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File extensions used for various document and document template file types

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Document file extension list

File extensions used for various document and document template file types.

In computer terminology, document file format can be described as a text, or binary data file type, used to store formatted documents (texts, pictures, cliparts, tables, charts, multiple pages, multiple documents etc.). Today, there is a multitude of incompatible document file formats.

The most known document file extensions are used for documents created by Microsoft Office suite, such as DOC and DOCX for Microsoft Word documents, XLS and XLSX for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and also PPT and PPTX for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
Microsoft Office Document format contains collection of records and structures that specify text, tables, fields, pictures, embedded XML markup, and other importatn document content.

The main competitors to the Microsoft Office document formats are OpenDocument Formats (ODF) used by the open source suite called and its clones.
The OpenDocument Format is an open XML-based document file format for office applications used for documents containing text (ODT), spreadsheets (ODS), presentations (ODP), and graphical elements (ODG).

Special document formats are file types using page description languages such as PostScript like Portable document format (PDF) developed by Adobe Systems, that you can read with the help of e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader. PDF is a standard for documents, which the user should be able only to create and read, but not edit. PDF format has become an ISO standard in 2001 and today its widely used.

The most used open international standard are the HTML (HyperText Markup Language) files, which can also be used as document file format.

The most known applications, that are able to open many of the document file formats are office suites such as Microsoft Office,, StarOffice (commercial version of, Corel WordPerfect and Apple iWork under MAC OS X.

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pdf file icon file extension pdfAdobe Portable document format
 file extension epubOpen Publication structure eBook
 file extension oxpsMicrosoft OpenXPS document
pages file icon file extension pagesPages document
pmd file icon file extension pmdAdobe PageMaker document
 file extension eddxEdraw project
mso file icon file extension msoMicrosoft Organization Chart chart data
 file extension btwBarTender barcode label
 file extension licLicense data
p65 file icon file extension p65Adobe PageMaker 6.5 document
indd file icon file extension inddAdobe InDesign document
 file extension edocElectronically certified document
 file extension pbixMicrosoft Power BI report
pub file icon file extension pubMicrosoft Publisher document
 file extension iwaApple iWork document archive
docx file icon file extension docxMicrosoft Word Open XML document
 file extension prnxXtraReports report
idml file icon file extension idmlInDesign Markup Language document
 file extension prnHP PCL printer output
tmd file icon file extension tmdTextMaker document
 file extension tnsTI-Nspire document
fdf file icon file extension fdfAdobe Acrobat Portable Document Input Form
 file extension imsccCanvas exported course
 file extension repBusinessObjects report
 file extension bmprBalsamiq Mockups document
 file extension bdocDigiDoc Client container file
doc file icon file extension docMicrosoft Word document (prior version 2007)
 file extension inpInPage Urdu document
mpp file icon file extension mppMicrosoft Project plan
keynote file icon file extension keynoteiWork Keynote '06 presentation
snp file icon file extension snpMicrosoft Access report shapshot
ppt file icon file extension pptMicrosoft PowerPoint 97 to 2003 presentation
 file extension xpsMicrosoft XPS document
prproj file icon file extension prprojAdobe Premiere Pro project
vsd file icon file extension vsdMicrosoft Visio diagram document
prd file icon file extension prdSoftMaker Presentations document
 file extension lvmLabVIEW measurement data
 file extension noteNotability for iPad note file
 file extension enwEndNote citation file
pez file icon file extension pezPrezi Desktop presentation data
 file extension xfdlExtensible forms description language
snt file icon file extension sntMicrosoft Windows Sticky Notes data
 file extension lucyHTC Scribble note
 file extension hwpHangul document
mht file icon file extension mhtMime HTML (MHTML) document
 file extension smmxSimpleMind mind map
