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File extensions used for backup formats are other file backup security related file types

List of common backup files

Backup file extension list

File extensions used for backup formats are other file backup security related file types.

Backup files are the exact duplicate of the original data source that can be restored for later use. File types in this category are mainly related to backup software applications - special computer programs used to perform a complete backup of a files, data, databases, whole systems or server or whole disk partitions. Main backup applications are using their own proprietary backup file formats with specific file extension.

Many backup formats and programs are using special backup features such as compression, encryption, password protection, multiplexing, refactoring, incremental backup, automatic backup scheduling etc..

Backup files can be stored at external storage source - external hard disks, network attached storages (NAS), magnetic tapes, optical discs etc. Most modern operating systems have basic backup utility implemented into operating system.

The most known backup applications on PC platform are Acronis True Image (TIB file extension), Norton Ghost (GHO and GHS file extension  or Apple's Time Machine on Mac OS X platform (BACKUPDB file extension).

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rar file icon file extension rarWinRAR RAR compressed archive
 file extension bakGeneric backup file
 file extension jsonlz4Mozilla Firefox compressed bookmark backup
 file extension spbSamsung Kies exported phone contacts library
zip file icon file extension zipCompressed ZIP archive
 file extension spbaSamsung Kies phone contacts library
iso file icon file extension isoCD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray disc ISO binary image
asd file icon file extension asdMicrosoft Word auto-save document
 file extension zap13TIA Portal V13 to backup PLC project
 file extension qcnQualcomm QPST drive backup
 file extension skbSketchUp graphics backup
 file extension bbbBlackBerry backup (post 2012)
 file extension crypt1WhatsApp Messenger encrypted backup
 file extension smeaSamsung Kies messages backup
 file extension mbkdBASE IV multiple index file backup
 file extension abGoogle Android Debug Bridge backup
 file extension zw1EPLAN project backup
 file extension tibAcronis True Image disk image backup
nba file icon file extension nbaNero BackItUp archive
 file extension nbfBackup NOW backup archive
ptb file icon file extension ptbPeachtree Complete Accounting backup
set file icon file extension setMicrosoft Backup file set
 file extension dbkSony Ericsson mobile phone backup
gho file icon file extension ghoNorton Ghost backup image
 file extension adiAOMEI Backupper disk backup
bak file icon file extension bakAutodesk AutoCAD backup
nbu file icon file extension nbuNokia PC Suite 6.82+ backup
nco file icon file extension ncoNero BackItUp compressed backup
 file extension snmmSamsung Notes backup archive
nrg file icon file extension nrgNero-Burning ROM CD or DVD image
 file extension smeSamsung Kies SMS backup
 file extension smsbackupASUS Messaging sms backup
json file icon file extension jsonMozilla Firefox bookmark backup
 file extension _docxMicrosoft Word auto backup file
 file extension vbkVeeam Backup virtual machine backup
 file extension ipdBlackBerry backup (pre 2012)
 file extension abu1ASUS ZenFone backup
 file extension ecbkLG PC Suite calendar backup
 file extension ftmbFamily Tree Maker main backup file
sbf file icon file extension sbfGoogle Android mobile phone backup file
svd file icon file extension svdMicrosoft Word document autosave file
 file extension ffuWindows Phone full flash update
 file extension qdf-backupQuicken financial data backup
 file extension metadataAcronis True Image metadata
 file extension ssnSamsung Kies notes backup
 file extension mbzMoodle backup
 file extension dat_oldMinecraft backup
psc file icon file extension pscNavicat MySQL database compressed backup
 file extension origMostly backup of original file before changes
ex_ file icon file extension ex_Compressed EXE file
 file extension wbfsNintendo Wii backup file system data
wbk file icon file extension wbkMicrosoft Word document saved backup
 file extension snbkpS Note note backup
 file extension bkpBackup
 file extension bpnArchiCAD backup
 file extension oldBackup archive
