Unix, Unix-Like systems, Linux, BSD or MINIx is a family of operating system used mainly on servers and maintenance computers.

While Unix is a proprietary system, Linux generally is open-source and branched in several distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat etc.).

Linux based systems are also used in consumer eletronics like digital satellite receivers, tvs, or recorders and many more.

Found 308 apps.

Linux/Unix software applications

AbiWord for LinuxAbiWord for Linux icon (12)   -   The AbiSource Community
A Linux version of the Abiword word processor
ADM (1)   -   ASUSTOR
Operating system that comes pre-installed with all ASUSTOR NAS devices
Adobe Flash Player for LinuxAdobe Flash Player for Linux icon (21)   -   Adobe Systems Incorporated
A linux version of Flash player
Aften (1)   -
An audio encoding program
Akregator (1)   -   KDE e.V
An RSS/Atom reader
Alchemy - Open Source AI (1)   -   The Alchemy Team
A software for statistical relational learning
alien (5)   -   Joey Hess
A linux packages conversion program
Andrew User Interface System (1)   -   Andrew Consortium
A graphical user interface system
Anjuta DevStudio (1)   -   The Anjuta Project
An IDE for Linux
Arista Transcoder (5)   -   Daniel G. Taylor
A multimedia transcoder for Linux
ASP.NET Visual Designer (1)   -   mono
A Visual design surface for ASP.NET
Asterisk (2)   -   Digium, Inc.
Open source framework for building communications applications
ASTi Model Builder (2)   -   ASTi
Sound model development tool
Atom for LinuxAtom for Linux icon (442)
A text and source code editing software for Linux
AudaciousAudacious icon (2)
One of the many audio players on market
Audacity for LinuxAudacity for Linux icon (33)   -   Audacity
Multi-track audio editor for Linux
AviDemux for LinuxAviDemux for Linux icon (14)   -   Mean
A Linux version of popular video editor and video converter
BashBash icon (8)   -   GNU Project
A shell, or command language interpreter in the GNU OS
Bink Video command line Player for x86 GNU/Linux (1)   -   RAD Game Tools, Inc.
A command line Bink media player for Linux
BitTornado for LinuxBitTornado for Linux icon (1)   -   John Hoffman
A torrent downloader for Linux
Blender for LinuxBlender for Linux icon (42)   -   Stichting Blender Foundation
Easy-to-use 3D modeling utility
Bmaptool (1)   -   Tizen Project
A generic tool for creating the block map (bmap)
BraseroBrasero icon (4)   -   The GNOME Project
A CD/DVD burning application for Gnome
BSL (1)   -   J.Bordas and G.Mant
A 2D data manipulation package
bzip2 (7)   -   Julian Seward
A free data compressor for Linux
CADP (1)
A protocols and systems design tools
Calibre for LinuxCalibre for Linux icon (39)   -   Kovid Goyal
Linux version of the popular ebook manager
Cart3D (1)   -   NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
An nviscid analysis software
CHARMM (5)   -   The CHARMM Development Project
A molecular simulation program
chm2mobi (2)
A converter for compiled HTML ebooks
Chromium for LinuxChromium for Linux icon (38)   -   Google Inc.
A Linux version of popular open source web browser
Chromium OSChromium OS icon (8)   -   Google Inc.
A pure web thin client operating system
ClearSilver (1)   -   Brandon Long
A fast, powerful, and language-neutral HTML template system
CMake for Linux (1)   -   Kitware, Inc.
Tools for software compilation process
COBOL IDE Project for Linux (4)   -   Eclipse Foundation
IDE for Cobol programming language
Code Crusader (2)   -   New Planet Software
An IDE for Linux
ComixComix icon (2)   -   Pontus Ekberg
A comis viewer for Linux
CompHEP (1)
A package for automatic calculations of elementary particle decays
cPanel/WHMcPanel/WHM icon (1)   -   cPanel
A web hosting control panel system
Cqual (1)   -
A type-based analysis tool
darktabledarktable icon (38)   -   darktable team
A digital photo editing and converting software for Linux
DataFlex (44)   -   The Database Managers, Inc.
