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File extensions related to computer games (saved game files, packages, resources, mods etc.)

List of common game related files

Game file extension list

File extensions related to computer games (saved game files, packages, resources, mods etc.).

The group called game files represents a very large family of various file types, that are used by various computer games for their purposes. Engines created by game developers for their games usually contain many file formats for their game resource files, including, audio formats, video formats, graphic formats, or formats for saved game positions.

Game archives, or resource files, contain game data (music, sounds, textures, models, maps, levels etc.) in one or more archive containers and often are compressed and sometimes even encrypted. Some utilities, such as Dragon Unpacker, can open and extract the contents of game resource files.

Saved games are a very specific game format. Saved game is digitally stored information that contains progress of player in particular computer game. Saved game can be loaded later and the player can continue with playing from his last saved position.

Many computer games can be modified by user's custom graphics, sounds, maps or new missions and map editors or mission creators are very often a standard part of the game installations.

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 file extension wotreplayWorld of Tanks battle replay
 file extension roflLeague of Legends game replay
 file extension pakGame resource package file
 file extension bigElectronic Arts game resource package
 file extension savSaved game file
bik file icon file extension bikBINK video
 file extension xtblSaints Rows 4 mod
 file extension unity3dUnity scene web player file
 file extension capxConstruct game project archive
 file extension ttarchTelltale Games game data
 file extension iwiCall of Duty skin file
 file extension blasterball2drm3savedgameBlasterball 2 save game
 file extension rgss3aRPG Maker VX RGSS version 3 encrypted archive
 file extension gblorbInteractive fiction file format
 file extension xwmThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim music
 file extension j2eJazz Jackrabbit 2 episode data
 file extension mpkPainkiller Overdose game map
 file extension xexXbox 360 executable file
 file extension tigerCrystal Dynamics game data archive format
 file extension lbfBioshock game data
 file extension cabWindows Cabinet Compressed Archive
 file extension rx3FIFA texture
 file extension epkMetin2 game data package
 file extension volVolume data
 file extension apkMicrosoft Train Simulator packaged activity data
 file extension assetUnity asset file
 file extension forgeAssassin's Creed game audio or data
 file extension lngLanguage definition
 file extension sii18 Wheels of Steel truck definition data
 file extension vefInfinite Game Engine visual effects file
 file extension litemodMinecraft mod archive
 file extension datGame data
 file extension papaPapa games backup
 file extension psarcSony Playstation 3 game archive
 file extension ydkYGOPro Yu-Gi-Oh! deck data
mpq file icon file extension mpqBlizzard Entertainment game archive
wtf file icon file extension wtfWorld of Warcraft server configuration
 file extension bsaBethesda Softworks Archive
 file extension re4Resident Evil 4 game data
dds file icon file extension ddsDirectDraw surface data
 file extension ffCall of Duty FastFile format
 file extension yrpYGOPro replay
 file extension pckGame package
 file extension t3TADS 3 game data
 file extension rvdata2RPG Maker VX data
 file extension ltxS.T.A.L.K.E.R. game settings
 file extension uassetUnrealEd resource
 file extension patchPatch
 file extension bikeyBohemia Interactive key
uax file icon file extension uaxUnreal audio package
 file extension upkUnreal 3 game data package
 file extension mdlFlight Simulator 95/98 3D model
 file extension lvlGame level file
 file extension cfrCross Fire replay
 file extension ytdGrand Theft Auto V texture dictionary data
 file extension sngwDevil May Cry 4 audio data
 file extension skudefCommand & Conquer archive description package
 file extension tstAssassins's Creed game data
 file extension demRecorded game replay
 file extension hbrHaxBall replay
 file extension sims3packThe Sims 3 game package
 file extension hkxThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim animation
 file extension rgtCorsix's Mod Studio texture