 file extension backupBackup of current ISAPI application
 file extension trnMicrosoft SQL Server transaction backup
psw file icon file extension pswMicrosoft Windows XP/Vista/7 backup password
 file extension backupGoogle Android backup
ebk file icon file extension ebkOutlook Express Backup Genie backup
 file extension pmfPartitionGuru backup image
 file extension pbbMobile phonebook data
 file extension hbkHTC SMS backup
 file extension uid-zpsZoner Photo Studio photo changes autobackup
 file extension syncdbiTunes saved contact database
 file extension tibxAcronis True Image 2020 backup
 file extension pbfPowerBackup backup archive
 file extension sbuSamsung Kies backup
win file icon file extension winMicrosoft Windows 95/98 backup
 file extension mrimgMacrium Reflect disk image backup
 file extension hbkSynology DSM 6.1+ Hyper Backup image
 file extension nbzArcSoft Total Media Backup & Record backup
 file extension fbkMicrosoft Navision financial backup
svs file icon file extension svsMicrosoft Word style sheet autosave
 file extension imgDisk Copy, ShrinkWrap disk image
 file extension bazAcomba Accounting Suite backup
 file extension dssSynology DiskStation DSM configuration settings backup file
 file extension osbxOneSafe exported backup
 file extension enzCobian Backup encrypted data
 file extension 1p4_zip1Password backup data
bdb file icon file extension bdbMicrosoft Works database backup
 file extension pbdEaseUS Todo Backup backup file
abk file icon file extension abkAbility Write document backup
 file extension bffAIX backup
 file extension wbverifyMicrosoft Windows backup information
bkf file icon file extension bkfMicrosoft backup
 file extension blend1Blender backup
 file extension jpaJoomla installation backup
xar file icon file extension xarMicrosoft Excel AutoRecover backup
 file extension stgMicrosoft ActiveSync backup
bps file icon file extension bpsMicrosoft Works document backup
nbi file icon file extension nbiNero BackItUp backup information file
 file extension fxhMetaTrader 4 backup
 file extension bkSamsung Notes backup
 file extension mscz,MuseScore music score backup
qic file icon file extension qicMicrosoft Windows 95/98 backup
 file extension 001Sage backup
 file extension mpbMyPhoneExplorer backup
qbb file icon file extension qbbQuickBooks backup
 file extension 3dmbakRhino 3D model backup file
wbcat file icon file extension wbcatMicrosoft Windows backup information
 file extension dbkOrCAD schematic capture backup
 file extension mbakQuantrix Modeler backup
 file extension sn3Samsung Kies 2 backup
 file extension bkupWherigo cartridge backup
 file extension amkAceMoney backup
 file extension moz-backupMozilla backup
ichat file icon file extension ichatApple iChat saved history
 file extension rknReckon Accounts Personal Plus backup
 file extension armMySQL archive storage engine metadata
 file extension bk0Aspen HYSYS backup file
 file extension bakRE-TOS backup
 file extension wbf1Nintendo Wii loader backup
 file extension nbakNeat backup
bk2 file icon file extension bk2Corel WordPerfect document backup
 file extension iabAutomatic Backup image
 file extension bppClarion backup application
 file extension msimmSecure Password Manager backup
 file extension csdValve Steam game backup
 file extension spiShadowProtect incremental disk change backup
 file extension bmsBackup Magic backup set
wim file icon file extension wimWindows Imaging Format archive
ashdisc file icon file extension ashdiscAshampoo disk image file
 file extension fcstd1FreeCAD document backup
 file extension svlScramdisk volume
 file extension imageShrinkWrap disk image
bk! file icon file extension bk!Corel WordPerfect document backup
 file extension ctfARCserve Backup backup file
 file extension bc9Cashflow Manager backup
dl_ file icon file extension dl_Microsoft Windows DLL backup
sparseimage file icon file extension sparseimageApple Mac OS X sparse disk image
backupdb file icon file extension backupdbApple Time Machine backup folder
 file extension gbpGenie Backup Manager Pro backup index
 file extension vfs4NUVICO EasyNet backup
ghs file icon file extension ghsNorton Ghost backup
 file extension vbox-prevVirtualBox settings backup
 file extension ibakPassword Safe backup
 file extension dosMicrosoft Windows 95 / MS-DOS system files backup
 file extension fbcFamily Tree compressed backup
 file extension original_epubEPUB e-book backup
 file extension spbmSamsung Smart Switch backup (contacts)
