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Various data file icon Various data file type extensions
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Group of file extensions used for various data file types

Various data file extension list

Group of file extensions used for various data file types.

This group contains file types used by software applications or programs to store various data or other informations needed for their operation, functions or other features and do not fit in other file format categories.

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 file extension pfileMicrosoft Rights Management protected file
 file extension rptReport file
 file extension cetrainerDBVM data
 file extension 2017Any data file created in 2017
 file extension whlPython wheel package
 file extension studio3Silhouette Studio data
 file extension apkgAnki deck package
 file extension rdrDynamic Report Decoder report file
 file extension 17IBM Voice Type languages scripts data
 file extension ncUnidata Network Common Data form
 file extension datProgram data
 file extension rzmmpjYouTube Movie Maker file
 file extension dtaData file
 file extension fitGarmin Training Center user activity profile
 file extension tblTable data
 file extension sigMicrosoft Office OneNote signature
 file extension pkgArchive or installation package
 file extension prjProject file
 file extension 2016Any data file created in 2016
 file extension cm0012Western Digital WD TV corrupt data
 file extension collabCollaborate collaboration data
 file extension vttVisionTools Pro-e project
 file extension h2wH2testw data
 file extension gspGeometer's Sketchpad material file
sor file icon file extension sorAdobe Flash Media Server file system object
 file extension nicntNative Instruments KONTAKT library
 file extension lblDatabase label file format
 file extension spvSPSS output file (version 16 and higher)
 file extension bzzBuzzBundle project
 file extension iesIESNA photometric data file
ddd file icon file extension dddAdobe Distiller data
 file extension xrdmlPANalytical XRD measurement XML data
 file extension tcookieidGoogle Android tracking cookie
 file extension dthumbGoogle Android data thumbnail
 file extension olfOyezForms legal document
 file extension fjswFormulator Tarsia jigsaw puzzle
 file extension uclsObjectAid UML Explorer class diagram
 file extension thumbindex3--1967290299Google Android thumbnail index
sprx file icon file extension sprxSony Playstation 3 SPRX firmware
ldb file icon file extension ldbMicrosoft Access Record-Locking Information
 file extension bnpSony HD camera system data
 file extension timestampTimestamp data
 file extension trcOracle SQL*Net trace debug file
 file extension hare-Sword harmony resource file
 file extension bokTestGen test bank
msmessagestore file icon file extension msmessagestoreWindows Mail message information database
 file extension ctfAVG Antivirus update control data
 file extension ipynbIPython notebook
 file extension pafPersonal Ancestral File
 file extension vdocSuperior SQL Builder project
 file extension apkGameSpy Arcade service data
 file extension qvfQlikView data
 file extension ndfMicrosoft SQL Server secondary data
log file icon file extension logLog file
 file extension metriclogApple iOS diagnostic file
 file extension chlsCharles session
 file extension mudpActive Safety System log
 file extension cajChina Academic Journals full-text database
 file extension ttdTinytag data log
bvd file icon file extension bvdBitDefender vault container
 file extension nullNULL image
 file extension odbArcView object database ASCII data
 file extension rsvRSView32 project
 file extension ciwEndNote Web of Science export
 file extension lguLG Windows CE upgrade data
 file extension mozlz4Firefox Portable data
 file extension rsdREALbasic database
 file extension hexHex dump file format
 file extension outOutput file
 file extension ganGanttProject project plan
 file extension vpjPixbend Studio project
 file extension spl7sPlan data
 file extension xmcdPTC Mathcad worksheet
 file extension pcbdocPrinted circuit board description
 file extension sapssdSAP data file
