Apple macOS / Mac OS X

macOS, previously known as OS X or Mac OS X, is the flagship operating system for Apple's Mac computers.

Praised for it's high visual quality and user-friendliness, "Macs" established itself as a an alternative operating system to Microsoft Windows.

Sold exclusively on Apple computers, macOS has a fairly large user base, especially in the United States.
Most applications for Macs are used by home and office users, students and creatives. However, more and more specilized engineering and scientific software are also available for macOS.

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MacDraw (5)   -   Apple, Inc.
An old vector based drawing app
MacFamilyTreeMacFamilyTree icon (2)   -   Synium Software
Genealogy software for Apple Mac
MacFLAC (2)
A graphical frontend for FLAC
MacFUSE (1)   -   Google Inc.
Older file system handling utility
MacGourmet DeluxeMacGourmet Deluxe icon (7)   -   Mariner Software, Inc.
A cooking recipe library program
MacGPS Pro (2)   -   James Associates Inc.
A navigation software for Mac
MacJournal (2)   -   Mariner Software, Inc.
A noting software for Mac
MacMolPlt (2)
A 3-D molecular structure plotting software
macOSmacOS icon (198)   -   Apple, Inc.
A Unix-based desktop operating system for Apple Mac computers
MacOSaiX (5)   -   Frank M. Midgley
A mosaic image maker for Mac
MacPaint (7)   -   Apple, Inc.
A bitmap-based graphics painting for old Mac
MacStitch (1)   -   Ursa Software
Cross stitch graphs design software
MacTheRipper (2)   -   MacUpdate LLC
A DVD ripping utility for Mac
MacWrite (9)   -   Apple, Inc.
An old WYSIWYG text editor for Mac
Mail To PST ConverterMail To PST Converter icon (4)   -   Gladwev Software
Tool for converting Apple Mail messages to Outlook PST format
Manga StudioManga Studio icon (3)   -   Smith Micro Software, Inc.
A program for creating of digital comics - mangas
Mariner Calc (1)   -   Mariner Software, Inc.
A spreadsheet program for Mac
Mariner WriteMariner Write icon (13)   -   Mariner Software, Inc.
A word processing program for Mac
Marmalade SDK for Mac (3)   -   Ideaworks3D Limited
An IDE for making apps
Master Grade (1)   -   Maxium Developments
A discontinued cross-platform teacher gradebook software
Max for MacMax for Mac icon (5)   -   Stephen F. Booth
A free audio converter and audio CD grabber for OS X
McDwiff for MacMcDwiff for Mac icon (8)   -   Austin Silver Software
A viewer of the Autodesk DWF and DWFX files
MCServer (1)
Minecraft server app
Mellel (2)   -   RedleX
An advanced word processing program for Mac
Merge for Mac (8)   -   Araxis Ltd.
A file comparison software
Merlin ProjectMerlin Project icon (1)   -   Nova Mind Software Pty Ltd.
A project management tool
Microsoft EntourageMicrosoft Entourage icon (13)   -   Microsoft Corporation
An e-mail client and personal information manager for Mac OS X from Office 2011
Microsoft Excel for MacMicrosoft Excel for Mac icon (65)   -   Microsoft Corporation
A popular spreadsheet application from the Microsoft Office suite
Microsoft Office for MacMicrosoft Office for Mac icon (200)   -   Microsoft Corporation
The latest release of Microsoft's productivity suite for Mac
Microsoft OneNote for MacMicrosoft OneNote for Mac icon (6)   -   Microsoft Corporation
Digital notebook app for Mac OS X
Microsoft Outlook for MacMicrosoft Outlook for Mac icon (54)   -   Microsoft Corporation
Mac version of the popular e-mail client and personal information manager from Microsoft
Microsoft PowerPoint for MacMicrosoft PowerPoint for Mac icon (34)   -   Microsoft Corporation
Mac version of popular presentation software from Microsoft
Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for MacMicrosoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac icon (1)   -   Microsoft Corporation
Program for remote control of Windows desktops from Apple computers
Microsoft Virtual PC for MacMicrosoft Virtual PC for Mac icon (3)   -   Microsoft Corporation
A virtualization software for Mac
Microsoft Word for MacMicrosoft Word for Mac icon (45)   -   Microsoft Corporation
A Mac version of the popular word processing application
Microspot DWG ViewerMicrospot DWG Viewer icon (3)   -   Microspot Ltd.
