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XnView MP

Found 615 file extension associations related to XnView MP and 342 file formats developed specifically for use with XnView MP.

Platform, operating system:  Multiplatform icon Multiplatform

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Developer: Pierre-Emmanuel Gougelet

Pierre.e Gougelet software list & details

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XnView MP picture

Pierre-Emmanuel Gougelet logoXnView MP

Developer / company: Pierre.e Gougelet

XnView MP is the enhanced version of XnView Classic. It is a powerful cross-platform media browser, viewer and converter.

XnView MP supports more than 500 image formats (including Multipage and animated still formats APNG, TIFF, GIF, ICO, etc..) and export to about 70 different file formats. It comes with an easy to use yet powerful batch conversion module. This same module also powers XnConvert

Virtually all of standard XnView's much loved features have been preserved in XnView MP and many features have actually been tweaked and enhanced.

Considerable improvements have been made in terms of performance (speed-optimized loading, improved caching, multi-core processing, 64bits version, etc...)

Windows, Mac OS X (macOS) and Linux are now supported in both 32 and 64 bit versions

XnView MP finally offers Unicode support. Enhanced translations for many languages as well as a brand new and convenient modular interface.

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XnView MP icon
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XnView MP pictureXnView MP works with the following file extensions:

Note: You can click on any file extension link from the list below, to view its detailed information. The list of extensions used or otherwise associated with the application may not be complete, because many common file extensions on our website, such as jpg (pictures) or txt (text files), can be opened by a large number of applications, or are too general file format. However most, if not all directly associated file extensions should be listed with its appropriate program. Although its likely, that some file extensions may be missing from the list of associated file extensions with the application, yet they can be opened, be part of, or otherwise be associated with the program.

XnView MP default file extension associations

The most common file formats used with the specific file extensions

bmp file icon.bmp file extension is used for Standard Windows bitmap image

crw file icon.crw file extension is used for Canon digital camera RAW image format

emf file icon.emf file extension is used for Enhanced Windows Metafile picture

gif file icon.gif file extension is used for Graphics interchange file format

jpeg file icon.jpeg file extension is used for JPEG bitmap image format

jpg file icon.jpg file extension is used for JPEG bitmap image format

map file icon.map file extension is used for Geographical map

pic file icon.pic file extension is used for Picture image

png file icon.png file extension is used for Portable Network Graphic

pzl file icon.pzl file extension is used for Puzzle picture image

tga file icon.tga file extension is used for Truevision TarGA bitmap image

tif file icon.tif file extension is used for Aldus Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap image

tiff file icon.tiff file extension is used for Aldus Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap image

