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File extensions used for audio and sound file types.

An audio file format is a container format for storing audio data on a computer system. There are many formats of audio and codecs, but they can be divided in three basic groups: uncompressed audio file formats, lossless compression audio formats and lossy compression audio file formats.

The most used and known uncompressed audio file format is PCM, which is usually stored as a .wav on Windows or as .aiff on MAC. WAV and AIFF are a flexible file formats designed to store more or less any combination of sampling rates or bitrates. This makes them suitable file formats for storing and archiving the original recording. CD-quality sound files in uncompressed PCM format are large in size - around 10 MB per minute.

A lossless compressed format would require more processing for the same time recorded, but would be more efficient in terms of disk space used. Representative of lossless compressed format is FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec). FLAC file is an audio format similar to MP3, but lossless, meaning that the audio information is compressed in FLAC file without any loss in its audio quality. This is similar to how Zip works, except that with FLAC, you will get much better compression rate, because it is designed specifically for audio files.

Lossy compression audio file formats are the most used audio formats in today's computers and other multimedia equipment. The best known of compressed audio formats is MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3). MP3 file format, is a patented digital audio encoding format using a form of lossy data compression. It is a common audio format for consumer audio storage, as well as a de facto standard of digital audio compression for the transfer and playback of music on digital audio players.

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mp3 file icon file extension mp3Compressed audio and music file, mp3 songs or ringtones
 file extension wapttWhatsApp Messenger voicemail recording
wfp file icon file extension wfpTurtle Beach WaveFront audio data
cda file icon file extension cdaCD Audio track
 file extension i3packi3pack audio
 file extension sesxAdobe Audition audio session
 file extension recRecorded data
 file extension 3gaAudio file for wireless networks
 file extension wemWwise Encoded Media audio
 file extension mpdpMixPad project
 file extension opusOpus audio data
wpl file icon file extension wplMicrosoft Windows Media Player playlist
flac file icon file extension flacAudio files encoded by Flac - free lossless audio codec
 file extension ocdfOneClickDigital mp3 audio book
 file extension musFinale music file format
 file extension sibSibelius music notation
 file extension nmfNICE Media Player audio
midi file icon file extension midiMIDI-sequention sound
sf2 file icon file extension sf2Creative Labs SoundFont 2.0 sound bank
 file extension vdjsampleVirtualDJ audio sample
wav file icon file extension wavWAVe PCM Sound, standard Windows sound format
 file extension msczMuseScore compressed music score sheet
 file extension zabZipped audio book
fsb file icon file extension fsbFMOD audio
 file extension 2chSuper Audio CD track
 file extension pcmPCM audio data file
amr file icon file extension amrAdaptive Multi-Rate compressed audio
 file extension 2Saltlake city game music data
 file extension trmCourt record audio format
 file extension br25BMW iDrive multimedia data
gp5 file icon file extension gp5Guitar Pro 5 project
 file extension arfWebEx advanced record file
 file extension sngAudio or song
 file extension ds2Olympus Digital Speech Standard recorded audio
avr file icon file extension avrAudio Visual Research sound file
 file extension slxSpectraLayers Pro audio project
 file extension wvWavPack lossless compressed audio
 file extension aaxAudible enhanced audio data
m4a file icon file extension m4aMPEG-4 compressed audio
nvf file icon file extension nvfCreative Labs Nomad recorded voice
 file extension xkrSing Magic karaoke song
 file extension dcfDRM content format delivery data
ogg file icon file extension oggOgg Vorbis audio
 file extension plpSandisk Sansa playlist
ses file icon file extension sesAdobe Audition session data
band file icon file extension bandGarageBand music project
 file extension dssOlympus Digital Speech Standard
 file extension musxFinale notation
 file extension ap4Kids&Us Talking Pen audio
aac file icon file extension aacAdvanced audio coding stream file
