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File extensions used for computer operating systems internal use and which are required for proper and healthy functionality of any operating system

List of common system file types

System file extension list

File extensions used for computer operating systems internal use and which are required for proper and healthy functionality of any operating system.

System files are very important group of file formats, which are used by computer operating systems. If any of these files are missing or corrupted, the operating system usually doesn't work correctly or doesn't start at all. Many system files have their file attribute set to hidden, so they aren't visible to users, as a preventive measures . Basic system files are incompatible between various operating systems and each operating system has its own native binary formats for them. For example Microsoft Windows system files could never work as system files for Linux or MAC OS X.
Device drives are a bit of exception. Microsoft Windows device drivers are still not compatible with Linux or MAC OS X, but the same driver could possibly be used in different versions of Microsoft Windows, e.g. Windows 95/98/Me have the same driver file format, and often drivers for Windows 95 could work in the newer Windows Me.

Most widely used system file extensions are sys, drv, dll, inf etc..

More experienced users can configure Windows Explorer or file manager to show hidden and system files. But be very careful, any damage to important system files can lead to malfunction or an unstable operating system.

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 file extension $$$OS/2 operating system file type
$03 file icon file extension $03MS-DOS pipe
$b5 file icon file extension $b5ProDOS 16 or GS/OS Shell application file
 file extension 0PSERVER printer queue information file
 file extension 0Linux shared library link
000 file icon file extension 000CHKDSK found folder file
 file extension 001Unix system file
 file extension 100Award BIOS Upgrade File version 1.0
 file extension 1092Microsoft Windows file
 file extension 120Award BIOS upgrade file
1pa file icon file extension 1paMicrosoft Windows file
 file extension 211ASUS BIOS update
 file extension 212ASUS BIOS update
286 file icon file extension 286Microsoft Windows virtual device driver
 file extension 2grWindows VGA graphic drivers
 file extension 2sfPuppy Linux file
32s file icon file extension 32sWin32s file
 file extension 3fsPuppy Linux save state file
 file extension 3grWindows Screen Grabber for MS-DOS applications VGA graphics driver
 file extension 3_dpoRalink RT3070 Linux driver
 file extension 3~6Windows 3.xx System file
 file extension 4fsPuppy Linux save state file
 file extension 500Linux file
 file extension 89kTI-89 application file
 file extension 8xuTexas Instruments TI-83 Plus operating system file
 file extension aaUnix File
 file extension aadFreeBSD file
 file extension accessJava access control file
 file extension acctIBM AIX system data
 file extension acvOS/2 audio driver file
 file extension adUNIX application default resource file
 file extension addAdapter device driver file
adm file icon file extension admAdministrator policy template file
 file extension adupsGoogle Android data
 file extension advGravis Ultrasound virtual device driver file
 file extension afsFreeBSD file
 file extension aixIBM AIX file
 file extension aliBeOS ALI file
 file extension alxBlackBerry application loader
ami file icon file extension amiAMI BIOS firmware file
ann file icon file extension annMicrosoft Windows Help annotation
 file extension apdIBM Lotus printer driver
 file extension apdiskApple macOS disk information data
 file extension appledoubleApple AppleDouble resource file
 file extension apple_partition_mapApple partition scheme file
 file extension aqlAOL DLL file
 file extension aqmCP/M information data
 file extension arLinux/Unix command library
 file extension araATI Radeon video driver
 file extension asdLotus screen driver
aslquery file icon file extension aslqueryApple MAC OS X console query
 file extension atahdPuppy Linux ATA hard drive flag file
 file extension augRed Hat Linux shellvars file
 file extension awsActiveWords System file
 file extension bLILO Boot Loader image file
 file extension badaSamsung bada data
 file extension bash_historyBash history data
 file extension bash_profileBash interactive login shell file
