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Corel WordPerfect Office

Found 223 file extension associations related to Corel WordPerfect Office and 207 file formats developed specifically for use with Corel WordPerfect Office.

Platform, operating system:  Microsoft Windows icon Microsoft Windows

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Developer: Corel Corporation

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Corel WordPerfect Office picture

Corel Corporation logoCorel WordPerfect Office

Developer / company: Corel

Do more online and off with WordPerfect Office X6 — productivity software that adapts to the way you work best. Connecting you with new technologies that help you work more collaboratively, it brings all your office tools and resources together. Classic word processing power and control. Reliable compatibility with more than 60 file formats, including Microsoft Office. New SharePoint Server support. A newly integrated email client and calendar. Plus, more of the PDF tools that set WordPerfect Office apart from every other office suite, including PDF annotation. It's the total productivity software package.

New and enhanced features:

  • PDF tools – create, mark up and share PDFs right from the suite
  • SharePoint Server – connect as a group to collaborate efficiently
  • Web services – automatically update documents with data from the Web
  • Integrated Thunderbird® email – manage email, contacts and appointments
  • Digital notebook – take notes, and reuse text and graphics from any source
  • Redesigned Help system – quickly find answers and resources
  • Windows® 7 support – work with Microsoft's latest operating system

What's Included

WordPerfect Office X6 blends the latest leading-edge office software with classic WordPerfect features. Continuing to rival Microsoft Office as one of the most powerful office suites on the market, it offers greater document control, more collaboration tools and better overall value.

WordPerfect X6 – Word Processing

Do more with documents

  • Easily create professional-looking documents, letters, labels, fax cover sheets, brochures, reports, resumes and more
  • Enjoy hassle-free formatting with the unique Reveal Codes feature
  • Open, edit and save Microsoft® Word files, including the latest OOXML (.docx) files

Quattro Pro X6 – Spreadsheets

Easily manage your numbers

  • Create budgets, invoices, receipts and expense reports
  • Organize, analyze and share data for better decision making
  • Open, edit and save Microsoft® Excel® files, including the latest OOXML (.xlsx) files

Presentations X6 – Slideshows and Presentations

Strengthen your visual impact

  • Create compelling slideshows, proposals, demonstrations and interactive reports
  • Easily edit pictures, create charts and diagrams, and share content with others
  • Open, edit and save Microsoft® PowerPoint® files, including the latest OOXML (.pptx) files

Nuance PaperPort 12 SE – Document Scanning, Imaging and Management

Organize, scan and share your documents

  • Manage all of your documents from your desktop
  • Scan, organize, find and share documents and photos
  • View and annotate PDF documents

Mozilla Thunderbird for WordPerfect Office – Email Management

Manage your email and your schedule

  • Enjoy an easy-to-use email client with advanced search capabilities
  • Manage email from other sources, like Gmail™, all from one inbox
  • Easily access your Thunderbird contacts in your WordPerfect Address Book
  • Manage your schedule and stay organized with an integrated calendar application

Corel WordPerfect Lightning – Digital Notebook

Collect information, images and ideas

  • Turn your office software into a central hub for research and collaboration
  • Take notes and gather information from the Web, email, documents and other sources

More office software and resources:

  • 900+ TrueType fonts, 8,000+ clipart images, 200+ templates, 175+ digital photos
  • The Pocket Oxford English Dictionary
  • WordPerfect Address Book and contact manager
  • WordPerfect OfficeReady template browser
  • WordPerfect XML Project Designer
  • Batch Conversion Utility to convert Microsoft® Word documents to WordPerfect documents

Corel WordPerfect Office icon

Corel WordPerfect Office icon png 128px
Corel WordPerfect Office icon
size: 128px x 128px (.png with transparency)

Corel WordPerfect Office pictureCorel WordPerfect Office works with the following file extensions:

Note: You can click on any file extension link from the list below, to view its detailed information. The list of extensions used or otherwise associated with the application may not be complete, because many common file extensions on our website, such as jpg (pictures) or txt (text files), can be opened by a large number of applications, or are too general file format. However most, if not all directly associated file extensions should be listed with its appropriate program. Although its likely, that some file extensions may be missing from the list of associated file extensions with the application, yet they can be opened, be part of, or otherwise be associated with the program.