 file extension xdwDocuWorks document
 file extension lwpLotus Word Pro document
 file extension ppdfMicrosoft Rights Management PDF protected document
 file extension emmMindMaple mind map document
 file extension ffdataABBYY eform document
wri file icon file extension wriWindows Write document
xsn file icon file extension xsnMicrosoft Office InfoPath template form
 file extension jfmJetForm Filler form
pptx file icon file extension pptxMicrosoft PowerPoint Open XML presentation
 file extension fmxOracle executable form
cwk file icon file extension cwkClarisWorks document file
pwi file icon file extension pwiMicrosoft Office Mobile personal note
 file extension mmapMindManager mind map
wpostx file icon file extension wpostxMicrosoft Windows Live Writer post
 file extension bwdBanglaWord document
 file extension mdjStarUML model file
 file extension _pdfAdobe Portable Document Format
pmx file icon file extension pmxAdobe PageMaker document
 file extension nbMathematica notebook data
jnt file icon file extension jntMicrosoft Windows Journal note file
 file extension notebookSMART Notebook digital lesson
cap file icon file extension capNetwork Monitor capture data
 file extension inkMimio ink data
 file extension texTeX/LaTeX text document
mpx file icon file extension mpxMicrosoft Project export file
 file extension itmziThoughtsX mind-map document
 file extension oplxOmniplan project document
 file extension xmindXMind workbook
 file extension fr3FastReport form
 file extension opxMicrosoft Office Organization chart file format
pm5 file icon file extension pm5Adobe PageMaker 5 document
 file extension xbrlExtensible Business Reporting Language
ods file icon file extension odsOpenDocument spreadsheet
aww file icon file extension awwAbility Write document
 file extension vspCorel VideoStudio Pro project
 file extension avFinal Draft AV document
dbx file icon file extension dbxMicrosoft Outlook Express e-mail folder
 file extension tplGenerally a template
chm file icon file extension chmMicrosoft compiled HTML help module
pdi file icon file extension pdiMicrosoft PowerPoint import or export data
flo file icon file extension floMicrografx FlowCharter flowchart data
 file extension samAmi Pro document
 file extension mxfdABBYY form
 file extension gphLotus 1-2-3 graph
 file extension btdBusiness-in-a-Box document
odt file icon file extension odtODF text document
dotx file icon file extension dotxMicrosoft Word XML document template
gp4 file icon file extension gp4Guitar Pro 4 project
mpr file icon file extension mprAutoCAD mass properties report
 file extension x3gMakerBot MakerWare 3D document
rtf file icon file extension rtfRich Text Format document
ps file icon file extension psAdobe PostScript document
 file extension flwFreelance flowchart
obd file icon file extension obdMicrosoft Office Binder document
rf file icon file extension rfAdobe FrameMaker document
 file extension tbkToolBooK project
aup file icon file extension aupAudacity project
wps file icon file extension wpsMicrosoft Works document
dot file icon file extension dotMicrosoft Word document template (up to Microsoft Word 2003 version)
 file extension jlqmLG QuickMemo note
 file extension wptKingsoft Office document template
 file extension pzfxGraphPad Prism XML project
 file extension ftile-Hastakshar contract note
 file extension iddAdobe InDesign for Mac document
jw file icon file extension jwMicrosoft WordPad document
 file extension fareForms Designer form
 file extension bibtexBibTeX document
 file extension cpyeCopy Desktop scanned document
 file extension fgcGreeting Card Factory greeting card
 file extension ezEZ Word word processor document
sdw file icon file extension text document
sxw file icon file extension Writer document
 file extension rvfRichView document
 file extension umlVisual UML class diagram & model
indt file icon file extension indtAdobe InDesign template
cmx file icon file extension cmxCorel Presentation exchange file
 file extension ole2Microsoft Office binary document container format
 file extension vwiMicrosoft SharePoint workflow diagram
pre file icon file extension preFreelance presentation
 file extension zargoArgoUML model file
xdp file icon file extension xdpAcrobat XML data package
shs file icon file extension shsMicrosoft Windows Shell Scrap Object
 file extension fpageMicrosoft XPS document page
 file extension nbibCitation manager citation file
 file extension mcdxMathcad Prime document
 file extension zdpDesignPro label design
book file icon file extension bookAdobe FrameMaker book document
igx file icon file extension igxiGrafX FlowCharter flow chart or process model
