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Microsoft Visual Studio

Found 487 file extension associations related to Microsoft Visual Studio and 431 file formats developed specifically for use with Microsoft Visual Studio.

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Microsoft Corporation logoMicrosoft Visual Studio

Developer / company: Microsoft

Visual Studio is a suite of component-based software development tools and other technologies for building powerful, high-performance applications. In addition, Visual Studio is optimized for team-based design, development, and deployment using Team Foundation Service or Team Foundation Server. Visual Studio is available for Windows and Mac.


  • Visual Studio 97
  • Visual Studio 6.0 (1998)
  • Visual Studio .NET (2002)
  • Visual Studio .NET 2003
  • Visual Studio 2005
  • Visual Studio 2008
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Visual Studio 2012
  • Visual Studio 2013
  • Visual Studio 2015
  • Visual Studio 2017


  • Visual Studio Community
  • Visual Studio Professional
  • Visual Studio Enterprise
  • Visual Studio Test Professional
  • Visual Studio Express

Microsoft Visual Studio icon

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Microsoft Visual Studio icon
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Microsoft Visual Studio pictureMicrosoft Visual Studio works with the following file extensions:

Note: You can click on any file extension link from the list below, to view its detailed information. The list of extensions used or otherwise associated with the application may not be complete, because many common file extensions on our website, such as jpg (pictures) or txt (text files), can be opened by a large number of applications, or are too general file format. However most, if not all directly associated file extensions should be listed with its appropriate program. Although its likely, that some file extensions may be missing from the list of associated file extensions with the application, yet they can be opened, be part of, or otherwise be associated with the program.

Microsoft Visual Studio default file extension associations

The most common file formats used with the specific file extensions

application file icon.application file extension is used for ClickOnce deployment manifest

appx file icon.appx file extension is used for Microsoft AppX application package

appxbundle file icon.appxbundle file extension is used for Microsoft Windows app bundle package

ashx file icon.ashx file extension is used for ASP.NET web handler file

asm file icon.asm file extension is used for Assembler source code

asp file icon.asp file extension is used for Active Server Page script page

aspx file icon.aspx file extension is used for Active Server Page Extended ASP.NET script

config file icon.config file extension is used for Configuration data

dll file icon.dll file extension is used for Dynamic Link Library

exe file icon.exe file extension is used for Program executable

inc file icon.inc file extension is used for Include data

lib file icon.lib file extension is used for Microsoft Linker input library data

o file icon.o file extension is used for Object format

ocx file icon.ocx file extension is used for ActiveX Control

rc file icon.rc file extension is used for Microsoft Visual Studio Visual C/C++ resource script

sdf file icon.sdf file extension is used for SQL Server compact edition database

vsix file icon.vsix file extension is used for Microsoft Visual Studio extension package

vxd file icon.vxd file extension is used for Microsoft Windows virtual device driver

xap file icon.xap file extension is used for Microsoft Windows Phone and Microsoft Silverlight application package

xsd file icon.xsd file extension is used for XML schema description

Other file extensions or file formats developed for use with Microsoft Visual Studio

