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AutoCAD for Mac

Found 140 file extension associations related to AutoCAD for Mac and 103 file formats developed specifically for use with AutoCAD for Mac.

Platform, operating system:  Apple macOS / Mac OS X icon Apple macOS / Mac OS X

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Developer: Autodesk, Inc.

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Autodesk, Inc. logoAutoCAD for Mac

Developer / company: Autodesk

AutoCAD for Mac software—it’s AutoCAD, for the Mac, bringing robust 3D free-form design tools and powerful drafting capabilities to your platform of choice. It takes full advantage of the Mac OS X platform, with an intuitive, graphical user interface that makes it easy to bring your ideas to life. And because it’s AutoCAD, you’re working natively in DWG™ format, so you can easily share files with clients, suppliers, and partners around the world, regardless of platform.

Main Features of Autodesk AutoCAD for Mac:

Get the robust 3D free-form design tools and powerful drafting capabilities you expect from AutoCAD in an intuitive Mac interface. With AutoCAD for Mac software, you have the ability to go big with bold designs. Experience the power, flexibility, and accuracy of AutoCAD on your platform of choice.

AutoCAD for Mac takes full advantage of the Mac OS® X platform—the intuitive, graphical user interface makes it easier to bring your ideas to life. Take advantage of the familiar Mac environment as you draw and manage layouts using controls that work like you think. Pan and zoom intuitively with Multi-Touch gestures and find your designs quickly by using Cover Flow navigation to flip through graphical previews of your files.

Exploreyour design ideas with intuitive tools that help you transform concepts into reality. Simply push and pull faces, edges, and vertices to model complex shapes. Refine mesh surfaces and create high-precision NURBS curves and surfaces to actualize anything you can imagine.

Because it’s AutoCAD, you’re working natively in DWG™, one of the world’s most common file formats. Share files easily and confidently with clients, suppliers, and partners around the world, regardless of platform. Reclaim design time and increase productivity by avoiding the complications of messy translators and hours wasted cleaning up converted data. With AutoCAD for Mac, you get right into your design. And with 100% DWG compatibility, files created in previous versions of AutoCAD will open seamlessly in AutoCAD for Mac.

External reference capabilities in AutoCAD for Mac let you easily reuse data and collaborate with others on projects. When you modify elements in one file, they are easily updated in all related design files. Go ahead and divvy up large project components and work on them simultaneously to maximize efficiency.

AutoCAD for Mac transforms your designs into images that convey the beauty and nuances of your ideas. Powerful rendering tools let you choose from hundreds of materials, apply photometric lighting, and control the display to create highly accurate, photorealistic images.

Define persistent object relationships and your design adjusts automatically as you draw—parallel lines stay parallel, concentric circles stay centered. AutoCAD for Mac provides tools for both geometric and dimensional constraints, so you can handle revision requests in less time, with less hassle.

Customizing AutoCAD for Mac to meet your specific needs can be easier than you think. Configure settings, extend the software, and build custom workflows. Develop your own application, or leverage existing ones. There’s no need to choose between flexibility and power—with AutoCAD for Mac, you can get both.

AutoCAD for Mac software provides a flexible development platform that lets you create specialized design and drafting applications—such as industry-specific software or add-on applications from partner developers. Or use AutoCAD for Mac software as an interface for other applications.

If you’re a long-time AutoCAD expert, you’ll feel at home with AutoCAD for Mac—the commands and tools you use everyday work here too. And if you haven’t used AutoCAD in years, don’t worry. The intuitive interface and context-sensitive help function in AutoCAD for Mac can help smooth out your learning curve. Regardless of your background, you can spend less time on the software and more time on the design.

