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File extensions used for various document and document template file types

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Document file extension list

File extensions used for various document and document template file types.

In computer terminology, document file format can be described as a text, or binary data file type, used to store formatted documents (texts, pictures, cliparts, tables, charts, multiple pages, multiple documents etc.). Today, there is a multitude of incompatible document file formats.

The most known document file extensions are used for documents created by Microsoft Office suite, such as DOC and DOCX for Microsoft Word documents, XLS and XLSX for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and also PPT and PPTX for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
Microsoft Office Document format contains collection of records and structures that specify text, tables, fields, pictures, embedded XML markup, and other importatn document content.

The main competitors to the Microsoft Office document formats are OpenDocument Formats (ODF) used by the open source suite called and its clones.
The OpenDocument Format is an open XML-based document file format for office applications used for documents containing text (ODT), spreadsheets (ODS), presentations (ODP), and graphical elements (ODG).

Special document formats are file types using page description languages such as PostScript like Portable document format (PDF) developed by Adobe Systems, that you can read with the help of e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader. PDF is a standard for documents, which the user should be able only to create and read, but not edit. PDF format has become an ISO standard in 2001 and today its widely used.

The most used open international standard are the HTML (HyperText Markup Language) files, which can also be used as document file format.

The most known applications, that are able to open many of the document file formats are office suites such as Microsoft Office,, StarOffice (commercial version of, Corel WordPerfect and Apple iWork under MAC OS X.

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 file extension $$pOS/2 notes data
 file extension 0HaMaestro Mama file
1sp file icon file extension 1spMicrosoft OneNote Mobile document file
 file extension 2Unformatted manual page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff) file
 file extension 2GNU Screen log file
 file extension 3Unix unformatted manual page file
 file extension 3GNU Screen log file
 file extension 3dAdvent 3B2 document file
 file extension 3d6Acorn RISC OS StrongHelp file
3df file icon file extension 3dfAdobe chart document
 file extension 3dzEasy 3D Creator Project File
 file extension 4GNU Screen log file
 file extension 4Unformatted manual page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff)
 file extension 4w74D Write document
 file extension 4wt4D Write template
602 file icon file extension 602T602 document file
 file extension a5wAlpha Five web publishing file
a7p file icon file extension a7pAdobe Authorware packaged file without runtime
a7r file icon file extension a7rAdobe Authorware packaged file without runtime
 file extension aaPrognosis Automated Analyst document file
 file extension ab65Adobe PageMaker document file
 file extension abicollabAbiWord Collaborative File Descriptor file
 file extension absAbstracts - info file
abw file icon file extension abwAbiWord document
 file extension acaPMW project manager workbench project file
 file extension accAccent Duo document
accdp file icon file extension accdpMicrosoft Access project
acp file icon file extension acpAdobe Acrobat paper capture
 file extension acpMacromedia Action! document file
 file extension acryptAutoCrypt encrypted document file
activitydiagram file icon file extension activitydiagramMicrosoft Visual Studio activity diagram file
 file extension adaActiveDocs Opus document file
 file extension adbAdlib Express stamped document file
 file extension adcActiveDocs Clipping Catalog
adn file icon file extension adnMicrosoft Access blank project template
 file extension adosCompound document file
 file extension adoxActivDox document file
adp file icon file extension adpMicrosoft Access project
 file extension adprAtlantis Word Processor project
 file extension adtACT! document template file
aepx file icon file extension aepxAdobe After Effects XML project
af2 file icon file extension af2Micrografx FlowCharter 2.0 flowchart file
af3 file icon file extension af3Micrografx FlowCharter flowchart file