accessor file icon.accessoractivitydiagram file icon.activitydiagramactproj file icon.actprojad file icon.adaddin file icon.addinadtg file icon.adtgalx file icon.alxandroidproj file icon.androidprojappinstaller file icon.appinstallerappref-ms file icon.appref-msappxmanifest file icon.appxmanifestappxsym file icon.appxsymappxupload file icon.appxuploadaps file icon.apsasa file icon.asaasa file icon.asaasax file icon.asaxascx file icon.ascxasdatabase file icon.asdatabaseasp+ file icon.asp+asproj file icon.asprojatp file icon.atpaxd file icon.axdb file icon.bbdcm file icon.bdcmbdcr file icon.bdcrbsc file icon.bscbtproj file icon.btprojc file icon.cc# file icon.c#ccgame file icon.ccgameccproj file icon.ccprojcd file icon.cdcdf-ms file icon.cdf-mscfl file icon.cflclassdiagram file icon.classdiagramcls file icon.clsclw file icon.clwcomponentdiagram file icon.componentdiagramcord file icon.cordcoverage file icon.coveragecoveragexml file icon.coveragexmlcpp file icon.cppcs file icon.cscsattr file icon.csattrcscfg file icon.cscfgcsdef file icon.csdefcsdproj file icon.csdprojcsgrad file icon.csgradcshader file icon.cshadercshtml file icon.cshtmlcso file icon.csocsproj file icon.csprojcsview file icon.csviewcsx file icon.csxcto file icon.ctoctsym file icon.ctsymctx file icon.ctxcu file icon.cucuh file icon.cuhcxx file icon.cxxdacpac file icon.dacpacdatacontract file icon.datacontractdatasource file icon.datasourcedb2 file icon.db2db2ind file icon.db2inddb2sp file icon.db2spdb2tbl file icon.db2tbldb2tr file icon.db2trdb2udf file icon.db2udfdb2vw file icon.db2vwdbmanifest file icon.dbmanifestdbmdl file icon.dbmdldbml file icon.dbmldbp file icon.dbpdbproj file icon.dbprojdbschema file icon.dbschemadd file icon.dddef file icon.defdeployproj file icon.deployprojdgml file icon.dgmldgsl file icon.dgsldiagsession file icon.diagsessiondisco file icon.discodiscomap file icon.discomapdotfuproj file icon.dotfuprojdotsettings file icon.dotsettingsdsgl file icon.dsgldshader file icon.dshaderdslsetup file icon.dslsetupdsm file icon.dsmdso file icon.dsodsp file icon.dspdsprototype file icon.dsprototypedsw file icon.dswdtd file icon.dtddtq file icon.dtqdtsconfig file icon.dtsconfigeappx file icon.eappxeappxbundle file icon.eappxbundleedmx file icon.edmxemsix file icon.emsixemsixbundle file icon.emsixbundleeto file icon.etoetp file icon.etpexp file icon.expext file icon.extfd file icon.fdfeature file icon.featurefeedback file icon.feedbackfilters file icon.filtersfor file icon.forfs file icon.fsfsi file icon.fsifsproj file icon.fsprojfsscript file icon.fsscriptfsx file icon.fsxfxcop file icon.fxcopgbl file icon.gblgenerictest file icon.generictestgsh file icon.gshgshader file icon.gshaderh file icon.hhc file icon.hchlsl file icon.hlslhlsli file icon.hlslihshader file icon.hshaderhxa file icon.hxahxc file icon.hxchxd file icon.hxdhxi file icon.hxihxn file icon.hxnhxq file icon.hxqhxr file icon.hxrhxs file icon.hxshxw file icon.hxwi file icon.iidb file icon.idbidc file icon.idcidl file icon.idlilk file icon.ilkinl file icon.inlinsp file icon.inspinstalllog file icon.installlogiobj file icon.iobjipch file icon.ipchipdb file icon.ipdbipproj file icon.ipprojitrace file icon.itraceivi file icon.iviivt file icon.ivtjoml file icon.jomljomproj file icon.jomprojjse file icon.jsejsl file icon.jsljsonld file icon.jsonldjsproj file icon.jsprojkci file icon.kcikproj file icon.kprojlastbuildstate file icon.lastbuildstatelayerdiagram file icon.layerdiagramldz file icon.ldzlicenses file icon.licenseslicx file icon.licxloadtest file icon.loadtestlock file icon.locklref file icon.lrefls3proj file icon.ls3projlsaprototype file icon.lsaprototypelst file icon.lstlsxproj file icon.lsxprojlsxtproj file icon.lsxtprojlvr file icon.lvrlwg file icon.lwgmak file icon.makmake file icon.makemanifest file icon.manifestmap file icon.mapmdp file icon.mdpmdp file icon.mdpmfcribbon-ms file icon.mfcribbon-msmk file icon.mkmodelproj file icon.modelprojmsdev file icon.msdevmsixupload file icon.msixuploadmsm file icon.msmmtx file icon.mtxmyapp file icon.myappnatvis file icon.natvisnb0 file icon.nb0ncb file icon.ncbnmk file icon.nmknupkg file icon.nupkgobj file icon.objodh file icon.odhodl file icon.odlogx file icon.ogxoln file icon.olnopt file icon.optorderedtest file icon.orderedtestp7x file icon.p7xpackage file icon.packagepag file icon.pagpbo file icon.pbopcd file icon.pcdpch file icon.pchpckgdep file icon.pckgdeppdb file icon.pdbpgx file icon.pgxphpproj file icon.phpprojpixrun file icon.pixrunpkg file icon.pkgpkgdef file icon.pkgdefpkgundef file icon.pkgundefpkp file icon.pkpplg file