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NotePad++ text editor

Found 636 file extension associations related to NotePad++ text editor and 140 file formats developed specifically for use with NotePad++ text editor.

Platform, operating system:  Microsoft Windows icon Microsoft Windows

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Developer: Notepad++ Team

NotePad++ text editor picture

Notepad++ Team logoNotePad++ text editor

Developer / company: Notepad++ Team

Notepad++ is a free source code editor (and Notepad replacement), which supports several programming languages, running under the MS Windows environment.

Notepad++ Portable is the handy Notepad++ text editor packaged as a portable app so you can do your development on the go. It has all the same great features of Notepad++ including support for multiple languages and an extensive plugin system, but there's nothing to install.


Notepad++ Portable is a full-featured text editor with features like:

  • Syntax Highlighting and Syntax Folding (C, C++, HTML, ASP, Java, Pascal, CSS and more)
  • User Defined Syntax Highlighting
  • Auto-completion
  • Multi-Document
  • Regular Expression Search/Replace supported
  • Full Drag ‘N' Drop supported
  • Zoom in and zoom out
  • Multi-Language environment supported
  • Brace and Indent guideline Highlighting
  • Macro recording and playback

NotePad++ text editor icon

NotePad++ text editor icon png 128px
NotePad++ text editor icon
size: 128px x 128px (.png with transparency)

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NotePad++ text editor pictureNotePad++ text editor works with the following file extensions:

Note: You can click on any file extension link from the list below, to view its detailed information. The list of extensions used or otherwise associated with the application may not be complete, because many common file extensions on our website, such as jpg (pictures) or txt (text files), can be opened by a large number of applications, or are too general file format. However most, if not all directly associated file extensions should be listed with its appropriate program. Although its likely, that some file extensions may be missing from the list of associated file extensions with the application, yet they can be opened, be part of, or otherwise be associated with the program.

NotePad++ text editor default file extension associations

The most common file formats used with the specific file extensions

1st file icon.1st file extension is used for Readme first text document

cfg file icon.cfg file extension is used for Configuration files

lst file icon.lst file extension is used for List text

text file icon.text file extension is used for Simple text file

Other file extensions or file formats developed for use with NotePad++ text editor

abs file icon.absada file icon.adaaev file icon.aevames file icon.amesans file icon.ansansi file icon.ansiapt file icon.aptasc file icon.ascascii file icon.asciiasp file icon.aspaxs file icon.axsbbs file icon.bbsbdt file icon.bdtblif file icon.blifbml file icon.bmlbms file icon.bmsbss file icon.bsscgi file icon.cgichord file icon.chordcm0013 file icon.cm0013cnn file icon.cnncphd file icon.cphdcrd file icon.crdcze file icon.czedbk file icon.dbkde file icon.dedea file icon.deadf file icon.dfdkz file icon.dkzdml file icon.dmldok file icon.dokdp file icon.dpdrp file icon.drpdsc file icon.dscdts file icon.dtsen file icon.enes file icon.eses6 file icon.es6exc file icon.excext file icon.extfaq file icon.faqfdml file icon.fdmlfgl file icon.fglfil file icon.filfirst file icon.firstflr file icon.flrfodp file icon.fodpfountain file icon.fountainfr file icon.frger file icon.gerhay file icon.hayhdt file icon.hdthex file icon.hexhvc file icon.hvcifo file icon.ifointerface file icon.interfaceinuse file icon.inusejbeam file icon.jbeamjtx file icon.jtxju file icon.jukcl file icon.kclkl3 file icon.kl3lap file icon.laplge file icon.lgelinx file icon.linxlols file icon.lolslsp file icon.lspltt file icon.lttm2r file icon.m2rmaf file icon.mafme file icon.memkp file icon.mkpmmt file icon.mmtn3 file icon.n3now file icon.nownvi file icon.nviocr file icon.ocromn file icon.omnoplm file icon.oplmp3x file icon.p3xpawn file icon.pawnpcc file icon.pccpdu file icon.pdupls file icon.plspo file icon.poprm file icon.prmproxy file icon.proxyrb file icon.rbreadme file icon.readmereport file icon.reportrff file icon.rffrs file icon.rsrt file icon.rtrtl file icon.rtlrtx file icon.rtxrzn file icon.rzns1p file icon.s1ps3p file icon.s3ps4p file icon.s4pset file icon.setsfb file icon.sfbsha1 file icon.sha1sk file icon.skslow file icon.slowsls file icon.slssmw file icon.smwsoap file icon.soapsol file icon.solspa file icon.spaspec file icon.specspn file icon.spnsrx file icon.srxtcm file icon.tcmted file icon.tedthor file icon.thorthtml file icon.thtmltlx file icon.tlxtnk file icon.tnktom file icon.tomts0 file icon.ts0tx8 file icon.tx8unx file icon.unxus file icon.ususf file icon.usfutf8 file icon.utf8vers file icon.versvih file icon.vihvxml file icon.vxmlwli file icon.wliwml file icon.wmlwtx file icon.wtxxpd file icon.xpdxv2 file icon.xv2yml file icon.ymlyml2 file icon.yml2_me file icon._me

