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Developer: Janome Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.

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Janome Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. logoJanome Digitizer Pro

Developer / company: Janome

With DigitizerPro you can create completely original embroidery designs using the available drawing tools or take the easy option and use graphic images from scanned artwork, clipart or digital cameras.

Don't worry if the image quality isn't perfect, DigitizerPro has image preparation tools to improve it and can create outlines automatically. It also has links to several popular graphics packages should you want to edit your image first.

Digitizing Options
DigitizerPro has options for automatic, semi-automatic, and freehand digitizing so that those new to the art can take it step-by-step. Experienced users can make changes to any aspect of the design.

Click-to-Design - Auto-digitize an entire image at the press of a button.
Click-to-Stitch - Highlight a section of an image at a time for easy conversion to embroidery stitches.
Freehand - Use your image as a backdrop, trace outlines, add details, and select from the vast range of stitches and fills to get exactly the look you want.

Easy Photo Digitizing With Photo Click
The new Photo Click program makes it easy to create embroidery designs out of photographic images. Now if you can snap a picture of it, or scan it, you can embroider it.

Advanced Editing
With DigitizerPro you can fine tune designs down to individual stitches. You can adjust designs to get perfect embroidery. Unlimited editing possibilities!

Fantastic Textures
Adding texture to embroidery is a great way to make it visually more exciting. DigitizerPro has more than 130 fill stitch variations to choose from. The program also includes a great selection of motif fills for creating delicate, filigree styles.

Automatic Appliqué
DigitizerPro's unique appliqué feature works at the touch of a button to create perfect appliqué. And it automatically generates placement lines, tacking stitches and border stitches.

Amazing Outlines
DigitizerPro can create running stitch, satin stitch, and motif run outlines for a perfect edge or to add extra detail to a design. You have full control over stitch length, width and density.

Resizing Designs
With DigitizerPro you can resize designs and maintain their original stitch density. The program adjusts the stitch count and underlay automatically so the finished design looks as good as the original. You can import designs in all major machine formats to resize for your chosen hoop or project.

Mirror and Rotate Designs
Designs can be rotated by a single degree to get the perfect position for your project. Stitches can also be angled within a motif to add shading and depth. With DigitizerPro you can duplicate designs and mirror them, or use the "copy" and "paste" tools to create large embroideries. Now you can easily create a range of designs based around a theme, with matching corner and border patterns.

Beautiful Colors
Create realistic looking natural objects such as flowers and animals using stitch blending and shading. All sorts of rich colors can be created in this way and the feather edge feature means you can achieve natural looking effects and recreate the look of hand stitching.

Text and Monograms
Add text or monograms to your projects and create personal items or gifts. Text can be manipulated in different directions, stretched, skewed or curved, and the program includes a great selection of ready-made borders to add the finishing touch. Choose from over 50 pre-digitized fonts, plus you can create additional ones using the TrueType fonts installed on your computer.

Adjust Designs For Different Fabrics
Adjusting embroidery for fabrics that stretch or distort is easy using the "stretchiness allowance" and "pull compensation" features. You can select the type of fabric and the degree of stretch and DigitizerPro will do the rest, including automatically adjusting the underlay.

Design Gallery
DigitizerPro includes a design gallery for storing, displaying and retrieving designs easily. All your work can be stored and filed in one central library. And you can also browse and select embroideries from CDs or cards. DigitizerPro supports all major machine formats so designs can be converted from one format to another , either singly or as a group.

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jan file icon.janjef file icon.jefsew file icon.sew

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bmp file icon.bmpcdr file icon.cdremf file icon.emfjpeg file icon.jpegjpg file icon.jpgttf file icon.ttfwmf file icon.wmf

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csd file icon.csddst file icon.dstexp file icon.exphus file icon.huspcs file icon.pcspec file icon.pecpes file icon.pesxxx file icon.xxx

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