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File extensions related to database management systems and database file types

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Database file extension list

File extensions related to database management systems and database file types.

Database is a collection of logically related records or files consolidated into a common pool that provides data for one or multiple uses. Databases can be classified according to types of content: bibliographic, full-text, numeric, and image. The data in a database is organized according to a database model. A database model or database schema is the structure or format of a database, described in the formal language supported by the database management system. Common database models include hierarchical, network, relational, entity-relationship, object-relational, or object models.

The most known type of databases are SQL database servers like Microsoft SQL server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, SQLite, Oracle, IBM DB2. The other common group of database systems contains Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visual FoxPro, dBASE, FileMaker and other personal databases.

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 file extension dbDatabase
mdb file icon file extension mdbMicrosoft Access database
accdb file icon file extension accdbMicrosoft Access main database
 file extension fdbFirebird database
csv file icon file extension csvComma Separated Value
 file extension gdbDatabase
 file extension sdfSQL Server compact edition database
wdb file icon file extension wdbMicrosoft Works database
 file extension db-journalSQLite database journal
xml file icon file extension xmlXML document
 file extension sqliteSQLite database
 file extension fp3FileMaker Pro database
sql file icon file extension sqlStructured Query Language Data SQL data
 file extension dbfCommon database
wbd file icon file extension wbdMicrosoft Works database
 file extension cdbCardScan card database
 file extension mydMySQL database data
 file extension db3SQLite database
 file extension idxIndex
 file extension fmp12FileMaker Pro database
sdb file icon file extension sdbOpenOffice Base database
 file extension dbsSQL Structured Query Language database command data
 file extension strdBase structure list object
 file extension s3dbSQLite 3.0 database
mde file icon file extension mdeMicrosoft Access compiled database (application)
 file extension ibdMySQL InnoDB database table
edb file icon file extension edbMicrosoft Windows Extensible Storage Engine database
 file extension ecsvEncapsulated Comma Separated Value
 file extension fp7FileMaker Pro database
 file extension pdmPowerDesigner database
 file extension crpdBASE IV encrypted database
accdr file icon file extension accdrMicrosoft Access runtime mode database
 file extension sl3SQLite 3.0 database
 file extension jetMicrosoft JET database
 file extension sl2SQLite 2.0 database
 file extension mdfMicrosoft SQL Server master database file format
mdt file icon file extension mdtMicrosoft Access database template
iqy file icon file extension iqyMicrosoft Excel Internet query
 file extension nwdbNeatReceipts database
fdb file icon file extension fdbFoxPro database
adb file icon file extension adbAbility Database database
 file extension fmFileMaker Pro database
 file extension fmtDatabase format
db file icon file extension dbCorel Paradox database
 file extension tdbSlamDB database
 file extension rpdAshton Tate Rapidfile database
 file extension fp5FileMaker Pro database
 file extension dbrDB/TextWorks database
 file extension isiISI file format
 file extension ffs_dbFreeFileSync database
 file extension psafe3Password Safe database
 file extension db4dBASE IV data
 file extension ibInterBase database
 file extension mdbxMicrosoft Access based database
 file extension sq3oml2-server database
 file extension db2dBASE II database
 file extension kdbKeePass encrypted passwords database
 file extension vdb3VistaDB database
 file extension pwbkKeygen database
 file extension ipdbIP Address Tracker IP database
db file icon file extension dbWindows thumbnail database
 file extension nx1NexusDB database
 file extension bqyBrioQuery database
 file extension pdtProCite database
 file extension v12All The Right Type database
 file extension adtLingvo dictionary
accdt file icon file extension accdtMicrosoft Access database template
 file extension sirSIR (Scientific Information Retrieval) database
 file extension ntfLotus Notes database template
 file extension dnlConcordance database
 file extension tcfClarion topspeed transaction control data
 file extension isamISAM database
 file extension htriHTRI Xchanger Suite data input
 file extension mcdbAdobe media cache database file
 file extension mtwTRADOS MultiTerm termbase file
 file extension jdsJDataStore database
db file icon file extension dbMicrosoft Works data
 file extension sqlitedbSQLite database
 file extension k01Clarion database key
mav file icon file extension mavMicrosoft Access view data