 file extension ttarch2The Walking Dead Season Two game data
 file extension ggpkGrinding Gears Package file
 file extension hoggCryptic Studios data file
 file extension spvAmerican McGee Alice saved game file
 file extension bm2Subspace/Continuum bitmap graphic
lua file icon file extension luaLua script
 file extension dffGrand Theft Auto III model
 file extension rgssadRPG Maker VX RGSS encrypted archive
 file extension saveDoom 3 saved game file
scm file icon file extension scmStarcraft campaign map
aud file icon file extension audWestwood Studios audio data
 file extension rxdataRPG Maker RMXP data file
 file extension mcmetaMinecraft animation settings
 file extension binSega Genesis game ROM
mpqe file icon file extension mpqeBlizzard encrypted game data
 file extension rezLithTech game engine resource file
 file extension xbeXbox executable data
 file extension grleFarming Simulator save game file
 file extension bfBeyond Good & Evil game archive
 file extension scbCommand & Conquer World Builder script
 file extension vpp_pcSaints Row 2 game data
 file extension iwdCall of Duty game archive
 file extension nazTotal Overdose game data
m2 file icon file extension m2World of Warcraft model object file format
 file extension xpkWWE RAW model
 file extension emiPocket Tanks emitter file
 file extension groSerious Sam game data
 file extension sabsCall ot Duty: Black Ops sound archive
 file extension nfs13saveNeed for Speed: Most Wanted saved game position
 file extension wadDoom wad file
 file extension 15Salt Lake city game music data
 file extension vfsUFO game archive
 file extension tafADRIFT text adventure data
 file extension drsAge of Empires 2 game data
 file extension player2D Fighter Maker 2nd player data
 file extension m4sMyst IV: Revelation save game file
 file extension umvAre You Afraid of the Dark? video data
 file extension sgmVisual Boy Advance saved state
 file extension esmBethesda Softworks settings
das file icon file extension dasDragon Age: Origins saved game
 file extension ntlDiablo 2 mod D2NT script
vpk file icon file extension vpkSteam NCF Valve Pak archive
snx file icon file extension snxStarcraft saved game
 file extension qvmQuake Virtual Machine program
 file extension tirTibia RePlay Tibia movie file
 file extension arch00F.E.A.R. game archive
 file extension bkPower Chess opening book
 file extension sablCall ot Duty: Black Ops audio library
 file extension binGame data
 file extension opkSinking Island game data
 file extension vfs0Metro 2033 sound
 file extension xp3TVP XPK3 Virtual File System file
 file extension tobj18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' file
 file extension sgaRelic Entertainment SGA archive
 file extension rcfPrototype game data
 file extension esfTotal War campaign settings file
 file extension DayZProfileDAYZ game profile
 file extension rpackCall of Juarez game data file
 file extension qsvJigs@w saved puzzle state file
 file extension gamGame data file
 file extension bndlBundle file format
 file extension u2carNFS:U2 car data
 file extension gobLucasArts game resource file
psk file icon file extension pskUnreal Engine character model mesh
 file extension lrfLeague of Legends saved replay
 file extension ltsLinks Email Tourney data
 file extension i3dHidden and Dangerous game file
 file extension iqmInter-Quake Model file
 file extension xfbinNaruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 game data
 file extension acmACM compressed sound
SC2Replay file icon file extension SC2ReplayStarcraft 2 game replay
 file extension db0S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game data
fsh file icon file extension fshEA Sports FSH format
 file extension dsbRayman 2 play file
 file extension cryCrysis level information file
 file extension osrosu! game replay
 file extension gcvSexVilla game movie
 file extension 4Salt Lake Winter Olympics game music data
 file extension lzcNeed for Speed Undercover game data
 file extension blkWar Thunder skin settings
umod file icon file extension umodUnreal Tournament MOD installation package
 file extension mwmSpace Engineers model
w3x file icon file extension w3xBlizzard Warcraft III expansion map
 file extension tadTotal Annihilation demo saved game data file
 file extension crfEnhanced Dark Engine game archive
 file extension pbnPortable Bridge notation file
 file extension ppeS.T.A.L.K.E.R. post-process effector file
 file extension 14Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music data
 file extension ydcKonami Yu-Gi-Oh! card deck data