A relational, 4GL Object Oriented database programming language
DebianDebian icon (17)   -   Debian Project Team
Operating system based on the Linux and FreeBSD kernels
DGuitar for Linux (4)   -   DGuitar Authors
A Guitar Pro player
Disk Station Manager (1)   -   Synology Inc.
A OS for Synology DiskStation NAS devices
dnaLIMS (6)   -   dnaTools, Inc.
A set of bioinformatic tools for DNA Research
Dolphin for KDE (1)
A file manager for KDE
DrawView (3)   -   Jonathan Marten
Acorn/Risc drawings image viewer for Linux/Unix
DVDAuthor (1)   -
A set of tools to help you generate DVD files to be played back on a standalone DVD player
DVIDPFM (1)   -   Mark A. Wicks
A DVI to PDF translatior
EasyChem (1)   -
A program designed to draw chemical molecules
Eclipse for LinuxEclipse for Linux icon (78)   -   The Eclipse Foundation
A Linux version of popular development environment
Eclipse with ADT Plugin for LinuxEclipse with ADT Plugin for Linux icon (5)   -   Google Inc.
Linux version of IDE for making Android apps
Egon Animator (3)   -   Ulric Eriksson
A animation development software for Linux
Elpoint (1)   -   Yuuichi Teranishi
A presentation tool
Emerald (1)   -   Compiz Fusion team
A custom window decorator from Compiz Fusion
Enlightenment (1)   -
A window manager for Linux/X11 and others
ERP5 (1)   -   ERP5 Community
A ERP / CRM / MRP / SCM / PDM application software
EttercapEttercap icon (2)   -   Ettercap Project
A network connection sniffler
EvinceEvince icon (2)   -   Evince Team
A document viewer
FBReader for LinuxFBReader for Linux icon (9)   -   FBReader.ORG Limited
A Linux version of the popular ebook reader
File RollerFile Roller icon (29)   -
A file archive manager
Firefox for LinuxFirefox for Linux icon (134)   -   Mozilla Corporation
Firefox for Linux is popular free web browser
FLAC for LinuxFLAC for Linux icon (2)
A free lossless audio codec
Fldigi (1)   -   W1HKJ
Software for amateur radio operators
Flush (1)   -
A GTK-based BitTorrent client
FOCUS for UNIX (1)   -   Information Builders
A standard for reporting and analysis
FreeBSDFreeBSD icon (46)   -   The FreeBSD Foundation
A Unix based operating system
GambasGambas icon (3)   -
A free development environment based on a Basic interpreter
geditgedit icon (258)   -   The GNOME Project
The official text editor of the GNOME desktop environment
GEMPAK (2)   -   Unidata Program Center
A meteorology software package
Geomorph (2)   -   Patrice St-Gelais
A height field generator and editor for Linux
Geomview (6)   -   Geometry Center at the University of Minnesota
Interactive 3D viewing program for Unix
GIMP for LinuxGIMP for Linux icon (39)   -   The GIMP Team
GNU Image Manipulation Program
GladeGlade icon (1)   -   The Glade project
A rapid application development tool
GLPK (7)   -   GNU Project
A GNU linear programming kit
Gnome DesktopGnome Desktop icon (16)   -   The GNOME Project
A desktop environment for Linux
Gnome SubtitlesGnome Subtitles icon (5)   -   Pedro Castro
A subtitle editor for GNOME
GnomeVFS (1)   -   The GNOME Project
An old virtual file system for Gnome
GNUGNU icon (1)   -   Free Software Foundation, Inc.
A free Unix-like operating system
GNU Arch (1)   -   GNU Arch Team
A revision control system for programmers
GNU Bison (1)   -   GNU Project
A general-purpose parser generator
GNU Compiler Collection (5)   -   Free Software Foundation, Inc.
A front end for C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran, Java, and Ada programming languages
GNU cpio (3)   -   Free Software Foundation, Inc.
A Linux file archiver
GNU EmacsGNU Emacs icon (39)   -   Free Software Foundation, Inc.
A popular text editor for linux
GNU Gettext (2)   -   Free Software Foundation, Inc.
A set of tools for GNU programmers
GNU GRUB (1)   -   GNU Project
A Multiboot boot loader
GNU Libtool (1)   -   GNU Project
A generic library support script
GNU Make (1)   -   Free Software Foundation, Inc.
