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Microsoft Windows NotePad

Found 340 file extension associations related to Microsoft Windows NotePad and 5 file formats developed specifically for use with Microsoft Windows NotePad.

Platform, operating system:  Microsoft Windows icon Microsoft Windows

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Developer: Microsoft Corporation

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Microsoft Windows NotePad picture

Microsoft Corporation logoMicrosoft Windows NotePad

Developer / company: Microsoft

Notepad is a basic text editor that you can use to create simple documents. The most common use for Notepad is to view or edit text (.txt) files, but many users find Notepad a simple tool for creating Web pages.

Because Notepad supports only fundamental formatting, you cannot accidentally save special formatting in documents that need to remain pure text. This is especially useful when creating HTML documents for a Web page because special characters or other formatting may not appear on your published Web page or may even cause errors.

You can save your Notepad files as Unicode, ANSI, UTF-8, or big-endian Unicode. These formats provide you greater flexibility when working with documents that use different character sets.

Windows Notepad has been included in all versions of Microsoft Windows since Windows 1.0 in 1985.

Microsoft Windows NotePad icon

Microsoft Windows NotePad icon png 128px
Microsoft Windows NotePad icon
size: 128px x 128px (.png with transparency)

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Microsoft Windows NotePad pictureMicrosoft Windows NotePad works with the following file extensions:

Note: You can click on any file extension link from the list below, to view its detailed information. The list of extensions used or otherwise associated with the application may not be complete, because many common file extensions on our website, such as jpg (pictures) or txt (text files), can be opened by a large number of applications, or are too general file format. However most, if not all directly associated file extensions should be listed with its appropriate program. Although its likely, that some file extensions may be missing from the list of associated file extensions with the application, yet they can be opened, be part of, or otherwise be associated with the program.

Microsoft Windows NotePad default file extension associations

The most common file format used with the specific file extension

txt file icon.txt file extension is used for Simple plain text file

Other file extensions or file formats developed for use with Microsoft Windows NotePad

jsonp file icon.jsonppt file icon.ptt file icon.twtl file icon.wtl

Common file extensions used by Microsoft Windows NotePad

1st file icon.1stasm file icon.asmbat file icon.batcfg file icon.cfgcss file icon.csscsv file icon.csvcue file icon.cuehtm file icon.htmhtml file icon.htmlinf file icon.infini file icon.inijava file icon.javajson file icon.jsonkey file icon.keylog file icon.loglst file icon.lstm3u8 file icon.m3u8md file icon.mdnfo file icon.nforeg file icon.regrpt file icon.rptsql file icon.sqlsub file icon.subtext file icon.texttxt file icon.txtxml file icon.xmlxsl file icon.xsl

