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File extensions used by software developers and programmers as a source code or script file types

List of common source code files

Source code and script file extension list

File extensions used by software developers and programmers as a source code or script file types.

A source code file is a human readable text file that contains a collection of statements or declarations in any of many computer programming languages (e.g. BASIC, PASCAL, DELPHI, C, C++, C#, COBOL, etc.). Source code is the mechanism used by programmers and developers to specify the actions to be performed by the computer.

Source code file can easily be edited in a simple text editor, but developers often use specialized applications, that are more comfortable for writing and editing source codes in their favorite programming language (e.g. Microsoft Visual Studio, or Xcode under Mac OS X). Text source code file can be compiled to a binary executable format by a program called compiler. Compilers are often part of source code editors and development tools.

A Script file is a simple text files containing instructions, written in one of the many scripting languages, than can also be embedded in a program or application environment.

Script files are distinct from the core code of program and can be easily edited by users. Scripts are very often used for automation of job control in operating systems or applications. Many computer games use a custom scripting language to express the programmed actions of non-player characters (NPCs) and the game environment.
Web developers take control of operations of web browsers or web pages by using scripting languages, such as JavaScript, AJAX, XUL, VBScript, ActionScript etc.. Web servers support many of the scripting languages, such as PHP, JSP, Perl, Python, ColdFusion or ASP/ASP.NET for dynamically created and database driven websites.

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aspx file icon file extension aspxActive Server Page Extended ASP.NET script
 file extension jsonJavaScript object notation data interchange format
do file icon file extension doJava Servlet file
jsp file icon file extension jspJAVA Server page file
ser file icon file extension serJava serialized object
 file extension inoArduino sketch
 file extension sSource code
xml file icon file extension xmlXML document
 file extension gcodeG-code source code
aia file icon file extension aiaAdobe Illustrator action data
 file extension inoInno Setup script
 file extension rpyPython script
py file icon file extension pyPython script language source code
php file icon file extension phpPHP script or page
rdf file icon file extension rdfResource Description Framework data
c file icon file extension cC/C++ main source code
jsf file icon file extension jsfAdobe Fireworks batch script
 file extension atomsvcAtom Syndication file format
 file extension oObject format
asp file icon file extension aspActive Server Page script page
pdb file icon file extension pdbMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ program database
 file extension mrcmIRC script
jad file icon file extension jadJava application descriptor file
asm file icon file extension asmAssembler source code
htm file icon file extension htmHTML Hypertext Markup Language web page
sh file icon file extension shUnix Bourne Shell (Bash) script
bas file icon file extension basBasic source code
h file icon file extension hC/C++ header data
 file extension rR script
js file icon file extension jsJavaScript source code script
cpp file icon file extension cppC++ main source code file format
 file extension libMicrosoft Linker input library data
 file extension mObjective-C language source data
 file extension rpycRen'Py game engine compiled script
 file extension pPython module
 file extension lxkCOREX lexicon link-up file
sln file icon file extension slnMicrosoft Visual Studio solution data
 file extension rccResource script
action file icon file extension actionApple Automator action script
 file extension tomlTOML source code
lua file icon file extension luaLua script
bat file icon file extension batBatch file (executable)
 file extension pycCompiled Python script source code
 file extension c3pXPanel project
pod file icon file extension podPerl POD-formated text
 file extension absGNU C Compiler ELF/DWARF format absolute data
 file extension luacLua compiled source code
 file extension salSQL Application Language source code
 file extension astaAstah project
vbs file icon file extension vbsVisual Basic script
 file extension asiAssembly language header