A tool used for generating executables
GNU Nano (1)   -   GNU Project
Acommand line text editor for Unix
GNU Privacy Guard for LinuxGNU Privacy Guard for Linux icon (3)   -   Free Software Foundation, Inc.
A Linux version of free implementation of the OpenPGP standard
GNU PrologGNU Prolog icon (3)   -   Daniel Diaz
A free Prolog compiler
GNU Screen (2)   -   Free Software Foundation, Inc.
A full-screen window manager for Linux
GNU TeXmacs (1)   -   Joris van der Hoeven
A free wysiwyw editing platform
GnumericGnumeric icon (44)   -   Gnumeric developers
An open-source spreadsheet program
GNXAS (1)   -   XAS group University of Camerino
A EXAFS data analysis software
God (1)   -   Tom Preston-Werner
A server processes monitoring utility for Linux
Google Android SDK for LinuxGoogle Android SDK for Linux icon (10)   -   Google Inc.
Set of tools that allows programmers to create applications for Android
Google Android SDK Tools for LinuxGoogle Android SDK Tools for Linux icon (8)   -   Google Inc.
Linux version of the tools for Google Android SDK
Google Chrome for LinuxGoogle Chrome for Linux icon (74)   -   Google Inc.
Linux version of the popular web browser from Google
Google Chrome OSGoogle Chrome OS icon (8)   -   Google Inc.
An operating system for Chromebook computers
Google Picasa for LinuxGoogle Picasa for Linux icon (22)   -   Google Inc.
Digital photo manager, editor and converter for Linux operating system
GPSBabel for LinuxGPSBabel for Linux icon (19)   -
Program for Linux that allows users to convert waypoints, tracks, and routes between popular GPS receivers
GPSMan (1)   -   Miguel Filgueiras
A GPS data manager
GTKWave (1)   -
A GTK+ based wave viewer
GwenviewGwenview icon (5)   -   KDE e.V
An image viewer for Linux KDE desktop
GzipGzip icon (8)   -   Jean-loup Gailly
A file compression utility for Unix
HandBrake for LinuxHandBrake for Linux icon (14)   -   HandBrake Project
HandBrake for Linux is free multimedia transcoder
HAProxy (1)
A solution offering high availability, load balancing, and proxying for TCP and HTTP-based applications
HippoDraw (1)   -   Paul F. Kunz
A data analysis software
HP9100A Emulator (1)   -
A calculator emulator software
HTML2Image For Linux and Unix (6)   -   Guangming Software, Inc.
A HTML to image converter
HydrogenHydrogen icon (9)   -   Hydrogen Team
A software synthesizer for Unix and Unix-based operating systems
IBM AIX - Unix operating systemIBM AIX - Unix operating system icon (12)   -   IBM
A series of proprietary UNIX systems from IBM
IBM i (2)   -   IBM
A secure integrated operating environment
ICQ for LinuxICQ for Linux icon (19)   -   ICQ LLC
Official Linux client for ICQ instant messaging and video conferencing protocol
A software tool to perform fractal image analysis on digitized images
Insight II (17)   -   Accelrys Software Inc.
A powerful molecular modeling environment
InstallWatch (2)   -   Gavin Stark
A tool used to catalog and maintain software installed from source codes
IntelliJ IDEA for LinuxIntelliJ IDEA for Linux icon (13)   -   JetBrains s.r.o.
Development envrionment that enables programmers to create applications for JAVA
IRIX (6)   -   Silicon Graphics, Inc.
A 64bit high-performance UNIX-like operating system
Isearch (1)   -   Etymon Systems, Inc.
An open source text retrieval software
A boot loader for Linux/i386
isz-tool (2)   -   Olivier Serres
A command line utility for work with ISZ
iusutils (1)
Firmware handling software for InfoTMIC devices
JDownloader for LinuxJDownloader for Linux icon (8)   -   Jdownloader Team
Linux version of the popular download manager
Jokosher Audio EditorJokosher Audio Editor icon (2)   -   Canonical Ltd.