 file extension ggbGeoGebra document
 file extension lp2iLEAP document
pptm file icon file extension pptmMicrosoft PowerPoint macro-enabled Open XML presentation
 file extension wclWellCAD log file
docm file icon file extension docmMicrosoft Word Open XML macro-enabled document
 file extension ftlFreeMarker template file
 file extension smmSamsung Galaxy S memo exported data
 file extension jtpMicrosoft Windows Journal template
 file extension vlVisual Labels project
 file extension inldImageLink document
 file extension pwdMicrosoft Pocket Word document
 file extension laxAnetHelpTool JavaHelp viewer data
 file extension retRETScreen project
xlr file icon file extension xlrMicrosoft Works spreadsheet or chart
 file extension rrpaOracle Reports Remote Printing Utility PDF report
 file extension rdlxMicrosoft Power View project
 file extension gnoGenoPro genealogy file
 file extension omlTracePro model file
 file extension uxfUMLet UML eXchange format
sdd file icon file extension presentation
pps file icon file extension ppsMicrosoft PowerPoint 97 to 2003 complete slide show
 file extension ifIFwin project
 file extension fmFileMaker Pro database
ind file icon file extension indAdobe InDesign graphics document
cnt file icon file extension cntHelp Contents data
dbm file icon file extension dbmAdobe ColdFusion template
 file extension oleMicrosoft Object Linking and Embedding data
 file extension spjSite Publisher project
vbd file icon file extension vbdMicrosoft Visual Basic ActiveX document
 file extension pptaArticulate Presenter presentation resource data
otg file icon file extension graphics document template
 file extension slaScribus document
 file extension ptPage template
xfdf file icon file extension xfdfAdobe Acrobat forms document
 file extension medMEDLINE document
 file extension enexEvernote exported XML data
dotm file icon file extension dotmMicrosoft Word Open XML macro-enabled document template
 file extension sumSummary file
 file extension msorFiberTrace document
abw file icon file extension abwAbiWord document
indb file icon file extension indbAdobe InDesign publication
djvu file icon file extension djvuDjVu image file
dox file icon file extension doxMicrosoft Word text document
 file extension mcdMathCAD document
 file extension psrPowerSoft report
shw file icon file extension shwCorel Presentations Slide Show
 file extension plfInterVideo WinDVD playlist
sds file icon file extension sdsApache OpenOffice ( chart
stm file icon file extension stmHTML server side include file
 file extension dmmxDropMind XML mindmap bundle
 file extension repGenerally report file
 file extension twbxTableau packaged workbook
 file extension wxmxwxMaxima document
 file extension showHancom Office Hanshow presentation data
 file extension kwpKamban document
 file extension swdocSymWriter document file
 file extension rntRightNote note
 file extension yesQuick Bible document
 file extension _docxMicrosoft Word auto backup
 file extension bblTeX/BibTeX bibliographic reference file
 file extension dpCommon Ground portable file format
odc file icon file extension odcOpenDocument chart
 file extension fmFrameMaker document
 file extension tpoArena Simulation Software template data
 file extension mmfMicrosoft Mail message
 file extension odfOpen Document Interchange Format (ODIF)
 file extension p3Oracle Primavera Project Planner data
rmd file icon file extension rmdMicrosoft RegMaid document
wpd file icon file extension wpdCorel WordPerfect document
 file extension wAshton Tate Applause chart file
wls file icon file extension wls602Tab document file
key file icon file extension keyiWork Keynote '09 presentation
 file extension gfcPatton&Patton Flow Charting 4 flowchart file
 file extension graMicrosoft Graph chart
ppsm file icon file extension ppsmMicrosoft PowerPoint macro-enabled Open XML complete slide show
 file extension egtEGT universal document
 file extension fbdFlowBiz Workflow Designer procedure document
 file extension gdcIconics GraphWorx32 document
 file extension gwbGenStat book
 file extension ixvIXOS application document
 file extension dntRSNetWorx project
 file extension oadSuite Notaro document
odm file icon file extension OpenDocument global text document
potx file icon file extension potxMicrosoft PowerPoint Open XML presentation template
fodt file icon file extension fodtOpenDocument Flat XML document
 file extension dprojDelphi project
cptx file icon file extension cptxAdobe Captivate project
ppj file icon file extension ppjAdobe Premiere 6 and older video project
emlx file icon file extension emlxApple Mail email message
 file extension podOpenproj project
 file extension roROwin project
