit (1)
An old set of image manipulation tools
ViewMAX (1)   -   Digital Research
File manager supplied with DR-DOS
VisiCalc (3)   -   VisiCorp
One of the first spreadsheet programs
Visual Composer (1)   -   Ad Lib Multimedia
A music composing software for MS-DOS
Warajevo (3)   -   Zeljko Juric and Samir Ribic
An emulator of Sinclair ZX Spectrum 8-bit computers
Warcraft 2Warcraft 2 icon (8)   -   Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
A legendary real-time strategy from fantasy world
Wing Commander IIIWing Commander III icon (2)   -   Electronic Arts, Inc.
A legendary space action simulation video game
Wolfenstein 3DWolfenstein 3D icon (7)   -   id Software LLC
A legendary first person shooter computer game set in fictional WW2
Wolfenstein 3D: Spear of DestinyWolfenstein 3D: Spear of Destiny icon (5)   -   id Software LLC
A stand alone expansion for Wolfenstein 3D
X-COM: UFO Defense (UFO: Enemy Unknown)X-COM: UFO Defense (UFO: Enemy Unknown) icon (10)   -   Microprose
Turn-based strategic computer game
X128 Spectrum 128 Emulator by James McKay (1)   -   James McKay
A ZX Spectrum emulator
Xatax (1)   -   Pixel Painters Corporation
A scrolling action shooter computer game
XTreeGold (17)   -   Jeffrey C Johnson (XTree Company)
A file manager for MS-DOS operating system

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