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Starsiege Tribes

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Platform, operating system:  Microsoft Windows icon Microsoft Windows

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Developer: Sierra Entertainment, Inc.

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Developer / company: Sierra Entertainment

The 29th century saw humanity fighting the third and last war against the Cybrids, a sentient robotic race it had created. 400 years later, having hunted down the remaining Cybrids across the stars, humans discovered the first Interstellar Transfer Conduit (dubbed "jumpgate"), a teleportation device or phenomenon (not clearly specified). A more powerful "meta-jumpgate", which covered much more distance, was later discovered and realized to be part of a vast network of them. Many people traveled through the jumpgates and settled across the galaxies; this movement was known as the Diaspora. Isolated from the Great Human Empire, these people developed a sense of pride and started referring to themselves as a "tribe", the Children of the Phoenix, named after Harabec "Phoenix" Weathers, a legendary hero of the Cybrid wars. In response, the Empire sent a great force of Imperial Knights, the Blood Eagles, to "subdue" the tribe. Both factions sank into a perpetual state of war and many small "splinter" tribes were formed in the process (the Children of the Phoenix and Blood Eagle being the most powerful among them) by renegades from both sides. The Blood Eagles eventually began to consider themselves a tribe as well after being isolated from their homes for such a long time and adopting the tribal style of warfare, favoring personal powered armor over their traditional and "impossible to maintain" HERCs (biped walking tanks central to the Earthsiege and Starsiege stories).

The Children of the Phoenix try to keep the peace and have created a convention of "tenets" for tribes to abide by, such as one forbidding war waged using ecocidal weapons, which is a somewhat more modern rules of engagement and Geneva Convention. They also hold regular Firetruces, in which the tribes meet to discuss peace, stability, and hold games, much like our Olympics. However, in a few generations, it rapidly became a cause for political intrigue and competition.

Unfortunately, conflict between the tribes has raged on across the centuries and the number of blood feuds has grown exponentially. The Blood Eagle and Star Wolf despise each other the most; a bitter marriage between members of their leading families ended up in betrayal, intense conflict, and Oaths of Vengeance. The game takes place roughly in the year 3940, when hundreds of small tribes have allied or made non-aggression pacts with the Blood Eagle and Star Wolf, who have prepared for total war. The player assumes the role of a warrior loyal to one of the four major tribes battling in the front lines of the conflict.

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