DWG and DXF viewer for Mac
MiddlemanMiddleman icon (22)   -   Thomas Reynolds
A static site generator software
MidiCo (5)   -   Gianrocco Giaquinta
Karaoke player for Mac OS X
MindManager for MacMindManager for Mac icon (16)   -   Mindjet
A brainstorm mapping software
MindMaple for MacMindMaple for Mac icon (14)   -   MindMaple
An app for project managing, concept mapping, brainstorming, etc.
MindNode for MacMindNode for Mac icon (4)   -   IdeasOnCanvas
A mindmapping and brainstorming program
Miro Video Converter for MacMiro Video Converter for Mac icon (11)   -   Participatory Culture Foundation
Easy to use video converter for Mac
Miyu Subtitler (2)   -   Fluffalope Factory LLC
Older subtitling program for Mac
MKVtoolnix for Mac (9)   -   Moritz Bunkus
A Mac version of the video editing suite for Matroska
MOBI to ePub ConverterMOBI to ePub Converter icon (2)   -   QIXINGSHI TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD
Converter used to convert MOBI e-books to ePub e-book file format
Mobile Media Converter for Mac (10)   -   MIKSOFT
A free multimedia converter in version for Mac
ModelBaker (3)   -   Widget Press, Inc.
An intranet building software
Modul8 (1)   -   GarageCUBE
A video mixing and composing software
MoneyDanceMoneyDance icon (4)   -   The Infinite Kind
A program used to manage your finances
MoneyWellMoneyWell icon (5)   -   No Thirst Software LLC.
A personal finance organization and analysis tools
Mono for Mac (1)   -   mono
An IDE for creating applications for .NET framework
MonoDevelopMonoDevelop icon (2)   -   MonoDevelop
IDE for C# programming language
Montage (1)   -   Mariner Software, Inc.
A screenwriting software
Movavi Audio ConverterMovavi Audio Converter icon (9)   -   Movavi
An audio ripping and conversion program
Movavi Video Converter for Mac (17)   -   Movavi
A fully-featured video converter for Mac
Mozilla Thunderbird for MacMozilla Thunderbird for Mac icon (17)   -   Mozilla Corporation
Mac version of the popular e-mail client from Mozilla
MPEG Streamclip for MacMPEG Streamclip for Mac icon (12)   -   Squared 5 srl.
Mac version of a high-quality video converter, player and MPEG editor
MPlayer for MacMPlayer for Mac icon (45)   -   The MPlayer Team
A movie player for Mac
MPQ Extractor (1)   -   Philip Abbet
A utility for handling MoPaQ archives
MPQKit (1)   -   Jean-François Roy
A program for exploring Blizzard's MPQ archives
MPW Shell (1)   -   Joshua Juran
A Quasi-Unix-like development environment for Apple Mac OS X
Multi Game Memory Editor (4)
An old memory editing program
MultiPatch (2)
An all-in-one file patching solution
MusiqueMusique icon (6)   -   Flavio Tordini
A music playback program for Mac
My Time (1)   -   Intuit Inc.
A billable time tracking utility
MyFourWallsMyFourWalls icon (1)   -   Synium Software
A furniture designing tool
MySQL Enterprise Edition for MacMySQL Enterprise Edition for Mac icon (9)   -   Oracle Corporation
A commercial version of MySQL database server
MySQL for MacMySQL for Mac icon (24)   -   Oracle Corporation
A Mac version of the popular Database management system
MySQL Workbench for MacMySQL Workbench for Mac icon (3)   -   Oracle Corporation
A Mac version of the popular database modeling app
NameChanger for MacNameChanger for Mac icon (7)   -   MRR Software
A batch fle renaming app for Mac
NameCleaner (2)   -   Sig Software
A utility for manipulating with file names and types
Narrator (8)   -   Mariner Software, Inc.
A text-to-speech software for Mac
Navicat for MariaDB (Mac) (10)   -   PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.
MariaDB database mangement tool
Navicat for MySQL (Mac)Navicat for MySQL (Mac) icon (31)   -   PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.
Mac version of popular database administration and devleopment tool for MysSQL
Navicat for Oracle (Mac)Navicat for Oracle (Mac) icon (14)   -   PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.
Administration and management tool for Oracle database servers
Navicat for PostgreSQL (Mac)Navicat for PostgreSQL (Mac) icon (16)   -   PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.
A Mac version of administration tool for PostgreSQL
Navicat for SQL Server (Mac)Navicat for SQL Server (Mac) icon (13)   -   PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.
Navicat for SQL Server (Mac OS X) is database administration tool for Microsoft SQL Server
Navicat for SQlite (Mac)Navicat for SQlite (Mac) icon (26)   -   PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.
