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Found 240 file extension associations related to Adobe Creative Cloud and 185 file formats developed specifically for use with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Platform, operating system:  Multiplatform icon Multiplatform

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Developer: Adobe Systems Incorporated

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Adobe Creative Cloud picture

Adobe Systems Incorporated logoAdobe Creative Cloud

Developer / company: Adobe

Adobe Creative Cloud is latest member of Creative family. With this version Adobe moved from one-time fee to subscription based model, while no longer plans to offer one time purchase options like the users were used. There is either annual or monthly fee for using the whole bundle or just one program.

First version of Creative Cloud will include the latest versions (labeled CC) of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Premiere and Muse as well as other minor programs like, Acrobat, Audition, Bridge, Encore, InCopy and more.

There are also programs and services for web designers, including Edge Animate, Edge Inspect, Edge Web Fonts, Typekit and more.

Creative cloud also offers online services for file sharing, collaboration, and publishing apps and websites. These include Kuler, Behance, ProSite, Digital Publishing suite and others.

Adobe Creative Cloud icon

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Adobe Creative Cloud icon
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Adobe Creative Cloud pictureAdobe Creative Cloud works with the following file extensions:

Note: You can click on any file extension link from the list below, to view its detailed information. The list of extensions used or otherwise associated with the application may not be complete, because many common file extensions on our website, such as jpg (pictures) or txt (text files), can be opened by a large number of applications, or are too general file format. However most, if not all directly associated file extensions should be listed with its appropriate program. Although its likely, that some file extensions may be missing from the list of associated file extensions with the application, yet they can be opened, be part of, or otherwise be associated with the program.

Adobe Creative Cloud default file extension associations

The most common file formats used with the specific file extensions

abr file icon.abr file extension is used for Adobe Photoshop brush

adadownload file icon.adadownload file extension is used for Adobe Download Assistant partially completed download

ai file icon.ai file extension is used for Adobe Illustrator graphics

csh file icon.csh file extension is used for Adobe Photoshop custom shape

css file icon.css file extension is used for Cascading Style Sheets

dng file icon.dng file extension is used for Adobe Digital Negative

fla file icon.fla file extension is used for Editable Adobe Flash project (animation, movie, flash application)

ind file icon.ind file extension is used for Adobe InDesign graphics document

prproj file icon.prproj file extension is used for Adobe Premiere Pro project

psb file icon.psb file extension is used for Adobe Photoshop Large Document Format

psd file icon.psd file extension is used for Adobe Photoshop graphics

xmp file icon.xmp file extension is used for Adobe Extensible Metadata Platform data

Other file extensions or file formats developed for use with Adobe Creative Cloud