accdc file icon file extension accdcMicrosoft Access digitally signed database
 file extension qbqueryMySQL Query Browser saved SQL query command data
 file extension ecoECCO database
 file extension s2dbSQLite 2.0 database
 file extension vdbVistaDB database file
 file extension ainArcView attribute index
 file extension fw2FrameWork database
 file extension fw3FrameWork III database
 file extension skcSideKick for Windows database
 file extension pdbxMartini personal database
 file extension ecfgESRI XML zipped database
 file extension thumbindexMotorola Media Finder thumbnail index
 file extension d1Progress database
 file extension f2bProntoGERBER-CONNECTION board database
 file extension ibzMySQL InnoDB database table compressed backup
 file extension dbaTurbo Prolog database
 file extension tmzMedigraph compressed database
 file extension nsgLotus Notes database file
 file extension kdhChinese Academic Journals Online full-text database
 file extension cepCostOS Estimating project database
dbw file icon file extension dbwDataBoss database
 file extension alOracle Files data
 file extension d2Progress database
 file extension dsdbANSYS CFX simulation database
 file extension t2dOracle Technology Transfer Database
xss file icon file extension xssMicrosoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove database
 file extension m4tSage MAS 90 table
odb file icon file extension odbApache OpenOffice OpenDocument database
 file extension lcrNEC Electra Elite LCR customer database
csq file icon file extension csqMicrosoft FoxPro queries data
 file extension cmaApplix TM1 database
 file extension dbArcView object database
 file extension osiOsiris database
 file extension vpdbVIP Organizer information database
 file extension ckaComfort Keys database
 file extension rlnAlpha Four database
 file extension ldbRPG Maker 2000/2003 database
 file extension bbtBTwin local database
 file extension jzJamesZhu Internet Browser database
 file extension mgnModern Genealogy database
 file extension mtnMatch! database
 file extension odnFluke Power Analyze database
 file extension occDB/TextWorks Terms and Words database
accft file icon file extension accftMicrosoft Access database template
 file extension lfpIPRO View database file
 file extension gpkGEOPAK coordinated geometry database file
accdw file icon file extension accdwMicrosoft Access link
 file extension wd3Offline Explorer directory index
 file extension oifQuickBase web-sharable database interchange data
 file extension epdChessDB Extended Position Description file
 file extension esbes-Builder database
 file extension iwChain engineering database
 file extension iProgress database include file
 file extension k9DataFlex index file
 file extension orxRadiantOne Virtual Directory Server database schema
 file extension sdsSmart Diary Suite main database
 file extension wtdWintune document
 file extension sqlite3SQLite 3 database
 file extension sbfSuperbase database
 file extension nshLotus Notes database
 file extension ae1FileMaker Pro runtime database file
 file extension azzAZZ Cardfile information card
vsr file icon file extension vsrMicrosoft Access report
 file extension df2Omnis7 and Omnis Studio database file format
dnc file icon file extension dncMicrosoft Windows XP Dancers dancer database file
 file extension pdbMicrosoft Linker input database file
 file extension dqlDataEase database
 file extension prjxSharpDevelop project database
 file extension od2Omnis 5 database
 file extension dxiPayWindow database
 file extension bxdBroken Cross Disk Manager database
 file extension panPanorama database file
 file extension nx2NexusDB database file
 file extension bw1FMEA database file
abcdmr file icon file extension abcdmrApple Address Book mail recent data
 file extension aqcAquaChem database
 file extension c2eChinese dictionary index file
 file extension eventCorel catalog file
 file extension 4db4D Database structure data
 file extension qdcQuick-Devis database
 file extension ldbGoogle LevelDB database
 file extension b2Progress database
 file extension icgImage Comparer results file
 file extension 4dc4th Dimension compiled structure data
 file extension tk4Wintec Time Machine X database
 file extension mcsvTouchGraph Navigator MCSV data
dcx file icon file extension dcxMicrosoft Visual FoxPro database container (DBC)
 file extension bdbBlaise database
 file extension focFOCUS database
 file extension ixlDB/TextWorks database indexed list
 file extension k8DataFlex index file
 file extension ecxECCO Pro damaged database
dct file icon file extension dctMicrosoft Visual FoxPro database container memo file
 file extension mshiMicrosoft Help index file
 file extension teacherSenteo teacher database
 file extension cdxDatabase compound index
 file extension mucMusic Collector collection data
 file extension ndkLotus Notes database design elements
 file extension ljbLightjockey database
 file extension w5sWinamp CDDB database file
 file extension atoATO modeler project
 file extension k10DataFlex index
 file extension f4xAdobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming index file
