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Found 293 file extension associations related to Microsoft Office and 207 file formats developed specifically for use with Microsoft Office.

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Microsoft Office is a productivity suite for Microsoft Windows. It is an office suite of interrelated desktop applications, servers, and services. Microsoft Office comes in several editions, offering various suites for a wide array of customers.

The first version of Microsoft Office was introduced in 1990, and after more than 20 years of development, many file types and data formats have been introduced (Microsoft Office 95, Office 97, Office 2000, Office XP, Office 2003, Office 2007, Office 2010, Office 2016, Office 2019, Office 2021). Some are still used by current versions, but some have become obsolete.

Microsoft Office is also available as a subscription service as Office 365 and has now been replaced by a Microsoft 365 subscription service with several pricing plans.

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Microsoft Office pictureMicrosoft Office works with the following file extensions:

Note: You can click on any file extension link from the list below, to view its detailed information. The list of extensions used or otherwise associated with the application may not be complete, because many common file extensions on our website, such as jpg (pictures) or txt (text files), can be opened by a large number of applications, or are too general file format. However most, if not all directly associated file extensions should be listed with its appropriate program. Although its likely, that some file extensions may be missing from the list of associated file extensions with the application, yet they can be opened, be part of, or otherwise be associated with the program.

Microsoft Office default file extension associations

The most common file formats used with the specific file extensions

accdb file icon.accdb file extension is used for Microsoft Access main database

accdt file icon.accdt file extension is used for Microsoft Access database template

doc file icon.doc file extension is used for Microsoft Word document (prior version 2007)

docm file icon.docm file extension is used for Microsoft Word Open XML macro-enabled document

docx file icon.docx file extension is used for Microsoft Word Open XML document

mdb file icon.mdb file extension is used for Microsoft Access database

mdi file icon.mdi file extension is used for Microsoft Office Document Imaging file format

mpd file icon.mpd file extension is used for Microsoft Project database

mpp file icon.mpp file extension is used for Microsoft Project plan file

opx file icon.opx file extension is used for Microsoft Office Organization chart file format

pot file icon.pot file extension is used for Microsoft PowerPoint 97 to 2003 template

pst file icon.pst file extension is used for Microsoft Outlook personal storage table

thmx file icon.thmx file extension is used for Microsoft Office theme

xls file icon.xls file extension is used for Microsoft Excel 97 to 2003 workbook

xlsx file icon.xlsx file extension is used for Microsoft Excel Open XML workbook and spreadsheet