Mac version of the database administration tool for SQLite
Navicat Premium (Mac)Navicat Premium (Mac) icon (56)   -   PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.
A Mac version of the popular MySQL program
Neat Software for Mac (4)   -   The Neat Company
A receipt and document scanning software
NeoOfficeNeoOffice icon (43)   -   Planamesa Inc.
A full-featured set of office applications for Mac
NessusNessus icon (5)   -   Tenable Network Security
A vulnerability scanner
NetBeans for MacNetBeans for Mac icon (10)   -   Oracle Corporation
A development environment for various programming languages
NetNewsWire for MacNetNewsWire for Mac icon (3)   -   NewsGator Technologies, Inc.
An RSS and Atom reader for Mac
NetSpot (2)   -   NetSpot Team. Etwok, LLC
A wireless survey software
Neu (1)   -   Elegant Chaos
A tool for creating new documents in the Apple Finder
NewsWatcherNewsWatcher icon (1)   -   Simon Fraser
A Usenet news client for Mac
Nisus Writer ProNisus Writer Pro icon (5)   -   Nisus Software, Inc.
A word processor for Mac
Nook for MacNook for Mac icon (2)   - llc
A free e-book viewer and manager for Mac
Norton DiskLock (1)   -   Symantec Corporation
Old security solution for Macintosh computers
NovaBench for MacNovaBench for Mac icon (1)   -   Novawave, inc
A component benchmark program
Novell GroupWise for MacNovell GroupWise for Mac icon (8)   -   Novell, Inc.
A collaboration software developed by Novell for OS X
NTIDragonBurnNTIDragonBurn icon (1)   -   NTI Corporation
CD/DVD burning tool for Mac
Numbers for MacNumbers for Mac icon (9)   -   Apple, Inc.
A spreadsheet application from Apple
ODBC Administrator Tool for Mac OS XODBC Administrator Tool for Mac OS X icon (1)   -   Microsoft Corporation
A tool for handling ODBC sources
OmniGraffle for MacOmniGraffle for Mac icon (3)   -   The Omni Group
A diagramming and charting program for Mac
OmniOutlinerOmniOutliner icon (1)   -   The Omni Group
A document editor with outlining capabilities
OneDrive for MacOneDrive for Mac icon (5)   -   Microsoft Corporation
A Mac version of OneDrive client
OpalOpal icon (1)   -   A Sharp, LLC.
Organizer for Mac OS X
Open Colors Tools (1)
A collection of tools (palette management, custom color picker panel, sketch integration)
openCanvasopenCanvas icon (9)   -
A popular painting program
OpenEmu for MacOpenEmu for Mac icon (21)
An emulator of video gaming consoles for Mac
Openlab (1)   -   PerkinElmer Inc.
Software for biological scientists
Opera browser for MacOpera browser for Mac icon (77)   -   Opera Software ASA
A free web browser and Internet suite
ORB eBook Reader for Mac (1)   -   Nothing But The Truth
A simple ORB ebook reader for Mac
Outlook MSG ViewerOutlook MSG Viewer icon (2)   -   Element TwentySix
Mac viewer of *.msg files
OutWit Hub (4)   -   OutWit Technologies
A web collection software
OverDrive Media Console for MacOverDrive Media Console for Mac icon (4)   -   OverDrive Inc.
OS X version of audio book and ebook library
p7zip for Macp7zip for Mac icon (41)   -   Igor Pavlov
Mac version of file archiver
Pages for MacPages for Mac icon (11)   -   Apple, Inc.
A word processor and layout tool marketed by Apple
PageZephyrPageZephyr icon (4)   -   Markzware
A discontinued document indexer for Mac
Paint X LitePaint X Lite icon (7)   -   Hong Chen
Classic painting application to draw, color, or edit pictures
Paperless (2)   -   Mariner Software, Inc.
Digital filling system
Parallels Desktop for MacParallels Desktop for Mac icon (24)   -   Parallels Holdings Ltd.
Mac version of the popular virtualization software
Parallels TransporterParallels Transporter icon (1)   -   Parallels Holdings Ltd.