 file extension gdactrequestGetData product activation file
 file extension userreturnUser Return file
 file extension dltempUC Browser incomplete download file
 file extension frmMySQL database metadata
xsr file icon file extension xsrGEOPAK XS-List report file
 file extension twbkNanoDrop 2000/2000c Spectrophotometer workbook
 file extension chwMicrosoft Help HTML help general index
crd file icon file extension crdMicrosoft Windows cardfile database
 file extension erxER Data model
 file extension mwbMySQL Workbench database models
 file extension nsfLotus Notes database
 file extension gsmArchiCAD library object
 file extension dbWhatsApp Messenger message database
 file extension i8Digital Video Interactive device dependent data
 file extension savSPSS Data Sets database
 file extension cedJVC corrupted video recording
 file extension pcapCaptured packets
 file extension apkActive Tutor project
 file extension wbpjANSYS Workbench project
 file extension mexw64MATlab compiled function file
 file extension qsbLenovo firmware update
 file extension czpClozePro quiz archive
plb file icon file extension plbFoxPro library
 file extension qrpDr. Hardware data
 file extension mlgIBM Communications Server message
rag file icon file extension ragRAM Advanse generator data
 file extension vi2Kaspersky Anti-Virus quarantine data
 file extension dttIBM AS/400 data transfer
 file extension sorSOR OTDR data file
 file extension ecgECG Electrocardiography file
 file extension dup0Samsung Kies duplicate media file
 file extension sdifSound Description Interchange Format
 file extension if2Dell driver file
 file extension ostMicrosoft Outlook inbox off-line folder
asn file icon file extension asnAtlantis Word Processor sound scheme
 file extension nngPioneer AVIC Navigation unit data
 file extension acdRSLogix 5000 project
 file extension kit20-20 Design kitchen design
 file extension xstMicrosoft Outlook personal folders
 file extension volVolume data
 file extension lrprevAdobe Lightroom index
 file extension pimxAdobe Extension Manager file
 file extension fvuFile Validation Utility input data
 file extension azw3fAmazon Kindle metadata
 file extension coolQB - Text Analyzer vocabulary list
 file extension 2015Any data file created in 2015
 file extension adobepassdbAdobe data
 file extension mlpkginstallMATlab support package
 file extension lngLanguage definition
 file extension tocTable of contents file
 file extension vmbxHP TRIM Outlook saved message
 file extension vmVelocity template file
 file extension optMySQL database data
 file extension mltForecast Pro multivariate forecast
 file extension rkrCA Upgrade Wizard response file
 file extension zakSight Survey job data
 file extension mbpMobipocket eBook auxiliary data
 file extension attWeb Form Data file
vsto file icon file extension vstoMicrosoft Visual Studio data
 file extension avastlicAvast license
 file extension jrprintJasperReports print file
 file extension cr3Casio WK-1800 Keyboard registration data
 file extension datxDSPCon data file
 file extension rsdRosetta Stone data file
 file extension examProfExam exam data
 file extension asarElectron file
 file extension mbpv2Amazon Kindle data
 file extension ftwFamily Tree Maker project
 file extension refReference file
sp file icon file extension spSPICE data
 file extension tdsBorland Turbo Debugger symbol table
 file extension iczLib2Def output data
 file extension tftText Formatter Plus text file information
 file extension urpUniversal Report
xpt file icon file extension xptFirefox XPCOM type library
 file extension wixpdbWiX debug file
 file extension faFASTA DNA data file
 file extension phpCreataCard quick prints project
 file extension bpmBattle Planner module
 file extension ensEndNote style data
 file extension hprofEclipse Java heap dump
 file extension swxcfLogic Developer - PLC data
 file extension artxArtisteer project
 file extension motnApple Motion motion data
 file extension scsscSass compiled file
 file extension pkgxConfiguration Manager Prestage content file
 file extension pkinstallsandboxmanagerMac OS X file
dm file icon file extension dmParadox data model
 file extension impFileMaker Pro import data filter