dbc file icon file extension dbcMicrosoft Visual FoxPro database
 file extension indxMicrosoft Mail index file
 file extension usrFileMaker Pro runtime engine database application
accdu file icon file extension accduMicrosoft Access database wizard
 file extension od1Omnis 5 database
 file extension dbsSQLBase database
 file extension sd2Base SAS database
 file extension fmpslFileMaker Pro 12 database snapshot
 file extension rdbRedis database file
 file extension ddrFileMaker Pro database design report
 file extension asdbActive-HDL accelerated waveform
 file extension fmpFilemaker Pro database
 file extension qmfIBM Lotus Approach database query
qpr file icon file extension qprFoxPro database query
 file extension ix2Rebel chess program database
 file extension k6DataFlex index
 file extension ~apBorland C++ old AppExpert project database file
olk14dbheader file icon file extension olk14dbheaderMicrosoft Outlook 2011 for Mac database
 file extension bpdBüro Plus NexT FlashFiler database
 file extension rinRetrieve 4GL database index
 file extension devxe-sword devotional file
btree file icon file extension btreeApple Mac OS HFS+ b-tree data
 file extension syncdb-journalSQLite data
 file extension indIndex file
 file extension ozpSharp Organizer telephone bank data
 file extension sr4SIR database
 file extension lnkAdvanced Revelation database
 file extension sidxSharpMap spatial index file
mxf file icon file extension mxfMicrosoft Windows Media Center program guide list
mdn file icon file extension mdnMicrosoft Access blank database template file
 file extension marshalMarshal Editor data migration model
 file extension k13DataFlex index
 file extension rrdRRDtool Round-Robin database
 file extension sdbAutodesk survey database
 file extension iflvInfoLevin database
 file extension bndIBM DB2 bind data
 file extension bfiBlaise index
 file extension fbdCADfix geometry database
 file extension adtAdvantage Database Server database
 file extension tbmDB/TextWorks database menu screen
 file extension pProgress Database procedure data
 file extension rsdbResort Software database
 file extension aiProgress database after image
 file extension tmdbTaskMerlin database
 file extension dbfCLIPPER database
 file extension mrdSILVERRUN RDM database schema
 file extension csdMSDS Safety Data Sheet database
 file extension rmwRAM Commander database
 file extension lutxRadioRA Essentials database file
 file extension awbsAutomated Weight and Balance System data storage
 file extension mjsMijas 7400 costing database
 file extension dssHEC-DSS hydrologic database
 file extension dtaChain engineering database
 file extension sdbMonKey Office SQLite database
 file extension dbfiAnywhere database
 file extension tstLinkWare test database
 file extension 000Advanced Revelation database
 file extension adiAdvantage Database Server index
 file extension dcbConcordance Database Control Block data
 file extension pdbPalm OS database or e-book
 file extension ymaYMAG Center Data Exchange database
 file extension zpiNuance PDF Converter index
 file extension dbfdBASE III/IV database
 file extension datSWAT database
 file extension sg3ChessDB game data
 file extension ns2Lotus Notes database
 file extension k15DataFlex index
 file extension ccfCumulus database file
 file extension sqlite2SQLite 2.0 database
 file extension btrBtrieve database
 file extension p96Win96 database
 file extension sd4Smart Diary Suite database
 file extension fgrFRSGiftRegistry database
 file extension sdbSparkleDB NoSQL database
 file extension rfhRFG Integrator householding database
 file extension dlkXprotect license code list
 file extension rflGuardian database roll-forward file
 file extension rmdReference Manager database file
 file extension acadAutoCAD database
 file extension cysClustify summary statistics file
 file extension vfaFontLab database file
 file extension ctvCitavi project
 file extension fm5FileMaker 5 database
rqy file icon file extension rqyMicrosoft Excel OLE DB query
 file extension mdbNEi Nastran modal database
 file extension k14DataFlex index
 file extension daschemaData Abstract database schema
 file extension abiABI trace data
 file extension df4Omnis Studio database file format
 file extension tabTab separated value
 file extension axpAXP database
 file extension vdfVisionary Deposition Viewer database
 file extension mdcCognons Powerplay Power Cube database
 file extension mmoHyperFile database file
 file extension 4dl4th Dimension database log
 file extension cdxMicroStation cell library index
 file extension tdbTACT database
 file extension filCardBox database
 file extension qdbCUEcards database
 file extension ldbVisiTrax music library database
 file extension ckvCheckVisiion database file
 file extension ctfWhereIsIt catalog file
 file extension dbdata by Smartware
 file extension dbfPsion Series 3 database
 file extension cdbPocket Access database
 file extension vlXenApp Citrix Program Neighborhood Agent database
 file extension bf2BIDFAX 2000 database
 file extension irnIRedit database