A simple yet powerful multi-track studio
Julia (1)
A high-level programming language for technical computing
K3bK3b icon (1)
A CD burning application
KDEKDE icon (4)   -   KDE e.V
A desktop system for Linux and Unix platforms
KdenliveKdenlive icon (3)   -   Kdenlive development team
A multi-track video editor
KeePass 2.x for LinuxKeePass 2.x for Linux icon (1)   -
A password management tool
Kivio (1)   -
A Flowchart software for Linux KDE desktop
KMail - Mail Client (2)   -   KDE e.V
Email component for KDE environment
KMDKMD icon (1)   -   Charles Brej PhD, BSc
A graphical debugger for Manchester ARM Board
KmPlot (1)   -   KDE e.V
A mathematical function plotter for the KDE-Desktop
KMyMoneyKMyMoney icon (2)   -   KMyMoney Development Team
A personal finance manager
Kodi for Linux (XBMC)Kodi for Linux (XBMC) icon (7)   -   XBMC
Multimedia playback tool and entertainment hub
Kommander (1)
A KDE Development Environment
KonquerorKonqueror icon (6)   -   KDE e.V
Default file manager installed in KDE desktop
KTechlab (1)   -
An DE for micro controllers and electronics
KTooN (Tupi) (7)
A free design authoring tool for 2D animation
KTorrentKTorrent icon (1)   -   KTorrent team
A bit torrent klient for KDE
KWalletManager (1)
A secure password manager for Linux
KWordKWord icon (14)   -
An open source word processor for Linux
KWordQuiz (1)   -   KDE e.V
A general purpose flash card program
Large Graph Layout (1)   -
Tools for making the visualization of large networks and trees tractable
LC (1)   -   Cray Inc.
A simulation tool for electromagnetic analysis
LifereaLiferea icon (2)   -   Liferea Team
A Linux RSS feed reader
LILO Linux Bootloader (1)   -   Joachim Wiedorn
An OS Linux loader
LilyPond for LinuxLilyPond for Linux icon (2)   -   GNU Project
A music notation and composing software for Linux
Linux operating systemsLinux operating systems icon (137)   -   Various Linux developers
A free open source operating system based on UNIX
LiVES (1)   -   Gabriel
A video editing system
Lout (2)   -   Jeffrey H. Kingston
A document formatting system for Linux
Low Level Virtual Machine (1)   -   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Computer Science Department
An interprocedural analysis software
LPMD (1)
A Molecular Dynamics (MD) code written from scratch in C++
Lush (1)   -
A Lisp dialect for object-orinted programming
LX-Viewer (7)   -   LX-Viewer Team
A free DWG viewer for Linux
Lzip (1)   -   Antonio Diaz Diaz
A lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm
MailShift (1)
An old e-mail utility for Unix/Linux
Mandriva Linux OneMandriva Linux One icon (1)   -   MMIX Mandriva
A Linux operating system
Mapjects GRYD for Linux (1)   -   Mapjects Development
An operations visualization platform
Massively Parallel Quantum Chemistry Program (1)   -
A software for computing properties of atoms and molecules
mbsync (1)   -   Michael R. Elkins
A command line application which synchronizes mailboxes
Mcrypt (1)   -   John Smith
A replacement for the popular Unix crypt command. crypt
mdxplay (1)   -   Jezar at Dreampoint
Old audio software
MegaHAL (5)   -   Ai Research
A conversation simulation program for Linux
MetFS (1)   -   EnderUNIX Software Development Team
A filesystem software
MKVtoolnix for Linux (9)   -   Moritz Bunkus
A set of utilities for handling Matroska files in version for Linux
Modula 3 (3)   -   Elegosoft
A programming language for VAX workstations
Mono for Linux (2)   -   mono
An IDE for making Linux apps
Mozilla Thunderbird for LinuxMozilla Thunderbird for Linux icon (17)   -   Mozilla Corporation
Linux version of popular e-mail client
MPlayer for LinuxMPlayer for Linux icon (44)   -   The MPlayer Team
A free multimedia player for Linux
mpq-tools (1)   -   babyface
A Blizzard's MPQ archives handling utility
MySQL Enterprise Edition for LinuxMySQL Enterprise Edition for Linux icon (9)   -   Oracle Corporation
Commercial version of MySQL database server for business customers
MySQL for LinuxMySQL for Linux icon (24)   -   Oracle Corporation
A Linux version of the popular relational database management system
MySQL Workbench for LinuxMySQL Workbench for Linux icon (3)   -   Oracle Corporation
Linux version of popular database modeling app
Nautilus-Flac-Converter (3)   -
A FLAC to OGG converter
Navicat for MariaDB (Linux) (10)   -   PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.