 file extension fmfFootball Manager 2012 game graphics package
 file extension sweNHL Ice Hockey 2002 required data
 file extension tgxStronghold animated data
 file extension nfs11saveNeed for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2010 configuration data
 file extension trfTrain Simulator traffic pattern
atlas file icon file extension atlasStronghold 3 editor data
game file icon file extension gameCommand & Conquer Red Alert 3 game data
 file extension rwBVE Trainsim railway definition file
 file extension 20Salt Lake city game music data
 file extension rvproj2RPG Maker VX project
 file extension sc1SimCity file
 file extension edLithTech game level
 file extension lsdFIFA World Cup game data environment
 file extension pkzKart Racing Pro track data
rim file icon file extension rimDragon Age Origins game archive
bff file icon file extension bffNeed for Speed SHIFT game pack
 file extension 9Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music data
 file extension gctOcarina Cheat Code Manager exported cheat
 file extension pk3id Tech 3 engine resource file
 file extension fpkCivilization IV game archive
 file extension osfDescent 3 sound data
 file extension bnsPortal script
 file extension casBattlefield data file
 file extension sexUrban Chaos game file
 file extension rbzRail Baron Player saved game
 file extension lflLucasArts games resource file
 file extension hsvDiablo: Hellfire singleplayer character data
 file extension mcaMinecraft Anvil file
 file extension mrmGothic 2 game data
 file extension vptVisual Pinball table data
 file extension i3chrPoint Blank game audio data
 file extension pffNovaLogic game archive file
 file extension torStar Wars: The Old Republic Asset file
 file extension 01FIFA 2001 user data
utx file icon file extension utxUnreal texture
 file extension kfThe Elder Scrolls: Oblivion game
 file extension modpakStarbound compressed mod file
 file extension fxcbCrysis shader cache
 file extension dzipThe Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings game data archive
 file extension ydrYu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos replay
 file extension bmdNintendo GameCube 3D model
 file extension frdNeed for Speed track data file
 file extension vppRed Faction package file
 file extension gcmGameCube disk image
 file extension frwRollerCoaster Tycoon fireworks source data
 file extension bafBioWare Infinity game engine script
 file extension tfcUnreal engine 3 texture cache file
w3g file icon file extension w3gWarcraft III game replay
 file extension mtfDarkstone game archive file
 file extension edfRF Online game data
 file extension lprHomeworld file
 file extension pk2Silkroad online game data
 file extension fpsFPS Creator project
 file extension cs2CyberStep2 file
 file extension oszOsu! beatmap data
 file extension lncFootball Manager player data
 file extension jpzPuzzle Solver puzzle
 file extension tinyidTiny Village game file
 file extension ebmRagnarok online emblem data
 file extension i3execPoint Blank game data
 file extension ertHeroes of Might and Magic 3 script
 file extension sv4RollerCoaster Tycoon saved game file
 file extension cbfChessBase game information data
oppc file icon file extension oppcSpace Marine game resource package
 file extension encCabal Online game data
 file extension rmvRadical Entertainment video
 file extension otdOpenIV texture data
 file extension mtaMicrosoft Flight Simulator maintenance file
 file extension cdpTrainz Simulator content dispatcher pack
 file extension gmTransport Tycoon game music file
 file extension pk7ZDoom 7-zip game archive file
 file extension cmgChessMaster saved game file
 file extension ubiUbisoft logo animation
 file extension hpkHaemimont Games game package file
 file extension misMission file
 file extension plrGame player file
 file extension idsInfinity game engine file
 file extension z2fZoo Tycoon 2 game file
 file extension replay_last_battleWorld of Tanks last battle recording file
 file extension mapGame map
ut4mod file icon file extension ut4modUnreal Tournament 2004 MOD installation package file
 file extension p3dOperation Flashpoint game model file
 file extension dm_1Call of Duty Demo file
 file extension packageElectronic Arts game data archive
 file extension treEA SPORTS game data
 file extension streamedRage id Tech 5 game language file
 file extension xbfEmperor: Battle for Dune game data
 file extension l2rLineage II replay