wbmp file icon.wbmp file extension is used for Wireless Bitmap image

wmf file icon.wmf file extension is used for Windows metafile format

Other file extensions or file formats developed for use with XnView MP

!s file icon.!s$c file icon.$c$s file icon.$s0-r file icon.0-r001 file icon.00100_jpg_srb file icon.00_jpg_srb00_png_srz file icon.00_png_srz1-p file icon.1-p16 file icon.1624b file icon.24b2bp file icon.2bp301 file icon.301411 file icon.4114bt file icon.4bt600x file icon.600x73i file icon.73i85i file icon.85i92i file icon.92ia64 file icon.a64abs file icon.absace file icon.aceafx file icon.afxalias file icon.aliasals file icon.alsapng file icon.apngarf file icon.arfarn file icon.arnart file icon.artatk file icon.atkavs file icon.avsb&w file icon.b&wb16 file icon.b16bie file icon.biebitmap file icon.bitmapbl file icon.blbld file icon.bldblk file icon.blkblk file icon.blkbmc file icon.bmcbmpp file icon.bmppbms file icon.bmsbob file icon.bobbp file icon.bpbpg file icon.bpgbpx file icon.bpxbrk file icon.brkbw file icon.bwc4 file icon.c4cal file icon.calcals file icon.calscam file icon.camcdu file icon.cduce file icon.cece1 file icon.ce1ce2 file icon.ce2cel file icon.celcel file icon.celcft file icon.cftcgm file icon.cgmcin file icon.cincmp file icon.cmpcp8 file icon.cp8crg file icon.crgct file icon.ctct file icon.ctcur file icon.curcursor file icon.cursorcut file icon.cutcvp file icon.cvpdb file icon.dbdc3 file icon.dc3dcim file icon.dcimdcm file icon.dcmdcx file icon.dcxdd file icon.dddicm file icon.dicmdip file icon.dipdoo file icon.doodpx file icon.dpxdrz file icon.drzecc file icon.eccei file icon.eieif file icon.eifepa file icon.epaepi file icon.epieri file icon.eriesm file icon.esmfax file icon.faxfbm file icon.fbmfi file icon.fifif file icon.fiffits file icon.fitsfre file icon.frefsy file icon.fsyg3 file icon.g3g3n file icon.g3ngel file icon.gelgg file icon.gggiff file icon.giffgif_160x120 file icon.gif_160x120gif~c200 file icon.gif~c200gl2 file icon.gl2gm file icon.gmgm4 file icon.gm4grey file icon.greygry file icon.gryhdru file icon.hdruhed file icon.hedhf file icon.hfhfp file icon.hfphg file icon.hghgl file icon.hglhips file icon.hipshir file icon.hirhp file icon.hphp2 file icon.hp2hpg file icon.hpghpgl2 file icon.hpgl2hpi file icon.hpihpi file icon.hpihpl file icon.hplhr file icon.hrhta file icon.htahuge file icon.hugei17 file icon.i17ia file icon.iaicn file icon.icnicn file icon.icnidc file icon.idciff file icon.iffiim file icon.iimiimg file icon.iimgilbm file icon.ilbmim file icon.imim5 file icon.im5ima file icon.imaimt file icon.imtinb file icon.inbinfo file icon.infoint file icon.intioca file icon.iocaiph file icon.iphipt file icon.iptiris file icon.irisish file icon.ishiss file icon.issivb file icon.ivbivp file icon.ivpiw4 file icon.iw4iwc file icon.iwcj2k file icon.j2kjb2 file icon.jb2jbg file icon.jbgjbig file icon.jbigjff file icon.jffjfi file icon.jfijfif file icon.jfifjfif-tbnl file icon.jfif-tbnljfx file