 file extension bbfwiTunes firmware update
 file extension bcdMicrosoft Windows boot configuration
bcs file icon file extension bcsMicrosoft Windows 95 browse information file
 file extension bifBoot information file
 file extension bioOS/2 BIOS file
blf file icon file extension blfMicrosoft Windows registry data
 file extension bnrNintento Wii homebrew data
 file extension bomApple Mac OS X Bill of Materials file
bootefisignature file icon file extension bootefisignaturebootefisignature Mac OS X system file
bridgesupport file icon file extension bridgesupportbridgesupport Mac OS X file extension
 file extension bsdFacetWin bitwise backup set file
 file extension bsdiffCygwin file
 file extension budMicrosoft Windows binary printer description file
 file extension bupBrother Embroidery system file
 file extension bziDarik's Boot And Nuke kernel file
 file extension b~kMicrosoft Windows 3.x data
 file extension cachedumpMicrosoft Windows file
cat file icon file extension catMicrosoft Security Catalog
 file extension cbMicrosoft clean boot file
 file extension cddChromeleon device driver file
 file extension cdevMacintosh II control panel file
cdfs file icon file extension cdfsCompact Disc File System
 file extension cdmNovell NetWare disk drivers NPA
 file extension cgkBlueSoleil data
 file extension cgzLinux drivers archive
 file extension chsMicrosoft Windows Chinese noise-word list file
 file extension chtMicrosoft Windows Chinese noise-word list file
 file extension cinOS/2 change control file
 file extension cmgcramfs ROM file system package
 file extension cnmMicrosoft Windows application menu options and setup file
 file extension cnvMicrosoft Word text conversion file
colorpicker file icon file extension colorpickerApple Mac OS X color picker component
component file icon file extension componentMac OS X System Component
components file icon file extension componentsMac OS X system file
 file extension cpiMicrosoft MS-DOS code page information file
cpl file icon file extension cplMicrosoft Windows Control Panel file
 file extension cpyAtari Ramdrive CPY commands
 file extension cqSYSGEN replacement file
 file extension crmlogMicrosoft Windows CRM log file
 file extension crpMSI SecureDoc encrypted file
ctfsys file icon file extension ctfsysOS X Mach Kernel system file
cub file icon file extension cubWindows Installer validation module file
 file extension cxnConexant driver file
 file extension danAMD ATI Radeon video driver
 file extension datProgram data
 file extension dat_tureg_oldWindows Registry data
 file extension dbfseventsdMac OS X file
dbl file icon file extension dblMicrosoft Windows XP product activation data
 file extension ddpOS/2 device driver profile
 file extension ddzAdaptec SCO Unix driver image file
dev file icon file extension devWindows device driver
 file extension devicemanifest-msMicrosoft Windows device metadata file
 file extension difOS/2 display information file
 file extension dioiPaq 914c flash data
 file extension dirDirectory indicator file
 file extension disSoundweb firmware file
dl file icon file extension dlMasked Dynamic Link Library file
dll file icon file extension dllDynamic Link Library
 file extension dll_1029Microsoft Windows DLL file
 file extension dlmDynamic Link module
 file extension dmdOS/2 Warp device manager driver
 file extension do7DOS 7 file
 file extension documentrevisions-v100macOS (OS X) data
 file extension dohGeoworks GEOS dependency information file
 file extension dpbMicrosoft Windows driver related file
drv file icon file extension drvMicrosoft Windows device driver
 file extension dsDesktop Korn Shell file
 file extension dskNovell NetWare disk driver
 file extension dspDr.Halo graphics display driver file
dsr file icon file extension dsrCorel WordPerfect driver file
ds_store file icon file extension ds_storemacOS (OS X) folder information
dt file icon file extension dtMacintosh file data fork
 file extension dumpDump file
 file extension dvcLoseThos partition drive file
 file extension dvdMS-DOS hardware device driver
 file extension dwcEmulex DWC firmware update file format
 file extension easOS/2 extended file attributes
 file extension ecdCoCut Plotter printer driver
 file extension ecwSystem Dll file
 file extension efiExtensible Firmware Interface file
 file extension efiresxtensible Firmware Interface image file
 file extension emmExpanded memory manager file
 file extension envHP-95 environment file
 file extension equivIBM AIX system file.
