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Corel WordPerfect

Found 160 file extension associations related to Corel WordPerfect and 142 file formats developed specifically for use with Corel WordPerfect.

Platform, operating system:  Microsoft Windows icon Microsoft Windows

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Developer: Corel Corporation

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Corel WordPerfect picture

Corel Corporation logoCorel WordPerfect

Developer / company: Corel

Word Perfect is a word processor and office suite available for multiple platforms. WordPerfect started out to be the best MS-DOS word processor. Over time it was ported to UNIX and the Macintosh. The original owners sold to Novell who sold to the current owner: Corel. WordPerfect is distributed as a part of WordPerfect Office.

WordPerfect Office is ideal for large organizations and governments as well as business and consumer users with the need for dependable word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and email solutions. Trusted by millions, priced significantly less than Microsoft Office, it's the office suite that makes perfect sense.

Corel WordPerfect icon

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Corel WordPerfect icon
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Corel WordPerfect pictureCorel WordPerfect works with the following file extensions:

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Corel WordPerfect default file extension associations

The most common file format used with the specific file extension

wpd file icon.wpd file extension is used for Corel WordPerfect document

Other file extensions or file formats developed for use with Corel WordPerfect

?rs file icon.?rsall file icon.allalt file icon.altast file icon.astbif file icon.bifbk! file icon.bk!bk1 file icon.bk1bk2 file icon.bk2bk3 file icon.bk3bk4 file icon.bk4bk4 file icon.bk4bk5 file icon.bk5bk6 file icon.bk6bk7 file icon.bk7bk8 file icon.bk8bk9 file icon.bk9blt file icon.bltbv1 file icon.bv1bv2 file icon.bv2bv3 file icon.bv3bv4 file icon.bv4bv5 file icon.bv5bv6 file icon.bv6bv7 file icon.bv7bv8 file icon.bv8bv9 file icon.bv9cbd file icon.cbdchk file icon.chkcnv file icon.cnvcon file icon.concrs file icon.crscsw file icon.cswdoc file icon.docdrs file icon.drsdsr file icon.dsreeb file icon.eebenv file icon.enveqn file icon.eqnevy file icon.evyfeb file icon.febfil file icon.filfin file icon.finfmb file icon.fmbfrs file icon.frsfx file icon.fxhst file icon.hsthwl file icon.hwlhyc file icon.hychyd file icon.hydins file icon.insirs file icon.irslab file icon.lablcn file icon.lcnlnm file icon.lnmlrs file icon.lrsmeb file icon.mebmed file icon.medmem file icon.memmeq file icon.meqmer file icon.mermes file icon.mesmet file icon.metmex file icon.mexmpm file icon.mpmmrs file icon.mrsnb file icon.nbnote file icon.notepeb file icon.pebped file icon.pedpem file icon.pempeq file icon.peqper file icon.perpes file icon.pespet file icon.petpfc file icon.pfcpft file icon.pftppb file icon.ppbprs file icon.prsqad file icon.qadqbe file icon.qbeqrs file icon.qrss01 file icon.s01s02 file icon.s02s03 file icon.s03shm file icon.shmspc file icon.spcspm file icon.spmspn file icon.spnssiw file icon.ssiwsup file icon.supths file icon.thstmf file icon.tmftst file icon.tsttv1 file icon.tv1tv2 file icon.tv2tv3 file icon.tv3tv4 file icon.tv4tv5 file icon.tv5tv6 file icon.tv6tv7 file icon.tv7tv8 file icon.tv8tv9 file icon.tv9uif file icon.uifuwl file icon.uwlvrs file icon.vrsvw file icon.vww51 file icon.w51w52 file icon.w52w60 file icon.w60w61 file icon.w61wbk file icon.wbkwcd file icon.wcdwch file icon.wchwcm file icon.wcmwcp file icon.wcpwkb file icon.wkbwmc file icon.wmcwp file icon.wpwp4 file icon.wp4wp5 file icon.wp5wp6 file icon.wp6wp7 file icon.wp7wp? file icon.wp?wpc file icon.wpcwpd0 file icon.wpd0wpd1 file icon.wpd1wpd2 file icon.wpd2wpf file icon.wpfwpg file icon.wpgwpg2 file icon.wpg2wpk file icon.wpkwpm file icon.wpmwpp file icon.wppwpt file icon.wptwpw file icon.wpwwq! file icon.wq!wrs file icon.wrswwb file icon.wwbwwk file icon.wwkxy file icon.xy{pb file icon.{pb

Common file extensions used by Corel WordPerfect

dat file icon.datdoc file icon.docdocx file icon.docxpdf file icon.pdfrtf file icon.rtftxt file icon.txtwpd file icon.wpdwri file icon.wri

Other file extensions associated with Corel WordPerfect

dox file icon.doxfft file icon.fftfrm file icon.frmrft file icon.rftsam file icon.samvw3 file icon.vw3wp42 file icon.wp42wp50 file icon.wp50wpc2 file icon.wpc2wpd3 file icon.wpd3wsd file icon.wsd

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