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Sublime Text

Found 722 file extension associations related to Sublime Text and 176 file formats developed specifically for use with Sublime Text.

Platform, operating system:  Microsoft Windows icon Microsoft Windows

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Developer: Sublime HQ Pty Ltd

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Sublime Text picture

Sublime Text

Developer / company: Sublime HQ

Sublime Text is an advanced text editor used to write source codes in various programming languages. You'll love the slick user interface, extraordinary features and amazing performance. The program is available for all main platforms.

Goto Anything function

This allows you to instantly jump between keywords and symbols to speed up your work with the file

Command palette

A special bar for infrequently used functions, so you do not have to remember millions of keybind combinations

Split Editing

Great for multi-display systems. Allows you to edit two files side by side.

Multiple selection

With this you can peform changes all at once, instead clicking the same thing ten times in row.

Absolute customization options

You are able to customize almost everything in the program.

And a lot more!

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Sublime Text icon
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Sublime Text pictureSublime Text works with the following file extensions:

Note: You can click on any file extension link from the list below, to view its detailed information. The list of extensions used or otherwise associated with the application may not be complete, because many common file extensions on our website, such as jpg (pictures) or txt (text files), can be opened by a large number of applications, or are too general file format. However most, if not all directly associated file extensions should be listed with its appropriate program. Although its likely, that some file extensions may be missing from the list of associated file extensions with the application, yet they can be opened, be part of, or otherwise be associated with the program.

Sublime Text default file extension associations

The most common file formats used with the specific file extensions

cfg file icon.cfg file extension is used for Configuration files

html file icon.html file extension is used for HyperText Markup Language web page

js file icon.js file extension is used for JavaScript source code script

lng file icon.lng file extension is used for Language definition file

log file icon.log file extension is used for Log

rep file icon.rep file extension is used for Report file

src file icon.src file extension is used for Generally source code

text file icon.text file extension is used for Simple text file

tpl file icon.tpl file extension is used for Template file

txt file icon.txt file extension is used for Simple plain text

xml file icon.xml file extension is used for XML document

Other file extensions or file formats developed for use with Sublime Text

aah file icon.aahappcache file icon.appcachearnoldc file icon.arnoldcarxml file icon.arxmlascii file icon.asciibal file icon.balbeta file icon.betabibtex file icon.bibtexbs2 file icon.bs2cascii file icon.casciiccxml file icon.ccxmlchtml file icon.chtmlcls file icon.clsclsid file icon.clsidcon file icon.concplist file icon.cplistcpy file icon.cpycsml file icon.csmlcsvx file icon.csvxcxl file icon.cxldaily file icon.dailydectest file icon.dectestdesc file icon.descdi file icon.didiff file icon.diffdsd file icon.dsddtml file icon.dtmleia file icon.eiaemakefile file icon.emakefileemakerfile file icon.emakerfileerl file icon.erlerr file icon.erres file icon.esetx file icon.etxeze file icon.ezefastq file icon.fastqflat file icon.flatforth file icon.forthfq file icon.fqgcode file icon.gcodegnu file icon.gnugo file icon.gogp file icon.gpgroovy file icon.groovygrxml file icon.grxmlgvy file icon.gvyh++ file icon.h++haml file icon.hamlhdm file icon.hdmhdml file icon.hdmlhgm file icon.hgmhla file icon.hlahrl file icon.hrlhtml5 file icon.html5ihex file icon.ihexinc file icon.incitmx file icon.itmxja file icon.jajeb file icon.jebji file icon.jijis file icon.jisjsc file icon.jscjscript file icon.jscriptjudo file icon.judokd file icon.kdlef file icon.leflit file icon.litloc file icon.loclol file icon.lolltr file icon.ltrlua file icon.luamako file icon.makomed file icon.medmhl file icon.mhlml file icon.mlml file icon.mlmli file icon.mlimly file icon.mlymnft file icon.mnftmrk file icon.mrkmrl file icon.mrlmsdl file icon.msdlmss file icon.mssnor file icon.nornsconfig file icon.nsconfigoer file icon.oeroplm file icon.oplmosn file icon.osnpdml file icon.pdmlperl file icon.perlpfa file icon.pfapgw file icon.pgwq&a file icon.q&ar file icon.rrb file icon.rbrd file icon.rdre file icon.rerest file icon.restrkt file icon.rktror file icon.rorrpp file icon.rpprprofile file icon.rprofilersp file icon.rsprst file icon.rstrtml file icon.rtmlrtx file icon.rtxrus file icon.rusrzb file icon.rzbs file icon.ss19 file icon.s19sami file icon.samisass file icon.sasssbml file icon.sbmlscala file icon.scalasconscript file icon.sconscriptsconstruct file icon.sconstructscss file icon.scsssdxf file icon.sdxfserverdef file icon.serverdefshit file icon.shitsit file icon.sitsl file icon.slsmd file icon.smdsml file icon.smlsno file icon.snospef file icon.spefssml file icon.ssmlstatus file icon.statussublime-build file icon.sublime-buildsublime-completions file icon.sublime-completionssublime-menu file icon.sublime-menusublime-mousemap file icon.sublime-mousemapsublime-package file icon.sublime-packagesublime-project file icon.sublime-projectsublime-session file icon.sublime-sessionsublime-settings file icon.sublime-settingssublime-snippet file icon.sublime-snippetsublime-syntax file icon.sublime-syntaxsublime-theme file icon.sublime-themesublime-workspace file icon.sublime-workspacesyp file icon.syptcl file icon.tcltea file icon.teatgml file icon.tgmltilemap file icon.tilemaptmpreferences file icon.tmpreferencestoml file icon.tomltrig file icon.trigtwig file icon.twigtxl file icon.txltxml file icon.txmlumf file icon.umfusi file icon.usivtt file icon.vttvzm file icon.vzmweekly file icon.weeklyxaa file icon.xaaxblr file icon.xblrxbrl file icon.xbrlxlog file icon.xlogxml-log file icon.xml-logxmla file icon.xmlaxpdl file icon.xpdlyaws file icon.yawsyxx file icon.yxx

