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File extensions related to computer games (saved game files, packages, resources, mods etc.)

List of common game related files

Game file extension list

File extensions related to computer games (saved game files, packages, resources, mods etc.).

The group called game files represents a very large family of various file types, that are used by various computer games for their purposes. Engines created by game developers for their games usually contain many file formats for their game resource files, including, audio formats, video formats, graphic formats, or formats for saved game positions.

Game archives, or resource files, contain game data (music, sounds, textures, models, maps, levels etc.) in one or more archive containers and often are compressed and sometimes even encrypted. Some utilities, such as Dragon Unpacker, can open and extract the contents of game resource files.

Saved games are a very specific game format. Saved game is digitally stored information that contains progress of player in particular computer game. Saved game can be loaded later and the player can continue with playing from his last saved position.

Many computer games can be modified by user's custom graphics, sounds, maps or new missions and map editors or mission creators are very often a standard part of the game installations.

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 file extension $$m3D GameStudio backup map
 file extension 0Microsoft Flight Simulator texture file
 file extension 00Ur-Quan Masters saved game file
 file extension 000Starcraft game data
 file extension 001Starcraft game data
 file extension 001-Game resource file
 file extension 007James Bond 007: Nightfire game file
 file extension 01FIFA 2001 user data
 file extension 016Formula 1 2001 game data
 file extension 1-0One-Nil Soccer Manager saved game
 file extension 11Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music data
 file extension 12Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 game music file
 file extension 13Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 game music file
 file extension 14Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music data
 file extension 15Salt Lake city game music data
 file extension 18Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music data
 file extension 19Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music data
 file extension 2Super Nintendo split ROM image file
 file extension 20Salt Lake city game music data
 file extension 21Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music file
 file extension 21wSnood preferences data
 file extension 24Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music
 file extension 25Saltlake city game music file
 file extension 256Formula One 2001 file
 file extension 256Descent 2 colour palette file
 file extension 28Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music game
 file extension 2daBioWare Aurora engine 2-dimensional array
 file extension 2daBioWare Infinity game engine AD&D rule set file
2ds file icon file extension 2dsUnreal Tournament 2D shape data
 file extension 32Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music data
 file extension 34Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 audio game
 file extension 36Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music
 file extension 37Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 audio data
 file extension 3d0Grand Prix Legends track file
 file extension 3diDelta Force object collection data
 file extension 3dnCarnivores 3D model
 file extension 3doTotal Annihilation object
 file extension 3doku3Doku game data
 file extension 4Salt Lake Winter Olympics game music data
 file extension 42Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music data
 file extension 43Fast and the Furious 6: The Game game model
 file extension 45Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music game file
 file extension 49Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music data
 file extension 555Black & White weather settings
 file extension 6Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music file
 file extension 7The 7th Guest file
 file extension 8bc8BallClub Billiards game playback file
 file extension 8ldOverlord 2 language file
 file extension 9Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 music data
 file extension 9kpDoom archived TGA graphics file
 file extension aHellhog XP game archive file
 file extension a52Atari 5200 game image file
 file extension a5op7Operation7 game data
