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Settings, options, themes or skins file icon Settings, options, themes or skins file type extensions
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File extensions of file types used to store user settings and customizations of any application, project options, document options, themes, skins etc.

List of common various presets or theme files

Settings, options, themes or skins file extension list

File extensions of file types used to store user settings and customizations of any application, project options, document options, themes, skins etc..

Settings file types category is similar to configuration file types category (generally used to configure the initial settings for computer applications). Settings file types category often contains file types with user modifications,user data or project specific settings, and options. Configuration files are mostly generated with program installation and are important for the program functionality. If the configuration file is broken, the application often can't run. Settings file contain less important settings for applications and if it doesn't exist or its broken, the application runs normally, but in its default mode. Settings file is often a plain text file and in this case it can be easily edited by any text editor (Notepad, Notepad++).

Special settings or custom user files are also themes or skins. A theme or skin file is a set of components that change graphical look of the application or the desktop of the operating system.

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 file extension #stLocoScript standard mode printer definitions
 file extension 3dg3D Grapher plot description data
 file extension 3fxCorel Chart 3D effect file
 file extension 3kAl-Arabi Publisher keyboard definition file
 file extension 4cmClickyMouse macro set
 file extension 4mtMacroToolbar set file
 file extension 4twMacro Toolworks macro set file
 file extension 4zxGenero zoom module settings
 file extension 5xsPOD HD500X set file
 file extension 73wTI Connect settings
 file extension 8bpfAdobe Photoshop for Mac preference file
 file extension 8st8start Launcher settings file
 file extension a1wishAudials wishlist file
 file extension a2desktopAston Desktop desktop skin file
 file extension a2eArcGIS option data
 file extension a2mSAM alignment file
 file extension a2menuAston Desktop start menu skin file
 file extension a2panelAston Desktop panel skin file
 file extension a2themeAston 2 theme
 file extension a3gPhoto! 3D gallery file
 file extension a3xAccuLoad settings
 file extension aaeApple Photos sidecar file
 file extension aapApollo Advanced Playlist
 file extension aatArchiCAD attribute transfer
 file extension aauiAdobe Acrobat UI settings
 file extension aawLavasoft Ad-Aware 2007 settings file
 file extension abcACT! E-mail Address Book
 file extension abpAVS Barcode profile
 file extension absAvant Browser skin file
acb file icon file extension acbAdobe Photoshop Color Book file
 file extension acbAutoCAD color book file
accdu file icon file extension accduMicrosoft Access database wizard file
 file extension accflMicrosoft Access field template file
acf file icon file extension acfAdobe Photoshop custom filter
acl file icon file extension aclMicrosoft Office automatic correction list
acm file icon file extension acmAdobe Photoshop command button file
 file extension acpEditPlus auto completion file
acrobatsecuritysettings file icon file extension acrobatsecuritysettingsAdobe Acrobat security settings file
 file extension acrothemeAdobe Acrobat theme
 file extension acs2AIMP Media Player skin
 file extension acs3AIMP skin package
act file icon file extension actAdobe Photoshop/Illustrator color table
 file extension actionsPhotoline 4 defaults file
 file extension actionScriptPropertiesAdobe Flex settings file
actm file icon file extension actmAutodesk AutoCAD action macro file
acv file icon file extension acvAdobe Photoshop colour curves
adiumlistlayout file icon file extension adiumlistlayoutAdium list layout file
adiumlisttheme file icon file extension adiumlistthemeAdium list theme file
adiummenubaricons file icon file extension adiummenubariconsAdium menu bar icon file
adiumsoundset file icon file extension adiumsoundsetAdium sound set file
 file extension AdjustmentPresetsApple Aperture preset file
adl file icon file extension adlQEMM MicroChannel adapter description library file
adm file icon file extension admAdobe Creative Suite application bar file
adml file icon file extension admlMicrosoft administrative language-specific XML template
admx file icon file extension admxMicrosoft administrative XML template
ado file icon file extension adoAdobe Photoshop duotone
 file extension adoCanvas duotone file
adr file icon file extension adrOpera bookmarks file
