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Platform, operating system:  Microsoft Windows icon Microsoft Windows

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Developer: Actify Inc.

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Developer / company: Actify

Find, Use, Share, and Manage all product information with ease by leveraging the Microsoft SharePoint® platform

Actify DesignShare enables workgroups to quickly and securely track, collaborate on, and manage CAD data, plus all related documents, enterprise-wide. Easily deployed, it unites the Actify SpinFire technology with the document management, sharing, and collaboration capabilities built into every Microsoft® SharePoint™ managed environment.

DesignShare solution performs a range of sophisticated digital design communications tasks such as creating team worksites that can be further customized to meet job- or department-specific needs. Intuitive dashboards enable you to view, annotate, and upload project information, as well as automatically convert-on demand or in batch mode-all major 2D and 3D native CAD data formats to Actify's system-neutral .3D format.

By leveraging the SharePoint platform, DesignShare delivers a true solution for the needs of manufacturing information workers to communicate and collaborate on all product information including 2D and 3D, to support many different business performance improvement initiatives. Because manufacturing information workers are not typically engineers, DesignShare builds on Actify's award-winning ease of use to reach a broad spectrum of users and provide capabilities for finding, using, sharing and managing the information in addition to simply "viewing" it.

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3d file icon.3d

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