Corel WordPerfect Office default file extension associations

The most common file format used with the specific file extension

wpd file icon.wpd file extension is used for Corel WordPerfect document

Other file extensions or file formats developed for use with Corel WordPerfect Office

?rs file icon.?rsabx file icon.abxall file icon.allalt file icon.altars file icon.arsast file icon.astbak file icon.bakbif file icon.bifbk! file icon.bk!bk1 file icon.bk1bk2 file icon.bk2bk3 file icon.bk3bk5 file icon.bk5bk6 file icon.bk6bk7 file icon.bk7bk8 file icon.bk8bk9 file icon.bk9blk file icon.blkbv1 file icon.bv1bv2 file icon.bv2bv3 file icon.bv3bv4 file icon.bv4bv5 file icon.bv5bv6 file icon.bv6bv6 file icon.bv6bv7 file icon.bv7bv8 file icon.bv8bv9 file icon.bv9cbd file icon.cbdccc file icon.cccchk file icon.chkchs file icon.chsclp file icon.clpcmx file icon.cmxcnv file icon.cnvcon file icon.concrs file icon.crscsw file icon.cswdb file icon.dbdbq file icon.dbqdf file icon.dfdrs file icon.drsdsr file icon.dsreeb file icon.eebenv file icon.enveqn file icon.eqnf file icon.ffdl file icon.fdlfeb file icon.febfil file icon.filflf file icon.flffmb file icon.fmbfrs file icon.frsfsl file icon.fslfx file icon.fxfx2 file icon.fx2g file icon.ghst file icon.hsthwl file icon.hwlhyc file icon.hychyd file icon.hydins file icon.insirs file icon.irsix file icon.ixix2 file icon.ix2lab file icon.lablcn file icon.lcnld file icon.ldldl file icon.ldllnm file icon.lnmlrs file icon.lrslsl file icon.lslmb file icon.mbmeb file icon.mebmed file icon.medmem file icon.memmeq file icon.meqmer file icon.mermes file icon.mesmet file icon.metmex file icon.mexmpm file icon.mpmmrs file icon.mrsmst file icon.mstmu file icon.mumxe file icon.mxenb file icon.nbnote file icon.notepd file icon.pdpdx file icon.pdxpeb file icon.pebped file icon.pedpem file icon.pempeq file icon.peqper file icon.perpes file icon.pespet file icon.petpfc file icon.pfcpft file icon.pftppb file icon.ppbpqf file icon.pqfpqw file icon.pqwprs file icon.prsprt file icon.prtpx file icon.pxqad file icon.qadqpw file icon.qpwqrs file icon.qrsr file icon.rrdl file icon.rdlrsl file icon.rsls02 file icon.s02s03 file icon.s03sc file icon.scsdl file icon.sdlshb file icon.shbshm file icon.shmshw file icon.shwsom file icon.somsom file icon.somsor file icon.sorspc file icon.spcspm file icon.spmspn file icon.spnsup file icon.supths file icon.thstmf file icon.tmftrn file icon.trntst file icon.tsttv file icon.tvtv1 file icon.tv1tv2 file icon.tv2tv3 file icon.tv3tv4 file icon.tv4tv5 file icon.tv5tv6 file icon.tv6tv7 file icon.tv7tv8 file icon.tv8tv9 file icon.tv9uif file icon.uifuwl file icon.uwlval file icon.valvrm file icon.vrmvrs file icon.vrsw60 file icon.w60w61 file icon.w61wb0 file icon.wb0wb1 file icon.wb1wb2 file icon.wb2wb3 file icon.wb3wb? file icon.wb?wbk file icon.wbkwcd file icon.wcdwch file icon.wchwcm file icon.wcmwcp file icon.wcpwkb file icon.wkbwkq file icon.wkqwp file icon.wpwp5 file icon.wp5wp7 file icon.wp7wp? file icon.wp?wpc file icon.wpcwpf file icon.wpfwpg2 file icon.wpg2wpk file icon.wpkwpm file icon.wpmwpp file icon.wppwpt file icon.wptwpw file icon.wpwwq0 file icon.wq0wq1 file icon.wq1wq2 file icon.wq2wrs file icon.wrswwb file icon.wwbwwk file icon.wwkx01 file icon.x01x02 file icon.x02x03 file icon.x03x04 file icon.x04x05 file icon.x05x06 file icon.x06x07 file icon.x07x08 file icon.x08x09 file icon.x09xg0 file icon.xg0xg1 file icon.xg1xg2 file icon.xg2xg3 file icon.xg3xg4 file icon.xg4xg5 file icon.xg5y01 file icon.y01y02 file icon.y02y03 file icon.y03y04 file icon.y04y05 file icon.y05y06 file icon.y06y07 file icon.y07y08 file icon.y08y09 file icon.y09yg0 file icon.yg0yg1 file icon.yg1yg2 file icon.yg2yg3 file icon.yg3yg4 file icon.yg4{pb file icon.{pb

Common file extensions used by Corel WordPerfect Office

dat file icon.datidx file icon.idxpot file icon.potwpd file icon.wpd

Other file extensions associated with Corel WordPerfect Office

cfl file icon.cflevy file icon.evyfin file icon.finfrm file icon.frmopn file icon.opnpln file icon.plnprc file icon.prcs01 file icon.s01ssiw file icon.ssiwwmc file icon.wmcwp4 file icon.wp4wp6 file icon.wp6wpg file icon.wpg

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