A utility used to create virtual clone of physical or virtual computer
Password RepositoryPassword Repository icon (1)   -   Tension Software
A password protection software for Mac
Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac (63)   -   Pavtube Studio
Universal video converting software for Mac
PDF to ePub ConverterPDF to ePub Converter icon (2)   -   QIXINGSHI TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD
A conversion utility for Mac
PDF to Keynote (2)   -   M.E. O'Neill
A simple PDF to Keynote converter
PDF to Pages Converter ExpertPDF to Pages Converter Expert icon (2)   -   PowerfulPDFSoft
PDF to Pages Converter for Mac
PDF2Office for iWork (4)   -   Recosoft Corporation
A dedicated document converter
PDiff ExpressPDiff Express icon (1)   -   CSci
PDF documents comparing software
PFTRackPFTRack icon (1)   -   The Pixel Farm
A 3D camera tracking and matchmoving application
Phantom Cine Toolkit (1)   -   Glue Tools
A program that makes Mac apps work with Cine movie
PhocusPhocus icon (7)   -   Victor Hasselblad AB
A photo management and editing software for Hasselblad digital cameras
PhotoDefiner EditorPhotoDefiner Editor icon (3)   -   PhotoDefiner Development Team
An image compression tool for Mac OS X
PhotoDesk - for InstagramPhotoDesk - for Instagram icon (2)   -   Benedikt Terhechte
Instagram client for Mac
PhotoScape X for MacPhotoScape X for Mac icon (27)   -   Mooii Tech
Photo editing program for Mac
PhotoVideoCollagePhotoVideoCollage icon (6)   -   Bits&Coffee
A video & picture collage maker
PhysicsEditorPhysicsEditor icon (2)   -   Code'n'Web
An editing utility used to edit physical shapes
PicsAid (1)   -   DigiDNA SARL
A simple utility used to recover photos and pictures from Apple portable devices
PixelmatorPixelmator icon (8)   -   Pixelmator Team Ltd.
A powerful image editing app for Mac
PlayPlay icon (8)   -   Stephen F. Booth
A media player for Mac
PlaybackPro (1)   -   DT Videolabs
A HD media player for Mac
Plex Media Server for OS XPlex Media Server for OS X icon (4)   -   Plex Media Center Team
Multimedia manager and player for Mac
PlistEdit ProPlistEdit Pro icon (3)   -   Fat Cat Software
A property list editor written for Mac
PowerCADD (2)   -   Engineered Software, Inc.
A CAD software for Mac
PowerTunes (1)
Apple iTunes management tool
PrefEditPrefEdit icon (1)   -   Marcel Bresink
A Mac preference setting editor
PreviewPreview icon (32)   -   Apple, Inc.
A basic document and image viewer in Mac
PrintLab StudioPrintLab Studio icon (7)   -   Iconshots
Viewer and editor of CDR files for Mac OS
PrintworksPrintworks icon (1)   -   BeLight Software, Ltd.
A page layout and desktop publishing app
Prometeus (1)
App for Mac used to work with PSP CSO images
PST Converter Pro (2)   -
A converter for mail box files
PST Easy ConvertPST Easy Convert icon (3)   -   Dorde Pozega
Tool for convert PST files to Mac Mail
PST to MBOX Converter (2)   -   Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.
A Mac app for converting PST to MBOX
PTMac (1)   -   Kekus
An old front end for PanoTools for earlier OS X
PUB2ID (Publisher to InDesign) for Mac (2)   -   Markzware
A plugin for Adobe InDesign for Mac that add support for Microsoft Publisher files
PwnageToolPwnageTool icon (4)   -   iPhone Dev Team
An iPhone jailbreaking tool
Python LintPython Lint icon (1)   -
Python development environment
Pyxel Edit for MacPyxel Edit for Mac icon (3)   -   Daniel Kvarfordt
A drawing tool for Apple Mac computers
Q2ID (Quark To InDesign) for Mac (4)   -   Markzware
A plugin for Adobe InDesign for Mac that add support for QuarkExpress files
QuarkXPress for MacQuarkXPress for Mac icon (30)   -   Quark, Inc.
Software fro document design and publishing
QuickBooks for MacQuickBooks for Mac icon (56)   -   Intuit Inc.
An OS X version of popular accounting software
QuickDraw 3D (6)   -   Apple, Inc.
An Old 3D graphic API for Macintosh
Quicken Essentials for MacQuicken Essentials for Mac icon (44)   -   Intuit Inc.
Mac version of popular Quicken personal finance management software
Quicken for MacQuicken for Mac icon (33)   -   Intuit Inc.
Financial and accounting software for Mac
QuicKeys (1)   -   Startly Technologies, LLC.
An automation software for Mac
QuickHelp for Mac (2)   -   Excel Software
A software authoring and deployment system for OS X
QuickTime Player for MacQuickTime Player for Mac icon (32)   -   Apple, Inc.