 file extension ndxdBase index
pd file icon file extension pdCorel Paradox table
pma file icon file extension pmaMicrosoft Windows Performance Monitor data
 file extension exbEvernote database
 file extension fwuRicoh firmware update file
 file extension mfrAutodesk Moldflow result data
wsb file icon file extension wsbMicrosoft Works portfolio
 file extension as2ACTIVstudio resource data
 file extension bcmBusiness Contact Manager data
 file extension gdbindexesArcGIS geodatabase index
 file extension 8IBM Embedded ViaVoice voice type languages scripts data file format
 file extension enc2Samsung Galaxy encrypted firmware update
 file extension l5xRockwell Automation RSLogix 5000 import / export data
 file extension rfuHP Remote Firmware Upgrade
 file extension zgyPetrel compressed seismic data
 file extension qrdBI/Query result data
 file extension procspecSpectraSuite data
 file extension sb2Scratch project
 file extension zzzCCleaner securely erased data
 file extension sh3tSweet Home 3D textures library
 file extension adobepassdb_3Adobe file
 file extension aedtANSYS Electronics Desktop data
con file icon file extension conCorel WordPerfect concordance file
 file extension fzzFritzing project
 file extension md5Checksum file
 file extension ltbAmma Little Setup Builder file
 file extension mnfADAMS/Flex model neutral data
 file extension txPhotoline 5 help data
 file extension dmcnModal Solutions Datamartist data canvas
 file extension ixoLightCycler Software experiment file
 file extension mlrMollier Sketcher document
 file extension fmzform-Z project
 file extension pklMicrosoft Exchange migration wizard packing list
 file extension prqInstallShield prerequisite file
 file extension vdatSkyGazer data
 file extension 4dvVoluson ultrasound machine ultrasound
 file extension gllEASE SpeakerLab compiled text
 file extension i64Interactive Disassembler data
 file extension geoTrumpf TruTops file
 file extension onetoc2Microsoft OneNote table of contents file
 file extension cmtxe-Sword commentary data
 file extension nsNSwin project
 file extension sqlite-walSQLite quasi-persistent file
 file extension qmsbQuestionmark Secure data
 file extension keystoreJava keytool key database
 file extension vmodVassal module
 file extension xitSpatialAnalyzer file
 file extension evcdEVCD database
 file extension bpmnAvantage template
 file extension zlicKeyShot licence
 file extension lib4dCinema 4D library
 file extension rdatRNA Data (RDAT) format
 file extension dctSpell checking dictionary file
 file extension dicDictionary file
 file extension exoMotorola EXORmacs data
 file extension fdDataFlex field offsets for compiler
 file extension fprFruitypro samples humanize presets grooves data
 file extension hbkMathcad handbook
 file extension hlxMultiEdit help file
 file extension olnMicrosoft Visual C++ outline examples data
 file extension patchPatch
uccapilog file icon file extension uccapilogMicrosoft Windows Live Messenger UCC API log
pdx file icon file extension pdxAdobe Acrobat index
 file extension plgMicrosoft Developer Studio build log
 file extension s2pSonnet S-device parameter data file
 file extension sparSpartan chemical modeller output data
 file extension tfsTurbo Profiler statistical information data
 file extension usbSiSoftware Sandra file
 file extension hcsNHP eSubmission Builder submission package
dmp file icon file extension dmpMemory dump, screen dump, junk files
 file extension cieCIE File Format file - color information
 file extension c2kMicrosoft Project holidays data
 file extension dnxIBM Rational software file
 file extension dvsEnterprise Vault DVS file
glk file icon file extension glkMicrosoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove shortcut
lwx file icon file extension lwxLightwright database
 file extension pf3SmartWare project source code
 file extension tdcALLCapture project
 file extension ulbCOBOL Unisys Library
 file extension bglBabylon glossary file
 file extension ese2Edius seek information file
drx file icon file extension drxAdobe Photoshop tutorial data
 file extension 900NCBridge NC900 boot software data
 file extension aqAncestral Quest Genealogy file
 file extension twdMindMapper brainstorm and visual map