icon.jfxjif file icon.jifjif file icon.jifjj file icon.jjjls file icon.jlsjng file icon.jngjp2 file icon.jp2jp2_ file icon.jp2_jpe file icon.jpejpeg_160x120 file icon.jpeg_160x120jpeg_170x220 file icon.jpeg_170x220jpg-large file icon.jpg-largejpg-original file icon.jpg-originaljpg2 file icon.jpg2jpg3 file icon.jpg3jpge file icon.jpgejpg_t file icon.jpg_tjpg_thumb file icon.jpg_thumbjps file icon.jpsjpx file icon.jpxjtf file icon.jtfkfx file icon.kfxkoa file icon.koakps file icon.kpskqp file icon.kqpkro file icon.krolbm file icon.lbmlda file icon.ldalff file icon.lfflfs file icon.lfsljp file icon.ljplut file icon.lutlvp file icon.lvplwf file icon.lwflwi file icon.lwimag file icon.magmbfavs file icon.mbfavsmbm file icon.mbmmgr file icon.mgrmif file icon.mifmil file icon.milmrf file icon.mrfmsp file icon.mspncr file icon.ncrneo file icon.neoniff file icon.niffnitf file icon.nitfoaz file icon.oazoda file icon.odaoil file icon.oilota file icon.otap64 file icon.p64p7 file icon.p7pac file icon.pacpan file icon.panpbm file icon.pbmpbt file icon.pbtpc1 file icon.pc1pc2 file icon.pc2pc3 file icon.pc3pcc file icon.pccpcl file icon.pclpct file icon.pctpct file icon.pctpg file icon.pgpgc file icon.pgcpgm file icon.pgmpgma file icon.pgmapgmb file icon.pgmbphp file icon.phppi file icon.pipi2 file icon.pi2pi4 file icon.pi4pi5 file icon.pi5pig file icon.pigpix file icon.pixplo file icon.ploplt file icon.pltpng-large file icon.png-largepng32 file icon.png32png8 file icon.png8pp4 file icon.pp4ppm file icon.ppmpr file icon.prprf file icon.prfpri file icon.pripseg file icon.psegpst file icon.pstpwc file icon.pwcpwp file icon.pwppxb file icon.pxbpxs file icon.pxspz file icon.pzq0 file icon.q0qdv file icon.qdvqtl file icon.qtlrad file icon.radras file icon.rasrast file icon.rastrgb file icon.rgbrgba file icon.rgbarif file icon.rifrix file icon.rixrla file icon.rlarpf file icon.rpfrpgm file icon.rpgmrs file icon.rssc? file icon.sc?sci file icon.sciscr file icon.scrscr file icon.scrscx file icon.scxsep file icon.sepseq file icon.seqsff file icon.sffsgi file icon.sgisim file icon.simsld file icon.sldsmp file icon.smpspc file icon.spcspl file icon.splsps file icon.spsspu file icon.spust4 file icon.st4st5 file icon.st5st6 file icon.st6st7 file icon.st7st8 file icon.st8sul file icon.sulsun file icon.sunt1 file icon.t1targa file icon.targatdi file icon.tditexture file icon.texturetil file icon.tiltile file icon.tiletim file icon.timtim file icon.timtn1 file icon.tn1tn2 file icon.tn2tn? file icon.tn?tnl file icon.tnltny file icon.tnyulg file icon.ulgurt file icon.urtvda file icon.vdavff file icon.vffvi file icon.vivid file icon.vidvif file icon.vifvit file icon.vitvpb file icon.vpbvst file icon.vstwap file icon.wapwbm file icon.wbmwic file icon.wicx file icon.xxbm file icon.xbmxbs file icon.xbsxif file icon.xifxim file icon.ximxnp file icon.xnpxp0 file icon.xp0xpm file icon.xpmxv file icon.xvxwd file icon.xwdypc file icon.ypcyuv file icon.yuv[b] file icon.[b]