 file extension afdArisFlow flowchart diagram file
 file extension affAnyForm form file
 file extension afpPapyrus Document Storage Format
 file extension aftAnyForm template file
 file extension aggrAdobe Captivate Aggregator file
agldei file icon file extension agldeiAdobe GoLive template file
aglsl file icon file extension aglslAdobe GoLive site
 file extension agpASPMaker project file
 file extension agrGrace project file
 file extension ahfApplet Headline Factory document
 file extension aidfAI BiddingCockpit specification sheets
 file extension alb3Adobe PageMaker document file
 file extension alb4Adobe PageMaker for Mac document file
alb5 file icon file extension alb5Adobe PageMaker 5 document file
 file extension aldAladdin Interactive DSP document
 file extension ald5Adobe Pagemaker 6 for Mac file
 file extension aliOM2 OMALI native document file
 file extension allLotus 1-2-3 always working page format file
 file extension alt3Adobe PageMaker template file
 file extension alt5Adobe Pagemaker 5 for Mac document file
 file extension alt6Adobe PageMaker 6 file
 file extension amsmAtomic Mail Sender project file
 file extension amstAtomic Mail Sender template file
 file extension amxNGA WinControl Excel connection parameter file
 file extension anhAdobe Project ROME file
 file extension anlProject Analyzer saved analysis file format
 file extension ansHotDocs answer file
ans file icon file extension ansMicrosoft Word text and layout file
 file extension ansrAnswerTool answer document file
 file extension anxHotDocs answer
 file extension apaAlfaPad Notes Organizer document file
 file extension apfFax software file
 file extension apoAbacre Paperless Office file
 file extension aprMicroSim PCBoard aperture information report
 file extension aprApadana Project file
 file extension aptAutoPlay Menu Studio project
 file extension apwAspen Plus document
 file extension arkOpenBook document
 file extension aspASAP WebShow presentation
 file extension aspAstound presentation file
ast file icon file extension astCorel WordPerfect Office template file
asv file icon file extension asvQuarkXpress autosave file
at2 file icon file extension at2Adobe Persuasion auto template
 file extension athAthena document
 file extension atwAnyTime Organizer Deluxe document
 file extension avFinal Draft AV document
 file extension averyAvery Design & Print label
 file extension awApplix File
 file extension awdAbility Draw document
awp file icon file extension awpAbility Write document template file
 file extension awsMicrosoft Fax document
awt file icon file extension awtAbiWord template document file
aww file icon file extension awwAbility Write document
awwp file icon file extension awwpMicrosoft Works for Mac document file
 file extension axrAXIS Diplomat report
 file extension b26Ovation Pro for RISC OS style sheet file
 file extension b27Ovation Pro for RISC OS document file
b4s file icon file extension b4sWinamp 3 playlist file
b4u file icon file extension b4uVisual ReadMe file
 file extension bamboopaperBamboo document
 file extension bblTeX/BibTeX bibliographic reference file
 file extension bbprojectdBBEdit project file
 file extension bc5Impression document file
 file extension bcpBambalam project file
 file extension bcwBusinessCards MX project
 file extension bdocDigiDoc Client container file
 file extension beanBean document file
bfx file icon file extension bfxBitware BitFax file
 file extension bgvBonanzaGraf financial presentation
 file extension bibBibTeX document file
 file extension bibtexBibTeX document
 file extension bilRiadaBillboard project document
 file extension binaMicrosoft Word 5 for Mac document file
 file extension bizdocumentActuate BusinessReport Studio document file
bk file icon file extension bkAdobe FrameMaker book file
 file extension bkgSamsung document
 file extension bksIBM Softcopy Reader Bookmanager book file
blt file icon file extension bltCorel WordPerfect for DOS data
 file extension bmlBraille2000 braille file
 file extension bmmFX AccuCharts my market watch document
 file extension bmprBalsamiq Mockups document
 file extension bnaBarna Word Processor document file
 file extension bnfBackus–Naur form
 file extension boboClarisWorks file
 file extension bocE-Press EasyWord big document file
 file extension bokDrudix photo book definition file
 file extension booIBM BookManager book file
book file icon file extension bookAdobe FrameMaker book document
 file extension bookiBooks Author document file
 file extension bookBudget In Brief application book project file
 file extension booktemplateiBooks Author book template file
 file extension bopBusiness Office Pro document file