 file extension evdGrand Theft Auto IV vehicle extended data file
 file extension wepePublisher stationery design project file
 file extension dxtLucasArts The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition texture file
 file extension bbaBlueByte archive file
 file extension rpfGrand Theft Auto IV RAGE engine package
vmt file icon file extension vmtValve Material Type file
 file extension profileStar Wars Battlefront 2 player profile file
 file extension labLucasArts game resource files
 file extension tewWrestling Spirit file
uhtm file icon file extension uhtmUnreal Tournament file
 file extension ibfFinal Fantasy XI game file
 file extension ucsHomeworld localized unicode strings
 file extension bixCivilization III scenario file
 file extension cowThief game file
 file extension jamLeisure Suit Larry Magna Cum Laude archive file
 file extension ugdNeed for Speed Underground file
 file extension 13Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 game music file
 file extension txdRenderWare texture dictionary
 file extension vdkRagnarok 2 game file
 file extension barAge of Empires / Age of Mythology game file
 file extension anmJazz Jackrabbit 2 title sets image file
 file extension xxxUnreal Engine 3 game file
 file extension wsoSims 3 mesh file
 file extension antSimAnt for Windows saved game
 file extension cvmOdin Sphere file
zar file icon file extension zarSony PlayStation 2 audio file
 file extension 6Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music file
 file extension sv5BigJig saved puzzle file
 file extension dnfDuke Nukem Forever map file
 file extension he0Humungous Entertainment archive file
 file extension emzStreet Fighter IV game file
 file extension ctpCivilization: Call to Power file
dc6 file icon file extension dc6Diablo 2 static image
 file extension mveInterplay game video file
 file extension e4modEmergency 4 mod file
 file extension bagEmperor: Battle for Dune game file
 file extension tbiFIFA 2001 game data
 file extension gxtGrand Theft Auto 2 game file
 file extension itpBioWare Aurora game engine palette file
 file extension i3animpackPoint Blank game file
 file extension arzTitan Quest game database file
vtf file icon file extension vtfValve Texture format file
 file extension aflX-Plane file
 file extension ncsBioware Aurora / Obsidian Electron compiled script file
gaf file icon file extension gafTotal Annihilation animated bitmap format
 file extension ccwCrossword Compiler saved puzzle file
 file extension tsrTSR Launcher data
 file extension pk4id Tech 4 engine resource file
 file extension bankDarkest Dungeon sound data
 file extension lecLucasArts game resource file
psv file icon file extension psvSony PlayStation 2 saved game position
 file extension losClose Combat 2 map related game data
 file extension rlvTacx Fortius file
 file extension civ5saveCivilization 5 saved game file
 file extension scoGame score file
 file extension nhNetHack defaults file
 file extension imsRebel Assault game file
 file extension epcDoctor Who game data file
 file extension rgmEssence game engine model file
 file extension resGame resource file
 file extension wldSettlers II map file
 file extension dazipDragon Age Origins game file
 file extension rvmRevenant game archive
 file extension vcmGrand Theft Auto Vice City mod manager file
 file extension sveFallout 3 subtitles
 file extension db1S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game file
 file extension eurMonster Hunter Freedom Unite EU region save game file
 file extension azpClose Combat effect file
 file extension me2headmorphMass Effect 2 head morph file
 file extension slhBaldur's Gate II game file
 file extension agsStreet Fighter IV game font file
 file extension 12Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 game music file
cha file icon file extension chaDiablo singleplayer character data file
 file extension wowsreplayWorld of Warships replay
 file extension dorResident Evil 1 game file
 file extension ibiRaven Software ICARUS compiled script file
 file extension bndNeighbours From Hell game archive
 file extension zseZelda sound effects file
 file extension intrAssassins's Creed game file
 file extension ddsxStronghold Kingdoms data file
 file extension vdfLeft 4 Dead install script file
 file extension mcworldMinecraft world backup
 file extension addrMetin2 data file
 file extension mtrRealFight radio control file
mlx file icon file extension mlxStarcraft saved game file
 file extension blpBlizzard game texture file