mon file icon file extension monFirefox monday bookmark backup
xlk file icon file extension xlkMicrosoft Excel backup
arc file icon file extension arcNokia backup archive
 file extension tofpToshiba fingerprint utility settings backup
 file extension avzAviSys backup
 file extension afiAOMEI Backupper backup archive
 file extension fbfFree Backup Fix backup
awb file icon file extension awbAd-Aware backup
 file extension bsrBacula restore data
mddata file icon file extension mddataApple iPhone backup data
 file extension cbkDelphi temporary backup
 file extension ctzCustody Toolbox compressed backup
v2i file icon file extension v2iNorton Ghost disk drive image
 file extension cpsCentral Point PC Tools backup
 file extension pbfSprite Backup mobile device image
 file extension tdrArVid tape backup
sparsebundle file icon file extension sparsebundleApple Mac OS X Time Machine dynamic image
nri file icon file extension nriNero Burning ROM CD-ROM (ISO) compilation
 file extension deletedDeleted file
jrs file icon file extension jrsExtensible Storage Engine (ESE) reserve transaction log
 file extension bukMPlayer VOB backup
 file extension vbfVersaCheck backup
fri file icon file extension friFirefox bookmark backup
mbf file icon file extension mbfMicrosoft Money backup
 file extension rpkNeverForget backup reminder data
mdbackup file icon file extension mdbackupApple iPhone backup
qdb file icon file extension qdbQuicken backup
 file extension bakFinale backup
mib file icon file extension mibMyInfo topic backup
 file extension umbMemMaker backup
pcv file icon file extension pcvMozBackup backup
 file extension fkcFBackup catalog
 file extension bc7Cashflow Manager 2007 backup
tly file icon file extension tlyAdobe Photoshop Elements backup catalog
 file extension bbkTreePad backup file
 file extension gbkInterBase database backup
 file extension pckProgram package
 file extension imaFloppy disk image
 file extension lbkVersaPro local logic block backup
 file extension original_mobiMOBI ebook backup
201 file icon file extension 201StarMoney agent rollback data
 file extension bcaAllplan backup catalog
 file extension pbfParagon disk image
 file extension ibzMySQL InnoDB database table compressed backup
 file extension undoBackup data
nfb file icon file extension nfbNokia PC Suite phone backup
 file extension bfsIBM Tivoli Storage Manager data
 file extension renRenamed file
 file extension wacomprefsWacom preference backup archive
 file extension hm4Lorex backup
 file extension c000Genie Backup Manager compressed split backup
 file extension qb2015QuickBooks 2015 backup
 file extension egImage It backup disk image
 file extension tcsTreeComp snapshot data
bak file icon file extension bakMozilla Firefox bookmarks backup
 file extension mcgDX-client backup
 file extension mb2McMyAdmin backup archive
 file extension omgO&O DiskImage backup
 file extension p15PAR recovery volume
pca file icon file extension pcapcAnywhere registry backup
 file extension mrbakMacrium Reflect backup
 file extension bkpiSynology Hyper Backup image
 file extension nbdPC Backup Pro backup
 file extension wjfWinZip job file
 file extension rwbRefWorks backup
cmp file icon file extension cmpMicrosoft SharePoint Server backup
bks file icon file extension bksMicrosoft Works spreadsheet document backup
 file extension dt6Brother's Keeper 6 backup
icbu file icon file extension icbuApple iCal backup
 file extension ttbkTurboTax backup file
 file extension pvhdParagon Backup and Recovery backup
 file extension abuASUS Backup backup data
 file extension diyMy Drivers backup file
 file extension 999Sage backup
ashbak file icon file extension ashbakAshampoo Burning Studio backup archive
 file extension bc6Cashflow Manager 2006 backup
nfc file icon file extension nfcNokia PC Suite phone backup
 file extension p2iPower2Go disk image
 file extension ds$AutoCAD sheet set data backup
 file extension pcdGX IEC Developer backup
 file extension bp1Smartware backup document
 file extension qbkQuickTax backup
 file extension sscSamsung Kies calendar backup
 file extension da1Windows Registry backup file
 file extension imaWinImage backup file
nrm file icon file extension nrmNero Burning ROM mixed mode CD compilation
 file extension cvtdBASE IV backup
 file extension smemSamsung Smart Switch backup (messages)
 file extension fwbackupFreeway Pro backup
ctx file icon file extension ctxMicrosoft Windows Terminal Server INI backup
 file extension oriBackup of original file before changes