 file extension bpfBaan ERP document file
 file extension bpmcBizagi Process Modeler file
 file extension brhBaraha document
 file extension brlMicroBraille document
 file extension broCreataCard booklet/brochure project file
 file extension btdBusiness-in-a-Box document
 file extension btfBasi Office TypeFace document file
 file extension btwBarTender barcode label
 file extension btxBibTeX document file
 file extension burnBurn for Mac OS X document file
 file extension burnthemeBurn for Mac OS X theme document file
 file extension bwdBanglaWord document
 file extension bwpBook Writer project
 file extension bxxBank of America loan docs
bzabw file icon file extension bzabwAbiWord Bzip2 compressed document file
 file extension cXLIFF localization
 file extension c00Ventura Publisher print file
 file extension c1dxC1Report C1D Open XML document
 file extension cadocClicker app document
 file extension calcaCalca document
 file extension cammespresso Mind Map mind map file
 file extension capCaptionMaker caption file
cap file icon file extension capNetwork Monitor capture data
 file extension capShomiti Surveyor capture file
cap file icon file extension capSnoop capture file
 file extension captLinrock Capito data
 file extension cbfCalendar Builder saved calendar file
 file extension cblCD Box Labeler Pro file
 file extension cbsCalendar Builder style sheet file
 file extension cbtComputer Based Training
 file extension cbwComicRack webcomics file
 file extension cd2Click'N Design 3D CD label
 file extension cdcCanvastic drawing file
 file extension cdcOvation 1 style sheet file
 file extension cddOvation 1 document file
 file extension cddzConceptDraw document
 file extension cdfComputable Document Format
 file extension cdkCalamus SL document
 file extension cdlCaseWare Working Papers document link
 file extension cdmlCreately Document Markup Language Document
 file extension cdmmConceptDraw MINDMAP document file
 file extension cdmtConceptDraw MINDMAP template file
 file extension cdmtzConceptDraw MINDMAP compressed template file
 file extension cdmzConceptDraw MINDMAP compressed document file
 file extension cdsChemDraw stationery document file
cdx file icon file extension cdxActive Server document
 file extension cerLahey Fortran compilation error message
 file extension cerSierra Print Artist certificate file
cfl file icon file extension cflCorel Flow flow chart file
cfl file icon file extension cflMicrosoft Developer Studio diagram file
 file extension cfmVisual dBASE customer form
 file extension cfrIBM Configurator report
 file extension ch4Charisma presentation file
 file extension cheCHwinEHE project
 file extension chiChiWriter document file
chm file icon file extension chmMicrosoft compiled HTML help module
 file extension chpVentura Publisher chapter document file
 file extension chpBizInt Smart Charts for Patents document
 file extension chpCodeHealer project file
chs file icon file extension chsCorel Presentations chart style
 file extension chtNovagraph Chartist file
cht file icon file extension chtICQ saved chat session file
 file extension chtChart FX template file
 file extension chtMy Health Software chart file
 file extension chtBizInt Smart Charts for Drug Pipelines document file
 file extension chtNavigator vector chart file
 file extension chtSierra Generations Family Tree chart file
 file extension chtSPSS template file
 file extension cifMultiAd AdCreator document file
 file extension cipoCartesian Products compressed internet document file
 file extension cl2lytComic Life 2 layout file
 file extension cl2tplComic Life 2 template file
 file extension cl4Easy CD Creator project
 file extension clarifyBlue Mango Clarify document file
 file extension clbcdrLabel compact disc label file
 file extension clbxMP3 Automagic CD Cover Creator label file
 file extension clkdClicker document
 file extension cltCdrLabel template document
 file extension cmlPADGen company info file
 file extension cmpAddress document of Route 66
 file extension cmpHotDocs template component file
 file extension cmrCoach saved results
 file extension cmsCoach 6 project file
cmx file icon file extension cmxCorel Presentation exchange file
 file extension cnqWebShop Platinum Project file
 file extension cnsWindows 2000 Client Connection Manager Export file
cnt file icon file extension cntHelp Contents data
 file extension codAtlantis Word Processor encrypted document file
 file extension comicdocComic Life document
 file extension comiclifeComic Life document
 file extension compositiontemplateInvantive Composition template
 file extension converterxSiMX TextConverter project file