Common file extensions used by NotePad++ text editor

1st file icon.1stasm file icon.asmasp file icon.aspaspx file icon.aspxbat file icon.batcfg file icon.cfgcnf file icon.cnfcss file icon.csscsv file icon.csvcue file icon.cueeml file icon.emlhtm file icon.htmhtml file icon.htmlinf file icon.infini file icon.inijad file icon.jadjava file icon.javajs file icon.jsjson file icon.jsonlng file icon.lnglog file icon.loglst file icon.lstm3u8 file icon.m3u8md file icon.mdnfo file icon.nfoopml file icon.opmlphp file icon.phprc file icon.rcreg file icon.regrep file icon.repsql file icon.sqlsrc file icon.srcsrt file icon.srtsub file icon.subtext file icon.texttxt file icon.txtusr file icon.usrvbs file icon.vbsxhtml file icon.xhtmlxml file icon.xmlxsd file icon.xsdxsl file icon.xslxslt file icon.xslt

Other file extensions associated with NotePad++ text editor

!!! file icon.!!!aah file icon.aahactionscriptproperties file icon.actionscriptpropertiesad2 file icon.ad2adm file icon.admagtemplate file icon.agtemplateaiml file icon.aimlaml file icon.amlandroid file icon.androidannot file icon.annotap file icon.apappcache file icon.appcacheapxl file icon.apxlarmx file icon.armxarxml file icon.arxmlasax file icon.asaxasc file icon.ascass file icon.assatomsvc file icon.atomsvcatt file icon.attau3 file icon.au3aupreset file icon.aupresetaxd file icon.axdb file icon.bba1 file icon.ba1bal file icon.balbas file icon.basbashrc file icon.bashrcbcp file icon.bcpbet file icon.betbeta file icon.betabibtex file icon.bibtexbif file icon.bifblm file icon.blmbns file icon.bnsbnx file icon.bnxbs2 file icon.bs2bsd file icon.bsdbsdl file icon.bsdlbsh file icon.bshc file icon.cc file icon.cc# file icon.c#c++ file icon.c++cas file icon.cascc file icon.ccccxml file icon.ccxmlceid file icon.ceidcetrainer file icon.cetrainercfm file icon.cfmcgx file icon.cgxcho file icon.chochtml file icon.chtmlcl file icon.clclojure file icon.clojurecls file icon.clsclsid file icon.clsidcmake file icon.cmakecmd file icon.cmdcml file icon.cmlcon file icon.conconf file icon.confcoo file icon.coocookiedb file icon.cookiedbcor file icon.corcpp file icon.cppcs file icon.cscsassembly file icon.csassemblycshtml file icon.cshtmlcsmanifest file icon.csmanifestcson file icon.csoncsproj file icon.csprojcss1 file icon.css1csvx file icon.csvxcsx file icon.csxctl file icon.ctlctt file icon.cttcwms file icon.cwmscxe file icon.cxecxl file icon.cxlcxml file icon.cxmlcxx file icon.cxxcz file icon.czdaily file icon.dailydarkest file icon.darkestdb-journal file icon.db-journaldb3 file icon.db3dbml file icon.dbmldbp file icon.dbpdbproj file icon.dbprojdcd file icon.dcddectest file icon.dectestdesc file icon.descdfe file icon.dfedfm file icon.dfmdfxp file icon.dfxpdiff file icon.diffdiz file icon.dizdnx file icon.dnxdob file icon.dobdropbox file icon.dropboxdsd file icon.dsddsml file icon.dsmldtd file icon.dtddvb file icon.dvbeaf file icon.eafecsv file icon.ecsvedi file icon.ediedml file icon.edmlemlx file icon.emlxeqf file icon.eqferbsql file icon.erbsqlerr file icon.erretx file icon.etxextra file icon.extraeze file icon.ezef file icon.ff file icon.ff4m file icon.f4mfastq file icon.fastqfdoc