 file extension d2iATMA Diablo II file
 file extension 21Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music file
 file extension tlkBioWare talk table file
 file extension gm1Heroes of Might & Magic 3 saved game file
 file extension tasADRIFT text adventure saved game
 file extension n2pkThe Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing game data file
 file extension ekx3DS Pokémon encrypted save file
 file extension ravFIFA 2001 environment data
ttg file icon file extension ttgCommand & Conquer Red Alert 3 file
 file extension spawnS.T.A.L.K.E.R. game data
 file extension osuosu! dialog file
 file extension oacGrand Theft Auto V audio data
 file extension bodX3 Reunion ship file
 file extension dcziDance character model file
 file extension vobLive for Speed car file
 file extension wowpreplayWorld of Warplanes replay file
 file extension mgxAge of Empires 2 replay file
 file extension ahcResident Evil 4 game data
 file extension fdaWarhammer 40,000 audio file
 file extension fukPostal 2 game map
 file extension ktonetKar Pro Mid Ohio file
 file extension maoDragon Age Origins MAO XML file
 file extension rrsRoad Rash saved game position
 file extension alaAlan interactive fiction language document
 file extension jitAika Online texture data
 file extension udkUnreal map file
 file extension 25Saltlake city game music file
bot file icon file extension botQuake 3 Arena bot AI data
 file extension navCounter-Strike source CBot navigation mesh
 file extension mulUltima Online Game
 file extension 32Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music data
 file extension swarNew Super Mario Bros music file
 file extension jdfTurok 2 game data
 file extension szsMario Kart Wii game archive file
 file extension gaxAge of Empires II save game file
 file extension xmgThe Longest Journey XMG file
 file extension zdkZQuake game file
 file extension udmMapView user module file
 file extension isbVanguard music file
 file extension wxdHomeworld musc resource game file
 file extension pt2Advanced Tactics scenario data
dcc file icon file extension dccDiablo 2 animation file
 file extension lugGame file
 file extension utcBioWare Aurora game engine creature file
 file extension cardFunkiball Adventure game file
 file extension blbDreamWorks resource game archive file
 file extension JQ3SaveGameJewel Quest III saved game file
 file extension oskOsu! skin
 file extension nutLucas Arts animation file
 file extension cmeCrazy Machines level file
 file extension unityUnity scene file
 file extension eluQuake 3 Arena model shell file
 file extension db7S.T.A.L.K.E.R game file
 file extension hlkWarhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 animation file
 file extension wxFlight Simulator weather data
ds1 file icon file extension ds1Diablo 2 map
 file extension clzTomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness game file
 file extension bsmBioshock map
itm file icon file extension itmDiablo item file
w3z file icon file extension w3zBlizzard Warcraft III saved game file
 file extension zfsInterstate '76 and '82 game archive file
 file extension pacPacman file
 file extension 3doTotal Annihilation object file
 file extension dbiFIFA World Cup game data comin fe file
 file extension aloStar Wars: Empire at War game file
 file extension yrmRed Alert 2: Yuri's revenge multiplayer map file
gla file icon file extension glaQuake 3 Arena skeleton file
 file extension fomodFallout 3 mod file
 file extension bmdMU Online game data
 file extension erpAlter Ego game file
pud file icon file extension pudWarCraft map file
 file extension eesEmpire Earth scenario file
 file extension ibtThief Deadly Shadows texture and model file
 file extension dlZoo Tycoon 2 game file
 file extension swwANNO saved game file
 file extension opqEschalon: Book I game file
 file extension titTrain Simulator track interactive table file
 file extension waiWarcraft 3 AI data file
 file extension gtfTom Clancy's Ghost Recon game file
 file extension bntEntropia Universe game archive file
 file extension 24Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music game file
 file extension wfFIFA 2000 game data
 file extension ttzVampire: The Masquerade file
 file extension nifGameBryo file
 file extension ngnFly! engine specification file
 file extension bnkTest Drive Unlimited game data file
 file extension ghbLego Racers ghost path file
 file extension 11Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music file
 file extension bunMonkey Island 3 game archive