 file extension covMicrosoft Cover Page Editor fax cover page file
 file extension cpAdobe Captivate project file
 file extension cp2Compel v2 presentation
 file extension cpdtAdobe Captivate design template file
 file extension cpfCaseMap Portable Format
 file extension cpiCartesian Products compressed internet document
 file extension cpiSietronics CPI XRD document
cpp file icon file extension cppCA-Cricket Presents presentation file
cpr file icon file extension cprCorelDRAW Corel Presents presentation file
 file extension cptCA-Cricket Presents template file
 file extension cptPocket Slides presentation file
 file extension cptlAdobe Captivate project template file
cptx file icon file extension cptxAdobe Captivate project
 file extension cpyeCopy Desktop scanned document
 file extension crevAdobe Captivate review file
 file extension crfSierra Print Artist craft file
crp file icon file extension crpCorelDRAW Corel Presents run-time presentation file
 file extension crtrMultiAd Creator Pro document file
 file extension csCaditor document file
 file extension csClearSilver template
 file extension csdStorage Designer design
 file extension cseWeb Research document package
 file extension csfBrava Reader content sealed file
 file extension cskStoryWeaver template file
 file extension cspCommonspace document file
 file extension cstCommonspace document
 file extension cstContentServ CS EMMS Suite template file
 file extension cstManga Studio page layout
 file extension ctdTomahawk Gold Compressed Tomahawk Document file format
 file extension cteClassical Text Editor document file
 file extension ctkTeKton3D project
 file extension ctxChinese Character input file
 file extension ctxtBlueJ information file
 file extension ctyFog Creek CityDesk template file
 file extension cvjCabinet Vision Solid job document
 file extension cvlVLBI and Tied Array cover letter tasking document file
 file extension cvrElectraSoft Fax cover page file
 file extension cvtCVTracker position and company template
 file extension cvwCaseView document file
 file extension cwCardWorks business card template
 file extension cw3ClarisWorks document file
cwk file icon file extension cwkClarisWorks document file
 file extension cwksClarisWorks file
 file extension cwsClarisWorks document template
 file extension cwwpClarisWorks document file
 file extension cxlConsoXL project file
 file extension daDAwin project
 file extension dagDagra document file
 file extension dalDownload Accelerator Plus DAP list file
 file extension dbcPROGNOSIS database collection document file
 file extension dbiBorland Database Explorer information
 file extension dbiIsearch database information file
dbm file icon file extension dbmAdobe ColdFusion template
 file extension dbpSigniIQ data broker project file format
dbx file icon file extension dbxMicrosoft Outlook Express e-mail folder
 file extension dcaIBM DisplayWrite document
 file extension dcfDesign rule for camera file systems file
 file extension dcfDCF Document Computation Format
 file extension ddDDwin project file
 file extension ddifDigital Equipment Document Interchange Format
 file extension ddtDiagram Designer template
 file extension deprojDisketch project
 file extension dexDisketch project
 file extension dfdSilverrun document
 file extension dflOLE2 doc file
 file extension dftBullsEye style sheet file
 file extension dftiFlexiWrite document
 file extension dfvMicrosoft Word print format template
 file extension dgpdDeltaGraph Document file
 file extension dgrDeltaGraph document file
dgr file icon file extension dgrMicrosoft Outlook Express fax page file
 file extension dgrhDeltaGraph for Mac file
 file extension dgsTES Dagesh Pro document
 file extension dheMicrosoft Help Workshop dialog box help editor document file
 file extension dhwACECAD Digimemo memo file
 file extension diaPsion Organiser diary data
disco file icon file extension discoMicrosoft Visual Studio dynamic discovery document file
djv file icon file extension djvDjVu image
djvu file icon file extension djvuDjVu image file
 file extension dk@pDocMaker standalone document file
 file extension dlFLEXnet Manager debug log file
 file extension dmmxDropMind XML mindmap bundle
 file extension dmprDirect Mail project file
 file extension dmtemplateDirect Mail e-mail template file
 file extension dntRSNetWorx project
 file extension do4oD Player playlist
doc file icon file extension docDocument file
doc file icon file extension docMicrosoft Word document (prior version 2007)
 file extension doc#LibreOffice locked document
dochtml file icon file extension dochtmlMicrosoft Word HTML document
