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Microsoft Expression Web

Found 117 file extension associations related to Microsoft Expression Web and 111 file formats developed specifically for use with Microsoft Expression Web.

Platform, operating system:  Microsoft Windows icon Microsoft Windows

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Developer: Microsoft Corporation

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Microsoft Expression Web picture

Microsoft Corporation logoMicrosoft Expression Web

Developer / company: Microsoft

Microsoft Expression Web was an HTML editor and general web design tool developed by Microsoft and sold as part of Microsoft Expression Studio Web and Studio Ultimate suites. Expression Web can design and develop web pages using XML, CSS 2.1, ASP.NET or ASP.NET AJAX, XHTML, XSLT, PHP, and JavaScript.

Main Features:

  • Create standards-based Web sites faster & easier
  • Professional code editor & design surface
  • Make your site stand out with rich graphics support
  • Work with leading industry-standard technologies

The Microsoft Expression Web software seems to be old or discontinued.
Such programs may not work on modern operating systems properly, are no longer available and supported by their original developers, or are simply obsolete for their purpose. Sometimes companies offer limited support through their website.

Microsoft Expression Web icon

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Microsoft Expression Web icon
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Microsoft Expression Web pictureMicrosoft Expression Web works with the following file extensions:

Note: You can click on any file extension link from the list below, to view its detailed information. The list of extensions used or otherwise associated with the application may not be complete, because many common file extensions on our website, such as jpg (pictures) or txt (text files), can be opened by a large number of applications, or are too general file format. However most, if not all directly associated file extensions should be listed with its appropriate program. Although its likely, that some file extensions may be missing from the list of associated file extensions with the application, yet they can be opened, be part of, or otherwise be associated with the program.

Microsoft Expression Web default file extension associations

exprwdasax file icon.exprwdasaxexprwdasmx file icon.exprwdasmxexprwdbot file icon.exprwdbotexprwdconfig file icon.exprwdconfigexprwdcss file icon.exprwdcssexprwddoclib file icon.exprwddoclibexprwdedited file icon.exprwdeditedexprwdhomeop file icon.exprwdhomeopexprwdhomepg file icon.exprwdhomepgexprwdhtml file icon.exprwdhtmlexprwdhtt file icon.exprwdhttexprwdjs file icon.exprwdjsexprwdlinkbar file icon.exprwdlinkbarexprwdlist file icon.exprwdlistexprwdlistdata file icon.exprwdlistdataexprwdmaster file icon.exprwdmasterexprwdnav file icon.exprwdnavexprwdnopub file icon.exprwdnopubexprwdopen file icon.exprwdopenexprwdpiclib file icon.exprwdpiclibexprwdresx file icon.exprwdresxexprwdshtm file icon.exprwdshtmexprwdshtml file icon.exprwdshtmlexprwdsitemap file icon.exprwdsitemapexprwdskin file icon.exprwdskinexprwdstm file icon.exprwdstmexprwdsurvey file icon.exprwdsurveyexprwdtheme file icon.exprwdthemeexprwdtxt file icon.exprwdtxtexprwdunknown file icon.exprwdunknownexprwdweb file icon.exprwdwebexprwdwfdoclib file icon.exprwdwfdoclibexprwdxml file icon.exprwdxmlexprwdxoml file icon.exprwdxomlexprwdxsl file icon.exprwdxslexprwdxslt file icon.exprwdxsltinstall file icon.installmodule file icon.modulephp6 file icon.php6xadd file icon.xaddxweb3asax file icon.xweb3asaxxweb3asmx file icon.xweb3asmxxweb3bot file icon.xweb3botxweb3config file icon.xweb3configxweb3css file icon.xweb3cssxweb3doclib file icon.xweb3doclibxweb3edited file icon.xweb3editedxweb3homeop file icon.xweb3homeopxweb3homepg file icon.xweb3homepgxweb3htm file icon.xweb3htmxweb3html file icon.xweb3htmlxweb3htt file icon.xweb3httxweb3js file icon.xweb3jsxweb3linkbar file icon.xweb3linkbarxweb3list file icon.xweb3listxweb3listdata file icon.xweb3listdataxweb3master file icon.xweb3masterxweb3nav file icon.xweb3navxweb3nopub file icon.xweb3nopubxweb3open file icon.xweb3openxweb3piclib file icon.xweb3piclibxweb3resx file icon.xweb3resxxweb3shtm file icon.xweb3shtmxweb3shtml file icon.xweb3shtmlxweb3sitemap file icon.xweb3sitemapxweb3skin file icon.xweb3skinxweb3stm file icon.xweb3stmxweb3survey file icon.xweb3surveyxweb3theme file icon.xweb3themexweb3txt file icon.xweb3txtxweb3unknown file icon.xweb3unknownxweb3web file icon.xweb3webxweb3wfdoclib file icon.xweb3wfdoclibxweb3xml file icon.xweb3xmlxweb3xoml file icon.xweb3xomlxweb3xsl file icon.xweb3xslxweb3xslt file icon.xweb3xsltxweb4asax file icon.xweb4asaxxweb4asmx file icon.xweb4asmxxweb4bot file icon.xweb4botxweb4config file icon.xweb4configxweb4css file icon.xweb4cssxweb4doclib file icon.xweb4doclibxweb4edited file icon.xweb4editedxweb4homeop file icon.xweb4homeopxweb4homepg file icon.xweb4homepgxweb4htm file icon.xweb4htmxweb4html file icon.xweb4htmlxweb4htt file icon.xweb4httxweb4js file icon.xweb4jsxweb4linkbar file icon.xweb4linkbarxweb4list file icon.xweb4listxweb4listdata file icon.xweb4listdataxweb4master file icon.xweb4masterxweb4nav file icon.xweb4navxweb4nopub file icon.xweb4nopubxweb4piclib file icon.xweb4piclibxweb4resx file icon.xweb4resxxweb4shtm file icon.xweb4shtmxweb4shtml file icon.xweb4shtmlxweb4sitemap file icon.xweb4sitemapxweb4skin file icon.xweb4skinxweb4stm file icon.xweb4stmxweb4survey file icon.xweb4surveyxweb4txt file icon.xweb4txtxweb4unknown file icon.xweb4unknownxweb4wfdoclib file icon.xweb4wfdoclibxweb4xml file icon.xweb4xmlxweb4xoml file icon.xweb4xomlxweb4xsl file icon.xweb4xslxweb4xslt file icon.xweb4xslt

Common file extensions used by Microsoft Expression Web

asp file icon.aspaspx file icon.aspxcss file icon.csshtml file icon.htmlphp file icon.phpxml file icon.xml

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