MariaDB database mangement tool
Navicat for MySQL (Linux)Navicat for MySQL (Linux) icon (33)   -   PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.
A Linux version of the popular database tool for MySQL
Navicat for Oracle (Linux)Navicat for Oracle (Linux) icon (14)   -   PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.
Linux database administration tool for Oracle database servers
Navicat for PostgreSQL (Linux)Navicat for PostgreSQL (Linux) icon (16)   -   PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.
Database administration and development tool for PostgreSQL
Navicat for SQlite (Linux)Navicat for SQlite (Linux) icon (26)   -   PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.
A linux version of the database administration tool for SQLite
Navicat Premium (Linux)Navicat Premium (Linux) icon (55)   -   PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.
A linux forversion of popular MySQL tool
Ncview (1)   -   David W. Pierce
A visual browser for netCDF format files
Nek5000 (1)   -   Argonne National Laboratory
A mature research DNS/LES computational fluid dynamics solver
Nero LinuxNero Linux icon (7)   -   Nero AG
A Linux variant of popular burning software
NetBeans for LinuxNetBeans for Linux icon (10)   -   Oracle Corporation
A Linux version of NetBeans IDE
NetBSDNetBSD icon (30)   -   NetBSD Foundation, Inc.
A unix-derivate operating system
NeXTSTEPNeXTSTEP icon (7)   -   Next, Inc.
NeXTSTEP is operating system for NeXT computers
Nitpicker (2)
Internet traffic control software
NmapNmap icon (1)   -   Gordon Lyon (Fyodor)
A freware open source utility for network exploration or security auditing
Novell GroupWise for LinuxNovell GroupWise for Linux icon (8)   -   Novell, Inc.
A messaging and collaboration software for Linux
Ocera Make System (1)   -   Pavel Píša and Michal Sojka
Advanced make system
OkularOkular icon (14)   -   Okular developers
An universal document viewer for Linux
Order-N Electronic Total Energy Package
Open Inventor (2)   -   Silicon Graphics International
An object-oriented 3D toolkit
OpenBSDOpenBSD icon (3)   -   The OpenBSD Project
One of the many UNIX-like operating systems
opentrackeropentracker icon (1)   -   Dirk Engling
An open and free bittorrent tracker
Opera browser for LinuxOpera browser for Linux icon (76)   -   Opera Software ASA
Linux version of popular web browser
Outlook Open Converter (4)   -   alexgotev
An Outlook converter for Linux
p7zip for Linuxp7zip for Linux icon (41)   -   Igor Pavlov
Command line tool used to create and extract 7zip archives
Parallels Plesk Panel for Linux (1)   -   Parallels Holdings Ltd.
A software to manage websites, email, databases, and DNS
Parallels Workstation for LinuxParallels Workstation for Linux icon (9)   -   Parallels Holdings Ltd.
Virtualizing software for Linux operating system
PC-BSDPC-BSD icon (2)   -   iXsystems
A BSD-based desktop operating system
PidginPidgin icon (4)   -   Pidgin
A free chat client that can connect to most IM nettworks
PINGO (2)   -   Jörg Wegner
A procedural interface for grib formatted objects
Pogle (1)   -   Pandora International
A software for control linear devices
PowerAda (1)   -   OC Systems, Inc.
IDE for Ada applications
PPTP Client (1)   -
Client for Microsoft Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
Puppy LinuxPuppy Linux icon (8)
A lightweight distribution of Linux
QEMUQEMU icon (6)   -   Fabrice Bellard
A generic machine emulator and virtualizer
qmail (1)
An SMTP server software
QTS (1)   -   QNAP Systems, Inc.