 file extension advAbleton Live device preset
aes file icon file extension aesAdobe After Effects stabilizer settings
aet file icon file extension aetAdobe After Effects template file
afploc file icon file extension afplocApple Mac OS X filing protocol location file
 file extension afppMac Apple Share file
 file extension afsAktivFilter specification application file
afw file icon file extension afwMicrografx FlowCharter work area data
 file extension agdbANSYS DesignSpace data
 file extension aglChangeCAST AGL data
 file extension agprefsAdobe Photoshop Lightroom preferences file
 file extension agtemplateAdobe Photoshop Lightroom preset file
 file extension agvArcGlobe video metadata file
 file extension ahleMule metadata file
ahs file icon file extension ahsAdobe Photoshop halftone screens file
 file extension aimpplAIMP media player playlist file
 file extension aiuCaphyon Advanced Installer updates configuration file
 file extension aliasesLabVIEW IP adresses map file
all file icon file extension allCorel WordPerfect general printer information data
 file extension allowLinux access data
 file extension altqQuickView settings file
 file extension alxBlackBerry application loader
 file extension amApplix SHELF macro
 file extension amGLPK automake/autoconf makefile definitions file
amm file icon file extension ammAlphacam 3D Mill, 2D Mill parameter macro file
amp file icon file extension ampAdobe Photoshop arbitrary map settings
 file extension ampPATCHMASTER amplifier settings
 file extension amsAdobe Photoshop monitor configuration file
 file extension ancCanon Computer Pattern Maker color pattern list
 file extension anlXLIFF document settings file
 file extension antispam5Personal AntiSpam settings file
 file extension anvActivTrak Net View file
 file extension anydvdhdAnyDVD registration key
 file extension anydvd_smskAnyDVD speedmenu skin
 file extension aoisCFS Console add-on installer settings file
aom file icon file extension aomAdobe After Effects output settings
apc file icon file extension apcLotus printer driver characters
 file extension apdEclipse plugin descriptor file
apf file icon file extension apfAdobe Acrobat profile file
 file extension apfArcPad profile
 file extension apfSony Ericsson firmware acoustics file
api file icon file extension apiAdobe Photoshop ink colours setup file
 file extension api_filtersEclipse API settings file
apm file icon file extension apmAlphacam punch parameter macro
 file extension appcontent-msMicrosoft Windows application content
 file extension appletviewerJava appletviewer file
apref-ms file icon file extension apref-msApplication reference file
apxl file icon file extension apxlApple Keynote presentation XML document settings
 file extension apxtDataLink settings data
 file extension argAutoCAD exported profile
 file extension arlAOL Organizer file
 file extension arpAdvanced RAR Password Recovery preference file
ars file icon file extension arsAdobe After Effects render settings
 file extension arvMicrosoft AutoRoute user information
 file extension asdAdvanced Streaming Format description file
 file extension aseAdobe Color Swatch Exchange file
 file extension asefAdobe swatch exchange file
 file extension askAstrotite skin file
ask file icon file extension askAd-Aware skin file
 file extension askAbleton Live skin file
asl file icon file extension aslMiranda emoticons (smiley) definition file
 file extension asnGameSpy Arcade skin file
 file extension asn1Avaya MIB definition file
ast file icon file extension astAdobe Photoshop color separation table
 file extension astESwin wizard file
 file extension astActivTrak Session Track file
 file extension asuToolBook package definition
asv file icon file extension asvAdobe Photoshop selective color data
 file extension aswcsavast! antivirus compressed skin
asws file icon file extension aswsavast! antivirus skin
atc file icon file extension atcAutoCAD catalog
atf file icon file extension atfAdobe Photoshop transfer function data
 file extension atfCanvas duotone curve file
atf file icon file extension atfSymantec pcAnywhere auto transfer file
 file extension athAlienFX theme file
atheme file icon file extension athemeAmazing Clock theme file
 file extension atlgSlimBrowser auto login file
atn file icon file extension atnAdobe Photoshop actions settings
attr file icon file extension attrApple iPhoto image attributes
 file extension atzAston compiled theme file
 file extension audiblePrefsAudible preference file
 file extension auiAGE3D UI Editor color table file
 file extension aulAviUtl language settings
 file extension automaticdestinations-msMicrosoft Windows 7 jump list
 file extension autoregMozilla Application Suite auto registration clue file
 file extension auxTeX/LaTeX auxiliary references
 file extension avastthemeAvast theme
 file extension aveAvid Media Composer user data