 file extension a78Atari 7800 image file
 file extension aaoAmerica's Army map
 file extension aasStar Trek Elite Force bot support file
 file extension abcLithTech game engine 3D model file
 file extension abgFIFA World Cup game data beart file
 file extension abkArena opening book file
 file extension ablANNO 2070 scenario data
 file extension abmANNO 2070 texture data
 file extension aboANNO 2070 scenario data
 file extension absAB SuDoKu save game file
 file extension abzAbszOrb 3D interactive game file
 file extension abzAlpha Black Zero game file
 file extension acdAlan game file
 file extension acdNascar Racing 2002 arcade car setup file
 file extension aceTrain Simulator texture file
 file extension acfX-Plane description data
 file extension acfSteam cache file
 file extension acgAge of Wonders saved game
 file extension acmACM compressed sound
 file extension acpAge of Wonders III package file
 file extension actTrain Simulator activity file
 file extension actFly! RAW image palette file
 file extension actStronghold game data
 file extension acwwACWW pattern data
 file extension addrMetin2 data file
 file extension adfA.R.S.E.N.A.L game file
 file extension adfGrand Theft Auto: Vice City radio station file
 file extension adlNova Logic game animation data batch listing file
 file extension admNovaLogic game animation data map file
 file extension adtNova Logic game animation data triggers file
 file extension adtWorld of Warcraft map file
 file extension advDune audio driver file
 file extension advThe Witcher game data
 file extension aeiABYSS game engine data
 file extension aepHomeworld game file
 file extension afid Tech 4 articulated figure
 file extension afcMass Effect audio file
 file extension aflX-Plane data
 file extension afpGangsters game file
 file extension agathachristiedeathnilesavedgameAgatha Christie Death on the Nile saved game
 file extension age3recAge of Empires III recorded game
 file extension age3savAge of Empires III saved game
 file extension age3scnAge of Empires III scenario data
 file extension age3XrecAge of Empires III: The WarChiefs recorded file
 file extension age3xsavAge of Empires III: The WarChiefs save game file
 file extension age3XscnAge of Empires III: The WarChiefs scenario file
 file extension age3yrecAge Of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties recorded game
 file extension age3ysavAge Of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties save game file
 file extension age3YscnAge of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties scenario
 file extension agsStreet Fighter IV game font
 file extension agxAdventure Game Toolkit game file
 file extension ahcResident Evil 4 game data
 file extension ahfAces High film file
 file extension ahodHomeworld file
 file extension aiRise of Nations game file
 file extension aiBattlefield 2 artifical intelligence file
 file extension aidStar Trek Armada arficicial intelligence parameters file
 file extension aimAscaron image format
 file extension ainNovaLogic game AI coordinates file
 file extension ainSource engine compiled AI nodegraph file
 file extension aipNova Logic game AI perimeters file
 file extension aipROSE Online AI file
 file extension airFlight Simulator aircraft performance file
 file extension airM.U.G.E.N animation file
 file extension airportRealFlight simulator
 file extension aivStronghold Crusader computer player AI
 file extension aiwFormula One 2001 game data
 file extension alaAlan interactive fiction language document
 file extension alfAipro 2000 land file
 file extension aloStar Wars: Empire at War game file
 file extension alrADRIFT language resource file
 file extension alsArcade Lines graphic resource file
 file extension alzDarkEden game file
 file extension amaFIFA 2000 feart data
 file extension amfADRIFT module file
 file extension amtArtMoney table file
 file extension amxSA-MP for GTA: San Andreas compiled game mod
 file extension amzThe Amazon Trail save game file
 file extension an2Croc animation file
 file extension ancsMetroid Prime animation data
 file extension aniPainkiller Overdose game file
 file extension aniTransport Fever game animation parameters
 file extension animHomeworld file
 file extension animatable_rigid_modelEmpire: Total War animation
 file extension anmJazz Jackrabbit 2 title sets image
 file extension anm3D animation file
 file extension anmMen of War: Assault Squad 2 game data
 file extension antSimAnt for Windows saved game
 file extension apkMicrosoft Train Simulator packaged activity data
 file extension arcCabela's African Safari data file