 file extension la0LucasArts game data file
 file extension icdDungeon Keeper 2 game file
 file extension djsNASCAR Thunder 2004 game music file
 file extension z3Infocom game module for Z-machine version 3
 file extension imcLucasArts game sound file
 file extension 42Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 game audio file
 file extension mogFootball Mogul file
 file extension 2daBioWare Aurora engine 2-dimensional array file
 file extension sghGuitar Hero 3 setlist settings file
 file extension whdHitman game archive file
 file extension visMicrosoft Flight Simulator Visibility image file
 file extension db9S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game file
 file extension age3yrecAge Of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties recorded game file
 file extension pcpackGraphics file
 file extension pccMass Effect package file
 file extension ddtJill of the Jungle game file
 file extension ldwVirtual Villagers save game file
 file extension 43Fast and the Furious 6: The Game game model
 file extension cokCarmageddon patch file
 file extension yafSmackDown! game file
 file extension xcrWarlords Battlecry game file
bsp file icon file extension bspQuake 2 map file
tfil file icon file extension patching file
 file extension blorbBlorb A to Z Machine Resource Collection Format Standard file
 file extension lsdRPG Maker saved game file
 file extension swdSettlers II map file
 file extension unrUnreal map file
fos file icon file extension fosFallout 3 saved game file
 file extension mobMaster of Orion 3 game file
 file extension eixMetin2 game data package file
 file extension md4Quake 3 MD4 skeletal model format
 file extension materialRigs of Rods texture reference file
 file extension lfdLucasArts game resource file
 file extension cemEmpire Earth game file
 file extension 256Formula One 2001 file
 file extension dogDogz dog description file
 file extension oobSteel Panthers World At War file
 file extension hmiDescent MIDI music file
cdata file icon file extension cdataCommand & Conquer 3 audio file
 file extension cpxAge of Empires II campaign file
 file extension hakBioWare Aurora engine file
 file extension spidersolitairesave-msMicrosoft Spider Solitaire save file
 file extension phzPhun compressed phunlet file
lrn file icon file extension lrnApple Chess user data file
 file extension sims2packThe Sims 2 package file
 file extension anm3D animation file
 file extension pkx3DS Pokémon decrypted save file
 file extension stormreplayHeroes of the Storm game replay
 file extension ltaMonolith Lithtech game engine file
 file extension patKega Fusion game cheat file
 file extension tilNova Logic game tile file
 file extension snsBurnout Paradise game file
md2 file icon file extension md2Quake 2 model file
 file extension tdfTotal Annihilation features file
 file extension cmGrand Theft Auto CLEO custom mission file
 file extension mineMinecraft map file
 file extension rafLeague of Legends archive file
asg file icon file extension asgAirport Tycoon saved game file
 file extension ucUnrealScript class
 file extension rbnRichard’s Bridge Notation file
 file extension mypWarhammer Online: Age of Reckoning file
 file extension cpnAge of Empires campaign file
 file extension mysMyst saved game file
 file extension modelWarhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 3D model file
 file extension texGame texture
 file extension fbrbBattlefield Bad Company 2 game file
 file extension sav2SuperPower save game file
 file extension bundledmeshBattlefield 2 bundled mesh file
 file extension flmodFreelancer game archive
 file extension xpdPlayStation store PSP license file
 file extension gscCall of Duty script file
 file extension lmgCryENGINE locomotion group animation file
 file extension sfarMass Effect 3 DLC add-on file
 file extension tbcFormula 1 car race 2001 Season01 vehicles file
 file extension bmgMario Kart Wii message file
 file extension ddvOddworld: Abe's Oddysee movie file
 file extension ptaNASCAR Racing 2003 Season game file
 file extension qstZelda Classic quest file
 file extension shader_bundleAvalanche Studios game graphics
 file extension worldWorldPainter Minecraft map file
 file extension rwvJane's F-18 audio resource file
 file extension rkvStar Wars The Clone Wars Republic Heroes game archive file
 file extension 18Salt Lake game music file
 file extension rdaANNO game data package
 file extension drlMusic source file

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