cs file icon file extension csMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C#.NET source data
 file extension srcGenerally source code
 file extension picklePython Pickle data
pl file icon file extension plPerl script language source code
 file extension momXcode compiled core database data model file format
 file extension scbCommand & Conquer World Builder script
 file extension graphmlGraph Markup Language source code
 file extension mlxMeshlab filter script
fs file icon file extension fsMicrosoft Visual F# source code
xla file icon file extension xlaMicrosoft Excel add-in
 file extension insInstallShield script
 file extension html5HTML5 Hypertext Markup Language revision 5 source
 file extension facesJavaServer Faces FacesServlet page
 file extension nupkgNuGet source code package
 file extension ipsIPIX IPScript data
mst file icon file extension mstWindows Installer transform script
mf file icon file extension mfJava manifest
cfm file icon file extension cfmAdobe ColdFusion template
ws file icon file extension wsMicrosoft Windows script
idb file icon file extension idbMicrosoft Visual Studio developer intermediate debug data
 file extension sasfNASA spacecraft activity sequence
ss file icon file extension ssScheme source code
 file extension arxmlAUTOSAR XML data
 file extension rssReally Simple Syndication - RSS file format
 file extension gradleAndroid Studio build data
 file extension ejsEmbedded JavaScript template
 file extension fmbOracle Forms binary source code
xsd file icon file extension xsdXML schema description
 file extension rssRockwell Logix 500 SLC-5 software data
 file extension dtdDocument Type Definition format
mdp file icon file extension mdpMicrosoft Visual C++ Visual J++ MAK workspace (old project workspace)
axd file icon file extension axdASP.NET web handler
mm file icon file extension mmApple Xcode core Objective-C program source code
 file extension liquidShopify Liquid template
 file extension fFortran source code
 file extension prgProgram source data
c# file icon file extension c#Microsoft Visual C# data
 file extension scsLotus ScreenCam script
 file extension lucaLuca templates
 file extension bpDataFlex business process object
jsc file icon file extension jscJavaScript configuration
 file extension macMacro script
tcl file icon file extension tclTCL script source code
 file extension installMicrosoft Expression Web PHP script
 file extension smaliGoogle Android Smali Assembly Language developer data
 file extension resourcesMicrosoft Visual Studio resource
 file extension clsJavaScript class definition
 file extension mwpSTEP7-Micro WIN program
java file icon file extension javaJava language source code
cc file icon file extension ccC++ language source code
spr file icon file extension sprMicrosoft FoxPro form source data
 file extension gpGofer project source
 file extension ptxNVIDIA CUDA parallel thread execution assembly language data
 file extension mrlMRLR Multimedia Retrival Markup Language data
 file extension dD Programming Language source code
 file extension emaEPLAN macro
 file extension yamlYAML source code
csb file icon file extension csbCorel PHOTO-PAINT script
 file extension jdpBlackBerry JDE data
 file extension eEpsilon Editor EEL macro language
 file extension fasAutoCAD Fast-load Auto LISP compiled data file
vlx file icon file extension vlxAutoCAD AutoLISP macro application
inc file icon file extension incHTML server side include data
 file extension yypGameMaker Studio project
cgi file icon file extension cgiCommon Gateway Interface script
pm file icon file extension pmPerl Code script module
 file extension perlPerl source code
 file extension bashUnix Shell Script (bash)
 file extension brmlBig Red Markup Language source code
 file extension txxInsight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit data
 file extension mcModula-3 M3CG intermediate language data
 file extension wikiWiki markup source code file
 file extension dbgDebug data
csproj file icon file extension csprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C# project
 file extension derpDERP script
atp file icon file extension atpMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual SourceSafe ACT project
 file extension sfxSelf-extracting compressed archive
wbf file icon file extension wbfMicrosoft Windows batch file
 file extension filApplication Generator template
 file extension swiftApple Swift programming language source code
jav file icon file extension javJava language source code
 file extension pmpPHPMaker project
 file extension aveArcView Avenue script
 file extension scssSyntactically Awesome Stylesheets syntax data
 file extension wbtWinBatch script