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AutoCAD for Mac pictureAutoCAD for Mac works with the following file extensions:

Note: You can click on any file extension link from the list below, to view its detailed information. The list of extensions used or otherwise associated with the application may not be complete, because many common file extensions on our website, such as jpg (pictures) or txt (text files), can be opened by a large number of applications, or are too general file format. However most, if not all directly associated file extensions should be listed with its appropriate program. Although its likely, that some file extensions may be missing from the list of associated file extensions with the application, yet they can be opened, be part of, or otherwise be associated with the program.

AutoCAD for Mac default file extension associations

The most common file formats used with the specific file extensions

dwfx file icon.dwfx file extension is used for Autodesk Design Web Format

dwg file icon.dwg file extension is used for AutoCAD drawing

dxf file icon.dxf file extension is used for AutoCAD DXF Drawing Exchange Format

Other file extensions or file formats developed for use with AutoCAD for Mac

$a file icon.$a$ac file icon.$acab$ file icon.ab$ac$ file icon.ac$acad file icon.acadacb file icon.acbadi file icon.adiadt file icon.adtahp file icon.ahpapj file icon.apjarg file icon.argarx file icon.arxatc file icon.atcaws file icon.awsaxd file icon.axdbak file icon.bakbk1 file icon.bk1blk file icon.blkbp3 file icon.bp3bpl file icon.bplc file icon.ccas file icon.cascc file icon.cccdc file icon.cdcchx file icon.chxcof file icon.cofcoo file icon.cooctb file icon.ctbcui file icon.cuicuix file icon.cuixcus file icon.cusdbt file icon.dbtdbx file icon.dbxdce file icon.dcedcl file icon.dcldfs file icon.dfsds$ file icon.ds$dsd file icon.dsddst file icon.dstdvb file icon.dvbdvp file icon.dvpdwf file icon.dwfdwk file icon.dwkdwl file icon.dwldwl2 file icon.dwl2dws file icon.dwsdwt file icon.dwtdwz file icon.dwzdxa file icon.dxadxb file icon.dxbdxe file icon.dxedxx file icon.dxxezc file icon.ezcfas file icon.fasflm file icon.flmhdi file icon.hdihdx file icon.hdxhif file icon.hifirf file icon.irfkif file icon.kiflin file icon.linlli file icon.llilsp file icon.lspmlf file icon.mlfmnc file icon.mncmnd file icon.mndmnl file icon.mnlmnr file icon.mnrmns file icon.mnsmnu file icon.mnumnx file icon.mnxmpr file icon.mprmvi file icon.mvinfl file icon.nflpat file icon.patpc2 file icon.pc2pc3 file icon.pc3pcp file icon.pcppcp file icon.pcppdt file icon.pdtpgp file icon.pgppsf file icon.psfpss file icon.psspwt file icon.pwtrpf file icon.rpfshx file icon.shxsif file icon.sifslb file icon.slbsld file icon.sldslg file icon.slgsmb file icon.smbssc file icon.sscsv$ file icon.sv$unt file icon.untvlx file icon.vlxw2d file icon.w2dw3d file icon.w3dxlg file icon.xlgxms file icon.xmsxmx file icon.xmx

Common file extensions used by AutoCAD for Mac

3ds file icon.3dsdwfx file icon.dwfxdwg file icon.dwgdxf file icon.dxfkml file icon.kmlkmz file icon.kmzlic file icon.lic

Other file extensions associated with AutoCAD for Mac

actm file icon.actmasc file icon.ascase file icon.asebp2 file icon.bp2clt file icon.cltdab file icon.dabdae file icon.daefmp file icon.fmpgp4 file icon.gp4hdc file icon.hdchpg file icon.hpghtp file icon.htpifc file icon.ifciges file icon.igesigs file icon.igskgm file icon.kgmlk# file icon.lk#m3g file icon.m3gnc1 file icon.nc1pcn file icon.pcnply file icon.plyrf file icon.rfrnd file icon.rndsat file icon.satscm file icon.scmscn file icon.scnsdk file icon.sdksim file icon.simste file icon.stestep file icon.stepstp file icon.stpvda file icon.vdavdafs file icon.vdafs

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