Common file extensions used by Sublime Text

1st file icon.1stasm file icon.asmasp file icon.aspbat file icon.batcfg file icon.cfgcnf file icon.cnfcss file icon.csshtm file icon.htmhtml file icon.htmlinc file icon.incinf file icon.infini file icon.inijad file icon.jadjava file icon.javajs file icon.jsjson file icon.jsonjsp file icon.jsplng file icon.lnglog file icon.loglst file icon.lstmd file icon.mdnfo file icon.nfophp file icon.phprc file icon.rcreg file icon.regrep file icon.reprss file icon.rsssql file icon.sqlsrc file icon.srcsrt file icon.srtsvg file icon.svgtext file icon.texttpl file icon.tpltxt file icon.txtusr file icon.usrxhtml file icon.xhtmlxml file icon.xmlxsd file icon.xsdxsl file icon.xslxslt file icon.xslt

Other file extensions associated with Sublime Text

!!! file icon.!!!1 file icon.1abs file icon.absactionscriptproperties file icon.actionscriptpropertiesad2 file icon.ad2ada file icon.adaadp file icon.adpahtml file icon.ahtmlaiml file icon.aimlames file icon.amesaml file icon.amlandroid file icon.androidannot file icon.annotans file icon.ansansi file icon.ansiapplescript file icon.applescriptapt file icon.aptarmx file icon.armxas file icon.asasa file icon.asaasc file icon.ascasp file icon.aspatomsvc file icon.atomsvcatt file icon.attau3 file icon.au3awl file icon.awlaxd file icon.axdaxs file icon.axsba1 file icon.ba1bas file icon.basbash file icon.bashbashrc file icon.bashrcbash_login file icon.bash_loginbash_logout file icon.bash_logoutbash_profile file icon.bash_profilebbs file icon.bbsbcp file icon.bcpbdt file icon.bdtbet file icon.betbib file icon.bibbif file icon.bifblif file icon.blifblm file icon.blmbml file icon.bmlbns file icon.bnsbnx file icon.bnxbsd file icon.bsdbsh file icon.bshbss file icon.bssbuild file icon.buildbuilder file icon.builderbur file icon.burbxml file icon.bxmlc file icon.cc file icon.cc# file icon.c#c++ file icon.c++capfile file icon.capfilecas file icon.cascc file icon.ccceid file icon.ceidcetrainer file icon.cetrainercfc file icon.cfccfm file icon.cfmcgi file icon.cgicgi file icon.cgicgx file icon.cgxchord file icon.chordcl file icon.clclj file icon.cljclojure file icon.clojurecls file icon.clscm0013 file icon.cm0013cmake file icon.cmakecmd file icon.cmdcnn file icon.cnncob file icon.cobcommand file icon.commandconf file icon.confcoo file icon.coocookiedb file icon.cookiedbcp file icon.cpcphd file icon.cphdcpp file icon.cppcrd file icon.crdcs file icon.cscshtml file icon.cshtmlcson file icon.csoncsproj file icon.csprojcss1 file icon.css1csx file icon.csxctl file icon.ctlctp file icon.ctpcxe file icon.cxecxml file icon.cxmlcxx file icon.cxxcz file icon.czcze file icon.czed file icon.ddarkest file icon.darkestdb-journal file icon.db-journaldbk file icon.dbkdbml file icon.dbmldbo file icon.dbodbp file icon.dbpdbproj file icon.dbprojdcd file icon.dcdddl file icon.ddlde file icon.dedea file icon.deadf file icon.dfdfm file icon.dfmdfxp file icon.dfxpdimg file icon.dimgdiz file icon.dizdjconf file icon.djconfdjconfig file icon.djconfigdjscript file icon.djscriptdkz file icon.dkzdml file icon.dmldml file icon.dmldnx file icon.dnxdob file icon.dobdok file icon.dokdot file icon.dotdp file icon.dpdropbox file icon.dropboxdrp file icon.drpdsc file icon.dscdsml file icon.dsmldtd file icon.dtddts file icon.dtsdwav file icon.dwaveaf file icon.eafecsv file icon.ecsvedi file icon.ediegg-info file icon.egg-infoel file icon.elemlx file icon.emlxen file icon.enent file icon.entephtml file icon.ephtmleqf file icon.eqferb