icon.plgprojdata file icon.projdataprops file icon.propspsess file icon.psesspshader file icon.pshaderpsm1 file icon.psm1ptl file icon.ptlpublishproj file icon.publishprojpubxml file icon.pubxmlpyproj file icon.pyprojqlb file icon.qlbrc2 file icon.rc2rcc file icon.rccrct file icon.rctrdlc file icon.rdlcrefresh file icon.refreshres file icon.resresjson file icon.resjsonresourceconfig file icon.resourceconfigresources file icon.resourcesresw file icon.reswresx file icon.resxrhistory file icon.rhistoryrole file icon.rolerptproj file icon.rptprojrsp file icon.rspruleset file icon.rulesetsbr file icon.sbrscn file icon.scnsct file icon.sctscvinfo file icon.scvinfoscx file icon.scxsdl file icon.sdlsdmdocument file icon.sdmdocumentsdv file icon.sdvseexpl file icon.seexplsequencediagram file icon.sequencediagramsettings file icon.settingsshproj file icon.shprojsitemap file icon.sitemapskin file icon.skinsln file icon.slnsma file icon.smasmdlproj file icon.smdlprojsnippet file icon.snippetsnk file icon.snkspdata file icon.spdatasqlproj file icon.sqlprojsrf file icon.srfssc file icon.sscssisdeploymentmanifest file icon.ssisdeploymentmanifeststvproj file icon.stvprojsuo file icon.suosvc file icon.svcsvcinfo file icon.svcinfosvclog file icon.svclogsvcmap file icon.svcmapswt file icon.swtsync file icon.synctab file icon.tabtbd file icon.tbdtdlog file icon.tdlogtestrunconfig file icon.testrunconfigtestsettings file icon.testsettingstlb file icon.tlbtlh file icon.tlhtli file icon.tlitlic file icon.tlictmf file icon.tmftrx file icon.trxtt file icon.ttttinclude file icon.ttincludeudf file icon.udfuitest file icon.uitestusecasediagram file icon.usecasediagramuser file icon.uservaf file icon.vafvam file icon.vamvap file icon.vapvb file icon.vbvba file icon.vbavbd file icon.vbdvbe file icon.vbevbg file icon.vbgvbhtml file icon.vbhtmlvbp file icon.vbpvbproj file icon.vbprojvbscript file icon.vbscriptvbw file icon.vbwvc15 file icon.vc15vcp file icon.vcpvcproj file icon.vcprojvcprops file icon.vcpropsvcwin32 file icon.vcwin32vcxitems file icon.vcxitemsvcxproj file icon.vcxprojvddproj file icon.vddprojvdp file icon.vdpvdproj file icon.vdprojvfproj file icon.vfprojvip file icon.vipvjp file icon.vjpvmx file icon.vmxvscontent file icon.vscontentvsct file icon.vsctvsdir file icon.vsdirvsdisco file icon.vsdiscovsglog file icon.vsglogvshader file icon.vshadervsixlangpack file icon.vsixlangpackvsixmanifest file icon.vsixmanifestvsmacros file icon.vsmacrosvsmdi file icon.vsmdivsmproj file icon.vsmprojvsp file icon.vspvspf file icon.vspfvspolicy file icon.vspolicyvspolicycache file icon.vspolicycachevspolicydef file icon.vspolicydefvsprops file icon.vspropsvsps file icon.vspsvspscc file icon.vspsccvspx file icon.vspxvsscc file icon.vssccvssettings file icon.vssettingsvssscc file icon.vsssccvstdir file icon.vstdirvstemplate file icon.vstemplatevsto file icon.vstovsz file icon.vszvup file icon.vupwdm file icon.wdmwdproj file icon.wdprojwebinfo file icon.webinfowebtest file icon.webtestwebtestresult file icon.webtestresultwin32manifest file icon.win32manifestwinmd file icon.winmdwiq file icon.wiqws file icon.wswsdl file icon.wsdlwsmdi file icon.wsmdiwsp file icon.wspwssx file icon.wssxxamlx file icon.xamlxxbap file icon.xbapxbf file icon.xbfxmta file icon.xmtaxoml file icon.xomlxproj file icon.xprojxql file icon.xqlxsc file icon.xscxss file icon.xssxsx file icon.xsxxui file icon.xuixur file icon.xur_sln file icon._sln_sln100 file icon._sln100_sln110 file icon._sln110_sln120 file icon._sln120_sln140 file icon._sln140_sln150 file icon._sln150_sln60 file icon._sln60_sln70 file icon._sln70_sln71 file icon._sln71_sln80 file icon._sln80_sln90 file icon._sln90_vbxsln110 file icon._vbxsln110_vbxsln80 file icon._vbxsln80_vbxsln90 file icon._vbxsln90_vcppxsln100 file icon._vcppxsln100_vcppxsln110 file icon._vcppxsln110_vcppxsln80 file icon._vcppxsln80_vcsxsln100 file icon._vcsxsln100_vcsxsln110 file icon._vcsxsln110_vcsxsln80 file icon._vcsxsln80_vcsxsln90 file icon._vcsxsln90_vcsxsln​80 file icon._vcsxsln​80_vjsxsln80 file icon._vjsxsln80_vpdxsln100 file icon._vpdxsln100_vpdxsln110 file icon._vpdxsln110_vpdxsln120 file icon._vpdxsln120_vstasln80 file icon._vstasln80_vw8xsln110 file icon._vw8xsln110_vwdxsln100 file icon._vwdxsln100_vwdxsln110 file icon._vwdxsln110_vwdxsln120 file icon._vwdxsln120_vwdxsln140 file icon._vwdxsln140_vwdxsln80 file icon._vwdxsln80_vwdxsln90 file icon._vwdxsln90_vwinxsln120 file icon._vwinxsln120_vwinxsln140 file icon._vwinxsln140_wdxsln110 file icon._wdxsln110_wdxsln120 file icon._wdxsln120_wdxsln140 file icon._wdxsln140_wdxsln150 file icon._wdxsln150