grv file icon file extension grvMicrosoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove file
 file extension tp3Harvard Graphics DOS 3.0 template file
 file extension pdfxPDF/X document
 file extension qvwQlikView document
 file extension kesKurzweil 3000 text-to-speech document
 file extension drmzDrumlin secured PDF file
 file extension simpSoftware Ideas Modeler project
 file extension rolfRelux open luminaire format document
 file extension stiStarOffice Presentation template
 file extension cstCommonspace document
 file extension efxEverex eFax fax document
 file extension flyDigiflyer e-mail document
 file extension hstYahooo Messenger history
pm6 file icon file extension pm6Adobe PageMaker document
 file extension scdScribus document
 file extension pdfxmlAdobe Mars project XML based PDF document
stw file icon file extension text document template
 file extension vtsIntel VTune program performance monitor project
wp file icon file extension wpWordPerfect document
wpt file icon file extension wptCorel WordPerfect document template
a7r file icon file extension a7rAdobe Authorware packaged file without runtime
b4u file icon file extension b4uVisual ReadMe file
 file extension cvjCabinet Vision Solid job document
 file extension drdAllen & Heath PL Designer document
 file extension eppEditPad Pro project
 file extension p2bpFlippingBook Publisher book project
 file extension ilaLohnViewer document
 file extension kdfKinko's File Prep Tool data
 file extension xbkSMART Notebook document
iwzip file icon file extension iwzipWebsite X5 project
 file extension qctQuarkXpress article template
iwp file icon file extension iwpWebsite X5 project
gsa file icon file extension gsaSharePoint WorkSpace Groove workspace archive or template
 file extension booIBM BookManager book file
 file extension chpBizInt Smart Charts for Patents document
 file extension recProMash recipe
 file extension extension help format
 file extension staMicroSim PCBoard statistics report
 file extension hncNoteCenter note
vdx file icon file extension vdxMicrosoft Visio drawing XML file
 file extension seSEwin project file
 file extension gwbInterWrite Reader file
 file extension dhwACECAD Digimemo memo file
 file extension yddVisual YANG Designer document
 file extension pm7Adobe PageMaker 7 document
 file extension twdxMindMapper document
 file extension museAdobe Muse project
 file extension cddzConceptDraw document
 file extension jdmJade diagram file
 file extension n3Notation3 document file
 file extension stmxSTELLA XMILE model file
 file extension absAbstracts - info file
 file extension mvbMultimedia Viewer book file
adp file icon file extension adpMicrosoft Access project
 file extension etsEnthuware Test Studio document file
 file extension inxAdobe InDesign Interchange File Format
 file extension dtpPage Express desktop publishing document
 file extension llList & Label preview
 file extension metOmniPage Pro document
msw file icon file extension mswMicrosoft Word 5 document
 file extension notNotation or note file
 file extension pdlPrint Shop Deluxe project file
 file extension rtf_Rich text format file - Mac File Type
sff file icon file extension sffStructured Fax Format image format
 file extension troff/troff unformatted manual page
 file extension tltTrellix web design file
 file extension tsxTeam Sports Scheduling System XML project
tvc file icon file extension tvcIBM Lotus 1-2-3 table file
 file extension wdmMS Visual Interdev98 templates web project items data
 file extension wpaACT! word processor document file
xdoc file icon file extension xdocQuarkXPress 3.0 document file
 file extension qflFamily Lawyer document
a7p file icon file extension a7pAdobe Authorware packaged file without runtime
 file extension brhBaraha document
 file extension dpeDPwinEHE project file
 file extension ffsFME Desktop feature store data
 file extension fsdCOCO AmsterCHEM flowsheet document
 file extension mwtMetaStock stock analysis template
 file extension mx2MasterCook recipe
 file extension nppArt Explosion Publisher Pro document
 file extension mmswMovie Magic Screenwriter document
 file extension 4w74D Write document
602 file icon file extension 602T602 document file
 file extension cpAdobe Captivate project file
 file extension ansHotDocs answer file
 file extension daDAwin project
 file extension bwpBook Writer project
 file extension mmpMindManager map file
ebs file icon file extension ebsMicrosoft Windows XP scanner data
 file extension hlfFAR Manager help file
vcp file icon file extension vcpMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ project
 file extension dgsTES Dagesh Pro document
 file extension pflPDFill project file