 file extension avgfvAVG Internet Security user interface settings
 file extension avpAntiVir scanner parameters file
avs file icon file extension avsWinamp Advanced Visualization Studio preset
 file extension avsAvid settings file
avs file icon file extension avsAdobe Photoshop variations file
 file extension awcavActiveWorlds Browser user avatar file
awe file icon file extension aweAdobe Acrobat bookmark XML data
awl file icon file extension awlAd-Aware Language file
 file extension axlArcIMS Designer Viewer settings file
axt file icon file extension axtAdobe Photoshop replace color range
 file extension axvAnnodex digital media format
 file extension bagAOL Instant Messenger (AIM) buddy list
 file extension bapBlaze RipEditBurn audio wave information file
 file extension barTotal Commander button bar settings
baseconfig file icon file extension baseconfigAirPort Utility settings
 file extension bashrcBash Shell startup script configuration file
 file extension bash_loginUnix Shell Script (bash) file
 file extension bash_logoutUnix Shell Script (bash) file
 file extension basinHEC-HMS basin model settings file
 file extension bbdXilinx Black Box definition
 file extension bbthemeBB theme file
 file extension bbtlBBEdit Tool palette file
 file extension bbwBand-in-a-Box interface data
 file extension bcdRealView debugger board chip definition file
bcf file icon file extension bcfAdobe PageMaker colour library file
 file extension bckupApple Time Machine backup
 file extension bcpBlackMagic Adobe Photoshop plug-in custom palette file
 file extension bcpBatch Compiler preset file
 file extension bcpkgBeyond Compare settings package file
 file extension bcsBatch Compiler specification file
 file extension bcsBoland calibration settings file
 file extension bcsSony Sound Forge Batch Covnerter file
 file extension bcwBorland C++ workspace data
 file extension bdb2BrainMaster settings file
 file extension bdfSmartWare backup definition file
 file extension bexKashmir 3D transparent color definition file
 file extension bfgBig Fish Games application file
 file extension bfmvBfMeshView workspace file
 file extension bfsSmartWare backup sort definition file
 file extension bftSmartWare backup transaction definition data
 file extension bfxSmartWare backup relate definition file
 file extension bhoBehold settings
 file extension biBohemia Interactive addon signature file
 file extension bifGroupWise initialization file
 file extension bifGet Backup project file
 file extension bifxGet Backup project file
 file extension bionixBionix Wallpaper list file
 file extension bksNTBackup settings file
 file extension bldBingooo language definition file
 file extension bllBorland Delphi localization Information
 file extension blockpltLEGO MINDSTORMS NXT palette file
blt file icon file extension bltAIM AOL Instant Messenger saved buddy list
blw file icon file extension blwAdobe Photoshop black and white presets
 file extension bmkBookmark data
 file extension bmmTacmi Pixia palette
 file extension bmpskinBlaze Media Pro skin
 file extension bnskinBeatNik clock skin file
 file extension bootskinMicrosoft Windows boot skin
 file extension bowerrcNode.js data
 file extension bpdPostScript binary printer description
 file extension bpfBatchPhoto profile file
bpl file icon file extension bplWinamp V3 playlist file
bps file icon file extension bpsBulletproof FTP settings file
browser file icon file extension browserASP.NET browser definition
 file extension brpxe-Sword bible reading plan
 file extension brsAdobe RoboHelp browse sequence file
 file extension brushcategoryCorel Painter brush category file
 file extension brushvariantCorel Painter brush variant file
 file extension bs7Windows 7 Boot Updater boot animation
 file extension bscompBootstrap component
 file extension bscpBitvise SSH Client (Tunnelier) profile
btsearch file icon file extension btsearchBitTorrent Search Engine Specification data
 file extension btskinĀµTorrent skin file
 file extension buildsettingTwixl Publisher settings file
 file extension bujPersonal Backup saved task file
 file extension bumpthemeBumpTop theme file
bwa file icon file extension bwaBlindWrite BWA Builder physical CD characteristics file
 file extension bwsBookmark Wizard settings file
 file extension bxxBS Contact parameter file
 file extension bz2Direct Connect compressed hub list file
 file extension c8kChip-8 keyboard file
 file extension cakewalkwindowlayoutCakewalk Window Layout
 file extension calCryENGINE character animation list file
 file extension caliperskinScreen Calipers skin
 file extension camNASCAR Racing 2002 replay camera settings file
 file extension camGerber CAM job file
 file extension campWCS CAMP
cannedsearch file icon file extension cannedsearchApple Mac OS X Finder predefined search file