Common file extensions used by XnView MP

3d file icon.3dai file icon.aiani file icon.aniarw file icon.arwbmp file icon.bmpcdr file icon.cdrcpt file icon.cptcr2 file icon.cr2crw file icon.crwdat file icon.datdcr file icon.dcrdds file icon.ddsdib file icon.dibdjvu file icon.djvudng file icon.dngdxf file icon.dxfemf file icon.emfemz file icon.emzeps file icon.epsfpx file icon.fpxgif file icon.gifheic file icon.heicico file icon.icoicon file icon.iconjpeg file icon.jpegjpg file icon.jpglng file icon.lngmap file icon.mapmrw file icon.mrwnef file icon.neforf file icon.orfpcd file icon.pcdpcx file icon.pcxpdf file icon.pdfpic file icon.picpng file icon.pngppt file icon.pptps file icon.pspsd file icon.psdpzl file icon.pzlraf file icon.rafraw file icon.rawrw2 file icon.rw2skn file icon.skntga file icon.tgatif file icon.tiftiff file icon.tiffwbmp file icon.wbmpwebp file icon.webpwmf file icon.wmf

Other file extensions associated with XnView MP

2d file icon.2d3gn file icon.3gn4bit file icon.4bit82i file icon.82i83i file icon.83i86i file icon.86i89i file icon.89iacr file icon.acracr file icon.acrami file icon.amianv file icon.anvapx file icon.apxatt file icon.attb3d file icon.b3dbfl file icon.bflbfli file icon.bflibfx file icon.bfxbga file icon.bgabif file icon.bifbig file icon.bigbm file icon.bmbm2 file icon.bm2bmf file icon.bmfbmf file icon.bmfbmp24 file icon.bmp24brt file icon.brtbs file icon.bsbtn file icon.btnbum file icon.bumcan file icon.cancar file icon.carcat file icon.catcbm file icon.cbmcel file icon.celcit file icon.citclo file icon.clocloe file icon.cloeclp file icon.clpcmt file icon.cmtcmu file icon.cmucmx file icon.cmxcpi file icon.cpidat file icon.datdis file icon.disdjv file icon.djvecw file icon.ecwefx file icon.efxeidi file icon.eidifac file icon.facface file icon.facefff file icon.ffffit file icon.fitfli file icon.fliflic file icon.flicfmf file icon.fmffpg file icon.fpgfpix file icon.fpixfsh file icon.fshfts file icon.ftsfxo file icon.fxofxs file icon.fxsg4 file icon.g4gaf file icon.gafgb file icon.gbgbr file icon.gbrgem file icon.gemgeo file icon.geogrb file icon.grbgro file icon.grogrob file icon.grobhp1 file icon.hp1hpgl file icon.hpglhru file icon.hruhrz file icon.hrzhsi file icon.hsii18 file icon.i18ib7 file icon.ib7icb file icon.icbicl file icon.iclicoa file icon.icoaif9 file icon.if9ig file icon.igigo file icon.igoim24 file icon.im24img file icon.imgism file icon.ismitg file icon.itgiw44 file icon.iw44j file icon.jj6i file icon.j6ijbf file icon.jbfjiff file icon.jiffjpc file icon.jpcjpf file icon.jpfjpg file icon.jpgjpm file icon.jpmjxr file icon.jxrk25 file icon.k25kdc file icon.kdcldf file icon.ldflif file icon.lifm8 file icon.m8mac file icon.macmacp file icon.macpmap file icon.mapmbfs file icon.mbfsmbfx file icon.mbfxmdl file icon.mdlmiff file icon.miffmix file icon.mixmng file icon.mngmpnt file icon.mpntmsk file icon.mskmtv file icon.mtvncd file icon.ncdnct file icon.nctngg file icon.nggnlm file icon.nlmnol file icon.nolnrw file icon.nrwocp file icon.ocpofx file icon.ofxoplc file icon.oplcotb file icon.otbp2 file icon.p2paint file icon.paintpat file icon.patpat file icon.patpbmv file icon.pbmvpd file icon.pdpdb file icon.pdbpdb file icon.pdbpdb file icon.pdbpdb file icon.pdbpdd file icon.pddpds file icon.pdspdx file icon.pdxpe4 file icon.pe4pef file icon.pefpfr file icon.pfrpgf file icon.pgfpi1 file icon.pi1pi3 file icon.pi3pi6 file icon.pi6picio file icon.piciopicon file icon.piconpict file icon.pictpict2 file icon.pict2pixar file icon.pixarpm file icon.pmpm file icon.pmpmg file icon.pmgpmp file icon.pmppnm file icon.pnmpnt file icon.pntpntg file icon.pntgpop file icon.poppp5 file icon.pp5ppp file icon.pppprc file icon.prcpse file icon.psepsf file icon.psfpsp file icon.psppspimage file icon.pspimagepxa file icon.pxapxr file icon.pxrpzp file icon.pzpqrt file icon.qrtqti file icon.qtiqtif file icon.qtifrgh file icon.rghrif file icon.rifriff file icon.riffrl4 file icon.rl4rlb file icon.rlbrle file icon.rlerp file icon.rprpbm file icon.rpbmrpm file icon.rpmrpnm file icon.rpnmrppm file icon.rppmrsb file icon.rsbrwl file icon.rwlrwz file icon.rwzsar file icon.sarscg file icon.scgsct file icon.sctscu file icon.scusd0 file icon.sd0sd1 file icon.sd1sdg file icon.sdgsfw file icon.sfwsi file icon.sisir file icon.sirsj1 file icon.sj1skf file icon.skfsr file icon.srsr2 file icon.sr2ssi file icon.ssissp file icon.sspstm file icon.stmstw file icon.stwstx file icon.stxsuniff file icon.suniffsyn file icon.synsynu file icon.synut2 file icon.t2taac file icon.taactdim file icon.tdimtex file icon.textg4 file icon.tg4thb file icon.thbtm2 file icon.tm2tn3 file icon.tn3ttf file icon.ttftub file icon.tubuyvy file icon.uyvyvga file icon.vgavic file icon.vicvicar file icon.vicarviff file icon.viffvob file icon.vobwad file icon.wadwal file icon.walwb1 file icon.wb1wbc file icon.wbcwbp file icon.wbpwbz file icon.wbzwfx file icon.wfxwin file icon.winwlm file icon.wlmwpg file icon.wpgwrl file icon.wrlx11 file icon.x11xar file icon.xarxcf file icon.xcfzbr file icon.zbrzmf file icon.zmf

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