file icon.erberbsql file icon.erbsqles file icon.eses6 file icon.es6exc file icon.excexc file icon.excext file icon.extextra file icon.extraf file icon.ff4m file icon.f4mfaq file icon.faqfcg file icon.fcgfcgi file icon.fcgifdoc file icon.fdocffp file icon.ffpfgl file icon.fglfil file icon.filfirst file icon.firstflr file icon.flrfountain file icon.fountainfr file icon.frfrag file icon.fragfs file icon.fsfsa file icon.fsafsi file icon.fsifsproj file icon.fsprojfsx file icon.fsxftn file icon.ftngemfile file icon.gemfilegemspec file icon.gemspecger file icon.gergift file icon.giftgmanifest file icon.gmanifestgne file icon.gnegnumakefile file icon.gnumakefilegpd file icon.gpdgql file icon.gqlgraphql file icon.graphqlgsc file icon.gscgshader file icon.gshadergws file icon.gwsgyp file icon.gypgypi file icon.gypih file icon.hhar file icon.harhc file icon.hchelpcfg file icon.helpcfghex file icon.hexhh file icon.hhhpp file icon.hpphs file icon.hshs file icon.hshshader file icon.hshaderht file icon.htht4 file icon.ht4htc file icon.htchtmls file icon.htmlshtm~ file icon.htm~hxp file icon.hxphxx file icon.hxxide file icon.ideidt file icon.idtifo file icon.ifoift file icon.iftigy file icon.igyiif file icon.iifinf file icon.infini2 file icon.ini2inl file icon.inlinuse file icon.inuseion file icon.ionipp file icon.ippiqy file icon.iqyirb file icon.irbirbrc file icon.irbrcirev file icon.irevisx file icon.isxita file icon.itaj file icon.jjacl file icon.jacljav file icon.javjbeam file icon.jbeamjgs file icon.jgsjgw file icon.jgwjnl file icon.jnljnlp file icon.jnlpjpgw file icon.jpgwjsm file icon.jsmjsonp file icon.jsonpjspa file icon.jspajspx file icon.jspxjsx file icon.jsxjtx file icon.jtxju file icon.jukcl file icon.kclkg file icon.kgkix file icon.kixkl3 file icon.kl3kor file icon.korlap file icon.laplas file icon.laslcx file icon.lcxlge file icon.lgelgm file icon.lgmlhs file icon.lhslibrary-ms file icon.library-mslinux file icon.linuxlis file icon.lislisp file icon.lisplitcoffee file icon.litcoffeelnc file icon.lncloaded_0 file icon.loaded_0loaded_1 file icon.loaded_1loaded_2 file icon.loaded_2loaded_3 file icon.loaded_3lob file icon.loblocation file icon.locationlols file icon.lolslsp file icon.lspltt file icon.lttlvm file icon.lvmm file icon.mm2r file icon.m2rma file icon.mamaf file icon.mafmakefile file icon.makefilemanifest file icon.manifestmar file icon.marmarkdn file icon.markdnmarkdown file icon.markdownmatlab file icon.matlabmaxfr file icon.maxfrmcl file icon.mclmcml file icon.mcmlmdle file icon.mdlemdown file icon.mdownmdtext file icon.mdtextmdwn file icon.mdwnmeta4 file icon.meta4metriclog file icon.metriclogmib file icon.mibmit file icon.mitmkp file icon.mkpmli file icon.mlimm file icon.mmmml file icon.mmlmml file icon.mmlmmt file icon.mmtmod file icon.modmodinfo file icon.modinfomof file icon.mofmpb file icon.mpbmpl file icon.mplmsc file icon.mscmsha file icon.mshamst file icon.mstn3 file icon.n3new file icon.newnhn file icon.nhnnhp file icon.nhpnmea file icon.nmeanna file icon.nnanow file icon.nownt file icon.ntnut file icon.nutnvi file icon.nviocamlmakefile file icon.ocamlmakefileocr file icon.ocroeaccount file icon.oeaccountomn file icon.omnooa file icon.ooaoogl file icon.ooglorl file icon.orlosc file icon.oscout file icon.outp5 file icon.p5p6 file icon.p6pas file icon.paspatch file icon.patchpawn file icon.pawnpcc file icon.pccpcf file icon.pcfpdu file icon.pdupfx file icon.pfxphl file icon.phlphp1 file icon.php1phtml file icon.phtmlpks