Default media player on Mac
R-Link Toolbox for Mac (5)   -   Renault
Management tool for R-Link multimedia interface
RadiumRadium icon (1)   -   CatPig Studios
An Internet radio player for Mac
RapidWeaverRapidWeaver icon (7)   -   Realmac Software Limited
A template-based website creation tool for Mac
RAR for MacRAR for Mac icon (102)   -   win.rar GmbH
A Mac version of popular RAR program
Raskin for Mac (2)   -   Raskin Software LLC
An alternative desktop interface for Mac OS X
RationalPlan Project ViewerRationalPlan Project Viewer icon (2)   -   Stand By Soft Ltd.
An app used to plan and control projects
RAW2NEF for Mac (3)   -   Miguel Bañón
RAW converter and extension for Capture NX 2
REALbasic for Mac (6)   -   REAL Software, Inc.
A rapid application development environment
redsn0wredsn0w icon (1)   -   iPhone Dev Team
A utility for jailbreaking and updating of iOS devices without iTunes
Reeder for MacReeder for Mac icon (2)   -   Silvio Rizzi
An RSS reader for OS X
Rekordbox for MacRekordbox for Mac icon (1)   -   Pioneer Europe NV
Professional DJ music management for Mac
Remote Director (1)
Tool for creating color-accurate online proofs
Reunion (1)   -   Leister Productions
Genealogy (family tree) app
RipIt (1)   -   The Little App Factory Pty, Ltd.
An old DVD ripping software
Road Trip PlannerRoad Trip Planner icon (1)   -   William Modesitt
A GIS and mapping software
RoboForm for Safari on MacRoboForm for Safari on Mac icon (8)   -   Siber Systems, Inc.
A security plugin in version for Safari
Roxio PopcornRoxio Popcorn icon (6)   -   Roxio
A DVD transcoder for Mac
Roxio Toast TitaniumRoxio Toast Titanium icon (19)   -   Roxio
Roxio Toast 11 Titanium makes disc burning, DVD copying and video conversion as easy as drag, drop and go
SafariSafari icon (79)   -   Apple, Inc.
A default web browser integrated to Apple Mac OS X
Samsung Kies for MacSamsung Kies for Mac icon (18)   -   Samsung Group
A management and sync utility for Samsung mobile devices
sArchiversArchiver icon (18)   -   Bit Per Second
A compression utility for Mac
ScreenFlow (1)   -   Telestream
Screencasting and video editing software for Mac
Scrivener for OS XScrivener for OS X icon (10)   -   Literature & Latte Ltd.
A specialized text editor for novelists and writers
Seamonkey for MacSeamonkey for Mac icon (43)   -   Mozilla Corporation
Alternative web browser for Mac
Separator (1)   -   Milk Farm Software, ltd.
A hex viewer for OS X
Sequential 2Sequential 2 icon (2)   -   The Sequential Project
An image and comic viewer for Mac
SharpEye Music Reader (6)   -   Graham Jones
A music scanning and notation program
Sibelius for Mac (17)   -   Avid Technology, Inc.
A music composing and notation software for Mac
Sigil for MacSigil for Mac icon (3)
A mac version of the popular ebook editor
SimSystem IIe emulator (1)   -   Jim Sproul
An Apple IIe emulator
Sinar CaptureShop (1)   -   Sinar
An old software for Sinarback camera backs
Sixtyforce (3)   -   Gerrit Goossen
A Nintendo 64 emulator for Mac
SketchSketch icon (9)   -   Bohemian Coding
A professional design tool for OS X
SketchBook for MacSketchBook for Mac icon (8)   -   Autodesk, Inc.
Digital drawing app
SketchUp for MacSketchUp for Mac icon (19)   -   Trimble Navigation Limited
3D modeling application for Mac
SkitchSkitch icon (1)   -   Evernote Corporation
A screenshot markup and sharing utility for Mac
SkyGazer (1)   -   Carina Software
An Astronomy learning software for Mac
Skype for MacSkype for Mac icon (13)   -   Skype Limited
A Free call and instant messaging client in version for OS X
Slidesaver (1)   -   Stéphane Sudre
A screen saver for Mac
Slife (1)   -   Slife Labs, LLC
An old activity browser for Mac
SlipCoverSlipCover icon (3)   -   Bohemian Coding
A case icon maker for media files
Smart ConverterSmart Converter icon (5)   -   Systemic Pty Ltd
A video conversion software for macOS / OS X
Snapz Pro XSnapz Pro X icon (3)   -   Ambrosia Software, Inc.
A screen activity recording utility for OS X
Sony Ericsson DRM Packager for Mac (3)   -   Sony Mobile Communications AB
A utility for content protection
Sony Reader for MacSony Reader for Mac icon (1)   -   Sony Corporation
A Mac version of Sony ebook reader
Sound StudioSound Studio icon (5)   -   Felt Tip Inc.
