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Digital camera RAW file icon Digital camera RAW file type extensions
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File extensions used for digital camera photos saved in RAW file format

List of common digital camera raw photos

Digital camera RAW file extension list

File extensions used for digital camera photos saved in RAW file format.

Digital camera RAW file extensions category contains various RAW image file formats taken by various digital cameras, image scanners or other suitable devices for recording pictures. These RAW files contain "raw" unprocessed data directly from the image sensor of the device. They are called "raw" because they are not ready to be printed or directly edited with common bitmap graphics editor. RAW files are edited using special photo software, which performs a variety of photo correction and photos are exported to a common bitmap formats such as .jpg and original photos in RAW format remains unchanged.
These files contain all the data needed to produce a viewable image, they are however, considerably 2-6 times larger in the file size. Most RAW files are based on TIFF standard. However, each vendor might include some non-standard meta data like header, image tags as well as encryption for some of the tagged data.

Each vendor usually uses his own file extension for its RAW format. Some of the common ones include CR2 (Canon digital cameras), NEF (Nikon), IIQ (Phase One), 3FR (Hasselblad), DCR, K25, KDC (Kodak), ERF (Epson), MEF (Mamiya), MOS (Leaf), ORF (Olympus), PEF (Pentax), RW2 (Panasonic) and ARW, SRF, SR2 (Sony).

The structure of RAW files in the the ISO standard raw image format look similar to this:
- A short file header that contains an indicator of the byte-ordering of the file, a file identifier and an offset into the main file data.
- Camera sensor metadata needed to exactly interpret the sensor image data.
- Image metadata required for inclusion in any photo database software - the exposure settings, camera/scanner/lens model, date, place of shoot, author etc.
- Some RAW file formats might also contain standardized metadata section in EXIF format.
- Image thumbnail, sometimes also small image in JPEG format used for a quick preview.
- The sensor image data.

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nef file icon file extension nefNikon Digital SLR camera RAW image
cr2 file icon file extension cr2Canon digital camera RAW image format version 2.0
 file extension cziZeiss CZI microscope image
 file extension rawDigital camera photo RAW image format
 file extension rw2Panasonic Lumix RAW image
 file extension eipCapture One Enhanced Image Package file
 file extension wgiWildGame Innovations flexi video
fpx file icon file extension fpxKodak FlashPiX bitmap image
pcd file icon file extension pcdKodak Picture CD multiresolution image
 file extension fffHasselblad Camera RAW file format
dcr file icon file extension dcrKodak Digital Camera Raw Image Format
kdc file icon file extension kdcKodak DC120 digital camera RAW image
kqp file icon file extension kqpKonica camera photo impage
 file extension arwSony Digital Camera RAW digital image
 file extension lfrLytro Illum digital photo
 file extension iiqPhase One RAW image
 file extension zviZeiss AxioVision microscope image
pef file icon file extension pefPentax Digital Camera Raw Image Format
 file extension dngAdobe Digital Negative
 file extension mdcMinolta RD175 image
raf file icon file extension rafFuji CCD-RAW graphic image
 file extension rwlLeica D-Lux 4 RAW image
 file extension r3dREDCODE multimedia data
 file extension ariARRIRAW file
 file extension nrwNikon RAW image
mos file icon file extension mosMamiya Digital Camera RAW image
crw file icon file extension crwCanon digital camera RAW image format
orf file icon file extension orfOlympus Digital camera raw image
 file extension sr2Sony digital camera RAW image
 file extension 3frHasselblad 3F RAW image
x3f file icon file extension x3fSigma Camera RAW picture image
 file extension dc2Kodak DC25 Digital Camera RAW image
mrw file icon file extension mrwMinolta Dimage RAW image
 file extension cibCompressed RAW image
grey file icon file extension greyRaw image format
 file extension srwSamsung Raw picture image
 file extension lfpLytro Lightfield camera RAW image
 file extension mefMamiya ZD MEF digital raw photograph
 file extension apuCanon G3 corrupted RAW image
 file extension erfEpson camera RAW file
 file extension exfExchangeable Image File Format
 file extension ra2Flare RAW data
 file extension nopNokia Smart Shoot RAW photo
 file extension nddNikon Capture Digital DEE data
srf file icon file extension srfSony digital camera RAW image file
st7 file icon file extension st7SBIG CCD camera ST-x image
 file extension capPhase One RAW image
 file extension olrOpenlab RAW image
 file extension dm3Gatan Digital Micrograph data
 file extension ptxPentax RAW bitmap graphic file
 file extension dcsKodak RAW image
ce2 file icon file extension ce2Computer Eyes Raw image format
gry file icon file extension gryRaw image (Raw GREY)
st5 file icon file extension st5SBIG CCD camera ST-x image
st8 file icon file extension st8SBIG CCD camera ST-x photo
sd1 file icon file extension sd1Dali Raw image
st4 file icon file extension st4SBIG CCD Camera ST-4 image
 file extension grayRAW gray samples bitmap image
 file extension crawSony RAW image
 file extension icsImage Cytometry Standard
 file extension rwzRawzor compressed RAW image
 file extension bayCasio RAW picture image
 file extension kc2Kodak RAW image
ce1 file icon file extension ce1Computer Eyes Raw image format
 file extension 3prHasselblad Camera RAW file format
ycbcra file icon file extension ycbcraRaw Y Cb Cr and alpha sample
 file extension mfwMamiya camera RAW image
 file extension nwbNikon Capture white balance
st6 file icon file extension st6SBIG CCD camera ST-x image
 file extension iaRollei RAW image
stx file icon file extension stxSBIG CCD camera ST-x (astronomical image)
cmt file icon file extension cmtChinon ES-1000 digital camera image format
 file extension m02Magic Lantern RAW video
 file extension m03Magic Lantern RAW video
sd0 file icon file extension sd0Dali Raw image
 file extension liffImprovision Openlab LIFF image
 file extension lmsZeiss Axio CSM image

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