file icon.pkspl file icon.plpl5 file icon.pl5pl6 file icon.pl6pls file icon.plsplx file icon.plxpm file icon.pmpm5 file icon.pm5pm6 file icon.pm6pml file icon.pmlpnach file icon.pnachpo file icon.popod file icon.podpoix file icon.poixppml file icon.ppmlprl file icon.prlprm file icon.prmprofile file icon.profilepropdesc file icon.propdescproperties file icon.propertiesproxy file icon.proxyps1 file icon.ps1psc file icon.pscpsd1 file icon.psd1psml file icon.psmlpt file icon.ptptxml file icon.ptxmlpxml file icon.pxmlpy file icon.pypy3 file icon.py3pym file icon.pympyt file icon.pytpyw file icon.pywrake file icon.rakerakefile file icon.rakefilerb file icon.rbrbw file icon.rbwrbx file icon.rbxrdat file icon.rdatrdf file icon.rdfrdp file icon.rdpreadme file icon.readmerej file icon.rejrels file icon.relsreport file icon.reportresmoncfg file icon.resmoncfgresp file icon.respresx file icon.resxrff file icon.rffrhtml file icon.rhtmlrjs file icon.rjsrml file icon.rmlrpt file icon.rptrpy file icon.rpyrs file icon.rsrsp file icon.rsprt file icon.rtrtc file icon.rtcrtl file icon.rtlru file icon.rurxml file icon.rxmlrzn file icon.rzns1p file icon.s1ps2p file icon.s2ps3p file icon.s3ps4p file icon.s4psaas file icon.saassbv file icon.sbvscf file icon.scfscm file icon.scmscr file icon.scrscript file icon.scriptscript editor file icon.script editorsct file icon.sctsdnf file icon.sdnfset file icon.setset file icon.setset file icon.setsfb file icon.sfbsh file icon.shsha1 file icon.sha1sha256 file icon.sha256sha512 file icon.sha512sht file icon.shtshtml file icon.shtmlsk file icon.sksl file icon.slsls file icon.slssmali file icon.smalismil file icon.smilsmw file icon.smwsoap file icon.soapsol file icon.solsp file icon.spspa file icon.spaspec file icon.specspn file icon.spnsrx file icon.srxss file icon.ssss file icon.ssssa file icon.ssastm file icon.stmstr file icon.strstruct file icon.structsty file icon.stysublime-keymap file icon.sublime-keymapt file icon.tt3d file icon.t3dtab file icon.tabtbx file icon.tbxtcm file icon.tcmtdump file icon.tdumpted file icon.tedtex file icon.textextile file icon.textiletextmate_init file icon.textmate_initthor file icon.thorthtml file icon.thtmltld file icon.tldtml file icon.tmltmlanguage file icon.tmlanguagetmpl file icon.tmpltnk file icon.tnktom file icon.tomtpl file icon.tpltrc file icon.trctrx file icon.trxts0 file icon.ts0tt file icon.tttx8 file icon.tx8txt12 file icon.txt12uccapilog file icon.uccapilogudcx file icon.udcxudl file icon.udluhtml file icon.uhtmluix file icon.uixuk file icon.ukuni file icon.uniunx file icon.unxurl file icon.urlus file icon.ususa file icon.usautf8 file icon.utf8uvr file icon.uvrvb file icon.vbver file icon.ververs file icon.versvih file icon.vihvml file icon.vmlvpl file icon.vplvstdir file icon.vstdirvxml file icon.vxmlwbf file icon.wbfwcf file icon.wcfwebsettings file icon.websettingswer file icon.werwli file icon.wliwml file icon.wmlwmlc file icon.wmlcwmls file icon.wmlswrts file icon.wrtsws file icon.wswsdd file icon.wsddwsf file icon.wsfwsh file icon.wshwtf file icon.wtfwtl file icon.wtlwtx file icon.wtxxamlx file icon.xamlxxbs file icon.xbsxcconfig file icon.xcconfigxfdl file icon.xfdlxig file icon.xigxlf file icon.xlfxpd file icon.xpdxsql file icon.xsqlxul file icon.xulxv2 file icon.xv2yaml file icon.yamlybhtm file icon.ybhtmyct file icon.yctyml file icon.ymlywl file icon.ywlzap file icon.zapzsh file icon.zshzul file icon.zul_me file icon._me

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