Other file extensions or file formats developed for use with Microsoft Office

232 file icon.232accda file icon.accdaaccdc file icon.accdcaccdp file icon.accdpaccdu file icon.accduaccfl file icon.accflacl file icon.aclacp file icon.acpade file icon.adeadml file icon.admladmx file icon.admxadn file icon.adnadp file icon.adpans file icon.ansaw file icon.awbdr file icon.bdrchm_1029 file icon.chm_1029cil file icon.cilclb file icon.clbcmw file icon.cmwcnv file icon.cnvcrtx file icon.crtxcue file icon.cuecvr file icon.cvrdap file icon.dapdbs file icon.dbsdctx file icon.dctxdctxc file icon.dctxcdep file icon.depdet file icon.detdicproof file icon.dicproofdochtml file icon.dochtmldothtml file icon.dothtmldpc file icon.dpcduo file icon.duoecf file icon.ecfeftx file icon.eftxefxt file icon.efxtemptybinaryregistry file icon.emptybinaryregistryexc file icon.excexd file icon.exdexe_0002 file icon.exe_0002exportedui file icon.exporteduifad file icon.fadfae file icon.faefav file icon.favffa file icon.ffaffl file icon.fflffo file icon.ffoffx file icon.ffxflt file icon.fltfsf file icon.fsfgcsx file icon.gcsxgfs file icon.gfsgim file icon.gimgim file icon.gimglk file icon.glkglox file icon.gloxgly file icon.glygqsx file icon.gqsxgra file icon.gragrv file icon.grvgsa file icon.gsagscx file icon.gscxgta file icon.gtahmgd file icon.hmgdhtm2 file icon.htm2hxi file icon.hxihxq file icon.hxqhxr file icon.hxrid file icon.ididx_dll file icon.idx_dllime file icon.imeimesx file icon.imesxlex file icon.lexlst file icon.lstlxa file icon.lxamac file icon.macmad file icon.madmaf file icon.mafmag file icon.magmaq file icon.maqmar file icon.marmas file icon.masmat file icon.matmav file icon.mavmaw file icon.mawmcxml file icon.mcxmlmda file icon.mdamdbhtml file icon.mdbhtmlmdn file icon.mdnmdt file icon.mdtmdw file icon.mdwmdz file icon.mdzmmc file icon.mmcmpf file icon.mpfmph file icon.mphmsw file icon.mswnick file icon.nicknk2 file icon.nk2nmbsplb file icon.nmbsplbobd file icon.obdodc file icon.odcodcdatabasefile file icon.odcdatabasefileodcnewfile file icon.odcnewfileodctablecollectionfile file icon.odctablecollectionfileodctablefile file icon.odctablefileode file icon.odeodttf file icon.odttfofficeui file icon.officeuiofn file icon.ofnolb file icon.olbole file icon.oleole2 file icon.ole2ols file icon.olsonetoc2 file icon.onetoc2opal file icon.opalopax file icon.opaxopc file icon.opcops file icon.opsoqy file icon.oqypcb file icon.pcbpdo file icon.pdopip file icon.pippothtml file icon.pothtmlppa file icon.ppappam file icon.ppamppi file icon.ppippsm file icon.ppsmpptxml file icon.pptxmlprf file icon.prfproofingtool file icon.proofingtoolprv file icon.prvpubhtml file icon.pubhtmlpwz file icon.pwzqat file icon.qatqef file icon.qefrtc-ms file icon.rtc-msrwz file icon.rwzsam file icon.samsbl file icon.sblsilk file icon.silksldm file icon.sldmsldx file icon.sldxsqm file icon.sqmsrs file icon.srssvd file icon.svdsyk file icon.syksyn file icon.syntbb file icon.tbbtrx_dll file icon.trx_dlltt2 file icon.tt2tuw file icon.tuwudcx file icon.udcxudf file icon.udfuli file icon.uliusa file icon.usauxdc file icon.uxdcvcg file icon.vcgvdw file icon.vdwvfb file icon.vfbvsr file icon.vsrvssm file icon.vssmvssx file icon.vssxvst file icon.vstvstm file icon.vstmvsw file icon.vsww6w file icon.w6wwbk file icon.wbkwll file icon.wllwql file icon.wqlwwl file icon.wwlwzs file icon.wzsx86 file icon.x86xlam file icon.xlamxlc file icon.xlcxld file icon.xldxlk file icon.xlkxlm file icon.xlmxlshtml file icon.xlshtmlxlsmhtml file icon.xlsmhtmlxlthtml file icon.xlthtmlxltx file icon.xltxxlv file icon.xlvxlw file icon.xlwxlxml file icon.xlxmlxmls file icon.xmlsxsf file icon.xsfxsn file icon.xsnxss file icon.xssxsslog file icon.xsslogxssr file icon.xssr

Common file extensions used by Microsoft Office

accdb file icon.accdbaccdt file icon.accdtcsv file icon.csvdoc file icon.docdocm file icon.docmdocx file icon.docxdot file icon.dotdotm file icon.dotmdotx file icon.dotxemz file icon.emzics file icon.icsmdb file icon.mdbmdi file icon.mdimpd file icon.mpdmpp file icon.mppodf file icon.odfoft file icon.oftone file icon.oneonepkg file icon.onepkgopx file icon.opxost file icon.ostpot file icon.potpotx file icon.potxpps file icon.ppsppsx file icon.ppsxppt file icon.pptpptm file icon.pptmpptx file icon.pptxpst file icon.pstpub file icon.pubrtf file icon.rtfsnp file icon.snpsrg file icon.srgthmx file icon.thmxtmp file icon.tmpvsdx file icon.vsdxxls file icon.xlsxlsm file icon.xlsmxlsx file icon.xlsx

Other file extensions associated with Microsoft Office

accde file icon.accdeaccdr file icon.accdrasd file icon.asddfv file icon.dfvdox file icon.doxdqy file icon.dqyhmsd file icon.hmsdhol file icon.holhxs file icon.hxsiaf file icon.iafkfl file icon.kfllaccdb file icon.laccdbldb file icon.ldbmam file icon.mammcw file icon.mcwmde file icon.mdemdhtml file icon.mdhtmlmrt file icon.mrtoab file icon.oabobi file icon.obiolk file icon.olkonecache file icon.onecacheonepkg_1033 file icon.onepkg_1033onetmp file icon.onetmponetoc file icon.onetocoss file icon.osspa file icon.papab file icon.pabpbr file icon.pbrpcs file icon.pcspdi file icon.pdipotm file icon.potmppg file icon.ppgppthtml file icon.ppthtmlpptmhtml file icon.pptmhtmlppz file icon.ppzpuz file icon.puzrels file icon.relsrqy file icon.rqysig file icon.sigsik file icon.sikslk file icon.slkstf file icon.stfsvs file icon.svstnef file icon.tnefvcs file icon.vcsvss file icon.vsswiz file icon.wizxar file icon.xarxl file icon.xlxla file icon.xlaxlb file icon.xlbxll file icon.xllxlsb file icon.xlsbxls_ file icon.xls_xlt file icon.xltxltm file icon.xltmxmlx file icon.xmlxxslb file icon.xslbxst file icon.xst_docx file icon._docx_xls file icon._xls

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