 file extension caosCanOpener preference file
 file extension catpreferencesCATIA preferences file
 file extension catsettingsCATIA settings
 file extension cbaCryENGINE resource compiler settings file
 file extension cbmEaseUS Todo Backup record
 file extension cboardFinal Cut Pro color board preset file
 file extension ccKODAK color control profile file
 file extension ccPicture Window color curve file
ccd file icon file extension ccdCloneCD disk image
 file extension ccipCurse Client addon download protocol
 file extension ccmMultimedia Fusion custom menu data
ccp file icon file extension ccpCloneCD profiles file
 file extension ccpC Converter profiles file
 file extension cdfInstallShield components definition file
 file extension cdfAffymetrix chip definition file
 file extension cdfCryENGINE character definition file
 file extension cdlCADKey CAD language file
 file extension cdmpWCS CDMP
cdt_ file icon file extension cdt_CorelDRAW for Mac template file
 file extension cefCA Clipper workbench application file
 file extension ceiCRiSP Harvest settings data
cel file icon file extension celAdobe Audition loop file
 file extension celNative Instruments Battery drum cell file
 file extension cexSolidWorks Enterprise PDM vault export file
 file extension cgrpPro Tools clip group file
 file extension cgvOSLay parameters data
 file extension cgxAutodesk Land Desktop label style
cha file icon file extension chaAdobe Photoshop channel mixture file
 file extension channelinfoCCAM emulator file
 file extension chlLeadtek WinFast PVR2 channel list file
 file extension chrparamsCryENGINE character paramters file
chx file icon file extension chxAutodesk AutoCAD standards check file
 file extension cibDIALux luminaire data file
 file extension cikCorel Graphics 10 custom dual tone file
 file extension cipCavena subtitles
 file extension cjstylesSkin Builder project
 file extension ckbBorland C++ keyboard mapping settings
 file extension ckbxCricket Audio XML bank description file
 file extension cksMicrosoft Windows CE image info data
cl file icon file extension clQIP contact list file
 file extension cl5Easy CD Creator saved project file
 file extension classpathEclipse IDE JAVA project related data
 file extension clbICQ contact list file
clg file icon file extension clgMicrosoft Windows System Image Manager catalogue file
 file extension clkkClicker keyboard data
 file extension clle_propertiesEclipse file
 file extension clrPhotoStyler color definitions
clr file icon file extension clrAdobe Flash color table file
 file extension clrWinMX color scheme
 file extension clrCryptLoad router information file
 file extension clsidCLSID identifier
clv file icon file extension clvQIP visible list
cly file icon file extension clyCorelDRAW custom layout
 file extension cm0013Device identify data
cm2 file icon file extension cm2Poser camera set file
 file extension cmbXtree for Windows button bar
 file extension cmmthemeCleanMyMac theme file
cmp file icon file extension cmpCorelDRAW Postscript printer header file
 file extension cmpMicrosoft Windows Connection Manager profile file
cmz file icon file extension cmzPoser compressed camera set file
 file extension cnfNetwork configuration file
 file extension cnfpNokia Series 40 SD card configuration file
 file extension cnmNoteMap outline file
cntk file icon file extension cntkMicrosoft Outlook Express contact file
 file extension cntlGoCart control file
 file extension codBlackberry compiled Java code
col file icon file extension colAutodesk colour palette
 file extension colSequoiaView colour template file
 file extension colourschemeJ&ASoft Speedy Browser color scheme settings file
 file extension colrKaleidoscope Scheme file
 file extension compBlackmagic Design Fusion settings
 file extension configprofileApple configuration profile
 file extension configsettingsMicrosoft SQL Server Analysis Services settings file
 file extension configureBash file
 file extension confluenceEclipse Mylyn WikiText confluence file
 file extension contPanasonic camcorder extra content data
contact file icon file extension contactMicrosoft Windows contact file
 file extension containerEclipse project settings
 file extension copCISCO Options Package settings
 file extension copresetCapture One preset file
 file extension costyleCapture One style file
 file extension cpfCanvastic preferences file
 file extension cpffCam2Com capture properties
cpl file icon file extension cplCoreDRAW color palette file
 file extension cpmCisco Secure Policy Manager settings
 file extension cprWindows Mobile display settings
 file extension cprAdobe Captivate preferences
 file extension cpsColor PostScript file
 file extension cpxOracle Application Development Framework ADF binding context file
 file extension cpxmlIBM Research data
 file extension crateSerato DJ crate file