dvb file icon file extension dvbAutodesk AutoCAD VBA source code
 file extension jsaJRun server application
 file extension ckmCreation Kit macro
 file extension historyEclipse IDE local history data
 file extension betaBeta programming language source code
 file extension codBlackberry compiled Java code
 file extension runUNIX Shell Installer installation archive
 file extension goGoogle Go programming language source code
 file extension agcAfterGRASP compiled script
 file extension lLex language source code
 file extension pyoPython compiled code
coverage file icon file extension coverageMicrosoft Visual Studio code coverage data
 file extension rpgThe RPG programming language source code
 file extension cmsCaseMap case script
 file extension ktKotlin source code
 file extension ioModula-3 object
 file extension asicASIC source code
 file extension bmlBinary Markup Language document
 file extension locLocalisation string resource header
 file extension mq4MetaQuotes Language 4 source code
 file extension dsdDocument Structure Definition format
 file extension pf3SmartWare project source code
 file extension vlsVisual Localize script
resx file icon file extension resxMicrosoft Visual Studio .NET XML resource template
 file extension xLex language source code
 file extension pytPython declaration data
 file extension balBorland programming language source code
pas file icon file extension pasDelphi unit source code
stm file icon file extension stmHTML server side include data file
 file extension cmakeCMake module or script
isa file icon file extension isaAdobe Photoshop ImageReady action data
 file extension eldTradeStation EasyLanguage document
 file extension iprIntelliJ project XML data
rc file icon file extension rcMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C/C++ resource script
mzp file icon file extension mzpAutodesk 3D Studio Max MAXScript zip package
gbl file icon file extension gblMicrosoft Visual Basic global definition
 file extension cpbComicino Studio project
rbf file icon file extension rbfMicrosoft Windows rollback script
 file extension dwarfDeebug with arbitrary record format file
 file extension nvinVidia graphics card driver settings
 file extension geojsonGeoJSON geographic format
 file extension saxSedona Framework XML application
 file extension eafELAN Annotation Format
 file extension prlPerl script
 file extension matlabMatlab script
 file extension mhlMedia Hash List
lsp file icon file extension lspLISP source code
 file extension mvbaBentley MicroStation VBA project
sct file icon file extension sctMicrosoft Windows script component
xsl file icon file extension xslXML eXtensible stylesheet
xlm file icon file extension xlmMicrosoft Excel macro
 file extension hbsJavaScript Handlebars.js template
csc file icon file extension cscCorelDRAW Corel SCRIPT script
vbe file icon file extension vbeVisual Basic encoded script
 file extension ebcMediaBASIC compiled project
 file extension bdtBDT script
 file extension smScriptMaker script
 file extension xamlExtensible Application Markup Language format
 file extension hsLiterate Haskell source code or script
 file extension inpOracle source code
nt file icon file extension ntWindows NT command script
arb file icon file extension arbAlphacam router VB macro
v4e file icon file extension v4eMicrosoft Windows Script Host data
 file extension lapScheme source code
 file extension mlML language source code
 file extension ipbiPhone Perl script
 file extension rePython Regular Expressions source code
 file extension formJava form
 file extension classpathEclipse IDE JAVA project related data
 file extension plxPERL programming language script
 file extension lmpArchiCAD Geometric Description Language source code
psm1 file icon file extension psm1Microsoft Windows PowerShell script module
 file extension scriptMicrosoft WinHelp related data
 file extension scrScript
 file extension apsMicrosoft Visual C++ binary resource
 file extension mfaClickTeam source data
 file extension gsGoogle Apps Script script
 file extension ptlPython template language data
cxx file icon file extension cxxC++ main source code file format
 file extension loginUNIX command data
 file extension pdmlPacket Details Markup Language source code
 file extension rfsRealFlow script file
 file extension gvGraphviz DOT language data
 file extension groovyGroovy programming language script
 file extension lisStructured Query Reporting output data
 file extension mrdMathRevolt Infinity document
jsx file icon file extension jsxAdobe After Effects script
vba file icon file extension vbaVisual Basic VBA module
 file extension ahkAutoHotkey script