 file extension esnMicrosoft Windows XP System32 cache
etl file icon file extension etlMicrosoft Windows trace log
evt file icon file extension evtMicrosoft Windows 2000 and XP event log
evtx file icon file extension evtxMicrosoft Windows event log
 file extension exopcExoPC application file
 file extension ext2Linux second extended file system file
 file extension ext4Fourth extended filesystem
 file extension failurerequestsmacOS (OS X) data
 file extension ffwFesto Firmware file
 file extension fgdump-logMicrosoft Windows fgdump file
 file extension fidWindows index file
 file extension fileAS/400 physical file
 file extension fileMac OS X file
 file extension finAMD ATI Radeon video driver
 file extension flgPuppy Linux partition flag
fll file icon file extension fllVisual FoxPro dynamic link library
 file extension fltOS/2 warp filter device driver file
folder file icon file extension folderMicrosoft Windows Explorer folder file
 file extension fsNetBSD system file
fs file icon file extension fsMac OS X file system plug-in file
fseventsd file icon file extension fseventsdmacOS (OS X) data
 file extension fstabFile system table file
 file extension ftgMicrosoft Windows Help file
 file extension fwlFileWrangler EXE Library
 file extension fxDirectX D3DXEffect object file
fx file icon file extension fxMicrosoft Windows prefetch data
gadget file icon file extension gadgetWindows sidebar gadget
gid file icon file extension gidMicrosoft Windows Help general index
gpd file icon file extension gpdMicrosoft Windows universal printer unidrv minidriver
gr2 file icon file extension gr2Microsoft Windows screen driver
 file extension gr3Graphics device driver
grb file icon file extension grbMS-DOS Shell Monitor file
 file extension grdDrivers for GRX
grl file icon file extension grlMicrosoft Windows Update status data
 file extension grmMicrosoft Windows data
 file extension groupLinux file
grp file icon file extension grpMicrosoft Windows program group
 file extension gzpGazelle system page file
h1c file icon file extension h1cWindows Vista file related to Assistance Platform (AP) help
h1f file icon file extension h1fMicrosoft Windows Assistance Platform client help file
h1k file icon file extension h1kKeyword index - Microsoft Windows Assistance Platform client help related file
h1s file icon file extension h1sMicrosoft Windows Assistance Platform client help document
h1t file icon file extension h1tMicrosoft Windows Assistance Platform client help related file
h1v file icon file extension h1vTask metadata file - Microsoft Windows Assistance Platform client help related file
 file extension h86CP/M data
 file extension hamNovell NetWare disk drivers NPA
 file extension hcdHuawei system file
hdmp file icon file extension hdmpMicrosoft Windows Heap Dump file
hhc file icon file extension hhcHTML Help Table Of Contents file
 file extension hhkMicrosoft HTML Help index file
hiv file icon file extension hivWindows NT Registry Hive
hlp file icon file extension hlpHelp file
 file extension hlxATI Radeon video driver file
 file extension hpcSystem dynamic library file
 file extension hpfsOS/2 High Performance File System
 file extension hsancillaryMac OS file
htt file icon file extension httMicrosoft HyperText template file
 file extension htwMicrosoft Windows data
hv file icon file extension hvMicrosoft Windows Mobile hive
 file extension hx1Microsoft Windows data
 file extension hxiMicrosoft Help compiled storage file
 file extension ia64HP-UX file
icap file icon file extension icapInternet preference file
icd file icon file extension icdMicrosoft Windows OpenGL installable client driver file
 file extension identifierMicrosoft Windows zone identifier data
 file extension idxIndex
 file extension idx_dllMicrosoft Office IDX_DLL file
 file extension ifsIBM OS/2 installable file system file
 file extension im4pApple iOS IMG4 payload data
ina file icon file extension inaMS-DOS data
inf file icon file extension infAutostart CDROM file
inf file icon file extension infWindows installation script
 file extension inpSony HD camera system
ins file icon file extension insMicrosoft Windows Internet Naming Service
 file extension install_backupAVG shell extension module file
 file extension intSony HD camera system file
ion file icon file extension ion4DOS description file
 file extension ioplistApple Mac OS X ioplist file
 file extension iotHitachi Ladder Editor IO comment file
 file extension ircNevo Infra-Red device code file format
 file extension irix6Irix 6 file
iswp file icon file extension iswpApple iTunes iOS firmware update file
 file extension jfsLinux/Unix Journaling file system
 file extension jlbPAC Mate BX keyboard driver
jnilib file icon file extension jnilibJava JNI library