sdx file icon file extension sdxAudio sample
fls file icon file extension flsAdobe Flash Lite sound bundle
nwc file icon file extension nwcNoteworthy Composer song
mid file icon file extension midMIDI audio
 file extension mxlCompressed MusicXML music notation file
 file extension nkiNative Instruments instruments sample
bnk file icon file extension bnkAdlib instrument audio bank
 file extension br28BMW iDrive multimedia data
vce file icon file extension vceYamaha normal voice file
aup file icon file extension aupAudacity project
 file extension fnfForte notation file
 file extension dvfSony DV voice data
vox file icon file extension voxADPCM Dialogic sound data
 file extension thdDolby TrueHD audio data
sty file icon file extension styYamaha general style data
 file extension eac3Dolby Digital Plus audio track
 file extension rppREAPER project
 file extension albSteinberg Cubase or VST backup song
 file extension wrfWebEx recorded video
uax file icon file extension uaxUnreal audio package
 file extension dwpDarkWave Studio project
 file extension vdjVirtualDJ audio sample
 file extension acdACID Pro audio project
 file extension xpakXLN audio package
 file extension xsbXACT sound bank
wma file icon file extension wmaWindows Media Audio file
 file extension wppWavePad audio project
 file extension ac7Casio electronic keyboard rhythm data
 file extension sndSound data
ram file icon file extension ramReal Audio metafile
 file extension moggMultitrack digital audio format
 file extension ad44D Systems audio data
 file extension fstFL Studio saved state
 file extension zvrPhilips Voicetracer recorded voice
 file extension moiJVC Everio information data
raw file icon file extension rawRAW audio format
aa file icon file extension aaAudible audio
seq file icon file extension seqSony Playstation MIDI sequence
cdfs file icon file extension cdfsCompact Disc File System
 file extension flmFL Studio Mobile song
 file extension karMIDI Karaoke song
asf file icon file extension asfAdvanced Systems (streaming) format
 file extension 8svxAmiga 8-bit sound
 file extension gpxGuitar Pro 6 format
 file extension smpAudio data
au file icon file extension auUnix audio sound file format
 file extension rtmReal Tracker music module (MOD)
 file extension br5BMW iDrive multimedia data
ulaw file icon file extension ulawRaw CCITT/ITU G.711 US telephony audio format
 file extension elastikElastik engine sound bank
gp4 file icon file extension gp4Guitar Pro 4 project
sbk file icon file extension sbkCreative Labs EMU SoundFont v1 bank
 file extension cdgDART Karaoke Studio lyrics
 file extension nsmpNord audio keyboards sample
 file extension smfStandard MIDI file format
 file extension br4BMW iDrive multimedia data
asx file icon file extension asxMicrosoft Advanced Streaming Redirector
 file extension xwbXACT wave bank data
 file extension 10Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music data
sds file icon file extension sdsMIDI sample sound (DUMP standard file)
 file extension mukMultak Mini 8162 encoded audio karaoke
spx file icon file extension spxSpeex encoded audio
 file extension nmsvNative Instruments MASSIVE audio data file
 file extension sabsCall ot Duty: Black Ops sound archive
 file extension sgwn-Track Studio packed song
 file extension ripHit’n’Mix audio format
 file extension angAnghami audio
 file extension ytifIndependence instrument file
 file extension omfOpen Media Framework file
 file extension mmmMAGIX Music Maker audio arrangement data
 file extension svdRoland Fantom audio
logic file icon file extension logicApple Logic Pro music project
ksf file icon file extension ksfKorg Trinity sample file
 file extension stem.mp4Native Instruments Stems audio
 file extension msvSony Memory Stick compressed voice file
dlp file icon file extension dlpDirectMusic Producer DLS data
 file extension ajpAJP Player video
 file extension 16Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music data
 file extension mguBand-in-a-Box MIDI song
 file extension omaSony OpenMG music format
kmp file icon file extension kmpKorg Trinity audio
xmi file icon file extension xmiMiles Sound System extended MIDI audio
 file extension recordRecorded audio data
sdk file icon file extension sdkRoland S-550/S-50/W-30 disk image
 file extension h2songHydrogen drum notes
 file extension mp_Mobile phone sound
aiff file icon file extension aiffAudio Interchange File Format
 file extension mmpzLinux MultiMedia Studio project
 file extension svqRoland Keyboard midi sequence file