scpt file icon file extension scptAppleScript script
ps1 file icon file extension ps1Windows PowerShell cmdlet script
jse file icon file extension jseJScript encoded script
 file extension slS-Lang language source code
 file extension lnkLinker response
ppam file icon file extension ppamMicrosoft PowerPoint macro-enabled Open XML add-in
command file icon file extension commandmacOS Terminal script
 file extension nseNmap security scanner scripting engine file
vcxproj file icon file extension vcxprojMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ project
 file extension pjtProject (Rational Rose/Visual C++)
 file extension mhmMicrosoft Mouse and Keyboard Center macro
 file extension moModula-3 object
 file extension xcpXLNT script command
vbp file icon file extension vbpMicrosoft Visual Basic project
 file extension cspkgMicrosoft Windows Azure package
mk file icon file extension mkMakefile file
phtml file icon file extension phtmlPHP Web page
 file extension rbRuby script
vip file icon file extension vipMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual Basic InterDev project
 file extension mwMediaWiki structured text file
 file extension a5rAdobe Authorware packaged file without runtime
dwt file icon file extension dwtAdobe Dreamweaver template
 file extension rbtLego MINDSTORMS NXT program
 file extension mq5MetaQuotes Language 5 source code
 file extension dprDelphi project
dist file icon file extension distApple Mac OS X Installer distribution script
xslt file icon file extension xsltXSL transform data
ptxml file icon file extension ptxmlMicrosoft Windows DLL XML related data
 file extension phlPHP source data
 file extension rpymRen'Py module data
 file extension dtxDocumented LaTeX source
 file extension pblPowerBASIC library
 file extension pywPython GUI source script
 file extension c++C++ source code
dbml file icon file extension dbmlMicrosoft Visual Studio Object Relational OR Designer design
 file extension traTrue BASIC applet
 file extension atsAdvanced ETL Processor transformation script
 file extension hdfHierarchical Data Format
 file extension mocMOCHA Java script
 file extension dlgMicrosoft Windows dialogue resource script
au3 file icon file extension au3AutoIt v3 script
as file icon file extension asAdobe Flash ActionScript document
csx file icon file extension csxMicrosoft Visual C# primary script
 file extension tiTimber compiler
 file extension jJava source code
 file extension xclXTree for Windows script
 file extension trigRDF serialization format
 file extension lubLua bytecode
 file extension wdlWorld definition language script
 file extension lstMicrosoft Visual Studio MASM listing data
 file extension f90Intel Fortran 90 language source
 file extension diffDiff source data
 file extension cprINMOS transputer development system occam program code
 file extension elEmacs Lisp programming language source code
 file extension mlvLabVIEW Mathscript data
 file extension seamSeam Framework JAVA servlet file
 file extension rmlRedline Markup Language source
 file extension hcHeader data
lisp file icon file extension lispLISP translators file
 file extension protoGoogle Protocol Buffers buffer file
 file extension lessLESS style sheet
 file extension bcpBorland C++ makefile
obj file icon file extension objMicrosoft Visual Studio object
 file extension egg-infoPython Egg data
 file extension ruleVisual C++ project rules
pag file icon file extension pagVisual Basic property PAGe data
 file extension cblCobol language source code
dep file icon file extension depMicrosoft Visual Basic Setup Wizard dependency data
 file extension isuInstallShield uninstall script
 file extension lssLotusScript source code file
wsdl file icon file extension wsdlMicrosoft Visual Studio Web Service Description Language
vb file icon file extension vbMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual Basic script
 file extension buildNAnt Build Tool data
ppa file icon file extension ppaMicrosoft PowerPoint 97 to 2003 add-in
 file extension vdPwrDev visual designer project file
 file extension bbBlitz Basic source code
 file extension jlJulia source code
 file extension lolLolcode source data
 file extension devDev-C++ project
 file extension txmlcommerce eXtensible Markup Language
 file extension rhC++ resource header data
odc file icon file extension odcMicrosoft Office database connection data
 file extension bbcBBC BASIC for Windows data
 file extension scbScala InfoChannel published script
 file extension bxmlBean XML file
 file extension cobolMicro-Focus Cobol data
datasource file icon file extension datasourceMicrosoft Visual Studio data source
 file extension gmlGraphlet Graphscript data file
