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Found 102 file extension associations related to PeaZip and 12 file formats developed specifically for use with PeaZip.

Platform, operating system:  Microsoft Windows icon Microsoft Windows

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Developer: Giorgio Tani

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PeaZip picture


Developer / company: Giorgio Tani

Open source file and archive manager

Flexibe, portable, secure, and free as in freedom.


Extract 118 archive types: ACE, ARJ, CAB, DMG, ISO, LHA, RAR, UDF and many more...

It offers many options to compress files:

  • the type of file
  • size limits
  • compression options
  • encryption

File tools:

  • Split files
  • Join Files
  • Compare files
  • Checksum/hash file(s)
  • Hex preview and secure file deletion

Other features included:

  • compare files
  • secure file deletion
  • system benchmark
  • bookmark files or paths
  • save and load layouts

It allows importing the job’s definition from the GUI front end. Its GUI is easy and friendly to use. Its installation process is very easy to perform and no additional libraries or programs are needed it. There is no documentation included on the software but is available in its website to download it and is a complete guide.

PeaZip icon

PeaZip icon png 128px
PeaZip icon
size: 128px x 128px (.png with transparency)

PeaZip picturePeaZip works with the following file extensions:

Note: You can click on any file extension link from the list below, to view its detailed information. The list of extensions used or otherwise associated with the application may not be complete, because many common file extensions on our website, such as jpg (pictures) or txt (text files), can be opened by a large number of applications, or are too general file format. However most, if not all directly associated file extensions should be listed with its appropriate program. Although its likely, that some file extensions may be missing from the list of associated file extensions with the application, yet they can be opened, be part of, or otherwise be associated with the program.

PeaZip default file extension associations

balz file icon.balzlpaq1 file icon.lpaq1lpaq5 file icon.lpaq5lpaq8 file icon.lpaq8paq6 file icon.paq6paq7 file icon.paq7paq8 file icon.paq8paq8f file icon.paq8fpaq8o file icon.paq8opart1 file icon.part1pea file icon.peasfx file icon.sfx

Common file extensions used by PeaZip

001 file icon.001002 file icon.002003 file icon.003004 file icon.004005 file icon.005006 file icon.006007 file icon.007008 file icon.008009 file icon.009010 file icon.0107z file icon.7zarc file icon.arccab file icon.cabdeb file icon.debdmg file icon.dmggz file icon.gzgzip file icon.gzipiso file icon.isolit file icon.litpak file icon.pakpart1.rar file icon.part1.rarpart2.rar file icon.part2.rarr00 file icon.r00r01 file icon.r01r02 file icon.r02r03 file icon.r03r04 file icon.r04r05 file icon.r05r06 file icon.r06r07 file icon.r07r08 file icon.r08r09 file icon.r09r10 file icon.r10rar file icon.rarrpm file icon.rpmtar file icon.tartgz file icon.tgzxpi file icon.xpiz01 file icon.z01zip file icon.zipzipx file icon.zipx

Other file extensions associated with PeaZip

7-zip file icon.7-zip7z.017 file icon.7z.017bz file icon.bzbz2 file icon.bz2bzip2 file icon.bzip2cb7 file icon.cb7cbt file icon.cbtcpio file icon.cpioear file icon.earhfs file icon.hfslha file icon.lhalzh file icon.lzhlzma file icon.lzmalzma86 file icon.lzma86mslz file icon.mslzpaq8jd file icon.paq8jdpaq8l file icon.paq8lpart4.rar file icon.part4.rarpup file icon.pupr0 file icon.r0r11 file icon.r11r19 file icon.r19r20 file icon.r20r30 file icon.r30r32 file icon.r32r33 file icon.r33r34 file icon.r34r41 file icon.r41r47 file icon.r47sfs file icon.sfssmzip file icon.smzipsplit file icon.splitswm file icon.swmtar-gz file icon.tar-gztaz file icon.taztbz file icon.tbztbz2 file icon.tbz2tpz file icon.tpztxz file icon.txztz file icon.tzu3p file icon.u3pudf file icon.udfwar file icon.warwim file icon.wimwrc file icon.wrcxar file icon.xarxz file icon.xzz07 file icon.z07zpaq file icon.zpaq

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