November 7, 2017

Best cloud storage and services

Saving data "in cloud" is nowadays common term that refers to saving your data online. Millions of users use online cloud storage but quite a few users are still skeptic about such services or even have no idea what the "cloud" is. This article highlights some of the most popular cloud services - some of which you might already know.

November 3, 2017

How to edit GPX files

Logging your sport sessions in GPX format is easy enough, but what about fixing errors and removing redundant routes from recorded .gpx files? Let's check out how you can do that using GPS Track Editor.

Related file extension(s): .gpx .nmea

October 26, 2017

How to import photos and videos from PC to Instagram

Hundreds of millions of users use Instagram to share their selfies and other photos with their friends and followers instantly. But what about when you want to share older photos stored in your computer? The answer is simple, Install Gramblr!

Related file extension(s): .jpeg .jpg .png .tif .tiff

September 22, 2017

Open and save different versions of CorelDraw projects

Every new version of CorelDRAW gives users more option and effects for their graphics, but might create issues when opened or edited in older version of the program. You can easily fix this by saving the CDR projects to older version using CorelDRAW's default Save Drawing function.

Related file extension(s): .cdr

August 24, 2017

How to reset NVRAM on Mac

You feel that your Mac is not working properly? Don't worry, many problems with your Mac can be solved with a step called NVRAM reset!

July 20, 2017

Clean up your Steam game files with Steam Cleaner

Everytime you install game via Steam you also download files that are not exactly needed and just take up space. Mulitply that with 20 games and you end up with hundreds of MB of trash data that just take space. No need to purge the files manually, just check out Steam Cleaner and remove unnecessary game data with a single click.

July 18, 2017

How to reset SMC on Mac

Did your Mac crash or is unresponsive? No need to panic, your computer may not be damaged, just the SMC chip is stuck and we will show you how to fix it.

June 30, 2017

How to manage and watch League of Legends Replays

League of Legends is a highly popular online battle arena video game and offers native replay function which is great, also brings it's own set of challenges and troubles for the player, such as dealing with the problem how to play and watch old LoL replays.

Related file extension(s): .rofl

June 28, 2017

How to quickly get text from image

A lot of computer users dealing with documents eventually encounter situation when they need to get (recover) text from a picture so they can use or further edit it in a text editor in a word processor. If you do not want to manually rewrite whole text, we will show you some of the easiest ways how you can get text from image.

Related file extension(s): .jpeg .jpg .png .tif .tiff .txt

June 23, 2017

Tips how to open and work with the Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents

Everyone working on a computer knows Microsoft Office and its document formats, however not everyone is familiar with formats from other, mainly open source alternatives. This article summarizes the most common Office / OpenOffice file types and how to work with them.

Related file extension(s): .docm .docx .odp .ods .odt .ppt .pptm .pptx .xls .xlsm .xlsx

June 20, 2017

How to create macOS 10.13 High Sierra bootable installation flash drive

Many users prefer to make a clean installation of new macOS update and create a bootable installation USB drive. Several ways how to achieve this exist and we will show you the options for macOS High Sierra.

Related file extension(s): .dmg

April 28, 2017

How to open and work with DAT files

Almost every computer user sooner or later encounters .dat files, either as part of one of the programs installed on the computer or perhaps as e-mail attachment. Let's check out some options how to open and work with .dat files or even find out from which program they are and what is their purpose.

Related file extension(s): .dat .dat .dat .dat .dat .dat .dat .dat .dat .dat .dat .dat .dat .dat .dat

March 21, 2017

Windows 10 and OXPS documents

OXPS documents are nothing new for Windows 8 users, but may surprise users that upgraded their Windows 7 or even older machines to Windows 10. This may present unexpected complications for someone who was really was used to .xps documents, so this article covers the basics about OXPS format in Windows 10.

Related file extension(s): .oxps .xps

March 3, 2017

How to clear default apps associations in Android system

This article covers the basics of resting or changing default application association in Google Android operating system.

Related file extension(s): .apk

March 2, 2017

How to Enable TFTP and Telnet Client in Windows 10

Most users are not familiar with Telnet and TFTP protocol, but it once has been pretty common thing to use by both system administrators and gamers alike. Although disabled by default since Windows 7, you can easily restore the functions even in latest Windows 10 and we will show you how.

February 14, 2017

Google Android APK application package file format description

The APK file format is default application package format used by operating system for smart phones and tablet computers called Google Android. Android APK archive contains all important data to run Android application stored in it.

Related file extension(s): .apk .arsc .asec .dex

January 23, 2017

How to extract images and texts from PDF files

Because PDF is an open standard, it is supported by various applications, such as text editors, vector and raster graphics editors, etc. it is very easy to export pdf files from these programs, but vice versa edit or extract texts, images from PDF document can be much more difficult for users. Learn how to easily work with PDF documents in this article.

Related file extension(s): .pdf

January 19, 2017

How to backup and restore Chrome extensions

Chrome web browser offers user many extensions (add-ons) that can greatly enhance the functionality of the browser or add some handy functions. Some users may then become so accustomed to some extensions that they cannot imagine working without them. Let's check how you can quickly get your favourite Chrome extensions to another computer.

Related file extension(s): .crx

January 16, 2017

What is AAE file, how to work with it

Information about Apple side cars and review of AAE format used by Apple Photos app from macOS and iOS.

Related file extension(s): .aae

January 12, 2017

How to disable the AutoPlay function in Microsoft Windows operating system

AutoPlay function is one of the integral part of Windows operating system. This small article covers the basics of AutoPlay and shows users how to disable it through Windows Control panels, together with some tips and information about this subject.

January 11, 2017

How to extract pictures from Microsoft Word documents

Many users need to get quickly pictures out of Word documents and either do not have access to Word or need to quickly get pictures out of many documents. A simple way to extract documents out of MS Word documents exist and we will show you how.

Related file extension(s): .doc .docx

January 10, 2017

How to install new fonts in various versions of Windows

Fonts are a great way to enrich your documents and there is simply not enough of them. You can find many sites that offer great looking fonts, but some users have trouble with adding them to Windows so they can be used Word and other programs. This article covers the basics about installing new fonts in Windows with a little bit of additional information about fonts in general.

Related file extension(s): .compositefont .fon .ofm .otf .pfb .pfm .ttc .ttf

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