 file extension cropCrick Software Clicker options data
 file extension crtOracle terminal settings information file
 file extension crwCHARTrunner workspace definition file
 file extension csAdobe Encore color settings
 file extension csaCrystalPlayer skin
csassembly file icon file extension csassemblyICQ 6 file
 file extension cscnpColasoft Capsa network profile
csf file icon file extension csfAdobe color settings
 file extension csfSmartWare data format definition file
 file extension cskCopernic 2001 skin
 file extension cskinCD Art Display skin file
 file extension cslCineStyle color settings file
csmanifest file icon file extension csmanifestICQ 6 settings file
cst file icon file extension cstAdobe Director cast file
 file extension cstMedbasin model calibration file
 file extension cstTechnics Sx KN 6000 keyboard custom style file
cst file icon file extension cstApple Logic Channel Strip settings file
 file extension cstACDSee Canvas custom set file
 file extension csuCreston 2 - Series control systems update data
csw file icon file extension cswCorel WordPerfect setup information data
 file extension cszThe Core Media Player skin
 file extension ctaColorTouch Assistant settings file
 file extension ctbAutoCAD colour-dependent plot style table
 file extension ctbl3D Slicer colors module file
 file extension template info file
 file extension ctlEAGLE Autorouter Control file
ctt file icon file extension cttWindows Live Messenger contact list file
cue file icon file extension cueCue sheet description
 file extension cueBPM Studio cue points file
cui file icon file extension cuiAutoCAD customization data
cuix file icon file extension cuixAutodesk AutoCAD custom user interface
 file extension customdestinations-msWindows jump list
 file extension cvaHP PC Hardware Diagnostics settings
 file extension cvsignoreEclipse CVS settings file
cwc file icon file extension cwcClarisWorks color palette
cwf file icon file extension cwfCorelDRAW workspace file
 file extension cwmsCompeGPS Land remote map file
 file extension cwxSonar track template
cw_ file icon file extension cw_CorelDRAW workspace file
cxf file icon file extension cxfGoogle Picasa collage
 file extension cxpCore Media Player XML-based playlist file
 file extension cxrCX-Programmer settings file
 file extension cyberduckprofileCyberduck connection profile
 file extension czCzech language translation
 file extension czeCzech language localization
 file extension d5pDragon UnPACKer language pack file
 file extension dadxEclipse Document Access Definition Extension file
 file extension dapfDinkeyAdd parameter file
 file extension dashDashlane profile
 file extension daxOrangeCD theme file
 file extension dbdBASE IV/dBFast configuration file
 file extension dbhCodeWarrior debug preferences
 file extension dbrDeepBurner burn list
dbs file icon file extension dbsMicrosoft Word/Works printer description file
 file extension dceDCE AutoEnhance settings file
 file extension dcfHP-95 comm program settings file
 file extension dcfTaskmaster batch pilot form file
dcl file icon file extension dclAutoCAD dialog definition file
 file extension dclsCATIA V4 settings file
dcn file icon file extension dcnAutodesk depth slope definition
dcp file icon file extension dcpAdobe DNG digital negative camera profile file
 file extension dcpfRoxio Disc Copier project file
dcpr file icon file extension dcprAdobe Photoshop DNG digital negative camera profile recipe file
ddd file icon file extension dddAdobe ColdFusion verity engine fields definition
ddf file icon file extension ddfDiamond directive file
 file extension ddpDDAdd Dinkey Dongle parameter file
 file extension ddrDDRemote parameter file
 file extension defESwin wizard file
definition file icon file extension definitionApple Mac OS X Automator data type definition file
 file extension denyLinux access data
 file extension deploymentoptionsSQL Server deployment options file
 file extension deploymenttargetsSQL Server deployment target file
desklink file icon file extension desklinkDesk Link file
 file extension deskthemepackMicrosoft Windows theme pack
 file extension detStage II Detector properties
 file extension developerprofileApple Xcode developer profile file
 file extension deviceidsApple iOS device identification file
 file extension dfLightscape parameters
dfm file icon file extension dfmAutodesk drawing specific settings
 file extension dfnDelphi definition data
 file extension dfqSmartWare query definition data
 file extension dfrSmartWare report definition file
 file extension dfsSwirlique data and parameter file format
 file extension dfsSmartWare sort definition file
 file extension dftSmartWare transaction definition file
 file extension dfteJuice Me Up settings
 file extension dfwSmartWare cross-tab definition
dfx file icon file extension dfxMicrografx Designer effects file