vsb file icon file extension vsbVirtual Sampler audio bank
m4r file icon file extension m4rApple iPhone ringtone format
 file extension nspComputerized Speech Lab audio speech format
gig file icon file extension gigGigaSampler/GigaStudio audio data
 file extension acmACM compressed sound
cpa file icon file extension cpaAdobe Premiere conformed audio
sf file icon file extension sfIRCAM / MTU SoundFile format
 file extension abmMusic album
sd file icon file extension sdEntropic sound data format
 file extension audioGame sounds or other audio data
voc file icon file extension vocCreative Labs sound data
 file extension gtpGuitar Pro project
caf file icon file extension cafApple Core Audio Format
 file extension stemNative Instruments Stems audio data
mp4a file icon file extension mp4aMPEG-4 MP4A audio
mka file icon file extension mkaMatroska audio
404 file icon file extension 404Muon DS404 bank
 file extension azxZX Audio file format
 file extension rx2ReCycle! audio loop file
rex file icon file extension rexReCycle audio loop
m4p file icon file extension m4pApple iTunes Music Store audio
 file extension audionoteAudioNote data
apex file icon file extension apexAVM Sample Studio bank file
 file extension xpfLinux MultiMedia Studio instrument preset
 file extension dsfDelusion/XTracker digital sample
fla file icon file extension flaAudio files encoded by Flac - free lossless audio codec
dls file icon file extension dlsDownLoadable sound
 file extension audNICE Media Player audio
 file extension rnsReason audio project
vag file icon file extension vagSony Playstation/PS2 compressed sound
gsm file icon file extension gsmGSM sound
fsc file icon file extension fscFruityLoops score
cmf file icon file extension cmfCreative Labs FM-synthesis music file
 file extension uvnYamaha Tyros audio
 file extension sfzSoundFont compressed audio
 file extension abkNeed for Speed Underground audio data
mmp file icon file extension mmpMixMeister Studio playlist
 file extension aafAdvanced Authoring Format
 file extension sguBand-in-a-Box midi song
 file extension h2pZebra preset
 file extension webaZoom Player WebM audio
fsm file icon file extension fsmFarandole Composer WaveSample music format
 file extension hmaSony MiniDisc audio file
sfd file icon file extension sfdSoundStage sound data
 file extension nbsMinecraft Note Block Studio audio
ape file icon file extension apeMonkey's Audio lossless audio compression format
 file extension kfnKaraFun karaoke song
 file extension cdoCrescendo music score
 file extension sablCall ot Duty: Black Ops audio library
 file extension swaAdobe Shockwave music data
 file extension mtdMusicnotes digital music sheet
sw file icon file extension sw16-bit audio sound raw signed PCM data
 file extension cwpCakewalk Sonar audio project
 file extension bmuBioWare music unit
sfark file icon file extension sfarkMelody Machine compressed SoundFont file
 file extension rcpRecomposer MIDI sequencer music data
g726 file icon file extension g726Raw CCITT/ITU G.726 ADPCM sound data
 file extension wrkCakewalk music project
flp file icon file extension flpFL studio saved track
 file extension itzImpulse Tracker music module
 file extension logicxApple Logic Pro X project
rtttl file icon file extension rtttlRTTTL / Nokring mobile ring-tone format
hsc file icon file extension hscHSC tracker 2-op FM music data
 file extension krxKaraoke Midi file
 file extension tshCenix audio
 file extension mx6Mixcraft 6 audio
 file extension nakAudio file
ra file icon file extension raRealAudio audio
 file extension pcPersonal Composer musical notation
 file extension gmTransport Tycoon game music
m4b file icon file extension m4bMPEG-4 Audio Layer audio book
 file extension vsqVocaloid audio sequence
 file extension oveOverture music score
 file extension songSystem 7 sound
 file extension dmpatchFruity Loops Studio patch
 file extension mscxMuseScore music score
 file extension dmkitDrumaxx file
 file extension vsqxVOCALOID Editor project
ec3 file icon file extension ec3Dolby Digital AC3 audio
sts file icon file extension stsScreamTracker song format
 file extension brrSNES BRR (Bit Rate Reduction) audio data
 file extension ngrrGUITAR RIG sound
 file extension bvfiRock digital voice recorder audio data
cdr file icon file extension cdrRAW CD-format audio
 file extension dtmDigitrakker audio module
 file extension drmCubase Drum map setup file
 file extension tlOpenTL Open track list file
 file extension dvadps Velocity split audio
imf file icon file extension imfApogee IMF audio file format