A Linux-based operating system for QNAP NAS devices
QUAD (1)   -
A ROLZ-based file compressor
Qucs (1)   -
An integrated circuit simulator
A ray-tracking program for UNIX
Rakarrack (1)   -
A multi-effects processor emulating a guitar effects pedalboard
RAR for LinuxRAR for Linux icon (104)   -   win.rar GmbH
Linux version of popular file archiver
Rational Rose Developer for UNIX (3)   -   IBM
A Unix app to generate application models
ReadyNAS OS (2)   -   NETGEAR
NAS operating system for RadyNAS devices
REALbasic for Linux (6)   -   REAL Software, Inc.
A linux version of REALbasic IDE
Redis (1)
A key-value database
RhythmboxRhythmbox icon (2)   -   The GNOME Project
Amusic management application for GNOME
RipXR for Linux (1)   -   RipXR Corp.
A compression utility
Rosegarden (5)   -   Chris Cannam and D. Michael McIntyre
A music composition and editing environment
RPM Package ManagerRPM Package Manager icon (4)   -
A command line driven package management system for Linux
Rsyslog (1)
rocket-fast system for log processing
rzip (1)   -   Andrew Tridgell
A compression software for Linux/Unix systems
sam2p (1)
A UNIX command line utility for converts many raster (bitmap) image formats into Adobe PostScript
SamyGO ChanEdit for Linux (1)   -
A program used to edit Samsung TVs channel list
Sawfish (1)
A Lisp-based window manager
SciGraphica (1)   -   Adrian E. Feiguin
An open source data analysis and visualisation tool
SCREEM (1)   -   David A Knight
A web development environment
Screen (6)   -   Free Software Foundation, Inc.
A full-screen window manager for Windows
SDDS Toolkit (1)
A set of simulation tools for analysis
Seam Framework (1)   -   Red Hat, Inc.
An open source development platform for building rich Internet applications
Seamonkey for LinuxSeamonkey for Linux icon (42)   -   Mozilla Corporation
All-in-one internet application suite for Linux
SeisWorks (2)   -   Halliburton
Old geoscience software
Sequence Alignment and Modeling (1)   -   Richard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders Krogh
A biological sequence analysis software
Sequence Alignment and Modeling system (29)   -   Richard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders Krogh
Software tools for creating, refining, and using linear hidden Markov models for biological sequence analysis
A database search program
SIAG (1)
A spreadsheet editing software for Unix-like operating systems
sK1 (1)   -   sK1 Project
An open source vector graphics editor
Skype for LinuxSkype for Linux icon (13)   -   Skype Limited
A popular messanger in version for Linux
Slackware LinuxSlackware Linux icon (2)   -   Slackware Linux, Inc.
A 32-bit multitasking UNIX system
SlaxSlax icon (3)   -   Tomas Matejicek
A light-weight Linux operating system
Smarty: Template Engine (1)   -   New Digital Group, Inc.
A web template system used to create active web pages
Snaps (1)   -   Canonical Ltd.
Software deployment and package management system
SpiceCAD (1)   -   Kachina Technologies, Inc.
An electronics schematics editor
Splashtop OS (1)   -   Splashtop Inc.
A browser based Linux Kernel OS
SQL Anywhere for Linux/Unix (4)   -   Sybase Inc.
SQL Anywhere for Linux/Unix is package of utilities used to develop database applications
SQLite for LinuxSQLite for Linux icon (29)   -   SQLite Development Team
A database engine in version for Linux
SQUASHFS (2)   -
A compressed read-only filesystem for Linux
Stampede Linux (2)   -   Stampede Linux Project
A discontinued distribution of Linux
StarOS (1)   -   Valemount Networks Corporation
An old software for Valemount devices
StarSplatter (1)   -   Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
A graphics generator
Steam for LinuxSteam for Linux icon (25)   -   Valve Corporation
Game and software distribution platform for Linux
Sublime Text for LinuxSublime Text for Linux icon (623)   -   Sublime HQ Pty Ltd
A sophisticated Linux source code editor for programmers
Subtitle Editor (3)   -   Kitone
A software for subtitle editing and preparation
SunOSSunOS icon (16)   -   Sun Microsystems, Inc.
A unix operating system for workstations and servers
SuperKaramba (1)   -
A KDE desktop theme making software
SUSE Linux Enterprise ServerSUSE Linux Enterprise Server icon (2)   -   SUSE
A Linux-based operating system for servers, mainframes, and workstations
Synology DiskStation ManagerSynology DiskStation Manager icon (6)   -   Synology Inc.