docm file icon file extension docmMicrosoft Word Open XML macro-enabled document
docmhtml file icon file extension docmhtmlMicrosoft Word MIME HTML document file
 file extension docsDocument
 file extension docsetDoxygen source code documentation file
 file extension doctOnlyOffice online office converted docx file
docx file icon file extension docxMicrosoft Word Open XML document
 file extension docxmlPalantir DOCXML document format file
 file extension dorDigita Organiser diary
dot file icon file extension dotMicrosoft Word document template (up to Microsoft Word 2003 version)
dothtml file icon file extension dothtmlMicrosoft Word HTML document template file
dotm file icon file extension dotmMicrosoft Word Open XML macro-enabled document template
dotx file icon file extension dotxMicrosoft Word XML document template
dox file icon file extension doxMicrosoft Word text document
dox file icon file extension doxMultiMate document file
dox file icon file extension doxMicrosoft Visual Basic user document binary form file
 file extension doxDoxygen documentation
 file extension dpCommon Ground portable file format
 file extension dpbFaxMaster document
 file extension dpdOvation Pro document
 file extension dpeDPwinEHE project file
 file extension dpoDECAdry Express Business Cards business card
 file extension dpsOvation Pro style sheet file
 file extension dpsKingsoft Office presentation
 file extension dptKingsoft Office presentation template
 file extension drdAllen & Heath PL Designer document
 file extension drmDrumlin secured PDF document
 file extension drmxDrumlin fully secured PDF document file
 file extension drmzDrumlin secured PDF file
 file extension drpDReport document
 file extension drtDirectRT styles file
 file extension dsfMicrosoft Belief Network document file
 file extension dtpPage Express desktop publishing document
 file extension dtpPublish-iT document
 file extension dtrDTREG project file
 file extension dvbDVBLine document file
 file extension dviTeX text document (TeX Device Independent File Format)
 file extension dwdDavka Writer file
 file extension dwdocDrawWell document file
 file extension dwlibraryMariner Paperless document library file
 file extension dxDXwin project file
 file extension dxdDiogenes Extended Document file
 file extension dxnFujitsu dexNET fax document file
 file extension dxstudioDX Studio document file
dzm file icon file extension dzmCyberlink DirectorZone Menu template file
 file extension eadEAD document
 file extension easmxSolidWorks eDrawings XPS assembly file
 file extension ebEBwin project file
 file extension ebheBahn Desktop automotive repair information file
 file extension ebkprojeCub project file
ebs file icon file extension ebsMicrosoft Windows XP scanner data
 file extension ec3Epson Print CD project file
 file extension ectYozo Office chart template
edd file icon file extension eddAdobe FrameMaker element definition document file
 file extension eddxEdraw project
edml file icon file extension edmlAdobe Extension Data Markup Language (EDML) document file
 file extension ednAdobe Acrobat eBook activation
 file extension ednElectronic Design Interchange Format
 file extension edocElectronically certified document
 file extension edtEDraw Max template file
 file extension efaxEverex eFax fax document file
 file extension efmElectronic Fiction Manuscript file
 file extension efpMicrosoft Exchange Server form message template file
 file extension efxEverex eFax fax document
 file extension egrCrestron Studio engraver document
 file extension egtEGT universal document
 file extension ehpHelp Steward project
 file extension elfoElsterFormular form
 file extension elxDesignPro Tools form file
 file extension emcmfEMC e-mail message
 file extension emcxMastercam X educational document
 file extension emdExpressThermo log
emlx file icon file extension emlxApple Mail email message
 file extension emmMindMaple mind map document
 file extension emrEmrite data
 file extension enbeNotebook notebook file
 file extension enexEvernote exported XML data
 file extension enmeNewsletter Manager message file
 file extension envCreatacard envelope project
 file extension enwEndNote citation file
 file extension enxeNeighborhoods document
 file extension enydEnvoy document file
 file extension epdfEncapsulated Portable Document Format
 file extension eppEditPad Pro project
 file extension eprtxMicrosoft XPS document related file
ept file icon file extension eptAdobe Encapsulated PostScript Interchange format with TIFF preview
 file extension eptElpoint presentation file
 file extension eptEES plot template
 file extension epubOpen Publication structure e-book
