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iVI - iTunes Video Importer

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Developer: South Pole Software

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iVI - iTunes Video Importer picture

iVI - iTunes Video Importer

Developer / company: South Pole Software

iVI - iTunes Video Importer allows users to import any video directly into iTunes or iMovie by the easy way.

Main Features:


iVI converts your files into HD (High Definition) and SD (Standard Definition) format that is suitable for all your Apple devices. In iTunes it just appears as a single HD/SD file just like a purchased video file. The SD version is great for your little devices like an iPod or iPhone, and the HD version looks great on your larger devices like your Mac, iPad or AppleTV.  

Import DVDs into iTunes

iVI can import your DVDs into iTunes for playback on your Apple TV, iPod or iPhone. This import can include multiple audio tracks (surround sound, directors commentary...) and subtitles from the original DVD. A free download of VLC is required.

Video formats

iVI will convert almost any video file dropped onto it including all common formats such as MP4 MPG MOV AVI MKV WMV FLV 3GP AVCHD MOD MTS M2TS TOD and VOB (VOB support is only available in iVI Pro). iVI can ensure the video file is converted to work on Apple devices for iTunes, AppleTV, iPad, iPhone or iPod or preserve the original resolution of the video for work in iMovie or Final Cut.

Audio formats

iVI will convert surround sound present in the video (5.1 audio) and will automatically include a stereo track (2 channel audio) in the default language even if the file did not include one originally. This means that on your home theater system you have great sounding surround sound but when you're mobile everything still plays just fine.


iVI downloads TV Show and Movie information in your local language (when available). iVI converts all available language tracks in your file and will default to playing your video in your language. iVI's interface is available in English, French and German with more languages on the way!


iVI will include any available subtitles (SRT or VobSub) that you choose to select in your converted file or you can add your own from an SRT file. iVI can also automatically import SRT formatted subitles.

Automate Your Video Conversion

iVI can monitor folders for new video files and add show information, convert and import into iTunes automatically so your video is ready when you are.

iVI - iTunes Video Importer icon

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iVI - iTunes Video Importer pictureiVI - iTunes Video Importer works with the following file extensions:

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Common file extensions used by iVI - iTunes Video Importer

3gp file icon.3gpavi file icon.aviflv file icon.flvm2ts file icon.m2tsm4v file icon.m4vmkv file icon.mkvmov file icon.movmp4 file icon.mp4mpg file icon.mpgmts file icon.mtstod file icon.todvob file icon.vobwmv file icon.wmv

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