 file extension xzfxzipLogix ZipForm form
 file extension mshcMicrosoft Help container
 file extension ydbYutori 7 document
 file extension pfsxELAN document file
 file extension jtdcIchitaro compressed document file
 file extension ppxSerif PagePlus publication template
 file extension gevGelEval document file
xlc_ file icon file extension xlc_Microsoft Excel 2 for Mac Chart file
bk file icon file extension bkAdobe FrameMaker book file
 file extension cdkCalamus SL document file
cfl file icon file extension cflMicrosoft Developer Studio diagram file
 file extension cvwCaseView document file
 file extension cwsClarisWorks document template
 file extension xmtXMind workbook template
edd file icon file extension eddAdobe FrameMaker element definition document file
fax file icon file extension faxFax file (generic Group 3 1bit encoded data)
 file extension deprojDisketch project
 file extension hdaHotDocs document template
 file extension vdtViral Document Toolkit file
 file extension pipePIPE-FLO Professional piping system project design file
 file extension fcfFinal Draft document
qpt file icon file extension qptQuarkXPress project template file
 file extension topEvernote handwritten notes and sketches file
 file extension mmoRapidFile memo document
msg file icon file extension msgFoxPro FoxDoc message file
 file extension nstLotus Notes template file
pfd file icon file extension pfdMicrografx Optimal process flow diagram
pot file icon file extension potMicrosoft PowerPoint 97 to 2003 template
 file extension qblBusiness Lawyer document file
 file extension rftIBM DisplayWrite document file
 file extension rpnACT! report data
sgf file icon file extension sgfStarOffice document with graphics
 file extension onedocPointer visual readme file
 file extension stdSureThing CD Labeler document
 file extension uotUnified Office document
word file icon file extension wordMacWrite document
wp5 file icon file extension wp5WordPerfect 5 document file
 file extension afdArisFlow flowchart diagram file
 file extension bocE-Press EasyWord big document file
 file extension hpdHotDocs PDF document
 file extension jtdIchitaro document
 file extension mwdMariner Write document file
 file extension nteAsus Eee note
ott file icon file extension text document template
 file extension snfSniffer capture file
sxm file icon file extension 1.0 math file
vup file icon file extension vupMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ utility project file
 file extension Label Designer file
 file extension wtpWink template
xsf file icon file extension xsfMicrosoft Office InfoPath form definition
 file extension qcdQuarkXpress article file
 file extension tmlAdvanced ID Creator template file
 file extension crfSierra Print Artist craft file
 file extension simSAP Tutor file
pxt file icon file extension pxtMicrosoft Pocket Excel template
 file extension ofmOmniForm form
 file extension prxPrimavera Project Planner compressed project file
 file extension clarifyBlue Mango Clarify document file
 file extension opjOrigin project
 file extension vacIMail Server vacation message
 file extension agpASPMaker project file
 file extension rptrRafflePrinter document file
 file extension sheetDia sheet file
 file extension jwlEasy CD Creator CD label document
 file extension msdMaxsurf design file
 file extension tr5TRIM reference file
 file extension kwdKWord document (old)
msdvd file icon file extension msdvdMicrosoft Windows DVD Maker project
 file extension doxDoxygen documentation file
 file extension seoSEO Note file
 file extension spkBright Spark document file
 file extension xprjMonarch XML project file
 file extension mgourmet3Mariner MacGourmet document file
 file extension zaveQuarkXpress iPad document
 file extension lwcLegacy Charting chart file
 file extension npdfNormal PDF document file
 file extension rdR document file
 file extension marcMAchine-Readable Cataloging (MARC) document file
 file extension taxformQuickBooks draft file
 file extension quizQuizmaker 09' to 13' quiz file
 file extension wklWolters Kluwer launch document file
 file extension jhdJagannatha Hora document
 file extension xmdxSofTest answer data
 file extension ispxiStudio Publisher document
 file extension comiclifeComic Life document
 file extension rhfAdobe RoboHelp project
af3 file icon file extension af3Micrografx FlowCharter flowchart file
 file extension cerLahey Fortran compilation error message file
 file extension cl4Easy CD Creator CD layout file
 file extension cmlPADGen company info file
 file extension cpiCartesian Products compressed internet document
dox file icon file extension doxMultiMate document file
