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SABRE StaffPlan

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Developer: Sabre Airline Solutions

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Sabre Airline Solutions logoSABRE StaffPlan

Developer / company: Sabre Airline Solutions

StaffPlan is old and by now most likely  obsolete software used to create forecasts for airports.


The StaffPlan system is equipped with numerous features to improve planning efficiency:

Manning chart view

The system presents a graphical, user-friendly Gantt chart display of a flight schedule, associated staffing requirements, shifting requirements and shift lines for a one-day or weekly period, enabling the results to be edited and printed for reporting. The system is packed with other features such as zooming, filtering, displaying multiple views as well as all standard Windows functionality.

Schedule and volume data view

With the help of a schedule and volume chart utility, planners can view and change all details regarding the seasonal flight schedule, as well as planned load information.

Flight schedule builder

The flight schedule builder enables users to import information from the Sabre®StaffManager automated staff allocation system or manually enter flight data. A flight schedule can be quickly created using a rapid-entry template, incorporating spreadsheetstyle functionality and appearance to reflect a dynamic contract-handling environment at various airport locations. You can import the StaffManager system information to perform a comparison of planned versus actual schedule data. This analysis can identify
overtime exposure and possible action for correction, as well as feedback for the scheduling department.

Rule builder

The rule builder utility provides a powerful and effective means to integrate your specific business processes into the application. This feature enables you to tailor workgroup names, definitions and dependencies to suit your needs. It has a powerful Java engine to allow for rules ranging from simple to those with highly imbedded, multilevel conditions. As your business process or requirements change, this utility gives you the ability to modify and implement those changes.

Requirements generator

This model enables planning analysts to automatically generate staffing requirements for any combination of ground and passenger handling services. The rule builder provides you with more options to define flight specific workload. Analysts can enter the following types of parameters to satisfy corporate-wide or airport-specific workload standards, which can be fixed based or load based:

  • Passenger Service related: ticketing, check-in, boarding gate, flight manager/supervisor standards
  • Ramp Service related: cargo loading and unloading, drivers, and bagroom operations
  • Other areas such as security, cabin cleaning, fueling, de-icing and line maintenance
  • Shift scheduler

Covering work requirements depends on the available shift types and other shifting constraints. The Sabre research group has created a state-of-the-art mathematical model that determines the optimal solution for staffing any airport environment. The analyst selects to either minimize headcount or cost. The model then considers this parameter as the primary objective and displays the resulting shifts on a line graph and staffing levels on a bar graph, illustrating scheduled work versus planned staff. The results can be viewed, edited, printed or exported to prepare a shift bid.

Travel and routing

To automate the process of assigning tasks to shifts, the travel and routing model creates a user-friendly interface in the form of a Gantt chart. The model takes into account user-defined constraints relating to travel times between tasks, meal periods and rest breaks. It also enables analysts to validate the feasibility of shifts by constructing the routing of each shift, ensuring no tasks remain unassigned.

Roster Maker

This module enables you to create rosters using patterns longer than seven days, a feat that requires a fixed or rotating roster. In a weekly mode, you can define various scheduling parameters along with scheduling patterns (such as five days on, two days off) for defined shift types, where scheduling patterns are limited to seven days. Work rules outside North America can require patterns that are longer than a week, such as six days on, three days off.

The SABRE StaffPlan software seems to be old or discontinued.
Such programs may not work on modern operating systems properly, are no longer available and supported by their original developers, or are simply obsolete for their purpose. Sometimes companies offer limited support through their website.

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