An easy to use Mac application for recording and editing digital audio
SoundEdit (2)   -   Adobe Systems Incorporated
One of the first GUI based audio editors
Split&Concat (1)
A tool used for split and concat files
Spring Cleaning (3)   -   Smith Micro Software, Inc.
An old file cleaning software
Sprite MonkeySprite Monkey icon (2)   -   PoseMotion
A graphics sprite editor
SQL Anywhere for Mac (4)   -   Sybase Inc.
A package for database app development
SQLite for MacSQLite for Mac icon (31)   -   SQLite Development Team
Transactional SQL database engine for Apple Mac computers
SQLite Manager Pro for MacSQLite Manager Pro for Mac icon (2)   -   John Li
Tool for browsing SQLite database
STAR (1)   -   alexdobin
An RNA-seq read mapper
Steam for MacSteam for Mac icon (29)   -   Valve Corporation
OS X version of Steam game client
StoryMill (2)   -   Mariner Software, Inc.
A novel writting software
StuffIt Deluxe for MacStuffIt Deluxe for Mac icon (58)   -   Smith Micro Software, Inc.
A backup and archive utility
StuffIt Expander for MacStuffIt Expander for Mac icon (82)   -   Smith Micro Software, Inc.
A Mac version of the popular decompression utility
StuffIt for MacStuffIt for Mac icon (63)   -   Smith Micro Software, Inc.
Mac version of the popular utility
Subcleaner (2)   -
A subtitle conversion and cleaning utility
Sublime Text for MacSublime Text for Mac icon (627)   -   Sublime HQ Pty Ltd
A sophisticated Mac source code editor for programmers
SubmergeSubmerge icon (3)   -   Bitfield AB
A subtitle editor and hardcoder
Subs FactorySubs Factory icon (2)   -   Traintrain Software
A utility for creating and editing of video subtitles
Substance Painter for MacSubstance Painter for Mac icon (3)   -   Allegorithmic
3D painting software for Mac
Subtitle ConverterSubtitle Converter icon (6)   -   Andy Apps
Small tool for macOS, which allows users to convert ass, ssa, s2k, smi, sub files to SRT format
SuiteProfilerSuiteProfiler icon (1)   -   Dana Foy
A program for making and editiing custom color-accurate ICC profiles
Sumo Paint ProSumo Paint Pro icon (3)   -   Sumo Ltd.
An art design software
Super RefocusSuper Refocus icon (1)   -   XiuXia Yang
A digital photo editing tool for adding focus and depth to digital photos
SuperCardSuperCard icon (6)   -   Solutions Etcetera
A software development tool
SuperDisk! (1)   -   Alysis Software Corporation
A file compression tool for old Macintosh computers
SupremePaint LiteSupremePaint Lite icon (1)   -   haiqiang Long
Picture image editor for Mac
SWF Decompiler for MacSWF Decompiler for Mac icon (4)   -   SourceTec Software Co., LTD
A dedicated Flash extractor in version for OS X
Swift PublisherSwift Publisher icon (1)   -   BeLight Software, Ltd.
A page layout and desktop publishing software
Synk (2)   -   Decimus Software, Inc.
A live file sync and backup software for Mac
SysEx LibrarianSysEx Librarian icon (1)   -   Kurt Revis
A SysEx communication app
TabView (1)   -   Simone Tellini
A tablature viewer for Mac
TaxCut Home & Business for Mac (9)   -   HRB Digital LLC.
A tax and accounting software for Mac
TeamViewer for MacTeamViewer for Mac icon (3)   -   TeamViewer
Remote desktop software and service for Apple Mac
TerminalTerminal icon (7)   -   Apple, Inc.
Terminal emulator included in the OS X
Text2Epub (6)   -   Olena Kozlova
A text to epub converter
TextEditTextEdit icon (257)   -   Apple, Inc.
The default text editor in Mac OS X
TextExpander (2)   -   SmileOnMyMac, LLC
A text productivity tool
TextMateTextMate icon (14)   -   MacroMates Ltd.
A GUI text editor for Mac
The Logo CreatorThe Logo Creator icon (1)   -   The Laughingbird Network
A software for creating awesome graphics
The Panorama Factory for Mac (10)   -   Smoky City Design, LLC and John Strait
A picture editing software for Mac
The Tube (1)   -   equinux USA, Inc.