 file extension df7Omnis Studio database
 file extension mtcMediaTracker database file
 file extension dbfNovaBACKUP backup database
 file extension r2kRepertoire 2000 music database
 file extension mmdSummit Membership Manager database
 file extension dboDB/TextWorks database directory
 file extension edbMicrosoft Exchange Server Exchange Information Store Database
 file extension ^^^Pervasive.SQL database
 file extension ns4Lotus Notes database
 file extension k11DataFlex index
 file extension bdeBorland database engine data
 file extension ssmssqlprojMicrosoft SQL Server project
log file icon file extension logExtensible Storage Engine (ESE) transaction log file
 file extension edbEstImage database
 file extension sdiArcGIS spatial and attribute index
 file extension qd2Omnis Quartz segment 2 data
 file extension tpdTreePad hypertext database file
 file extension dmuMusicnizer database
 file extension vgbVoloGest management database
 file extension fp4FileMaker Pro database
 file extension remACT! database maintenance data
 file extension hdfHelp document
 file extension rpdRIB iTWO project database
 file extension catdBASE backup catalog
 file extension icpInterCept schematic data
 file extension tomMediGraph database file format
 file extension tdbDéjà Vu terminology database
 file extension cdbBorland Turbo C main database
 file extension owcOutWit Hub OutWit catch db format
 file extension celtxCeltx project
 file extension spentrySpartan database
 file extension fm3FileMaker version 3 database document
 file extension changedbSQLite data
 file extension rmxReference Manager database index
 file extension zdbReport:Assist database
 file extension blbACT! database
 file extension pbpPlaybackPro video database
 file extension mmdmangodata multi-user database
 file extension urdUltra Recall database
 file extension sdbServerBoss database
sif file icon file extension sifAutodesk spatial index
 file extension dbxDatabase index file
 file extension sisStudent Information System data
nope file icon file extension nopeNavicat for Oracle exported table
 file extension thumbsdbPixFiler thumbnail database
 file extension changedb-journalSQLite data
 file extension zotZoot database
 file extension $$fOS/2 database
 file extension pdbBGBlitz position database
 file extension fddFlexiDATA database
 file extension dbfxBase database
 file extension df3Omnis Studio database file format
 file extension addAdvantage Database Server data file
 file extension mfkMemsoft OS/2 database
 file extension drgAviSys bird watcher database
 file extension se1CT Summation iBlaze database
 file extension xppMicrosoft SQL Server replication data
 file extension dmoMovienizer database
 file extension ihxIN-HEH Timeline database
 file extension bagPMMail mail index data
 file extension db4Paychex Payroll database
 file extension prcfilePro data table
 file extension aufLTBOffice update data
 file extension itwInTouch With database
 file extension dcdDisCryptor encrypted database file
 file extension btrAviSys bird watcher database
cidb file icon file extension cidbApple iTunes CD information
 file extension dcbTrialDirector concordance database
 file extension cwdbClarisWorks database
 file extension erdActive Media Eclipse resource database
 file extension vdxDesktop To-Do List XML database
 file extension idbIDEA database
 file extension g3dGenDesigner genealogy database
 file extension kdbDoobs database
 file extension prkCampground Master database file
 file extension dbfArago database
 file extension clsSQLite 3 data format
 file extension lutRadioRA database
db file icon file extension dbNovell GroupWise address book database
 file extension edbEuphoria Database System (EDS) database
 file extension sisSisma database
 file extension mshdbMinistry Scheduler Pro database
 file extension crfCross-reference data
 file extension emdPOP Peeper e-mail database
 file extension wdmBASINS meteorological database file
 file extension ldbIBM Works for OS/2 data filer database
 file extension owgOutWit Hub OutWit Gear outwit thesaurus db file
 file extension dffDynamic File Format resource database
 file extension fpFileMaker Pro database
 file extension trxVisiTrax music library database
 file extension dbfdBFast database
 file extension bakMineral Resources Data System (MRDS) database
 file extension fmtCardbox format
 file extension ns3Lotus Notes database
 file extension dbfThe Network Diary database
ind file icon file extension indMicrosoft Windows shared database file
 file extension taxTaxExpert database file
 file extension dbsDB/TextWorks database textbase structure file
 file extension nfoFolio infobase data
$er file icon file extension $erNovell GroupWise database
 file extension iwcInstallwatch database
 file extension 4lk4th Dimension database
 file extension easEAS 2004 applicant
 file extension idb2InfoStat database
 file extension p97Win97 database
 file extension dblibAltium Designer database library
 file extension srdSmart Reminder database
 file extension ckzQuickSFV file verification database
 file extension kdcKaspersky virus database