 file extension dskMSX-DOS disk image
 file extension bakProShow Producer backup
 file extension bakxFinale backup
 file extension p21PAR recovery volume
 file extension krtMicrosoft Visual FoxPro recreation data
 file extension ofbOxygen Forensic Suite backup
sid file icon file extension sidSteam game data backup
001 file icon file extension 001Norton Ghost disk image span
 file extension 1-stepIomega backup
 file extension jbkJuno backup file
 file extension immIncrediMail deleted email messages list
 file extension backuppgAdmin database backup
 file extension quicken2017backupQuicken for Mac 2017 backup
npb file icon file extension npbNavicat for MySQL backup profile
 file extension sqbSQL Backup Compact MS SQL server backup
 file extension wcfWebEx saved chat session
cdr file icon file extension cdrApple Final Cut Pro CD or DVD master image
 file extension ecbEccoPro database backup
 file extension m06Microsoft Money 98 backup data
 file extension pdbPowerDesigner physical model backup
 file extension bkcBackup4all catalog
 file extension bmrBare Metal Restore data
bud file icon file extension budQuicken backup disk file
 file extension tpbHiJaak PCL soft font file backup
 file extension j01Akeeba Backup multi-part backup
 file extension ipeWacom Pen system.ini and win.ini backup
 file extension vhbRenee Becca backup archive
 file extension arzMySQL archive storage engine data
 file extension antsTansee Transfer backup
 file extension rmbSafeGuard RemovableMedia keyring backup
 file extension bakACT! backup file
 file extension bkzFileFort backup
 file extension tjfVAXTPU backup
bk1 file icon file extension bk1Corel WordPerfect document backup
 file extension bfwSmartWare backup cross-tab data
 file extension okrPowerRecover one key recovery file
 file extension bm3Sony Ericsson backup
 file extension bkiIBM BookManager backup index
 file extension mbsbMamut Business Software company database backup
 file extension kbbBestCrypt Key Block Backup
 file extension jafJust A Frequency Logger backup file
 file extension cbuComodo Backup backup
 file extension bkoWisco Backup Outlook backup
 file extension gsbaGameSave Manager save backup
 file extension mscxmSecure Password Manager backup
nru file icon file extension nruNero Burning ROM UDF CD-ROM compilation
nrd file icon file extension nrdNero Burning ROM DVD-Video compilation
 file extension mbkpMemeo Instant Backup backup archive
 file extension rrrRegistry Mechanic backup
 file extension bc8Cashflow Manager backup
qmd file icon file extension qmdQuicken backup
 file extension vrbVeeam Backup reversed incremental changes data
 file extension bpbPowerDesigner business process backup
 file extension wkpWeb CEO database backup
 file extension 1Pro/ENGINEER backup file
 file extension !@!Microsoft Windows backup of WIN.INI
 file extension tk2Roxio/Take Two backup
buc file icon file extension bucAdobe Photoshop Elements backup
 file extension gcbGoogle Chrome Backup backup data
 file extension sikMicrosoft Word backup
 file extension vibVeeam backup
 file extension gbmGenie Backup Manager archive
 file extension avkAvigilon backup
 file extension whbApple iPod backup image
 file extension ssbSimply Safe Backup archive
 file extension ebiThe Bat! messages encrypted backup
 file extension bak1Backup format
 file extension vbakAutodesk Vault backup data
nrb file icon file extension nrbNero Burning ROM CD-ROM Boot compilation
 file extension nwbakNeat backup
 file extension i5dIUCLID XML backup
 file extension zw5EPLAN macro backup
 file extension savedTypicaly saved copy of any file format
 file extension qbmbQuickBooks backup file
 file extension ocbDirectory Opus configuration backup
 file extension jwcJewelCase Maker saved data
 file extension clnMicrosoft Windows 3.x configuration backup
svg file icon file extension svgMicrosoft Word glossary backup
 file extension mkzPokerOffice database backup
msnbak file icon file extension msnbakMSN Mail backup
 file extension pd2DFSee partition table and boot sector backup
 file extension afzFamily Tree backup
 file extension v30QuickBooks v 3.0 backup
da0 file icon file extension da0Microsoft Windows 9x registry backup file
 file extension quickenbackupQuicken Essentials for Mac financial data backup
 file extension mbuSony CAV-M1000ES memory backup
 file extension ckpMicrosoft SQL Server checkpoint
 file extension cmbChromeleon backup archive
 file extension dbeActiveSync backup file format