file icon.fdocfff file icon.fffffp file icon.ffpffpreset file icon.ffpresetfodg file icon.fodgfods file icon.fodsfol file icon.folfpage file icon.fpagefq file icon.fqfrag file icon.fragfs file icon.fsfsa file icon.fsafsi file icon.fsifsproj file icon.fsprojfsscript file icon.fsscriptfsx file icon.fsxgcode file icon.gcodegct file icon.gctgmanifest file icon.gmanifestgne file icon.gnegnu file icon.gnugp file icon.gpgpd file icon.gpdgpl file icon.gplgrxml file icon.grxmlgshader file icon.gshadergvy file icon.gvygws file icon.gwsgyp file icon.gypgypi file icon.gypih file icon.hhaml file icon.hamlhar file icon.harhc file icon.hchelpcfg file icon.helpcfghh file icon.hhhht file icon.hhthpp file icon.hpphs file icon.hshshader file icon.hshaderhsk file icon.hskht file icon.hthtaccess file icon.htaccesshtmls file icon.htmlshtm~ file icon.htm~hxml file icon.hxmlhxp file icon.hxpica file icon.icaid31 file icon.id31id32 file icon.id32ide file icon.ideidt file icon.idtift file icon.iftigy file icon.igyiif file icon.iifimp file icon.impinc file icon.incinf file icon.infini2 file icon.ini2ion file icon.ioniqy file icon.iqyirb file icon.irbisx file icon.isxit file icon.itja file icon.jajacl file icon.jacljav file icon.javjdl file icon.jdljeb file icon.jebjgs file icon.jgsjnl file icon.jnljnlp file icon.jnlpjs file icon.jsjscript file icon.jscriptjsm file icon.jsmjsonp file icon.jsonpjspx file icon.jspxkd file icon.kdkix file icon.kixklg file icon.klgkor file icon.korlas file icon.laslcx file icon.lcxlgm file icon.lgmlibrary-ms file icon.library-mslin file icon.linlis file icon.lislisp file icon.lisplit file icon.litlitcoffee file icon.litcoffeelnc file icon.lncloaded_0 file icon.loaded_0loaded_1 file icon.loaded_1loaded_2 file icon.loaded_2loaded_3 file icon.loaded_3lob file icon.loblocation file icon.locationlol file icon.lollst file icon.lstlst file icon.lstltr file icon.ltrlua file icon.lualvm file icon.lvmma file icon.mamakefile file icon.makefilemanifest file icon.manifestmap file icon.mapmar file icon.marmarkdn file icon.markdnmarkdown file icon.markdownmaxfr file icon.maxfrmcl file icon.mclmcml file icon.mcmlmdle file icon.mdlemdown file icon.mdownmdtext file icon.mdtextmdtxt file icon.mdtxtmdwn file icon.mdwnme file icon.memed file icon.medmeta4 file icon.meta4metriclog file icon.metriclogmhl file icon.mhlmib file icon.mibmis file icon.mismit file icon.mitmkd file icon.mkdmkdn file icon.mkdnml file icon.mlmlf file icon.mlfmly file icon.mlymml file icon.mmlmml file icon.mmlmnft file icon.mnftmodd file icon.moddmodinfo file icon.modinfomof file icon.mofmorse file icon.morsempb file icon.mpbmrk file icon.mrkmrl file icon.mrlmsc file icon.mscmscx file icon.mscxmsdl file icon.msdlmshxml file icon.mshxmlmst file icon.mstnbr file icon.nbrnc1 file icon.nc1nclk file icon.nclknew file icon.newnhn file icon.nhnnhp file icon.nhpnna file icon.nnansconfig file icon.nsconfignt file icon.ntoeaccount file icon.oeaccountojp file icon.ojpooa file icon.ooaoogl file icon.ooglosc file icon.oscosn file icon.osnout file icon.outp5 file icon.p5p6 file icon.p6pas file icon.paspcf file icon.pcfpcf file icon.pcfpdml file icon.pdmlpgw file icon.pgwphl