 file extension udlADONIS user export from database
 file extension catIBM Cognos Impromptu database report
 file extension wbFreelang dictionary database
 file extension kdbkinodb database
 file extension pddDatabase Designer for PostgreSQL database design
 file extension od3Omnis Studio database
 file extension wcatWinCatalog collection file
 file extension dp1DataPower database file
 file extension ambAll My Books book database
 file extension od4-9Omnis5 database file
 file extension plcP-CAD database file
 file extension fbmCADfix geometry database
 file extension db2SQLite 2.0 database
 file extension gGravity news database
 file extension lzkloizziTimeControl database file
 file extension 4ug4th Dimension database file
 file extension dbfPalm Zire photo database
 file extension ndxArcView fonts index
 file extension aetFileMaker Pro runtime database
 file extension dbfOracle Database 8 tablespace
awdb file icon file extension awdbMicrosoft Works for Mac database
 file extension knnClarion database key file
 file extension dbvDatabase variable field
 file extension axpAppGini Code Generator project file
 file extension dcmDiskCatalogMaker catalog database file
 file extension erbsqlRuby SQL file
 file extension pbdPalm database file
 file extension kpdxKeePass password database
 file extension 001Superbase database index file (001-999 file sequence)
 file extension mpbMaintenance Parts Bin database file
 file extension btfLEADERS relational database file
 file extension dskSimple IDs database
 file extension kexiKexi database file
 file extension zodbZope Object Database file
 file extension ixdtSearch index file
 file extension wedWage Easy company database file
 file extension udbUniqueness database file
hkdb file icon file extension hkdbApple iTunes database file
 file extension btxSEEDIS index file
 file extension xslFileMaker database design report template file
 file extension fidFile Investigator database file
 file extension interface and type description database file
ix file icon file extension ixFrameMaker index file
 file extension nsdNRG Site Database
 file extension qd0Omnis Quartz segment 10 data file
 file extension qd7Omnis Quartz segment 7 data file
 file extension gjdGeoJet Professional database file
 file extension dbPsion Series 3 database file
 file extension pagActivePerl Pro Studio hash database file
 file extension rl1RL-1 Data Base database file
 file extension avcKaspersky Anti-Virus database file
 file extension dplDigital Photo Librarian database
 file extension qd8Omnis Quartz segment 8 data file
 file extension ivtConcordance inverted full text database file
 file extension cdbThe Cleaner trojan database file
 file extension rdbValue Navigator database file
 file extension dbfWordtech database file
 file extension fndInformida secure information database
 file extension ftchExtensis Portfolio image database
 file extension qbedBASE saved query file
 file extension texConcordance full text database file
 file extension xdbxText compiled database
 file extension rodRIB office database file
 file extension fmdbBUILD-QUANT object database file
 file extension tfr4th Dimension database Windows formula document
 file extension merInterchanging spreadsheet and database data format
 file extension pdxProCite database index file
 file extension mbxdBase index
 file extension synciddb-journalSQLite file
 file extension oedbMicrosoft email database file
t file icon file extension tCorel Paradox database file
 file extension mstChemFinder chemical structure index file
 file extension dcmdDiskCatalogMaker catalog database file
 file extension jstCode Crusader symbol database file
 file extension tdbComplete Works database
 file extension pmgPegasus Mail folder index file
 file extension qd4Omnis Quartz segment 4 data file
 file extension swdbClarisWorks 3 and 4 database file
wk1 file icon file extension wk1Autodesk hydro data file
 file extension sdiSmart Diary Suite index
 file extension pcaMicroSim PCBoard layout database file
 file extension dbfAct! main database
 file extension qd6Omnis Quartz segment 6 data file
 file extension merEntity-Relationship diagram file
 file extension hdxHarvest database file
 file extension qd1Omnis Quartz segment 1 data file
 file extension cdxNovaBACKUP backup database index
 file extension tafBirdstep Technologies RDM database file
f+db file icon file extension f+dbMicrosoft FoxPro database file
 file extension dlcDisclib CD collection database file
 file extension badDataFlex bad file
 file extension fmprFileMaker Pro Mac file
 file extension qd9Omnis Quartz segment 9 data file
 file extension odbOrganizers Database database file
 file extension apvApiViewer API database
 file extension adtCasio travel phrase database
nspe file icon file extension nspeNavicat for SQL Server exported table file
 file extension supHallo Northern Sky (HNSKY) database supplement file
 file extension stProgress database struction definition
 file extension rxsBorland Reflex database screen driver

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