 file extension dat_mcrMinecraft backup
 file extension hcbHyperOS compressed backup
 file extension lcbConcept2 LogCard utility backup image
 file extension rdoOracle Database redo log
 file extension _bkWriter’s Blocks document backup
 file extension bkuTimeslips backup
 file extension rbrNICE Wordnet backup file
 file extension fezFUND E-Z backup archive
 file extension nv3Visicontrol MVS-30/35/40 flash-memory backup
 file extension hbkAuto Backup backup archive
 file extension whxWinHex backup data
 file extension vbbVirtualBoss backup
 file extension m09Microsoft Money 2001 backup data
 file extension m07Microsoft Money 99 backup data
wed file icon file extension wedFirefox bookmark backup
 file extension tigTexas Instruments connect backup
 file extension grbGRBackPro backup file
pbr file icon file extension pbrMicrosoft Publisher backup file
bk5 file icon file extension bk5Corel WordPerfect document backup file
 file extension iobitAdvanced SystemCare PRO backup
{pb file icon file extension {pbCorel WordPerfect backup file
 file extension pcuPC MightyMax undo data
 file extension dbkdBase database backup
 file extension ntjJunction Box backup file
 file extension savParallels Desktop saved state image
 file extension brzDbbrz database backup or restore data
 file extension previousMac OS X Address Book backup file
r13 file icon file extension r13Norton Ghost rar file
 file extension a$vQuarkXpress automatically saved project
 file extension jtbackupJust Type notes backup
 file extension dimActive@ Disk Image backup
 file extension adkOS/2 saved SKF format
 file extension rmanOracle datafile backup
 file extension mycSimply Safe backup archive
 file extension ~y7Synchro Studio 7 backup
bk3 file icon file extension bk3Corel WordPerfect document backup file
 file extension wspakWebsitePanel backup
 file extension hm~Help&Manual help project backup
 file extension tlbackupTrue Launch Bar backup settings
 file extension 2dbCadwork backup
 file extension csmValve Steam game backup
 file extension casAtari cassette image
 file extension wbuSamsung PC Studio backup
 file extension 00bPenSoft Payroll backup file
 file extension gb1Game Maker backup
 file extension p04PAR recovery volume
 file extension ochSatellite and Channel settings backup
 file extension pchdPC Backup Utilities backup file
 file extension ~dpDelphi DPR project backup
 file extension ~hBorland C++ Builder backup source
 file extension p03PAR recovery volume
 file extension p14PAR recovery volume
nrc file icon file extension nrcNero Burning ROM UDF/ISO CD-ROM compilation
rbk file icon file extension rbkMicrosoft Windows 95 registry backup
 file extension uasUlead PhotoImpact backup
 file extension rimBackupSoft backup
bk8 file icon file extension bk8Corel WordPerfect document backup file
 file extension in1INI file backup
 file extension fbuFEBE Firefox add-in ZIP backup
 file extension ovbOnkoS vocabulary backup
 file extension bp0SmartWare backup project
 file extension nrbakNeat backup
 file extension tueMozilla Firefox bookmark backup
 file extension 01bPenSoft Payroll backup
bak file icon file extension bakCorel WordPerfect document backup
 file extension excludeWOW! backup
 file extension fwbFileWrangler data file backup
 file extension qb2014QuickBooks for Mac 2014 backup
 file extension ~deBorland C++ project backup
 file extension re3HNDR-S4824 backup data
 file extension sn4Drive SnapShot partial disk image
bk6 file icon file extension bk6Corel WordPerfect document backup file
 file extension ateMicrosoft Office Accounting compressed backup
 file extension tmrFree Countdown Timer saved countdown file
dsk file icon file extension dskMicrosoft Windows XP system restore backup
r16 file icon file extension r16Norton Ghost rar file
tb2 file icon file extension tb2TASBooks accounting backup file
 file extension gbckGlary Utilities backup file
 file extension blend2Blender document backup
 file extension $$$Backup file format
psb file icon file extension psbNavicat uncompressed database backup
 file extension ajaBackup revision control archive file
 file extension bak3Crysis backup
mdinfo file icon file extension mdinfoApple iPhone info data
backup file icon file extension backupNavicat for MySQL backup
 file extension ajlCA ARCserve backup journal
 file extension msgstoredbcrypt7WhatsApp crypted database backup
 file extension drscanProsoft Engineering Data Rescue scan data