 file extension spoSPSS 15 and earlier output data
 file extension esxXactimate file
 file extension trashesMac OS X trash file
 file extension undfUndefined file format
 file extension spmoSpeedView meta object
 file extension azw3rAmazon Kindle metadata
 file extension yepYamaha Expansion Pack file
 file extension hfssAnsoft HFSS project
 file extension he5Hierarchical Data Format release 5 file
 file extension mechdbANSYS Mechanical database
 file extension lvixLightworks video index
 file extension bsmxBeerSmith file
 file extension avolPatient 3D volume data
 file extension nlfClickTracks normalized log
 file extension oaOrCAD PCB Designer OpenAccess database
 file extension avastvpnAvast SecureLine license file
 file extension hdVistaCodecs data
 file extension xmzxSofTest exam data
 file extension mtpfMoony-SpriteBatch texture
 file extension vsmetaSynology Video Station metadata
 file extension bdcLingvo dictionary
crs file icon file extension crsCorel WordPerfect conversion resource data
 file extension dadChromeleon Channel RAW data
 file extension qmblLabQuest results file
 file extension digiDIGIBooster module format
dtl file icon file extension dtlMicrosoft Windows application log
 file extension fmsLotus Freelance Graphics file
hwl file icon file extension hwlCorel WordPerfect shared Writing Tools 9.0 file
 file extension idIBM Lotus Notes ID data
 file extension idtWindows Installer exported database table
 file extension ixfIntegration Exchange Format file
lbx file icon file extension lbxVisual FoxPro main (DBF) label description data
 file extension lcdAbbyy Finereader sprint file
mswmm file icon file extension mswmmMicrosoft Windows Movie Maker project
 file extension pswBroderbund Print Shop Deluxe data
 file extension ptdPro/ENGINEER exported table
 file extension pimaAdobe Application Manager update package
 file extension qmQt compiled translation source
sbx file icon file extension sbxAdobe Illustrator Tsume file
 file extension mj3id Software online sale file
 file extension sceSoftCuisine data exchange format
 file extension scnKermit screen dump or file
ups file icon file extension upsMicrosoft Works file
vcs file icon file extension vcsvCalendar event
 file extension vpVisual Passage Planer profile
 file extension 5IBM Embedded ViaVoice voice type languages scripts data file format
gp3 file icon file extension gp3Guitar Pro 3 project
 file extension afrFreeBSD file
 file extension anbi2 Analyst's Notebook analytical chart
 file extension criCrystal Reports file
 file extension ex4MetaTrader program data
 file extension gprGenePix results file
 file extension gwlNanoscribe General Writing Language file
 file extension pilCMA Microdialysis trend data
 file extension ptvMemoriesOnTV photo slide show project
 file extension srdPowerBuilder data window file
 file extension musxMin‐U‐Script Xpress transcript data
 file extension ttxCrystal Reports data connection file
 file extension uirLabWindows user interface resource data
 file extension vxfMicrosoft Money data
 file extension wipCyberScrub Privacy Suite wipe file
 file extension htsXL2 data
 file extension smpakSuperMemo UX file
 file extension vxeAgilent VEE runtime program file
 file extension dylibXcode dynamic library
 file extension passXcode wallet data
 file extension priMicrosoft Windows compiled resources file
itdb file icon file extension itdbApple iTunes database
 file extension apdbApple Photo library
 file extension spssSPSS data file
 file extension upgFirmware upgrade
 file extension cxmlMicrosoft Silverlight server side data
 file extension imdCaseware IDEA data
 file extension flatFlat data
 file extension fnmApache Lucene field file
 file extension ctrCTRAN/W define data file format
fileloc file icon file extension filelocApple Mac OS X Finder internet location file
wflow file icon file extension wflowApple Mac OS X Automator workflow file
meta file icon file extension metaRealPlayer metafile
 file extension fdseqXPS document related data
 file extension sdmdocumentMicrosoft SDM document
 file extension iconboxiconIconBox file
 file extension cedataPogoplug file
 file extension esdMicrosoft Windows electronic software download