 file extension ermProsa Entity Relationship diagram model
 file extension lchIBM Works for OS/2 chart
 file extension lgplGNU Licency file
 file extension sglStarOffice master document
 file extension ltxMathematical text document
 file extension lwpIBM Works for OS/2 document file
 file extension manuLOTUS manuscript version 1.0 and 2.0 document file
 file extension sgmXMetaL file
mpp_ file icon file extension mpp_Microsoft Project for Mac plan file
 file extension nx__WriteNow 4 document file
pdf_ file icon file extension pdf_Adobe Acrobat portable document
 file extension plInterleaf printerleaf (or WorldView) format file
 file extension pppParson Power Publisher document file
 file extension pppSerif PagePlus publication
pptv file icon file extension pptvMicrosoft PowerPoint file
prc file icon file extension prcCorel Presentations document
 file extension ftrCcourt record sound file
pt3 file icon file extension pt3Adobe PageMaker template file
 file extension pt4Adobe PageMaker 4 Template
pt5 file icon file extension pt5Adobe PageMaker 5 template file
 file extension pubPublication document file
 file extension dmprDirect Mail project file
 file extension rgnDDTitle project file
 file extension rpcACT! report file
rtfd file icon file extension rtfdRich text with graphic document
sld8 file icon file extension sld8Microsoft PowerPoint 98 for Mac slide file
 file extension smSamna Word text document file
 file extension sprSprint document letter file
 file extension twpTeamwork Planner project file
w51 file icon file extension w51Corel WordPerfect 5.1 document file
tpl file icon file extension tplApple Mac OS X Stickies stickie document file
wpw file icon file extension wpwCorel WordPerfect document file
 file extension wsWordStar document file
 file extension ws4WordStar for Windows 4 document file
 file extension ws7WordStar for Windows document file
 file extension x16Macromedia extra document file
mcw file icon file extension mcwMicrosoft Word 5 for Mac document file
wp6 file icon file extension wp6Corel WordPerfect 6 for Mac document file
 file extension 3dzEasy 3D Creator Project File
 file extension bc5Impression document file
 file extension bkgSamsung document file
b4s file icon file extension b4sWinamp 3 playlist file
 file extension hypeHype web project file
 file extension cseWeb Research document package
 file extension feePrecision Fees fee schedule file
 file extension flgMicroSim PCBoard log
 file extension gmxGroupMail message file
 file extension hmkHallmark Card Studio card file
 file extension imvImageMixerVCD project file
 file extension mddDatabase Designer for MySQL database diagram
 file extension mfoMediaface Online CD label software project file
 file extension mugHanes T-ShirtMaker document file
 file extension nbpMathematica notebook file
 file extension nenNick-O-Matic Design Factory project file
 file extension ocseDoc DigiSign digitally signed document
odp file icon file extension OpenDocument presentation
otc file icon file extension otcOpenDocument chart template file
 file extension ovsOvation 1 style sheet file
 file extension ptgArtRage project
 file extension pages-tefApple Pages iCloud document file
 file extension rw3RapidWeaver site design file
 file extension rxfRecipe exchange format
 file extension scwMovie Magic Screenwriter document
 file extension smhSealed MHT document
 file extension soiActuate e.Spreadsheet document file
sxi file icon file extension presentation
 file extension vfcVentaFax cover page file
 file extension wrfThinkFree Write document
iwprj file icon file extension iwprjWebsite X5 project
 file extension zfoXSL-FO online form
ast file icon file extension astCorel WordPerfect Office template file
 file extension adosCompound document file
 file extension fcdtAdobe FormsCentral form template
 file extension dwdDavka Writer file
 file extension aftAnyForm template file
 file extension ftrFuture document
 file extension wpsKingsoft Office document
 file extension kbdGeneral Knowledge Base document file
 file extension dorDigita Organiser diary
 file extension dpdOvation Pro document
ppsx file icon file extension ppsxMicrosoft PowerPoint Open XML complete slide show
 file extension ofmOfficeForms blank form file
 file extension vceVisual CertExam Suite exam
 file extension dbcPROGNOSIS database collection document file
 file extension sppNMS-Edit professional project
 file extension fpFinePrint saved or output file
 file extension pdtInkWriter Note Taker template file
 file extension rdzRemoteDocs document
pmt file icon file extension pmtAdobe PageMaker template
 file extension lblCreatacard label project file

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