 file extension arcNintendo archive
 file extension arcAvalanche Studios game archive
 file extension arc.lhNintendo archive file
 file extension arch00F.E.A.R. game archive
 file extension arch01F.E.A.R. 2 game file
 file extension arch05Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor game data
 file extension archcfgF.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin configuration file
 file extension archiveUnreal Tournament localization data
 file extension areBioWare Aurora Engine area file
arena file icon file extension arenaQuake 3 game engine arena settings
 file extension areyousmartermakethegradesavedgameFifth Grader saved game
 file extension arfPacMania 2 game archive file
 file extension arhEl Airplane game archive file
 file extension arlcCommandos 2 Men of Courage game file
 file extension armFly! articulated model file
 file extension ArmA2OAProfileArmA 2 settings file
 file extension ArmA2ProfileARMA2 profile file
 file extension armyImpossible Creatures collection of created creatures file
 file extension arpAudition replay file
 file extension arsCarmageddon saved game file
 file extension artBuild game engine archive file
 file extension arzTitan Quest game database
asg file icon file extension asgAirport Tycoon saved game file
 file extension ashKingdom of Loathing KoLmafia script file
 file extension ashAudiosurf audio metadata file
 file extension asiMiles Sound System file
 file extension asiGrand Theft Auto IV mod library
 file extension asiMen of War: Assault Squad 2 game data
 file extension asrAsura engine audio streaming resource archive
 file extension assTom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist game data file
 file extension assetUnity asset data
 file extension assetgroupF1 2015 game data
 file extension assetsGame assets data
 file extension asstrmSplinter Cell Blacklist game data file
 file extension astNeed for Speed Underground audio file
 file extension asvTrain Simulator computed activity file
at3 file icon file extension at3Airport Tycoon 3 saved game
 file extension atcSimCity 4 animation texture collection
atlas file icon file extension atlasStronghold 3 editor data
 file extension atlasDarkest Dungeon graphics file
 file extension atmThe Universal 3D model texture file
atm file icon file extension atmSony Playstation Portable PSP game audio file
aud file icon file extension audWestwood Studios audio data
aur file icon file extension aurAutoREALM map
 file extension autDescent Manager mission file
 file extension avpSimCity 4 animation viewpoints
 file extension awmRenderWare language pack
 file extension awpAkimbot Waypoint file
 file extension awreplayArena Wars replay file
 file extension azpClose Combat effect data
 file extension bGrand Theft Auto III save file
 file extension b!kMicrosoft Flight Simulator Scenery file
 file extension b&wGrand Theft Auto III saved game
 file extension b1Cats Mah Jong Solitaire file
 file extension b2kSensible Soccer 2006 data file
 file extension ba2Fallout 4 archive
 file extension babyluvsavedgameBaby Luv saved game
 file extension badNovaLogic game bone animation data file
 file extension badThe Sims 3 failed saved game
 file extension bafBioWare Infinity game engine script
 file extension bagEmperor: Battle for Dune game file
 file extension bahBioWare Infinity game engine data
 file extension ballhallasavedgameBallhalla saved game
 file extension bamBioware Infinity game engine graphics
 file extension bankDarkest Dungeon sound data
 file extension barAge of Empires / Age of Mythology game file
 file extension batchSwitchball game data
 file extension battleRobocode file
 file extension bb3BlasterBall 3 level file
 file extension bbaBlueByte archive
 file extension bbgCyberSports for Basketball game file
 file extension bblmMario Kart mod effect file
 file extension bbrkpuzzlePuzzle data
 file extension bbrksavePuzzle started status file
 file extension bbzLine Rider 2 game executable file
 file extension bcOperation Body Count game data
 file extension bcfThe Sims 3D body mesh file
 file extension bcsBioware Infinity engine compiled script
 file extension bd1X Operations map block location
 file extension bd1X operations game data
 file extension bdcffBoulder Dash Construction Kit file
 file extension bddBRender device driver
 file extension bdlF1 2015 bundle
 file extension bdofMario Kart mod effect file
 file extension bdpCombat Flight Simulator file
 file extension bejeweled2deluxesavedgameBejeweled 2 deluxe save game file
 file extension bexBOOM extensions to dehacked data
 file extension bfBeyond Good & Evil game archive