job file icon file extension jobMicrosoft Windows Task Scheduler task object
 file extension journal_info_blockApple Mac OS X filesystem file
 file extension k48Apple iOS kernel cache file
 file extension kbdKeyboard script file layout
kdmp file icon file extension kdmpMicrosoft Windows crash dump data
kext file icon file extension kextApple Mac kernel extension
key file icon file extension keyMicrosoft Windows 7 registry key
 file extension kmdClicker module output
 file extension koLinux kernel module
 file extension krmKenwood firmware data
 file extension kssKDE screen saver file
 file extension lanNovell NetWare LAN driver file
lbr file icon file extension lbrLotus 1-2-3 display driver data
le file icon file extension lele Mac OS X file
 file extension lexLex or Flex file
lgs file icon file extension lgsMicrosoft Windows application log
 file extension lgxMicrosoft Windows received message data
 file extension llsWindows system file
 file extension lnUNIX lint file
localized file icon file extension localizedmacOS (OS X) system localization file
 file extension locationMicrosoft Windows 10 registry data
 file extension lockLock data
log1 file icon file extension log1Microsoft Windows registry hive log file
log2 file icon file extension log2Microsoft Windows registry hive log 2 file
 file extension lowPDP-10 low segment of a two-segment program
lproj file icon file extension lprojMac OS X localized project folder file
 file extension ls_Unix ls directory file
 file extension ltnCD-ROM driver file
 file extension lztHP StoreEver 1/8 G2 Tape Autoloader file
 file extension m$sMindStor firmware update file
 file extension macsApple Mac OS system file
man file icon file extension manMicrosoft Windows 2000/XP mandatory user profile
mapimail file icon file extension mapimailWindows Send To Mail Recipient file
 file extension markerMicrosoft Windows 10 system data
mci file icon file extension mciMedia Control Interface command script
 file extension mcpAmiga MUI preference class or library file
mdimporter file icon file extension mdimporterSpotlight importer setting file
mdmp file icon file extension mdmpMicrosoft Windows minidump file
 file extension mftMicrosoft Windows NTFS master file table
 file extension migtableMicrosoft Windows file
mkext file icon file extension mkextMac OS X Mach kernel extension memory cache
mlb file icon file extension mlbMicrosoft Windows Mobile media library
mnu file icon file extension mnuMS-DOS mouse menu
mob file icon file extension mobPEN Windows device definition file
mod file icon file extension modMS-DOS implementing support for Windows DLL's file
mod file icon file extension modMicrosoft Windows kernel module
 file extension mofSystems Management Server managed object format
 file extension mojitoLimewire Kademlia file
monitorPanel file icon file extension monitorPanelApple Mac OS X Display panel plug-in file type
 file extension motLinux load instructions
 file extension mpaPalm memo file
 file extension mpkgMeta package file
 file extension mps_MPW Shell file
 file extension mqMicrosoft Windows message data
msc file icon file extension mscMicrosoft management console control file
msdm file icon file extension msdmMicrosoft Windows file
msn file icon file extension msnMicrosoft Windows network related file
mui file icon file extension muiMultiLanguage Windows resource data
 file extension muiAmiga MUI default class/library file
muimanifest file icon file extension muimanifestMicrosoft Windows multilingual user interface data
mum file icon file extension mumMicrosoft Windows Update Package
 file extension mvaMatrox video card driver file
mydocs file icon file extension mydocsSend to My Documents
 file extension n81Apple iOS kernel cache file
 file extension n90Apple iOS kernel cache file
 file extension n90apiPhone Jailbreak firmware file
ndrv file icon file extension ndrvApple Mac OS system driver file
nib file icon file extension nibAdobe AIR file
nib file icon file extension nibInterface Builder user interface resources
 file extension nkeySilicon Graphics Onyx4 file
 file extension nldATI Radeon video driver file
nlm file icon file extension nlmNovell Netware loadable module file
nls file icon file extension nlsMicrosoft National Language Support data
 file extension nosJNOS system data
 file extension not_terminatedMac OS X audit log file
 file extension novsNovell NetWare Control Center file
 file extension nstNokia Star Torrent system file
 file extension nu4Norton Utilities DLL root file
 file extension nu6Norton utility system dll file
 file extension nvunVidia graphic driver data
 file extension nxdAdaOS debugging information for a module
 file extension nxpAdaOS profiling information for one execution