 file extension jsdtscopeEclipse JavaScript development data
 file extension cmlChemical Markup Language document
 file extension jbiMotoman robot job
 file extension ideBorland C++ project
 file extension aidlGoogle Android AIDL interface definition language data
 file extension cgnVidia CgFX program
dqy file icon file extension dqyMicrosoft Excel ODBC query
 file extension gntMicro Focus COBOL generated code
pdo file icon file extension pdoMicrosoft Access Package and Deployment Wizard script
tpl file icon file extension tplPHP template file format
 file extension dtsLinux Device Tree source
bsc file icon file extension bscMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ source browser information data
dbp file icon file extension dbpMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ database project
 file extension hxphaXe project
 file extension nbkNovaBACKUP script
 file extension gchC++ precompiled header
 file extension gclGNU Common Lisp data
 file extension qsQt script file
 file extension mkbMarmalade SDK project
 file extension hpfHigh Performance FORTRAN data
 file extension btqTeradata Database query script
 file extension lpxLaTeXPiX script
 file extension twigTwig source data
 file extension shfbprojSandcastle Help File Builder project
 file extension plPROLOG language source code file
 file extension uixuiXML page file
 file extension expMicrosoft Visual C++ export file
 file extension hxHaxe source code file
pbxproj file icon file extension pbxprojApple Project Builder Xcode project
 file extension fwxFoxWeb script
 file extension vbiIntelliCAD VBA script file
 file extension dpkDelphi package source
 file extension thtmlTHTML file
 file extension pblPowerBuilder source code library
 file extension kdKoara source code
qry file icon file extension qryDatabase query
 file extension ldsLinux compile time header data
psd1 file icon file extension psd1Microsoft Windows PowerShell data
 file extension bgmBasic4GL 3D object
 file extension hkpMentor Graphics database
vcp file icon file extension vcpMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ project
 file extension csonCoffeeScript object notation
 file extension cbpCode::Blocks project
 file extension imlIntelliJ IDEA module
 file extension ktsKotlin source code
 file extension ipfMicrosoft SMS installer script
 file extension arqBSM Action Request System client macro
 file extension mgModula-3 generic module source
 file extension makMakefile
 file extension rktRacket information module
 file extension brsBatchrun batch
 file extension scaScala InfoChannel script
ssi file icon file extension ssiHTML with server side includes
 file extension irbInteractive Ruby script
 file extension adaADA language source code
 file extension aszLoseThos assembly source code
 file extension dependCode::Blocks project support file
 file extension uvproj┬ÁVision4 project
 file extension masterASP.NET master page file
 file extension baxBluebeam Revu markup document
 file extension stylStylus CSS script
mrs file icon file extension mrsCorel WordPerfect macro resource data
 file extension bmoSIMATIC WinCC script
 file extension nkNUKE script
 file extension srzDataFlex source code
targets file icon file extension targetsMSBuild targets file
 file extension zrxZOC REXX script
 file extension truTrue Basic source
 file extension pyxPyrex source code
 file extension paramCASTEP script
 file extension amwAlcorn McBride show controller data
 file extension dprojDelphi project
 file extension factorypathEclipse factorypath data
 file extension jadeJade programming language source code
 file extension tmhTrace message header
wml file icon file extension wmlWireless Markup Language document (WAP)
pch file icon file extension pchMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ precompiled header
 file extension kvKivy language data
 file extension mecMaximus MECCA source file
apb file icon file extension apbAlphacam punch VB macro
 file extension cobCOBOL programming language source
 file extension melMaya Embedded Language
 file extension aktAksharamala keymap source
 file extension textileEclipse IDE WikiText document
vbx file icon file extension vbxMicrosoft Visual Basic Extension
 file extension rorResources of a Resource file format
 file extension tpmTextPad macro file
 file extension inpgretl script
 file extension objIntel (Object Module Format) relocatable object module
 file extension axsActiveX script
coveragexml file icon file extension coveragexmlMicrosoft Visual Studio code coverage data
 file extension gvyGroovy script
 file extension owlOWL (Obfuscated Weird Language) source code
wsf file icon file extension wsfWindows Script