nrs file icon file extension nrsNero CD-ROM Boot EFI compilation
 file extension v2bTexas Instruments TI Voyage 200 backup
 file extension quicken2015backupQuicken for Mac 2015 backup
 file extension wmcMathCAD backup of startup data
 file extension sn1Drive Snapshot first differential backup
 file extension p07PAR recovery volume
 file extension bakGrade Organizer backup
 file extension vmf_autosaveValve Hammer Editor auto save file
 file extension bjfNTI Backup Now data
 file extension wbbWinBackup backup
 file extension p25PAR recovery volume
 file extension jbkJot+ Notes backup
 file extension vboxsaveSecurityBox encrypted data backup
 file extension uciUFS Explorer backup file
 file extension sn2Drive SnapShot partial disk image
 file extension rb0Trend AntiVirus backup data
 file extension rdbRetrospect backup set
r21 file icon file extension r21Norton Ghost rar file
 file extension bvwSmartWare backup standard view data
 file extension nb7NovaBACKUP output data backup
 file extension hdkMAXI Disk disk image
 file extension p2vPLAN2VIZ backup design plan
 file extension rmbakRegistry Mechanic backup
 file extension ---Microsoft backup file set
r18 file icon file extension r18Norton Ghost rar file
 file extension rb1Reunion data backup
 file extension dirCPS backup
 file extension cbkCardScan backup
 file extension p20PAR recovery volume
 file extension mscx,MuseScore music score backup
 file extension ob3ABF software Outlook Backup backup
 file extension purgeableTime Machine corrupted backup
 file extension ~cwNew Wave Concepts Circuit Wizard temporary backup
 file extension p24PAR recovery volume
 file extension extzExtron PCS configuration backup
r10 file icon file extension r10Norton Ghost rar file
 file extension hbiHandy Backup backup
 file extension cdbPowerDesigner conceptual model backup
 file extension bak~AbiWord auto-saved document
 file extension rpmsaveRPM Package Manager package backup
sps file icon file extension spsSyncBackSE exported profile
bk7 file icon file extension bk7Corel WordPerfect document backup file
 file extension bpsdBackup Plus data
arc file icon file extension arcNorton backup archive
 file extension fhSymantec Backup Exec file history
fpbf file icon file extension fpbfApple Finder burnable backup folder
iv2i file icon file extension iv2iNorton Ghost disk drive image
 file extension sspSplitter multipart split file
 file extension mbkSmartWare macro backup
 file extension lv1LiVES clip backup
 file extension rpmorigRPM Package Manager package backup
bk4 file icon file extension bk4Corel WordPerfect document backup file
 file extension bakVisual UML (Unified Modeling Language) backup
 file extension dmdDreamMail backup
 file extension rbfOracle Database backup
 file extension pspautosaveCorel PaintShop Pro autosave
 file extension sbbMicrosoft Office Accounting company backup
 file extension p00PAR recovery volume
 file extension acd-bakACID Pro project backup
 file extension tbkThe Bat! backup hives
 file extension vfs2NUVICO EasyNet backup
 file extension bacBackup Plus backup
 file extension qdkQEMM startup files backup
 file extension bp4SmartWare backup project
sis file icon file extension sisSteam game backup information
 file extension nvfVisicontrol MVS-20 Non-Volatile memory backup
 file extension quicken2016backupQuicken for Mac 2016 backup
 file extension dsbDiscSafe backup
 file extension uumMinuum Keyboard backup
 file extension xfdAtari disk image
 file extension nvVisicontrol MVS-20 non-volatile memory backup
 file extension tbkVisual FoxPro memo backup
 file extension bakT-FLEX autosave data
 file extension ldbLingoes backup
 file extension mv_Magix Movie Edit Pro movie backup
wa~ file icon file extension wa~Microsoft Address Book data
 file extension ebkKryptel backup
 file extension gwsLinksys gateway settings backup
 file extension 000Backup older file
 file extension pd5DFSee partition table and boot sector backup
 file extension tmbMovie Magic Screenwriter document timed backup
 file extension bz1WinTOTAL automatic backup
 file extension sbkSWiSH backup
 file extension n000Genie Backup Manager split backup
 file extension wpbWindows Phone Device Manager backup file
 file extension w40Microsoft Windows 95 backup
 file extension quickbooksautodatarecoveryQuickBooks auto recovery data
 file extension pbPocketCache backup
 file extension pmbNavicat for MariaDB backup
 file extension ezpAutoCAD ecscad project backup

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