 file extension nxsAdaOS support module
 file extension o00Always Technology SCSI Controller Driver file
ocx file icon file extension ocxActiveX Control
 file extension oemOEM install data file
 file extension os2os2 system file
osax file icon file extension osaxAppleScript scripting addition data
osc file icon file extension oscRemote Installation Services client installation wizard
 file extension osinstallmessagesMac OS X file
 file extension ospCrystal Semiconductor driver data
oth file icon file extension othMicrosoft PowerToys Explorer tool
ov1 file icon file extension ov1Overlay file
ov2 file icon file extension ov2Overlay file
ov3 file icon file extension ov3Overlay file
ov4 file icon file extension ov4Overlay file
ov5 file icon file extension ov5Overlay file
 file extension oviPC-9801 FM system data
ovl file icon file extension ovlOverlay file
 file extension ox2Orangutan X2 firmware update file
 file extension p5xMicrosoft Windows system data
 file extension patSynology DiskStation DSM update
payload file icon file extension payloadMicrosoft Windows Mobile data
 file extension pbdPowerBuilder dynamic link library
pcf file icon file extension pcfMicrosoft Source Profiler profiler command
 file extension pciPCI miniport data
 file extension pcmLaserJet Printer Cartridge Metric for printer driver
 file extension pd0SonTek firmware file
 file extension pdlSymbian OS printer driver file
 file extension pdrWindows Port device driver file
pf file icon file extension pfMicrosoft Windows prefetch data
 file extension pidUnix process ID
 file extension pidCreative Driver file
 file extension plkAMD ATI Radeon video driver
 file extension pltEPOC software platform file
pmr file icon file extension pmrMicrosoft Windows Performance Monitor report
pol file icon file extension polWindows policy file
 file extension pr2dBase IV printer driver
prd file icon file extension prdMicrosoft Word for DOS printer driver file
prefpane file icon file extension prefpaneMac OS X System Preference Pane
prf file icon file extension prfMicrosoft Profiler output
 file extension profileBash shell profile
prs file icon file extension prsNorton Viewer DLL file
prt file icon file extension prtMicrosoft Windows directory file
psf file icon file extension psfWindows Server Update Services patch storage file
 file extension pxeLinux, Unix network bootable image
 file extension qccNiobrata QUCM firmware file
qds file icon file extension qdsMicrosoft Windows Server saved DsQuery data
 file extension qdzStratix V device driver
qfilter file icon file extension qfilterMac OS X ColorSync filter file
 file extension qkyLinux Quirky kernel file
qlgenerator file icon file extension qlgeneratorApple Quick Look plug-in
 file extension qprOS/2 print queue device driver
 file extension qtsQuickTime system file
qtz file icon file extension qtzMac Quartz graphics
 file extension quePDP-10 queue file
quicktimecomponents file icon file extension quicktimecomponentsMac OS X system file
 file extension ratMicrosoft Windows rating system file
 file extension rbhRBH Access Technologies firmware
rco file icon file extension rcoSony PlayStation Portable PSP resource file
 file extension rdlSymbian recogniser library
 file extension rdzMandrake Linux install file
reg file icon file extension regWindows registry data
regtrans-ms file icon file extension regtrans-msMicrosoft Windows registry changes temporary data
 file extension relNintendo Wii relocatable module
 file extension restorelistMicrosoft Windows file system permission file
 file extension rfwRockchip firmware file
rgu file icon file extension rguMicrosoft Windows Mobile registry entry
 file extension rioIBM AIX system data
 file extension riscosAcorn RISC OS file
 file extension rm7Casio registration memory file
 file extension romRead Only Memory image
 file extension rppSymbian OS pre-processed resource
 file extension rsWindows Rating System rating data
 file extension rsqIBM 4690 Operating System​ data
rsrc file icon file extension rsrcMAC OS resource file
 file extension rtbNAT proxy servers file
rtp file icon file extension rtpSoftware update
 file extension rwmWindows Imaging Resource only image
rx file icon file extension rxMS-DOS 7 file
savedsearch file icon file extension savedsearchSpotlight saved search
saver file icon file extension saverMac OS X Screen Saver
 file extension scFramework II display driver
 file extension scUnix spreadsheet commands
scap file icon file extension scapScap Mac OS X file
 file extension sccVisual SourceSafe control file
 file extension scdSystems Management Server (SMS) site control file deletion
 file extension scexeHP iL02 firmware update
scr file icon file extension scrMicrosoft Windows screensaver
scr file icon file extension scrMS-DOS DEBUG input