 file extension ermProsa Entity Relationship diagram model
 file extension esESwin project file
 file extension es3e-Szigno signed document
 file extension esdExpertScan survey document
 file extension espEmail Sentinel Pro protected email attachments file
 file extension essEXP style sheet file
 file extension etETwin project file
 file extension etEasiteach lesson document
 file extension eteEpsilonTest document file
 file extension etngRM Easiteach Next Generation document
 file extension etntRM Easiteach Next Generation template file
 file extension etsEnthuware Test Studio document
 file extension evoEnVideo video animation document
evy file icon file extension evyCorel Envoy document
 file extension ewlMicrosoft Encarta document
 file extension excText document
 file extension excExcentro template file
exp file icon file extension expICQ saved chat
 file extension ezEZ Word word processor document
 file extension ezpxGoLabel document
 file extension f96Frecom FAX96 document
 file extension fadeinFade In screenwrite document
 file extension fanGreeting Card Factory file
 file extension faqFrequently Asked Questions file
 file extension fareForms Designer form
fax file icon file extension faxFax file (generic Group 3 1bit encoded data)
 file extension fbdFlowBiz Workflow Designer procedure document
fbok file icon file extension fbokAdobe FrameMaker Book file
 file extension fc5Flow Charting diagram file
 file extension fcdFlow Charting diagram file
 file extension fcdtAdobe FormsCentral form template
 file extension fcfFinal Draft document
 file extension fcsSpectrum server log file
 file extension fctFlow Charting diagram template file
 file extension fcxFlow Charting diagram file
 file extension fdFinal Draft document file
 file extension fd2Epson EasyPrint PictureMate borders file
 file extension fdbArt Explosion portfolio catalog file
fdf file icon file extension fdfAdobe Acrobat Portable Document Input Form
 file extension fdmMicrosoft Exchange Server form message
 file extension fdrFinal Draft document file
 file extension fdsFinal Draft secure document file
 file extension fdtFormDocs template file
 file extension fdwFEBDOK document file
 file extension fdxFinal Draft XML document file
 file extension fdxtFinal Draft 8 template file
 file extension fedFORMIK form data file
 file extension feePrecision Fees fee schedule
 file extension ffdataABBYY eform document
 file extension ffsFME Desktop feature store data
 file extension fftIBM DisplayWrite Final Form text file
 file extension fgcGreeting Card Factory greeting card
 file extension figTeX format file
fin file icon file extension finCorel WordPerfect print format text file
 file extension fireFireStarter Project File
 file extension flbFileMaker Pro label file
 file extension flgMicroSim PCBoard log
 file extension flmFilmline document file
flo file icon file extension floMicrografx FlowCharter flowchart data
 file extension flpCorel Flow flow chart project
 file extension flpFamily Lawyer saved document file
 file extension flwFreelance flowchart
 file extension flwFaro Scan data file
 file extension flyDigiflyer e-mail document
 file extension fmFrameMaker document
 file extension fmFileMaker Pro database
 file extension fmapFamily Atlas pulbished family map file
 file extension fmcFormConnect form file
 file extension fmdMotionArtist document file
fmp file icon file extension fmpMicrosoft Excel for Mac document file
 file extension fmp3FileMaker Pro for Mac document file
 file extension fmtMicrosoft Schedule+ print file
 file extension fmxOracle executable form
fodp file icon file extension fodpOpenDocument Flat XML presentation file
fodt file icon file extension fodtOpenDocument Flat XML document
 file extension fofEZ-Forms filled out form
 file extension formGambas form
 file extension fpFinePrint saved or output file
 file extension fp3FastReport report
 file extension fpageMicrosoft XPS document page
 file extension fpcQuoteWerks report template
 file extension fpjFARSITE project file
 file extension fr3FastReport form
 file extension frdocABBYY Finereader document
 file extension freewayFreeway Pro project
 file extension frgdBASE IV uncompiled report
 file extension frmForm file
 file extension fscDesign Pro Tools form file
 file extension fsdCOCO AmsterCHEM flowsheet document
 file extension fsformForm file
 file extension fsifMyLabel Designer Deluxe label file
 file extension fssPaperPort slide show
 file extension ftile-Hastakshar contract note
 file extension ftlFreeMarker template
 file extension ftlxApache Freemaker XML template

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