A TVsolution for Mac
The UnarchiverThe Unarchiver icon (137)   -   Dag Ågren/WAHa.06x36
A decompression utility used to replace default unpacker software on Mac
Time MachineTime Machine icon (7)   -   Apple, Inc.
A backup utility from Mac OS X
Tiny Audio ConverterTiny Audio Converter icon (23)   -   Sergio Martinez
Audio converter for Mac
ToadToad icon (1)   -   Dell, Inc.
Software for creating database apps
Tomato Torrent — A Macintosh BitTorrent clientTomato Torrent — A Macintosh BitTorrent client icon (1)   -
A BitTorrent client for Mac
Total Media Converter for Mac (5)   -   Aiseesoft Studio
A multimedia converter
Totals (5)   -   Kedisoft
A full-featured invoice application for SOHO or business users
Transmission BitTorrent Client for MacTransmission BitTorrent Client for Mac icon (1)   -   Transmission Project
Free BitTorrent client for Mac computers
Transmit for MacTransmit for Mac icon (2)   -   Panic Inc.
An FTP and SFTP client for Mac
TuneClone Audio Converter (4)   -
A multimedia converter
TurboCAD for MacTurboCAD for Mac icon (17)   -   IMSI/Design, LLC.
A 2D/3D CAD software for OS X
TurboTax for MacTurboTax for Mac icon (58)   -   Intuit Inc.
A popular tax preparation software
TypeIt4MeTypeIt4Me icon (1)   -   Ettore Software Ltd.
A text expander for Mac
TypeTool for Mac (8)   -   FontLab Ltd.
A font editor for Mac
Typinator (4)   -   Ergonis Software GmbH
A text editing software for OS X
UIF2ISO for MacUIF2ISO for Mac icon (2)   -   Luigi Auriemma
A small utility used to convert UIF disk image files to ISO
UlyssesUlysses icon (3)   -   The Soulmen
A text editor for creative writers
Unace for Mac (1)   -   e-merge GmbH
ACE archives extractor for Mac
URL Manager Pro (4)   -   Alco Blom
A bookmark management software
Userland Frontier (1)   -   UserLand Software, Inc.
An older development platform
uTorrent for MacuTorrent for Mac icon (11)   -   BitTorrent, Inc.
One of the most popular BitTorrent client
VCard ExplorerVCard Explorer icon (1)   -   Fabien FOULON
A vcf files editing tool
Vectr for MacVectr for Mac icon (6)   -   Vectr Labs
A simple yet graphics editor for Mac
VellumVellum icon (4)   -   180g
Creator of eBooks for iBooks, Kindle, and Nook
Video to GIF Converter (7)   -   Andre Bias
A video to animated gif converter
Viivo for Mac (1)   -   PKWARE, Inc.
A data encryption software for Mac
VirtualBox for MacVirtualBox for Mac icon (16)   -   Oracle Corporation
Free open-source x86 virtualization software package for Mac
VirtualDJ for MacVirtualDJ for Mac icon (5)   -   Atomix Productions
A Mac version of the music mixing software
Visual JSON for MacVisual JSON for Mac icon (1)   -   YunWon Jeong
JSON visualization tool for Mac
Visualization Toolkit (VTK) for Mac (10)   -   Kitware, Inc.
OS X version of 3D graphics software
VitalSource Bookshelf (1)   -   VitalSource
An e-book management app for Mac
VLC media player for MacVLC media player for Mac icon (228)   -   VideoLAN Project Team
Mac version of the popular VLC player
VMware FusionVMware Fusion icon (12)   -   VMware, Inc.
Program used for migration of Windows PC to Mac
VSD Viewer MacVSD Viewer Mac icon (3)   -   Nektony LLC
A Visio viewer for Mac
VSD Viewer Pro for Mac (7)   -   LAWBOX
A Visio viewer for Mac
VSDX and VSD Reader (4)   -   John Li
VSDX and VSD files viewer
WebArchive Extractor (3)
A small program used to extract webarchives
WebArchive FolderizerWebArchive Folderizer icon (1)
An extractor for .webarchives
WebEx Network Player for Mac (4)   -   Cisco Systems, Inc.
Mac version of Cisco media player
WebObjectsWebObjects icon (6)   -   Apple, Inc.
A set of application server and tools used to create Internet and intranet apps
WebsitePainter for MacWebsitePainter for Mac icon (6)   -   Ambiera
A webiste editing software for Mac
WebSTAR (1)   -   Kerio Technologies Inc.