 file extension licensekeyCoriolis iPartition license information data
 file extension mrecMADRIX record file
 file extension ffvFirstVue data file
 file extension b5sNumerical Controlled Machine data
 file extension elgEnable activity log
 file extension examcardsMRI ExamCards file
 file extension xmodDatawatch Monarch model file
 file extension iosApple iOS file
 file extension fileGeneric file
 file extension ldtOracle Database loader data
 file extension bytesUnity binary text asset data
 file extension wrnEclipse data
 file extension diagsessionMicrosoft Visual Studio diagnostic session
 file extension bluestacksBlueStacks App Player data
 file extension ovrThe Overlay Maker file
 file extension ttvTempTale Manager Desktop data
 file extension vmrsHyper-V virtual machine runtime state data
abc file icon file extension abcMicrografx FlowCharter data
ag file icon file extension agLotus Agenda file format
 file extension dll_non_optAdobe data
 file extension carAccelrys/MSI Biosym/Insight II CAR chemistry file
 file extension cifColombo Ipermedia data
crv file icon file extension crvCorelDRAW Corel PHOTO-PAINT 10 custom gradients file
 file extension defDefinition data
 file extension enlEndnote library
 file extension er1AllFusion ERWin data
rar file icon file extension rarJava JCA Resource Adapter module
 file extension idmUlead Photo Express messages file
 file extension part1NetObjects Fusion system data
pfl file icon file extension pflLotus Freelance for DOS 4.0 portfolio presentation
 file extension repGenerally report file
 file extension sgoECU update file
 file extension sclScala scale data file
 file extension sdbzSymantec Support Tool information data
vce file icon file extension vceAdobe Audition (Cool Edit) NMS data
 file extension 115Winfunktion Mathematik v8.0 Julia fractal data
 file extension 215Winfunktion Mathematik v8.0 Julia fractal file
 file extension garminGarmin Hacking Project file
 file extension bacBasic compiled program
 file extension al3Electronic Data Interchange data
 file extension am4AutoPlay Menu Studio version 4 project
 file extension bidBidMaker data
 file extension cfuSymantec Client Firewall policy data
ear file icon file extension earJava Enterprise application packaging unit
 file extension ebrAvaility electronic batch report data
 file extension ediEDI Engine Electronic Data Interchange format
 file extension eduEDU Internet domain
 file extension eisEIS Spectrum Analyser project
 file extension evsEasy Stand Alone file
 file extension mcbNEPLAN project
 file extension idiI-DEAS web access file
 file extension idpIBM Personal Communications interchange document profile
 file extension jmxApache JMeter file
 file extension jpoJPO data format
 file extension ltcLTC syntactically analyzed text
 file extension ndvENVI n-D visualizer state file
 file extension glpNaviEdit geoconsult long profile
 file extension pzfGraphPad Prism project
 file extension rfpRoboForm Passcard
 file extension rlxXMetaL compiled form file
 file extension sgySEG-Y seismic data format
 file extension slvSilva import and export file
 file extension sm4RHK Technology proprietary file format
 file extension ttsTrueTime session file
wer file icon file extension werMicrosoft Windows application error report
 file extension wf1EViews work file
 file extension w2pWebit project
 file extension xerPrimavera Project Management Propriety Exchange Format
 file extension absAbsolute Database single-file database file
 file extension bnkExamView question bank
stm file icon file extension stmHTML server side include file
jj file icon file extension jjJavaCC file
 file extension spcPKCS #7 certificate file
 file extension 2014Possibly any data file created in 2014
 file extension xsHummingbird Exceed file
trx file icon file extension trxMicrosoft Visual Studio test results
 file extension mvpMVPstats dataset file
svclog file icon file extension svclogMicrosoft Visual Studio diagnostics data
 file extension ordOMAX Routed Data File
vps file icon file extension vpsavast! Antivirus virus definition file
 file extension __aFFSJ split/join file
 file extension pdeArduino file
 file extension xtrXtreamer media streamer firmware upgrade
