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List of common source code and script file extensions

Some of the most common source codes and scripts written in popular programming languages like HTML, PHP, Python or similar.

Common source code files may change in time as the popularity and significance of some formats can change.
Whole category of source code files contains now 1956 file types. Show all source code and script file types.

asm file icon asm 

Files with asm file extension are generally source codes in assembly language. Used by many programs.

asp file icon asp 

An asp file extension is associated with the ASP Classic server side scripting engine used to dynamically generate web pages. An asp file contains Microsoft Active Server Page source code scripts. The ASP Classic is obsolete and it was replaced by ASP.NET.

aspx file icon aspx 

An aspx file extension is associated with Active Server Page Extended format used by Internet Information Services (IIS) web server with server side scripting language ASP.NET used to dynamically generate websites. Generated output from an *.aspx page in your browser is common html page.

bat file icon bat 

Files with bat file extension can be commonly found as so called batch files. These text files are small scripts that contain a sequence of commands for a computer operating system.

htm file icon htm 

A htm file extension is used for web documents stored in HTML Hypertext Markup Language file format. HTML language provides a means to create structured documents by denoting structural semantics for text such as headings, paragraphs, lists, links, quotes and other items. Its the main language for writing web pages. A htm web page can be displayed in any Web browser.

source-code file type icon inc 

An inc file extension is related to the include files used by various programming languages and other software.

jad file icon jad 

A jad file extension is used for Java Descriptor files, which generally describe MIDlets java applications.

java file icon java 

A java file extension is related to JAVA programming language and used for its source code files.

js file icon js 

Files with js extension can b commonly found as JavaScripts. Used to execute scripts on internet pages and such.

source-code file type icon json 

Files with json extension are typically found as special JavaScript object notation files, which are based on the ECMAScript programming language standard.

jsp file icon jsp 

A jsp file extension is associated with Java and used for a HTML page that contains references to a Java servlet. A servlet is a Java class that handles requests. It is generated from jsp files.

source-code file type icon lib 

A lib file extension is associated with the Microsoft Linker a part of Microsoft Visual Studio development environment and used for its input library.

source-code file type icon o 

Files with o extension are mainly related to the object file format used by various programming languages and development environments.

php file icon php 

Files with php extension can be commonly found as web pages, scripts written in PHP and processed server-side by PHP engine. PHP is a programming language that offers quick way to develop websites with dynamic content.

rc file icon rc 

Files with rc extension can be mainly found as C/C++ resource scripts from Microsoft Visual Studio integrated development environment for Windows applications.

source-code file type icon rss 

RSS is an XML based text file format used by Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary (RSS) service. RSS service is used by many websites to publish news to their users or to RSS news aggregators. Users can reed news by using services like Google Reader, Feedly or RSS feed reader software.

scpt file icon scpt 

Files with scpt suffix are in most cases scripts saved in AppleScript scripting language.

source-code file type icon src 

Files with scr extension are generally scripts or source code files. Used in many programming languages.

vbs file icon vbs 

Files with vbs extension can be generally found as scripts made using Visual Basic programming language and development environment. Used in many programs.

xcodeproj file icon xcodeproj 

File extension .xcodeproj is used by Apple Xcode IDE used for developing apps for Apple computers and devices. File stores app development project.

xml file icon xml 

An xml file extension is commonly used for files written in Extensible Markup Language. An xml file is used in various areas of computer industry and many program languages are just derivatives of XML. These xml files can be opened and edited in any text editor or IDE.

xsd file icon xsd 

Files with xsd extension may be typically found as XML schema descriptions that define the structure, content and semantics of XML documents.

xsl file icon xsl 

Files with xsl file extension can be usually found as style sheets saved in the eXtensible Style sheet Language for Transformations (XSLT).

xslt file icon xslt 

An xslt file extension is related to the XSLT XML formatted document.

This is a list of some the most common file types from this category and may change in time as the popularity and significance of some formats can change. Whole category of source code files contains now 1956 file types. Show all source code and script files.

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