 file extension scsiApple HDD setup file
 file extension sdbCustom Application Compatibility Database
 file extension sdbWindows Compatibility Solution Database file
 file extension sdevApple System 7 Control Strip module file
 file extension sdrQuickView Pro for DOS soundcard driver
searchindexcache file icon file extension searchindexcacheMac OS X cache file
 file extension seedLinux preseed file
service file icon file extension serviceMac OS X service application data
 file extension sfOS/2 work place shell attribute storage file
 file extension sf0Windows Sytem file check file
sfc file icon file extension sfcMicrosoft Windows system file check data
sfcache file icon file extension sfcacheReadyBoost cache file
 file extension sfeLogomatic v2 system file
 file extension sfsSquashfs file archive
 file extension sgnSlax boot file
 file extension shaUnix SHAR archive
shd file icon file extension shdMicrosoft Windows shadow spooler file
shlb file icon file extension shlbshlb Mac OS X system file
shs file icon file extension shsMicrosoft Windows 95/98 clipboard data
shsh file icon file extension shshiOS ECID SHSH file
sid file icon file extension sidMicrosoft Systems Management Server (SMS) software inventory delta
sif file icon file extension sifMicrosoft Windows NT setup installation file
 file extension slHP-UX shared library
 file extension soELF shared library
 file extension sparcSunOS 4 file
 file extension spkgMicrosoft Windows Phone driver package
spl file icon file extension splMicrosoft Windows printing spool
spreporter file icon file extension spreporterMac OS X System Profiler Reporter file
 file extension srecMotorola S-Records file
str file icon file extension strScreensaver file
strings file icon file extension stringsApple Mac strings
 file extension styDirectMusic style file
sucatalog file icon file extension sucatalogOS X (macOS) software update SUCatalog
supported file icon file extension supportedMAC OS X file
 file extension swpSwap file
 file extension sysSystem file
system file icon file extension systemmacOS (OS X) system data
 file extension tbsTuneUp style boot screen file
 file extension tciMityDSP-L138 / MityDSP-6748 memory modules cache
tha file icon file extension thaMicrosoft Windows Shell Common DLL file
 file extension tlbOLE type library
 file extension tmcWindows trace message control file
 file extension tnrGPS Pathfinder ProXR/XRS firmware file
 file extension trx_dllMicrosoft Office TRX_DLL file
tsk file icon file extension tskMicrosoft Windows system32 file
 file extension uaqMicrosoft Windows action queue file
 file extension ublDM35x user boot loader data
uce file icon file extension uceMicrosoft Windows XP system32 data
udf file icon file extension udfWindows NT/XP uniqueness database
 file extension updHP universal print driver
 file extension uxzIBM Flex CMM update data
vap file icon file extension vapNetWare 2 value added process file
 file extension vcnNCDrive Vacon NX system software data
vdx file icon file extension vdxWindows 32-bit system driver
 file extension vetVET antivirus system file
 file extension vfsVirtual file system index
vga file icon file extension vgaBitmap image
 file extension vgdVGA CADD display driver
vid file icon file extension vidMS-DOS video driver
 file extension vmltVMLF related data
vrs file icon file extension vrsCorel WordPerfect video resource device driver
vtd file icon file extension vtdMicrosoft Windows custom virtual device driver
vxd file icon file extension vxdMicrosoft Windows virtual device driver
 file extension vxxIOsubsys drive file
wcx file icon file extension wcxWorkspace configuration file
wdf file icon file extension wdfMicrosoft Windows Driver Foundation data
wdgt file icon file extension wdgtApple Mac OS X Dashboard widget
 file extension wdrPsion Series 3 printer driver
woa file icon file extension woaWindows 3.x swap file
 file extension wpxAdobe printer description for Postscript printing file
wrs file icon file extension wrsCorel WordPerfect windows printer driver file
wss file icon file extension wssMicrosoft Windows Sound System file
 file extension x86Microsoft Office dynamic link library
 file extension xdslD-link router UK firmware update file
 file extension xmoAdobe Authorware movie driver file
xms file icon file extension xmsMicrosoft eXtended Memory Specification file
 file extension xncModbus Slave XNC driver application file
 file extension zexZOOM MRS-802 system file
 file extension _dlDynamic Link Library DLL file form
_ipod_control file icon file extension _ipod_controliPod control data
 file extension _vti_binSharePoint file
 file extension ~btMicrosoft Windows update directory

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