Default operating system in Synology NAS devices
Syslinux (1)
A lightweight bootloader for Linux systems
TARTAR icon (9)
TAR file archiver for Unix
TaskJuggler (1)   -   Chris Schläger and Klaas Freitag
A project management tool
TellicoTellico icon (1)   -   Tellico development team
A media collection tracking software
TeX Live (5)   -   TeX user groups
A TeX document production system
ThecusOS (1)   -   Thecus
Operating system and web UI for Thecus NAS devices
Timber (1)   -
A general programming language
Tiny Core Linux (3)
A highly modular based system with community build extensions
tkMOO-light (1)   -   Andrew Wilson
An advanced chat client suitable for use with muds and especially MOO systems
TotemTotem icon (9)   -   The GNOME Project
The official movie player of GNOME desktop environment
TranscoderTranscoder icon (7)   -   Arman Poghosyan
A free video converter for Linux
Transmission BitTorrent Client for Linux (1)   -   Transmission Project
A BitTorrent client for Linux operating system
UbuntuUbuntu icon (17)   -   Canonical Ltd.
A free OS based based on Debian Linux
Unace for Linux (1)   -   e-merge GmbH
ACE archives extractor for Linux
UniConvertor for Linux (9)   -   sK1 Project
A vector graphics converter for various Linux distributions
UnixUnix icon (116)   -   The Open Group
A multi-tasking operating system for various platforms
unRAID OS (2)   -   Lime Technology
Network Attached Storage (NAS) server operating system
Vala (1)   -   The GNOME Project
A programming language for GNOME developers
VariCAD Viewer for Linux (4)   -   VariCAD, s.r.o.
A free DWG and VariCAD viewer for Linux
Varnish (1)
Web application accelerator
Virtual Machine Manager (1)
A desktop user interface for managing virtual machines
VirtualBox for LinuxVirtualBox for Linux icon (16)   -   Oracle Corporation
Free system virtualization platform for Linux operating system developed by Oracle
Visualization Toolkit (VTK) for Linux (10)   -   Kitware, Inc.
AnOpen-source, freely available software system for 3D computer graphics
VLC media player for LinuxVLC media player for Linux icon (230)   -   VideoLAN Project Team
Linux version of popular VideoLAN player
WebminWebmin icon (1)   -   Webmin
A unix web-based inferface administration software
WHAT IF (1)   -   Gert Vriend
A molecular modeling tool
Wiimms WDF Tool (3)
A utility for handling og for WDF, WIA and CISO archives
X Window SystemX Window System icon (3)   -   X.Org Foundation
A Unix like windowing OS
XarchiverXarchiver icon (90)   -
A Linux application used as frontend for popular compression tools
XenServerXenServer icon (6)   -   Citrix Systems, Inc.
A virtualization platform for Windows and Linux
XGS (3)   -   Joshua M. thompson
Apple IIGS emulator for Unix
XineXine icon (31)   -   the xine project
A free multimedia player for Linux
XL C/C++ for Linux (1)   -   IBM
IDE software for Linux
XMind for LinuxXMind for Linux icon (25)   -   XMind Ltd.
Open source brainstorming software
Xournal (1)   -
A program for notetaking, sketching, keeping a journal using a stylus
XShipWars (1)   -   Tara Milana
Older massively multi-player space game
Xtalview (3)   -   Xtalview
A package for solving a macromolecular crystal structure
XZ Utils (1)   -   Tukaani Developers
A free data compression program for POSIX systems
XZX-ProXZX-Pro icon (20)   -   Erik Kunze
A portable emulator of ZX Spectrum
yEd for Linux (13)   -   yWorks
A Linux version of diagraming tool
Yum Package Manager (1)
An automatic updater and package installer/remover for rpm systems
Zend Studio for LinuxZend Studio for Linux icon (10)   -   Zend Technologies Ltd.
A Linux version of the professional PHP development tool
Zimpl (1)   -   Thorsten Koch
A mathematical programming language
ZlibZlib icon (5)   -   Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler
A data compression software library

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