 file extension alsAbleton Live project
 file extension mpcMusePack audio data
 file extension dvcDragon NaturallySpeaking voice command
 file extension ymAY-3-8910 audio data
 file extension dkdKaraoke music
 file extension 7Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music data
 file extension bwwBagpipe Music Writer music notation
 file extension alcVisual MP3 embedded dynamic lyrics
 file extension gogDrumagog sample data
rad file icon file extension radReality AdLib Tracker 2 audio data
 file extension dtshdDTS-HD master audio
 file extension mzMozart compressed data
 file extension tslCenix audio
 file extension myrMyriad music sheet
ac3 file icon file extension ac3Dolby Digital sound
 file extension rsfLEGO MINDSTORMS robot sound
 file extension architectSoundweb London design
vm1 file icon file extension vm1Panasonic voice
 file extension kamMeragana karaoke data
dmf file icon file extension dmfDelusion/Xtracker audio format
 file extension ckfCasio Keyboard audio
wax file icon file extension waxWindows Media Audio redirector
mpa file icon file extension mpaMPEG audio
nist file icon file extension nistHTK NIST audio data
mld file icon file extension mldi-Melody format for i-Mode
 file extension mctMusicator MIDI file
son file icon file extension sonNotator SL audio
 file extension mesA2B Player file format
efa file icon file extension efaEnsoniq ASR instrument
psf file icon file extension psfSony Playstation sound format
s3p file icon file extension s3pAKAI MESA II/PC S-series program
uni file icon file extension uniUniMOD/MikMOD music module
sdir file icon file extension sdirApple Logic Space Designer impulse response data
sfr file icon file extension sfrSonic Foundry sample resource file
 file extension bmwBuzzPlay music with waves
shn file icon file extension shnShorten compressed audio data
 file extension br27BMW iDrive multimedia data
 file extension sd2fSound Designer 2 audio
exs file icon file extension exsApple Logic EXS24 instrument data
ams file icon file extension amsVelvet Studio module
 file extension mfbEnsoniq MR 76 audio data
 file extension takTAK lossless compressed audio
cdda file icon file extension cddaApple iTunes AIFF audio data
 file extension pttunePxTone audio data
 file extension uvdYamaha Tyros4 audio data
ede file icon file extension edeEnsoniq EPS disk image
mss file icon file extension mssMiles Sound System DLS 1 sound format
its file icon file extension itsImpulse Tracker sample
 file extension laLa lossless compressed audio data
 file extension ckbCricket Audio sound bank file
 file extension digAudio file
lso file icon file extension lsoApple Logic song
 file extension lyLilyPond music score
 file extension vifTomTom Navigator voices
 file extension vyfSamsung digital voice recorder file
 file extension psiPsion A-law audio file
 file extension elpHotRecorder proprietary audio data
 file extension mx5Mixcraft 5 audio project
 file extension adgAbleton Live device group data
 file extension tn7Casio WK-3000 tone
bam file icon file extension bamBob's Adlib music file format
xa file icon file extension xaSony PlayStation multimedia file
ibk file icon file extension ibkSound Blaster FM instrument bank
fzf file icon file extension fzfCasio FZ-1 full dump
 file extension wsxSysEx Librarian data
 file extension waveWAVe PCM sound
 file extension dpdocDigital Performer project
 file extension ariaChipsounds audio data
afc file icon file extension afcCompressed audio interchange file format
 file extension mp3aRenamed MP3 audio
 file extension aobDVD Audio Object data
 file extension dvwDektron Digital Voice Recorder audio data
svx file icon file extension svxSound (Amiga 8SVX format)
 file extension xmzFasttracker 2 extended audio module
 file extension vy3Samsung digital voice recorder format
 file extension vbkCallPilot audio
 file extension nfm8Native Instruments KOMPLETE FM8 sound
 file extension pumaPumatraker data
 file extension w02Yamaha cat audio sample
d00 file icon file extension d00Adlib/Edlib sound
dx7 file icon file extension dx7Yamaha DX-series raw audio data
 file extension dauExpress Dictate dictate record
 file extension ptbPower Tab guitar tablature
 file extension ftcWavePad audio data
orc file icon file extension orcCSound Orchestra midi audio
 file extension amzAmazon MP3 Downloader data
 file extension voxalVoxal Voice Changer project file
w64 file icon file extension w64Sonic Foundry Wave-64 format
 file extension vgmVideo Game Music file
 file extension gbsNintendo Game Boy music audio data