 file extension dfxSmartWare relate definition file
 file extension dglDigiGuide language data
 file extension dgmakerDigiGuide marker file
 file extension dgnlibMicroStation design library file
 file extension dhcdDHCD Computing file
 file extension dicproofMicrosoft Office dictionary proofing file
dict file icon file extension dictMicrosoft Virtual PC dictionary
 file extension directoryKDE folder view properties file
 file extension disDashboard of Sustainability indicator set
 file extension ditamapDITAmap file
 file extension dlfFlashFXP default language file
dll file icon file extension dllGoogle Chrome theme
 file extension dmlDepiction element definition file
 file extension dmuIBM Cognos Deployment Manager unpack settings file
dmv file icon file extension dmvAdobe Acrobat catalog data
 file extension dnpDRM digital rights management
 file extension dnpNeat Image profile file
 file extension doccDragThing color settings data
 file extension dockerfileDocker settings
 file extension dockpackStardock ObjectDock theme
 file extension dockthemeStardock ObjectDock theme
 file extension dofDelphi project options
 file extension dolphinviewDolphin for KDE folder view settings file
 file extension dopDxO OpticsPro sidecar data
 file extension dotsettingsMicrosoft Visual Studio C# settings
downloaded file icon file extension downloadedICQ 6 hash file
downloadhost file icon file extension downloadhostMSN Explorer download view
 file extension dpfF-Secure default policy settings
 file extension dpiAdlib Express Document Processing Information settings
dps file icon file extension dpsDivX player skin
 file extension dpvSiemens NX drafting standard
 file extension drmCubase Drum map setup file
 file extension drmmetaAdobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming DRM additional header file
 file extension droidDigital Record Object Identification profile
 file extension drpfDinkeyRemote parameter file
 file extension druEAGLE design rules settings
dsc file icon file extension dscDebian source control file
 file extension dsdAutodesk AutoCAD drawing set description
 file extension dsfBorland C++ or Turbo Pascal project desktop settings file
 file extension dshDashboard PDA wallpaper file
 file extension dsiDAZ Studio layered image set
 file extension dskDelphi project desktop
 file extension dskinDockX skin file
dslsetup file icon file extension dslsetupDomain Specific Language setup file
 file extension dsmMicrosoft Developer Studio macro file
dsn file icon file extension dsnMicrosoft Database source name and settings
dst file icon file extension dstMicrografx Designer template file
dst file icon file extension dstAutoCAD sheet set data
 file extension dstC++ desktop settings
dsw file icon file extension dswMicrosoft Visual Studio workspace
 file extension dtbDataCAD custom toolbar file
dtd file icon file extension dtdICQ 6 settings file
 file extension dtpSecurDesk! desktop file
 file extension dupMicrosoft Windows DUA Polling Reconfiguration data
 file extension dveVideo Toaster digital video effect file
 file extension dxstreamDX Studio stream file
 file extension dxuDivX Player playlist
 file extension dzsDownload Accelerator skin
dzt file icon file extension dztCyberlink DirectorZone title template
 file extension eaglercEAGLE Linux user-specific parameter file
eap file icon file extension eapAdobe Photoshop exposure data
 file extension ec7EuroCUT profile
 file extension ecore2ecoreEclipse EMF ecore model mapping file
 file extension ecore2xmlEclipse EMF ecore model mapping file
 file extension editorconfigEditorConfig settings
 file extension edjEnlightenment DR 17 background and theme file
 file extension edlASAP Entity definition language file
edm file icon file extension edmAdobe Extension Data Markup Language (EDML)
 file extension edrEmbird color palette
 file extension edtVAX EDT editor default settings file
 file extension edtAdobe Ebook download settings
eeb file icon file extension eebCorel WordPerfect equation editor button bar file
 file extension effectSerato DJ audio effect file
 file extension efspEffective File Search parameters
 file extension efte-Form form template file
 file extension eftxMicrosoft Office 2007 theme effect
 file extension efxtMicrosoft Office theme file
 file extension ehsxeasyHDR tone mapping settings
 file extension eifEpson installation control file
 file extension eitE-Icons theme file
 file extension eleZEMAX Element Drawing settings
 file extension elmMicrosoft FrontPage theme pack file
 file extension eluLISCAD ESRI lookup file
 file extension emcAEM 8860 EMC air temperature calibration file
 file extension emeraldEmerald theme file
 file extension emofEclipse EMOF model file
 file extension enEnglish language localization
 file extension enckmttg video profile

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