Other file extensions associated with Microsoft Windows NotePad

!!! file icon.!!!abs file icon.absactionscriptproperties file icon.actionscriptpropertiesad2 file icon.ad2agtemplate file icon.agtemplateahtm file icon.ahtmahtml file icon.ahtmlames file icon.amesaml file icon.amlamos file icon.amosandroid file icon.androidannot file icon.annotans file icon.ansappcache file icon.appcacheapt file icon.aptasc file icon.ascasc file icon.ascascii file icon.asciiasp file icon.aspass file icon.assatt file icon.attau3 file icon.au3aupreset file icon.aupresetaxs file icon.axsba1 file icon.ba1bal file icon.balbbs file icon.bbsbif file icon.bifblm file icon.blmbml file icon.bmlbms file icon.bmsbs2 file icon.bs2bsd file icon.bsdbsdl file icon.bsdlbss file icon.bssc file icon.cc# file icon.c#cas file icon.cascascii file icon.casciicc file icon.cccgi file icon.cgicgx file icon.cgxchord file icon.chordchtml file icon.chtmlcl file icon.clcm0013 file icon.cm0013cmd file icon.cmdcml file icon.cmlcnn file icon.cnnconf file icon.confcor file icon.corcpp file icon.cppcrd file icon.crdcs file icon.cscshtml file icon.cshtmlcsproj file icon.csprojcsvx file icon.csvxcwms file icon.cwmscxe file icon.cxecxx file icon.cxxdarkest file icon.darkestdb-journal file icon.db-journaldb3 file icon.db3dbk file icon.dbkdbml file icon.dbmldbp file icon.dbpdbproj file icon.dbprojddt file icon.ddtdea file icon.deadesc file icon.descdfe file icon.dfediz file icon.dizdkz file icon.dkzdml file icon.dmldok file icon.dokdrp file icon.drpdsd file icon.dsddsml file icon.dsmldtd file icon.dtddvb file icon.dvbeaf file icon.eafecsv file icon.ecsvedt file icon.edtes file icon.esetx file icon.etxext file icon.extextra file icon.extrafaq file icon.faqfdml file icon.fdmlfdoc file icon.fdocfff file icon.fffffpreset file icon.ffpresetfodg file icon.fodgfodp file icon.fodpfods file icon.fodsfol file icon.folfountain file icon.fountainfpage file icon.fpagefrag file icon.fragfs file icon.fsfsa file icon.fsafsi file icon.fsifsproj file icon.fsprojfsscript file icon.fsscriptfsx file icon.fsxftn file icon.ftngct file icon.gctgmanifest file icon.gmanifestgpd file icon.gpdgpl file icon.gplgrxml file icon.grxmlgsc file icon.gscgyp file icon.gyph file icon.hhdt file icon.hdthex file icon.hexhht file icon.hhths file icon.hshsk file icon.hskhtml5 file icon.html5hvc file icon.hvchxml file icon.hxmlica file icon.icaid31 file icon.id31id32 file icon.id32ide file icon.ideift file icon.iftiif file icon.iifil file icon.ilill file icon.illimp file icon.impinf file icon.infini2 file icon.ini2inuse file icon.inuseion file icon.ionjacl file icon.jacljeb file icon.jebjgs file icon.jgsjpgw file icon.jpgwjs file icon.jskcl file icon.kclkl3 file icon.kl3klg file icon.klglcx file icon.lcxlge file icon.lgelgm file icon.lgmlibrary-ms file icon.library-mslnc file icon.lnclol file icon.lollols file icon.lolslsp file icon.lsplst file icon.lstltr file icon.ltrltx file icon.ltxlua file icon.lualvm file icon.lvmm2r file icon.m2rmanifest file icon.manifestmap file icon.mapmar file icon.marmarkdn file icon.markdnmarkdown file icon.markdownmaxfr file icon.maxfrmcml file icon.mcmlmdle file icon.mdlemdown file icon.mdownmdtext file icon.mdtextmdtxt file icon.mdtxtmdwn file icon.mdwnme file icon.memed file icon.medmhl file icon.mhlmib file icon.mibmit file icon.mitmkd file icon.mkdmkdn file icon.mkdnmkp file icon.mkpmml file icon.mmlmml file icon.mmlmodd file icon.moddmof file icon.mofmorse file icon.morsemscx file icon.mscxmsha file icon.mshamshxml file icon.mshxmlmus file icon.musnbr file icon.nbrnc1 file icon.nc1nclk file icon.nclknhp file icon.nhpnow file icon.nownpdt file icon.npdtnvi file icon.nviocr file icon.ocroeaccount file icon.oeaccountoogl file icon.oogloplm file icon.oplmosc file icon.oscp3x file icon.p3xpas file icon.paspcf file icon.pcfpcf file icon.pcfpdml file icon.pdmlpdu file icon.pdupgw file icon.pgwphp1 file icon.php1pks file icon.pksplg file icon.plgpln file icon.plnplsx file icon.plsxpml file icon.pmlpnach file icon.pnachpod file icon.podpoix file icon.poixpop file icon.popppml file icon.ppmlprm file icon.prmproperties file icon.propertiespsml file icon.psmlpsp file icon.pspptxml file icon.ptxmlpvj file icon.pvjpyt file icon.pytqdl file icon.qdlqdt file icon.qdtqud file icon.qudrdat file icon.rdatrea file icon.reareadme file icon.readmereport file icon.reportresmoncfg file icon.resmoncfgresp file icon.respresx file icon.resxrgu file icon.rgurml file icon.rmlrng file icon.rngrpym file icon.rpymrrc file icon.rrcrsl file icon.rslrtc file icon.rtcrtl file icon.rtlrtx file icon.rtxru file icon.rurub file icon.rubrzb file icon.rzbs file icon.ss1p file icon.s1ps2p file icon.s2ps3p file icon.s3ps4p file icon.s4psaas file icon.saassami file icon.samisbml file icon.sbmlscf file icon.scfscr file icon.scrsct file icon.sctsfb file icon.sfbsha1 file icon.sha1sha512 file icon.sha512sls file icon.slssoap file icon.soapsoundscript file icon.soundscriptspa file icon.spasrt file icon.srtsrx file icon.srxss file icon.ssstruct file icon.structtea file icon.teatext file icon.texttlx file icon.tlxtrc file icon.trcts0 file icon.ts0tsv file icon.tsvtt file icon.tttur file icon.turtxe file icon.txetxh file icon.txhtxml file icon.txmltxt12 file icon.txt12uhtml file icon.uhtmluni file icon.uniuser file icon.uservb file icon.vbver file icon.vervih file icon.vihvmsg file icon.vmsgvpl file icon.vplwbf file icon.wbfwebsettings file icon.websettingswin32manifest file icon.win32manifestwmlsc file icon.wmlscws file icon.wswsdd file icon.wsddwsf file icon.wsfwsh file icon.wshxfd file icon.xfdxmla file icon.xmlaxpd file icon.xpdxsql file icon.xsqlxtd file icon.xtdyab file icon.yabyaml file icon.yamlybhtm file icon.ybhtmyct file icon.yctyml file icon.ymlywl file icon.ywlzap file icon.zapzeg file icon.zeg_me file icon._me

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