 file extension cwbSonar project archive file
iff file icon file extension iffAmiga Interchange File format
rmp file icon file extension rmpRealAudio audio metadata
xi file icon file extension xiFastracker 2.0 instrument
 file extension kmaVideo Hoster karaoke data
 file extension myAudio data
 file extension mffCakewalk MIDI format
stmp file icon file extension stmpApple Soundtrack Pro project
 file extension sbgSBaGen binaural beat data
 file extension vstVST audio plug-in
 file extension aa3Sony ATRAC audio
 file extension dsdDirect Stream Digital audio
 file extension amxdMax for Live project
 file extension rflReason sound bank
 file extension x3aMOTIF XF data
plm file icon file extension plmDisorderTracker2 module
rma file icon file extension rmaRealMedia audio data
 file extension oddCoby voice recorder format
 file extension mgbParagon5 Gameboy Tracker audio
 file extension zaxZaxcom audio data
 file extension kinCakewalk Kinetic music project
 file extension abcMusical notation language file
 file extension tksTraktor Pro MIDI map
arl file icon file extension arlAureal Aspen audio bank
 file extension mx4Mixcraft 4 audio
 file extension s48Jutel RadioMan MPEG2 audio
s3m file icon file extension s3mScream Tracker v3 module
 file extension esuLokSound Electronic Sound File
alaw file icon file extension alawA-law G.711 European telephony data
 file extension w03Yamaha pig audio sample
mp1 file icon file extension mp1MPEG Audio Stream, Layer I
 file extension bnkSpotify playlist
 file extension adtsAudio Data Transport Stream
 file extension $riSteinberg Cubase compressed audio data
669 file icon file extension 6698 channels MOD 669 module
 file extension nstNoiseTracker music module
lam file icon file extension lamNetscape Media Player streaming audio metafile
 file extension kozSprint Music Store music data
 file extension mo3MO3 MOD audio format
 file extension eopEveryonePiano music score
 file extension cvsCVS and VMS sound (continuous variable slope)
xm file icon file extension xmFastTracker 2 instrument module
 file extension rsnPropellerhead Reason audio data
 file extension drxDaVinci Resolve eXchange data
efe file icon file extension efeEnsoniq EPS instrument file
sc2 file icon file extension sc2Sample Cell II PC/Mac instrument
mjf file icon file extension mjfMjuice MP3 audio file
 file extension vmoSiemens SL45 mobile phone voice record
 file extension dm1Desktop Music Software score file
 file extension ptxPro Tools session
dro file icon file extension droDOSBox Raw OPL format
alw file icon file extension alwA-law G.711 European telephony format
 file extension acidSony ACID Pro project
rol file icon file extension rolAdLib Visual Composer music data
 file extension rhlEdgeSounds RatHole compressed audio file
 file extension audio temporary data
krz file icon file extension krzKurzweil 2000 sample file
 file extension sriDragon NaturallySpeaking audio data
 file extension st3Star 3 MIDI karaoke data
 file extension ad3ADPCM 3-bit compressed voice
 file extension isbVanguard music data
 file extension mmjprojectMAGIX Music Maker jam project
 file extension mk1Karaoke audio data
 file extension ogaOgg Vorbis audio
eda file icon file extension edaEnsoniq ASR disk image
 file extension swvYamaha Sweet! voices sound data
 file extension br29BMW iDrive multimedia data
 file extension sg4Band-in-a-Box song file
 file extension rf64Winamp RIFF64 broadcast wave format
 file extension hhHammerHead drumloop
 file extension lmsLight-O-Rama musical sequence
dr8 file icon file extension dr8DR-008 drumkit
 file extension sbmHello Network HelloCombined Media Player file format
rmx file icon file extension rmxRealMedia secure media clip
sd2 file icon file extension sd2Sound Designer 2 audio data
 file extension niffNotation Interchange File Format
 file extension m2sMPEG-2 video stream
 file extension xwmaxWMA audio compression format
 file extension mf3Ensoniq MR-76 audio data
da file icon file extension daSony PlayStation CD-DA format
 file extension ahxWinAHX tracker module
 file extension n3aPanasonic security camera recorded audio
 file extension nprNuendo file
 file extension xvagSony PlayStation 3 audio
 file extension hsbHALion sampler data
 file extension zafZoom Audio data
 file extension nxtNeXTSTEP sound format
 file extension rsoLEGO NXT brick audio data
 file extension qcpQualcomm PureVoice QCELP recorder and player voice
 file extension w07Yamaha elephant audio sample
 file extension sdatNintendo DS sound data
 file extension spsStoneTracker audio