 file extension robWintask compiled program
idl file icon file extension idlVisual Studio Visual C++ interface definition library
 file extension gypiGoogle Chrome include data
 file extension tkpMicroImages SML script standalone application
dob file icon file extension dobMicrosoft Visual Basic user document form
 file extension kmtKermeta file
 file extension vbscriptVisual Basic script
 file extension bmsQuickBMS script
sdl file icon file extension sdlCorel Paradox script
 file extension cxCodeMapper script
clm file icon file extension clmMicrografx Picture Publisher macro
vpc file icon file extension vpcViziGen source code
 file extension aimlArtificial Intelligence Markup Language
dso file icon file extension dsoMicrosoft Visual Studio workspace data
 file extension pymPYM Python preprocessor macro
 file extension abapABAP source code
 file extension btprojMicrosoft BizTalk Server project
 file extension bccBorland C++ file/makefile
htc file icon file extension htcHTML component
 file extension xmeGME data
 file extension hlslHigh Level Shader Language source code
edml file icon file extension edmlEDML Parser-Library file
 file extension ocbOrigin precompiled Origin C source code
 file extension cosCreatures source code
 file extension xuiXbox 360 skin file
 file extension pxmlOpenPandora XML file
 file extension fountainFountain script
 file extension pliPL/I program source code
 file extension rprojRStudio project
 file extension dinDataEase installation script
 file extension cpzLoseThos C+ source data
 file extension xnCygnus ld-scripts
 file extension kstOlivetti Olitext Plus script
 file extension ttlTera Term macro
 file extension a2wAlice program world data
 file extension cdVisual Studio class diagram
 file extension f95Fortran 95 language source code file
 file extension svn-baseApache Subversion base file
 file extension dbmdlMicrosoft Visual Studio database project
 file extension trtTeam Sports Scheduling System report template
 file extension mscrCuteFTP script
 file extension scalaScala source file
 file extension ps2Microsoft Windows Shell script
 file extension mMatLab function, commands, script
 file extension d4Dataphor source data
 file extension cgxARM RL-TCPnet HTTP Web Server XML web page update script
 file extension greenfootGreenfoot project
 file extension frtGP-Forth language source code
 file extension zscEditPad zMUD script
 file extension arySmartStart scripting toolkit data
 file extension uvprojx┬ÁVision project
 file extension gssGeometer's Sketchpad script
 file extension jardescEclipse JAR settings
cp file icon file extension cpXcode C++ source code
 file extension xpdlXML Process Definition Language data
 file extension rdfOracle report binary source
 file extension tgmlTecumseh Group Markup Language source code
asc file icon file extension ascAdobe Flash ActionScript communications scripts
rc2 file icon file extension rc2Microsoft Visual Studio non-compilable resource script
wpk file icon file extension wpkCorel WordPerfect macro
 file extension zpdABC zeroadic predicates
 file extension ulpEAGLE script
 file extension awdAWK language source code
 file extension cbsComodo Backup script
vbw file icon file extension vbwMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual Basic workspace
 file extension ssqODBC script
 file extension shitBourne Shell Server Page
 file extension wsddApache Axis Web Service Deployment Descriptor (WSDD)
 file extension ecoreKermeta ecore diagram
 file extension kshUnix shell script
rhtml file icon file extension rhtmlRuby HTML web page
 file extension m6mMazatrol language M640M NC unit
 file extension rejMercurial reject
 file extension tkTk language script
 file extension sxsSAS Stat Studio module source code
 file extension gypGoogle Chromium GYP input configuration
 file extension dpdABC programming language dyadic predicates
 file extension tczPSTextMerge script
 file extension wxsWiX source data
vup file icon file extension vupVisual C++ utility project
 file extension bsvBluespec System Verilog data
 file extension osgOSGJS JSON input file
 file extension cuhCUDA header
 file extension ashTurbo Assembler (TASM) header
 file extension tikGame texture script
dhtml file icon file extension dhtmlDynamic HTML document
 file extension vjpMicrosoft Visual J++ project
ksc file icon file extension kscKorg Trinity script
 file extension gfaGFA-BASIC tokenized source
 file extension jmlJava Modeling Language specification data
 file extension qvsQlikView Script file
 file extension xbsXnView script
 file extension jsonpJSON-with-padding source code

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