An old internet server package
WincloneWinclone icon (1)   -   twocanoes software
Mac OS X bootcamp partition management tool
Windows Live Messenger for MacWindows Live Messenger for Mac icon (19)   -   Microsoft Corporation
Free instant messaging client for Microsoft Live messaging service
Windows Media Player for Mac OS XWindows Media Player for Mac OS X icon (9)   -   Microsoft Corporation
Windows Media Player developed by Microsoft for Apple Mac computers
Windows Phone Connector (1)   -   Microsoft Corporation
A utility for connecting and syncing Windows Phone devices
Wine for MacWine for Mac icon (2)
A compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications on macOS
WineBottlerWineBottler icon (2)
A turn Windows-based programs into Mac apps
WinOnXWinOnX icon (1)   -   NES Software
Software for running Windows apps on Mac
WinZip Mac EditionWinZip Mac Edition icon (55)   -   WinZip Computing, S.L.
Mac version of the popular WinZip compression utility
WireTap Studio (2)   -   Ambrosia Software, Inc.
A professional audio recording, editing, and management solution
WMF Converter ProWMF Converter Pro icon (13)   -   Cristallight Software
A WMF/EMF image viewer and converter
Wondershare DVD Copy for Mac (2)   -   Wondershare Software Co., Ltd.
A discontinued DVD copy solution
Wondershare DVD Creator for MacWondershare DVD Creator for Mac icon (15)   -   Wondershare Software Co., Ltd.
A video converter and DVD burner
Wondershare DVD Ripper for Mac (9)   -   Wondershare Software Co., Ltd.
Older video converter from Wondershare
Wondershare PDF to Pages for Mac (2)   -   Wondershare Software Co., Ltd.
A dedicated document converter
Wondershare Video Converter for MacWondershare Video Converter for Mac icon (23)   -   Wondershare Software Co., Ltd.
Mac version of popular video conversion software
Word WriterWord Writer icon (2)   -   Yi Yang
Word processor for Mac
WriteNow (2)   -   Apple, Inc.
An old word processor for Mac
X Lossless Decoder (XLD)X Lossless Decoder (XLD) icon (14)
An audio player and converter for lossless audio
X2ProLE Audio ConvertX2ProLE Audio Convert icon (2)   -   Marquis Broadcast
Converter for Final Cut Pro X project files
XAR (1)   -   Google Inc.
One of the many file archivers
XcodeXcode icon (72)   -   Apple, Inc.
IDE used for development of app in Objective-C programming language
Xilisoft iPhone Ringtone Maker for Mac (17)   -   Xilisoft Corporation
A iPhone ringtone creator for Mac
xLine (1)   -   ADNX Software
Mind mapping software
xList (1)   -   ADNX Software
A task manager software
XMind for MacXMind for Mac icon (25)   -   XMind Ltd.
Open source brainstorming software
XML EditaXML Edita icon (1)   -   CoxOne
XML editing tool for Mac
XPanel for Mac (1)   -   Crestron Electronics, Inc.
Software for transform any Mac into a virtual touch screen
XPB! Basic (1)   -   Tony D. Jones
A 32 bit source code compiler
xPDFConverter for MacxPDFConverter for Mac icon (7)   -   Hui Xiang
A tool for converting PDF files to other file formats
xPlanxPlan icon (4)   -   ADNX Software
An App used to create, track and manage projects
XPS-Reader (15)   -   FirmShell Ltd.
An XPS and OXPS viewer for Mac
XPS-to-PDF for MacXPS-to-PDF for Mac icon (9)   -   RootRise Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
One of the many document converters for Mac
XPSViewXPSView icon (14)   -   RootRise Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
An XPS/OXPS reader for Mac
XRCed (1)   -
A simple resource editor for wxWidgets/wxPython GUI development
xScopexScope icon (2)   -   The Iconfactory
A set of tools for management of graphics layouts
xTeam (1)   -   ADNX Software
Easy resources scheduling tool for Mac
XtorrentXtorrent icon (1)   -   Spectacular Apps
BitTorrent client for Apple Mac OS X
yEd for Mac (13)   -   yWorks
A Mac version of popular diagraming tool
Yummy FTPYummy FTP icon (1)   -   Yummy Software
FTP + SFTP + FTPS file transfer client
Zend Studio for MacZend Studio for Mac icon (11)   -   Zend Technologies Ltd.
Professional PHP development tool for Mac
Zipeg for MacZipeg for Mac icon (36)   -   Leo Kuznetsov
A mac version of a free file archiver
ZipIt (9)   -   Tom Brown
A compression utility for OS 9
Zoom for Z-Code (1)   -   Andrew Hunter
A player for Z-Code, TADS and HUGO stories or games

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