file icon.phlphp1 file icon.php1phtml file icon.phtmlpl file icon.plpl6 file icon.pl6plg file icon.plgpln file icon.plnplsx file icon.plsxplx file icon.plxpm file icon.pmpm5 file icon.pm5pm6 file icon.pm6pml file icon.pmlpnach file icon.pnachpod file icon.podpoix file icon.poixpop file icon.popppml file icon.ppmlprl file icon.prlpropdesc file icon.propdescproperties file icon.propertiesps1 file icon.ps1psd1 file icon.psd1psml file icon.psmlpsp file icon.psppt file icon.ptptxml file icon.ptxmlpvj file icon.pvjpy3 file icon.py3pym file icon.pympyt file icon.pytpyw file icon.pywq&a file icon.q&aqdl file icon.qdlqdt file icon.qdtqud file icon.qudrb file icon.rbrbw file icon.rbwrdat file icon.rdatrdf file icon.rdfrdp file icon.rdpre file icon.rerej file icon.rejrels file icon.relsresmoncfg file icon.resmoncfgresp file icon.resprest file icon.restresx file icon.resxrjs file icon.rjsrml file icon.rmlrng file icon.rngror file icon.rorrpp file icon.rpprprofile file icon.rprofilerpt file icon.rptrpy file icon.rpyrrc file icon.rrcrsl file icon.rslrsp file icon.rsprtc file icon.rtcrtml file icon.rtmlru file icon.rurub file icon.rubrus file icon.russ file icon.ss19 file icon.s19s2p file icon.s2psaas file icon.saassami file icon.samisbv file icon.sbvscf file icon.scfsconscript file icon.sconscriptscr file icon.scrsct file icon.sctsdnf file icon.sdnfset file icon.setsh file icon.shsha256 file icon.sha256sha512 file icon.sha512sht file icon.shtshtml file icon.shtmlskudef file icon.skudefsl file icon.slsmali file icon.smalismil file icon.smilsno file icon.snosoundscript file icon.soundscriptsp file icon.spspef file icon.spefsrt file icon.srtss file icon.ssss file icon.ssssa file icon.ssastatus file icon.statusstr file icon.strstruct file icon.structt file icon.tt3d file icon.t3dtab file icon.tabtab file icon.tabtbx file icon.tbxtdump file icon.tdumptext file icon.texttgml file icon.tgmltilemap file icon.tilemaptmpl file icon.tmpltoml file icon.tomltrc file icon.trctrx file icon.trxts1 file icon.ts1tt file icon.tttur file icon.turtwig file icon.twigtxe file icon.txetxh file icon.txhtxl file icon.txltxml file icon.txmltxt12 file icon.txt12uccapilog file icon.uccapilogudcx file icon.udcxudl file icon.udluhtml file icon.uhtmluk file icon.ukumf file icon.umfuni file icon.uniurl file icon.urluser file icon.useruvr file icon.uvrvb file icon.vbver file icon.vervml file icon.vmlvpl file icon.vplvtt file icon.vttvzm file icon.vzmwbf file icon.wbfwcf file icon.wcfwebsettings file icon.websettingsweekly file icon.weeklywer file icon.werwin32manifest file icon.win32manifestwmlc file icon.wmlcwmls file icon.wmlswmlsc file icon.wmlscwrts file icon.wrtsws file icon.wswsdd file icon.wsddwsf file icon.wsfwtf file icon.wtfwtl file icon.wtlxaml file icon.xamlxbrl file icon.xbrlxcconfig file icon.xcconfigxfd file icon.xfdxfdl file icon.xfdlxhtm file icon.xhtmxlf file icon.xlfxlog file icon.xlogxml-log file icon.xml-logxpdl file icon.xpdlxsql file icon.xsqlxtd file icon.xtdyab file icon.yabyaml file icon.yamlybhtm file icon.ybhtmyct file icon.yctywl file icon.ywlzap file icon.zapzeg file icon.zeg

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