 file extension fwcSIMATIC WinCC project file
 file extension ismInstallShield project
 file extension cmblLogger Pro data
 file extension xmefTextMap evidence format file
cdf-ms file icon file extension cdf-msClickOnce Deployment binary manifest
 file extension adhAudible Manager file
 file extension srxSPARQL Query Results XML format result
sp2 file icon file extension sp2Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 installation data
 file extension psprojPyScripter project
 file extension eclipseproductEclipse Product Maker file
 file extension inspMicrosoft Visual Studio inspector data
 file extension rsdsSharePoint shared data source
 file extension ptePicturesToExe project
 file extension sbstoreMozilla Firefox data
 file extension gwtSpaceStat generalized weights format file
 file extension rmgcRootsMagic genealogy database
 file extension tp2WeiDU resource pack file
 file extension uzedFamily Tree Builder compressed Unicode GEDCOM data
 file extension npyNumPy data
 file extension pysMicrosoft Console Based Script Host file
 file extension ppkgMicrosoft Windows provisioning package
 file extension fzFritzing application data
 file extension rwtReadWriteThink file
 file extension xmlcASP.NET compiled XML data
 file extension wcapWireless Diagnostics captured packet
 file extension acsMicrosoft Agent character structured storage file
 file extension adcLingvo dictionary
 file extension brOmnis data file
 file extension eopEON Studio data
 file extension cpiAVCHD clip information
 file extension cdpSONY CD Architect project
 file extension chkScanDisk file fragment
 file extension dcdFORTRAN data
emx file icon file extension emxMS-DOS extender data
 file extension esoDesignBuilder EnergyPlus output file
 file extension etcEarthTime data
 file extension flbPapyrus Format Library
 file extension installlogMicrosoft .NET installation log
mem file icon file extension memMicrosoft Visual FoxPro mem
 file extension fmtDatabase format file
 file extension fwFramework database
vdf file icon file extension vdfSteam Client data file
tlb file icon file extension tlbVisual C++ type library file
 file extension gffSignalMap Gene-Finding Format (GFF) data file
 file extension indexEclipse help index
 file extension rpAxure RP project
 file extension linkCodeWarrior file
 file extension mmbMultiMedia Builder data
 file extension mp0Sony Ericsson GPEH session
 file extension mrgMicrosoft Windows Installer merge file
 file extension msdDINFO Diagnostic Utility report
 file extension myobMYOB data
 file extension ntxClipper database index
 file extension olkMicrosoft Outlook address book
 file extension rscResource file
 file extension skdVEX format file
 file extension fg3FX Graph interactive graph file
 file extension tagDataFlex query tag name data
tip file icon file extension tipWindows tip of the day data
windowslivecontact file icon file extension windowslivecontactMicrosoft Live Messenger file
 file extension tssTeam Sports Scheduling System project
 file extension vtuVisualization Toolkit unstructured points data
wve file icon file extension wveDivX movie conversion component
 file extension xenXenu's Link Sleuth saved results file
 file extension 107Winfunktion Mathematik v8.0 Julia fractal data
 file extension gbkDelphi runimage iblocal examples file
 file extension affAdvanced Forensics Format disk image
 file extension bswBusiness Scorecard Manager workspace
 file extension bsxPBASIC preprocessor output
 file extension dabOrangeCD Catalog database
 file extension dmiDreamMaker file
 file extension eapEnterprise Architect project file
 file extension etdAcrobat eBook Reader EBX transfer data
 file extension e2pPonyProg device file
 file extension eexOracle Discoverer EUL data
 file extension ghfTestLink SE309 binary data
 file extension gscGeneStudio file
 file extension hyvHy-Tek data file
 file extension jrnJournal file
 file extension ldtZEMAX source EULUMDAT file
 file extension dptBetter File Rename droplet file
 file extension mtoFastCAM MTO data file
 file extension cbbChessBase search booster file
 file extension peeSage Timberline Estimating file

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