 file extension datSony Digital Audio Tape
 file extension mv3Audio data
 file extension dmseRoxio Sound Editor project
 file extension _02Soundtrack compressed data
 file extension pnoMicrosoft Windows 8 Piano song
 file extension atpSony music format
gdm file icon file extension gdmBells, Whistles, and Sound Boards module
 file extension sa1Panasonic AAC data
 file extension w01Yamaha dog audio sample
aif file icon file extension aifAudio Interchange Format audio
tvn file icon file extension tvnYamaha Tyros 2 voice
psb file icon file extension psbPinnacle sound bank
 file extension cs3Casio WK-1800 Keyboard output file
g723 file icon file extension g723Raw CCITT/ITU G.723 ADPCM sound format
wfd file icon file extension wfdTurtle Beach WaveFront drum set format
 file extension vy4Samsung voice codec file
 file extension lvpAvaya Voice Player compressed voice audio
 file extension zikCryo ZIK audio data
 file extension xtFastTracker music track file
mus file icon file extension musDoom music file
 file extension sagSagem ringtone format
 file extension m3aEnhanced M3U playlist
emb file icon file extension embEverest embedded bank file
 file extension smfmfAudio data
laa file icon file extension laaLucasArts AdLib audio file format
iti file icon file extension itiImpulse Tracker instrument
 file extension rgpRosegarden project file
 file extension afsSega Dreamcast compressed audio
 file extension fc4AMIGA Futur-Composer module
 file extension musSCORE Music publishing system music notation
 file extension minibankMini V data
 file extension truehdDolby TrueHD audio
 file extension nbktNative Instruments BATTERY audio data
 file extension rhpEncore file format
 file extension dmptrnFruity Loops Studio pattern
vqf file icon file extension vqfTwinVQ audio data
 file extension mwwMusic Works data
 file extension ad2ADPCM 2-bit compressed voice
 file extension snSound Club editor compressed song
s file icon file extension sAKAI S1000/S1100/S01 sample
bwf file icon file extension bwfBroadcast wave file format
 file extension eaEarAche audio
 file extension mp3gWinCDG Pro MP3+G Karaoke file
 file extension nslaNero Video audio data
akai file icon file extension akaiAkai S-series floppy disk image
 file extension draDragon NaturallySpeaking voice
 file extension sqtTechnics SX-KN6000 multiple sequence data
 file extension exbCreative Emulator X audio
 file extension sg2Band-in-a-Box audio
rmj file icon file extension rmjRealAudio media
 file extension w06Yamaha lion audio sample
 file extension mwkMusicWrite music score file
 file extension ayAudio Overload project
edk file icon file extension edkEnsoniq KT disk image
 file extension mkfKarabox music
 file extension m3vDJ Mix Pro playlist
alac file icon file extension alacApple Lossless Audio Codec encoded audio track
toc file icon file extension tocSony Playstation Portable sound file
 file extension esECHOSPEECH data
 file extension vigAudio data
a3s file icon file extension a3sYamaha A3000 sample
aifc file icon file extension aifcAudio Interchange File Format sound file with compression
 file extension aupresetApple Logic Studio preset file
 file extension mg2Band-in-a-Box song file
w7a file icon file extension w7aYamaha Motif ES format
 file extension e2evKorg Electribe event recorder pattern
sxt file icon file extension sxtPropellerheads Reason 2 NN-XT sound data
 file extension ssdlSonicfire Pro music
 file extension voxAdobe Audition wave sound
 file extension cmoSpanish Whiz sound
 file extension eolDigital Winds audio
edv file icon file extension edvEnsoniq VFX-SD disk image
 file extension evxEVO record data
 file extension audDTS sound data stream file format
gi! file icon file extension gi!GigaSampler/GigaStudio split audio
 file extension omxOtsAV media library information
 file extension lmeLegglessMusicEditor sound
w7v file icon file extension w7vYamaha Motif ES voices format
 file extension astAudio stream
 file extension vgzVideo Game Music compressed data
 file extension miaMusicIndiaOnline Trident Player music
mpga file icon file extension mpgaMpeg-1 Layer3 audio stream
 file extension vsiVSampler instrument file
 file extension gymSega Genesis music logged data
 file extension rtaIBM Voice Type languages vocabulary
 file extension x3vYamaha Motif audio
 file extension allSteinberg Cubase song
 file extension vmSamsung cell phone voice memo
 file extension nwpNoteworthy Player file type
 file extension camelsoundsCamel Audio Alchemy sound library

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