 file extension bfbZoo Tycoon 2 game model file
bff file icon file extension bffNeed for Speed SHIFT game pack
 file extension bffmB-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8th game file
 file extension bfgMario Kart mod effect file
 file extension bfhpCeltic Kings game file
 file extension bflColin McRae Rally 2 game file
 file extension bfmBloodrayne model file
bfont file icon file extension bfontNeed for Speed SHIFT font file
 file extension bfsFlatOut data file
 file extension bfsarMario Kart Wii effects data
 file extension bfvgerBattlefleet Gothic: Armada game version file
 file extension bgBackgammon for Windows game file
 file extension bglMicrosoft Flight Simulator scenery data
bgui file icon file extension bguiNeed for Speed SHIFT GUI data
 file extension bgwFinal Fantasy VIII music
 file extension bgzBlood Frontier map
 file extension bh3Rise of Nations unit graphic file
 file extension bhaRise of Nations unit graphic file
 file extension bicCivilization III game scenario file
 file extension bicBioWare Aurora game engine character sheet file
 file extension bifBioWare game resource file
 file extension biffBioWare Infinity engine archive of resources
 file extension bigElectronic Arts game resource package
 file extension bigHomeWorld SGA archive file
 file extension bigPrince of Persia: The Sands of Time audio package
 file extension bigkahunareef2savedgameBig Kahuna Reef saved game
bik file icon file extension bikBINK video
 file extension bikeyBohemia Interactive key
 file extension bimageid Tech texture data
 file extension binSega Genesis game ROM
 file extension binGame data
 file extension binUnreal Tournament shader cache
 file extension bin3This War of Mine configuration
 file extension binuiCall of Juarez game menu file
 file extension bioBioWare Infinity game engine character biography
 file extension bioFallout character file
 file extension biqCivilization 3 scenario file
 file extension bitWorms imported map file
 file extension bixCivilization III scenario file
 file extension bkPower Chess opening book
 file extension bkEpic Megagames One Must Fall 2097 file
 file extension bk2Bink 2 video data
 file extension bkfMoto Racer game archive
 file extension bkgANNO 2070 background configuration
 file extension blackhawkstriker2savedgameBlackhawk Striker 2 saved game file
 file extension blasterball2drm3savedgameBlasterball 2 save game
 file extension blasterball2holidayssavedgameBlaster Ball 2 Holidays saved game
 file extension blasterball3savedgameBlasterball 3 save game file
 file extension blbDreamWorks resource game archive file
 file extension blbBlockLand brick data
 file extension blbInteractive Fiction package game file
 file extension bldAspetra data file
 file extension bldAge of Empires artificial intelligence file
 file extension bldRealFlight radio control airplane description file
 file extension bldYoot Tower saved game file
 file extension bldSimCity 3000 Building Architect building file
 file extension blfRally Online car texture file
 file extension blightMario Kart mod effect file
 file extension blkWar Thunder skin settings
 file extension blnRise of Nations campaign media
 file extension blobTransport Fever mesh
 file extension blorbBlorb A to Z Machine Resource Collection Format Standard file
 file extension blpBlizzard game texture
 file extension blpSpeedy Eggbert game data file
 file extension blsBlockland saved game
 file extension blueEVE Online texture file
 file extension blvMight and Magic 6/7 dungeon level geometry file
 file extension blyFIFA World Cup game data
 file extension blzNokia N-Gage game file
 file extension bm1Bio Menace game data
 file extension bm2Subspace/Continuum bitmap graphic
 file extension bm2Bio Menace game data
 file extension bm3Bio Menace game data
 file extension bmdNintendo GameCube 3D model
 file extension bmdMU Online game data
 file extension bmd6animid Tech 6 animation data
 file extension bmeKonami Beatmania music simulator file
 file extension bmgMario Kart Wii message file
 file extension bmodelid Tech 6 model
 file extension bmqRe-Volt texture file
 file extension bmsBeatmania Music Simulator file
 file extension bmsNovaLogic game binary map file
 file extension bmxNovaLogic game mission save file
 file extension bmzPortal map file
 file extension bmzDemon Stalkers game data
 file extension bndMicrosoft Flight Simulator panels file
 file extension bndNeighbours From Hell game archive
 file extension bndlBundle file format
 file extension bndlxml5Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor game file
 file extension bnkSimCity game data file