$msf file icon.$msf3df file icon.3df8bc file icon.8bc8be file icon.8be8bf file icon.8bf8bi file icon.8bi8bi8 file icon.8bi88bl file icon.8bl8bp file icon.8bp8bs file icon.8bs8bx file icon.8bxabf file icon.abfacf file icon.acfacfm file icon.acfmaco file icon.acoacp file icon.acpacrodata file icon.acrodataacsm file icon.acsmacv file icon.acvado file icon.adoaecache file icon.aecacheaep file icon.aepaepx file icon.aepxaet file icon.aetaetx file icon.aetxafm file icon.afmahs file icon.ahsahu file icon.ahuai3 file icon.ai3ai5 file icon.ai5aia file icon.aiaaip file icon.aipait file icon.aitakf file icon.akfalv file icon.alvameprojcc file icon.ameprojccaom file icon.aomapln file icon.aplnarcut file icon.arcutars file icon.arsase file icon.aseasl file icon.aslaso file icon.asoasp file icon.aspasr file icon.asrast file icon.astasv file icon.asvatf file icon.atfatn file icon.atnaum file icon.aumawe file icon.aweawf file icon.awfbla file icon.blabridgecachet file icon.bridgecachetbridgelabelsandratings file icon.bridgelabelsandratingscct file icon.cctcfa file icon.cfacff file icon.cffcpa file icon.cpacpaa file icon.cpaacptx file icon.cptxcpvc file icon.cpvccsn file icon.csncst file icon.cstcxt file icon.cxtdbm file icon.dbmdcr file icon.dcrdll_non_opt file icon.dll_non_optdlm file icon.dlmdmv file icon.dmvdrx file icon.drxdws file icon.dwsdxr file icon.dxreap file icon.eapem file icon.emepf file icon.epfeps3 file icon.eps3epsi file icon.epsiepsp file icon.epspept file icon.eptf4v file icon.f4vfdf file icon.fdffgd file icon.fgdfl3 file icon.fl3flm file icon.flmgai file icon.gaihdr file icon.hdrhdt file icon.hdthss file icon.hssicmt file icon.icmtidap file icon.idapidd file icon.iddidml file icon.idmlidrc file icon.idrcims file icon.imsindesignplugin file icon.indesignpluginindt file icon.indtinix file icon.inixinms file icon.inmsinx file icon.inxiros file icon.irosisa file icon.isajoboptions file icon.joboptionsjsf file icon.jsfjsfl file icon.jsfljsx file icon.jsxjsxinc file icon.jsxinckfg file icon.kfglbi file icon.lbimeh file icon.mehmfx file icon.mfxmno file icon.mnompv file icon.mpvmulib file icon.mulibmxi file icon.mximxp file icon.mxpp3m file icon.p3mp3r file icon.p3rpdf_ file icon.pdf_pdx file icon.pdxpima file icon.pimapimx file icon.pimxpmg file icon.pmgppj file icon.ppjprfpset file icon.prfpsetprm file icon.prmprmdc file icon.prmdcprmp file icon.prmpprst file icon.prstprtl file icon.prtlps2 file icon.ps2ps3 file icon.ps3psdt file icon.psdtpsq file icon.psqptl file icon.ptlraw file icon.rawrfr file icon.rfrrpln file icon.rplnsbst file icon.sbstsbx file icon.sbxses file icon.sessesx file icon.sesxshc file icon.shcsky file icon.skyspd file icon.spdsta file icon.stastd file icon.stdste file icon.steswa file icon.swaswb file icon.swbswd file icon.swdswtag file icon.swtagtbr file icon.tbrtds file icon.tdstpl file icon.tpltty file icon.ttytwain file icon.twainukr file icon.ukrvce file icon.vcevpr file icon.vprvtv file icon.vtvwfx file icon.wfxworkspace file icon.workspacewpx file icon.wpxxdc file icon.xdcxevgenxml file icon.xevgenxmlxfd file icon.xfdxfdf file icon.xfdfxfl file icon.xflyel file icon.yelzdct file icon.zdctzxp file icon.zxp_v file icon._v

Common file extensions used by Adobe Creative Cloud

abr file icon.abradadownload file icon.adadownloadai file icon.aicsh file icon.cshcss file icon.cssdng file icon.dngeps file icon.epsfla file icon.flaind file icon.indindd file icon.inddprproj file icon.prprojps file icon.pspsb file icon.psbpsd file icon.psdswf file icon.swfu3d file icon.u3du3d file icon.u3dxmp file icon.xmp

Other file extensions associated with Adobe Creative Cloud

acb file icon.acbacbl file icon.acbladobebridge file icon.adobebridgeaes file icon.aesameproj file icon.ameprojamp file icon.amparpi file icon.arpias file icon.asasnd file icon.asndasr file icon.asrava file icon.avaavs file icon.avscfm file icon.cfmcfml file icon.cfmlcsf file icon.csfdir file icon.direggp file icon.eggpeps2 file icon.eps2fl file icon.flgrd file icon.grdhyp file icon.hypidlk file icon.idlkidpk file icon.idpkimp file icon.impindb file icon.indbindl file icon.indlinlk file icon.inlkirs file icon.irsjsxbin file icon.jsxbinkfp file icon.kfplnst file icon.lnstmnu file icon.mnumos file icon.mosmpgindex file icon.mpgindexmuse file icon.museoam file icon.oampat file icon.patpcg file icon.pcgpdp file icon.pdppek file icon.pekpm6 file icon.pm6prm file icon.prmsig file icon.sigstm file icon.stmswc file icon.swcvox file icon.voxvpe file icon.vpexdp file icon.xdp_pdf file icon._pdf

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