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VLC media player for Android

Found 135 file extension associations related to VLC media player for Android and 3 file formats developed specifically for use with VLC media player for Android.

Platform, device:  Google Android icon Google Android

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Developer: VideoLAN Project Team

VideoLAN software list & details

VLC media player for Android picture

VideoLAN Project Team logoVLC media player for Android

Developer / company: VideoLAN

VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player that plays most multimedia files as well as discs, devices, and network streaming protocols.

  • Plays all files, in all formats, like the classic VLC.
  • Audio and video media library, with full search.
  • Support for network streams, including HLS.
  • Supports Android from version 2.1 (platform-7).
  • Supports ARMv6, ARMv7 and ARMv7+NEON.
  • Subtitles support, embedded and external, including ASS and DVD subtitles.
  • Multi audio or subtitles tracks selection.
  • Multi-core decoding, for Cortex-A7 A9 and A15 chips.
  • Experimental hardware decoding.
  • Gestures, headphones control.

VLC media player for Android icon

VLC media player for Android icon png 128px
VLC media player for Android icon
size: 128px x 128px (.png with transparency)

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VLC media player for Android pictureVLC media player for Android works with the following file extensions:

Note: You can click on any file extension link from the list below, to view its detailed information. The list of extensions used or otherwise associated with the application may not be complete, because many common file extensions on our website, such as jpg (pictures) or txt (text files), can be opened by a large number of applications, or are too general file format. However most, if not all directly associated file extensions should be listed with its appropriate program. Although its likely, that some file extensions may be missing from the list of associated file extensions with the application, yet they can be opened, be part of, or otherwise be associated with the program.

VLC media player for Android default file extension associations

The most common file formats used with the specific file extensions

mkv file icon.mkv file extension is used for Matroska multimedia container video file

mov file icon.mov file extension is used for Apple QuickTime digital video

Other file extensions or file formats developed for use with VLC media player for Android

cache-2 file icon.cache-2

Common file extensions used by VLC media player for Android

3g2 file icon.3g23ga file icon.3ga3gp file icon.3gpaac file icon.aacaiff file icon.aiffamr file icon.amrape file icon.apeasf file icon.asfasx file icon.asxavi file icon.avicda file icon.cdacue file icon.cueflac file icon.flacflv file icon.flvifo file icon.ifom2t file icon.m2tm2ts file icon.m2tsm3u file icon.m3um3u8 file icon.m3u8m4a file icon.m4am4b file icon.m4bm4p file icon.m4pm4v file icon.m4vmkv file icon.mkvmod file icon.modmov file icon.movmp3 file icon.mp3mp4 file icon.mp4mpeg file icon.mpegmts file icon.mtsogg file icon.oggogv file icon.ogvpls file icon.plsrec file icon.recrmvb file icon.rmvbsrt file icon.srtsub file icon.subtod file icon.todts file icon.tsvob file icon.vobwav file icon.wavwebm file icon.webmwma file icon.wmawmv file icon.wmv

Other file extensions associated with VLC media player for Android

3gp2 file icon.3gp23gpp file icon.3gpp3p2 file icon.3p2a52 file icon.a52ac3 file icon.ac3adt file icon.adtadt file icon.adtadts file icon.adtsaif file icon.aifaifc file icon.aifcamv file icon.amvanx file icon.anxaob file icon.aobaqt file icon.aqtass file icon.assau file icon.auavc file icon.avcaxa file icon.axaaxv file icon.axvb4s file icon.b4sbdmv file icon.bdmvcdg file icon.cdgdivx file icon.divxdts file icon.dtsdv file icon.dvfla file icon.flaflh file icon.flhflvat file icon.flvatgvp file icon.gvpidx file icon.idxit file icon.itjss file icon.jssm1v file icon.m1vm2p file icon.m2pmbv file icon.mbvmid file icon.midmka file icon.mkamks file icon.mksmlp file icon.mlpmod file icon.modmoi file icon.moimoov file icon.moovmp1 file icon.mp1mp2 file icon.mp2mp2v file icon.mp2vmp4a file icon.mp4amp4v file icon.mp4vmpa file icon.mpampc file icon.mpcmpe file icon.mpempeg1 file icon.mpeg1mpeg2 file icon.mpeg2mpeg4 file icon.mpeg4mpsub file icon.mpsubmpv file icon.mpvmpv2 file icon.mpv2mxf file icon.mxfnsv file icon.nsvnuv file icon.nuvoga file icon.ogaogm file icon.ogmogx file icon.ogxoma file icon.omapjs file icon.pjsram file icon.ramrm file icon.rmrmi file icon.rmirt file icon.rts3m file icon.s3msdp file icon.sdpspx file icon.spxsvi file icon.svitak file icon.takthd file icon.thdtrp file icon.trptta file icon.ttatts file icon.ttsusf file icon.usfvlc file icon.vlcvoc file icon.vocvp6 file icon.vp6vqf file icon.vqfvro file icon.vrovse file icon.vsew64 file icon.w64wv file icon.wvxa file icon.xaxm file icon.xmxspf file icon.xspfxwm file icon.xwm

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