 file extension bnkTest Drive Unlimited game data file
 file extension bnkF1 2015 audio
 file extension bnsPortal script
 file extension bntEntropia Universe game archive file
 file extension bobthebuildersavedgameBob the Builder: Can do Zoo save game file
 file extension bodX3 Reunion ship file
 file extension bohEuropa Universallis 2 game data file
 file extension bolMario Kart course setup file
 file extension bookwormdeluxesavedgameBookworm Deluxe saved game file
 file extension bosFallout Tactics game archive
 file extension botRobot Arena game file
 file extension botSoldat bot information file
bot file icon file extension botQuake 3 Arena bot AI data
 file extension boxCellblock Squadrons archive file
 file extension boxLemmings Revolution archive file
 file extension boxrBoxerjam file
 file extension bpaDeath Rally archive file
 file extension brasdMario Kart mod file
brd file icon file extension brdWinning Bridge saved hand file
 file extension breffMario Kart Wii animated graphic file
 file extension breftMario Kart Wii animated graphic file
 file extension brfntMario Kart Wii font file
 file extension brgAge of Mythology 3D game model file
 file extension bricksofegyptsavedgameBricks of Egypt saved game
 file extension brlytNintendo Wii texture settings file
 file extension brmdlNintendo Wii BRMDL model file
 file extension brnGabriel Knight 3 barn file
 file extension broguesaveBrogue saved game file
 file extension brresMario Kart Wii object file
 file extension bsInfinity game engine compiled script file
 file extension bs1VirtualBus file
 file extension bs1Blake Stone game data
 file extension bsaBethesda Softworks Archive
 file extension bsbBioShock saved game file
 file extension bsdiffMultiPatch patch file
 file extension bsgBesiege game data
 file extension bsmBioshock map
bsp file icon file extension bspSource engine 3D first person action game map file
bsp file icon file extension bspQuake 2 map file
 file extension bspBioshock saved game file
 file extension bspecSimCity 4 bridge length specs
bspr file icon file extension bsprNeed for Speed SHIFT track map file
 file extension bssResident Evil background image file
 file extension bstStar Trek: Birth of the Federation info file
 file extension btbWarhammer: Dark Omen map
 file extension btiNintendo Wii texture file
 file extension btlAmerican Civil War file
 file extension btlPok√©mon NetBattle battle replay file
 file extension btyRailroad Tycoon 3 building file
 file extension bubbleshootersavedgameBubble Shooter saved game
 file extension buildalot2savedgameBuild-a-lot 2 save game file
 file extension buildalot3savedgameBuild-a-lot 3 saved game
 file extension bunMonkey Island 3 game archive
 file extension bunNeed for Speed Undercover game data
 file extension bundleElectronic Arts game bundle file
 file extension bundleRust game data
 file extension bundledmeshBattlefield 2 bundled mesh file
 file extension BurnoutParadiseSaveBurnout: Paradise saved profile
 file extension busVirtualBus bus route settings file
 file extension bvsBVS Solitaire Collection file
 file extension bwaBookworm Adventures player file
 file extension bwdColin McRae Rally 2 car description file
 file extension bwpPainkiller Overdose game file
 file extension bzfGame file
 file extension bznStar Trek Armada map file
 file extension c16C16 Creatures 3/Docking Station image
 file extension c4bClonk file
 file extension c4dClonk game object definition file
 file extension c4fClonk game round file
 file extension c4gClonk game system file
 file extension c4iClonk object
 file extension c4kRedWolf Clonk key file
 file extension c4lClonk file
 file extension c4mClonk file
 file extension c4pClonk game player file
 file extension c4sClonk game scenario file
 file extension c4uOpenClonk update system file
 file extension c4vClonk game video file
 file extension cabWindows Cabinet Compressed Archive
 file extension cakemaniasavedgameCake Mania saved game
 file extension camAbe's Oddysee background file
 file extension camTibiaCam TibiaLive or BynaCam Tibia movie
 file extension camStar Trek Elite Force 2 camera file
 file extension camAge of Wonders III campaign map file
 file extension camTitanfall game file
 file extension canimShank game file
 file extension caprojConstruct game project file
 file extension capxConstruct game project archive
 file extension carCarnivores Ice Age resource file
 file extension carNASCAR Racing 2002 car description file
 file extension carRailroad Tycoon 3 car properties file
 file extension carGary Gadget: Building Cars car file
 file extension cardFunkiball Adventure game file