Common file extensions used by Microsoft Visual Studio

application file icon.applicationappx file icon.appxappxbundle file icon.appxbundleashx file icon.ashxasm file icon.asmasp file icon.aspaspx file icon.aspxconfig file icon.configcss file icon.cssdll file icon.dlldmp file icon.dmpexe file icon.exehtm file icon.htmhtml file icon.htmlinc file icon.incjava file icon.javalib file icon.libmdb file icon.mdbo file icon.oocx file icon.ocxprj file icon.prjrc file icon.rcsdf file icon.sdfsql file icon.sqltxt file icon.txtvbs file icon.vbsvsix file icon.vsixvxd file icon.vxdxap file icon.xapxsd file icon.xsd

Other file extensions associated with Microsoft Visual Studio

asmx file icon.asmxbrowser file icon.browsercc file icon.cccfk file icon.cfkcls file icon.clscod file icon.coddb2p file icon.db2pdbg file icon.dbgdlg file icon.dlgdox file icon.doxdsn file icon.dsndvb file icon.dvbf file icon.ff90 file icon.f90feedsdb-ms file icon.feedsdb-msgit file icon.githpp file icon.hpphxh file icon.hxhh__ file icon.h__il file icon.ilipp file icon.ipplic file icon.liclrf file icon.lrfmaster file icon.mastermdmp file icon.mdmpmdp file icon.mdpmli file icon.mlinuspec file icon.nuspecolb file icon.olbpdb file icon.pdbpdm file icon.pdmppa file icon.ppappam file icon.ppamrpc file icon.rpcrpt file icon.rptscr file icon.scrshtml file icon.shtmlsvn-base file icon.svn-basetargets file icon.targetsvbdproj file icon.vbdprojvbx file icon.vbxvcw file icon.vcwwidget file icon.widgetxla file icon.xlaxlm file icon.xlmxlv file icon.xlv

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