 file extension casBattlefield data file
 file extension casQuest compiled adventure game file
 file extension casMedieval 2 Total War model file
 file extension casNeed for Speed Rivals game data
 file extension catCatz cat description file
cat file icon file extension catFallout 3 file
 file extension catwashsavedgameCat Wash saved game
 file extension cbfChessBase game information data
 file extension cbfBioware Infinity game engine resource archive
 file extension cbmapContainment Breach map
 file extension cbsCode Breaker save file
 file extension cbtChessBase tournament index
 file extension cc4Crossword Compiler crossword puzzle file
 file extension cchForgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures character reference file
 file extension cctRailroad Tycoon 3 car type description file
 file extension ccwCrossword Compiler saved puzzle file
cdata file icon file extension cdataCommand & Conquer 3 audio file
 file extension cdpTrainz Simulator content dispatcher pack
 file extension cdp2Trainz Classics content dispatcher pack 2 file
 file extension celConstructor animation file
 file extension cellsThe Game of Life file
 file extension cemEmpire Earth game file
 file extension cfbInfinity Engine game file
 file extension cfgeiWin games configuration data
 file extension cfrCross Fire replay
 file extension CFReplayCrossfire Europe replay file
 file extension cgaCryENGINE vehicle animation file
 file extension cgfCryEngine Geometry file
 file extension cgfFar Cry 3D model
 file extension cggRenegade Paintball audio data
 file extension cgmHeroes of Might and Magic III saved game
 file extension cgoRailroad Tycoon 3 car properties file
 file extension cgsFar Cry game archive
 file extension cgtANNO 2070 script related data
 file extension cgzAssaultCube map file
cha file icon file extension chaDiablo singleplayer character data file
 file extension charscirptDivinity: Original Sin game data
 file extension chesstitanssave-msChess Titans save game file
 file extension chkStarcraft campaign map file
 file extension chmTwo Worlds 2 animation file
 file extension chnUnreal Engine localization data
 file extension chrBioware Infinity game engine exported character info file
 file extension chrROSE Online NPC Zscript file
 file extension chr0Nintendo Wii model animation file
 file extension chsChessRally game file
 file extension chuInfinity Engine game file
 file extension chuzzledeluxesavedgameChuzzle Deluxe saved game
 file extension chvTwo Worlds 2 rigged model file
 file extension cimSimCity 2000 file
 file extension cinNova Logic game cinematics file
 file extension civEmpire Earth custom civilization information file
 file extension civ4replaySid Meier's Civilization 4 replay
 file extension civ4savedgameCivilization IV save game file
 file extension civ4worldbuildersaveCivilization IV world builder save file
 file extension civ5mapCivilization 5 map file
 file extension civ5modCivilization 5 mod
 file extension civ5projCivilization 5 file
 file extension civ5saveCivilization 5 saved game
 file extension civbeyondswordreplaySid Meier's Civilization 4 replay
 file extension CivBeyondSwordSaveCivilization IV: Beyond the Sword save game file
 file extension CivBeyondSwordWBSaveCivilization IV file
 file extension civwarlordsreplaySid Meier's Civilization 4 replay
 file extension civwarlordssaveCivilization 4 file
 file extension ck1Commander Keen 1 game data
 file extension ck2Commander Keen 2 game data
 file extension ck3Commander Keen 3 game data
 file extension ck4Commander Keen 4 game data
 file extension ck5Commander Keen 5 game data
 file extension ck6Commander Keen 6 game data
 file extension clbTotal Club Manager file
 file extension cleoGrand Theft Auto Vice City mod
 file extension cliGrand Theft Auto IV clip data file
 file extension clipGrand Theft Auto V clip
 file extension clogWar Thunder log
 file extension clr0Nintendo Wii color swapping animation file
 file extension cltVisualBoyAdvance cheat list
 file extension cluBroken Sword 2 dialogue file
 file extension cluPhantasmagoria 2 8-bit playback pallete file
 file extension clzTomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness game file
 file extension cmGrand Theft Auto CLEO custom mission file
 file extension cm4Championship Manager 4 saved game file
 file extension cmdM.U.G.E.N. character commands file
 file extension cmeCrazy Machines level data
 file extension cmgChessMaster saved game
 file extension cmiThe Dig bundle file
 file extension cmlCrazy Machines saved laboratory file

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