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Settings, options, themes or skins file icon Settings, options, themes or skins file type extensions
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File extensions of file types used to store user settings and customizations of any application, project options, document options, themes, skins etc.

List of common various presets or theme files

Settings, options, themes or skins file extension list

File extensions of file types used to store user settings and customizations of any application, project options, document options, themes, skins etc..

Settings file types category is similar to configuration file types category (generally used to configure the initial settings for computer applications). Settings file types category often contains file types with user modifications,user data or project specific settings, and options. Configuration files are mostly generated with program installation and are important for the program functionality. If the configuration file is broken, the application often can't run. Settings file contain less important settings for applications and if it doesn't exist or its broken, the application runs normally, but in its default mode. Settings file is often a plain text file and in this case it can be easily edited by any text editor (Notepad, Notepad++).

Special settings or custom user files are also themes or skins. A theme or skin file is a set of components that change graphical look of the application or the desktop of the operating system.

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 file extension aaeApple Photos sidecar file
 file extension cm0013Device identify data
 file extension customdestinations-msWindows jump list
 file extension _playmusicidGoogle Play Music user id settings
ics file icon file extension icsiCalendar calendar file format (Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal)
 file extension deskthemepackMicrosoft Windows theme pack
 file extension enykSettings data
 file extension proProfile
ser file icon file extension serJava serialized object
m3u8 file icon file extension m3u8UTF-8 M3U playlist
 file extension geprintGoogle Earth Pro map settings
metadata_never_index file icon file extension metadata_never_indexmacOS metadata settings
 file extension lnkWindows Shortcut
 file extension ledSony AIBO LED lights control data
 file extension exporteduiMicrosoft Office exported customization data
mui file icon file extension muiMultiLanguage Windows resource data
 file extension qspQSetup Installation Suite data
 file extension xspfXML Shareable Playlist Format
 file extension razersynapseRazer Synapse settings
properties file icon file extension propertiesJava properties
 file extension gitignoreGit ignore data
 file extension tsiTraktor Pro MIDI map
m3u file icon file extension m3uMP3 songs playlist
jnlp file icon file extension jnlpJava Network Launching Protocol settings
 file extension nkscNikon Capture NX-D settings
dsn file icon file extension dsnMicrosoft Database source name and settings
fol file icon file extension folMicrosoft Windows Mail folder
 file extension usrUser specific settings
dst file icon file extension dstAutoCAD sheet set data
lrtemplate file icon file extension lrtemplateAdobe Photoshop Lightroom preset settings
 file extension a3xAccuLoad settings
 file extension hwtHuawei Emotion UI theme
 file extension bs7Windows 7 Boot Updater boot animation
thmx file icon file extension thmxMicrosoft Office theme
opal file icon file extension opalMicrosoft Office Customization Tool (OCT) language-specific settings
 file extension swidtagSoftware Identification Tag
tv file icon file extension tvCorel Paradox table view settings
 file extension htHyperTerminal session
 file extension wmzWindows Media Player compressed skin
 file extension rhsIconyx BeamWare setup parameters
 file extension ggzGarena skin
 file extension rdrRemote Desktop Manager report settings
 file extension localstorageGoogle Chrome settings
 file extension skudefCommand & Conquer archive description package
 file extension obiRSS subscription file from Microsoft Outlook 2007 and above versions
 file extension imoiMON Manager settings
 file extension stskinSteam skin data
 file extension gitattributesGit attribute
 file extension acs3AIMP skin package
 file extension repxXtraReports report definition
 file extension mplAVCHD playlist
 file extension czCzech language translation
 file extension mtzXiaomi MIUI theme
dps file icon file extension dpsDivX player skin
plist file icon file extension plistApple property XML list
mcl file icon file extension mclMicrosoft Media Center application shortcut
 file extension prfPreferences or profile
 file extension edtAdobe Ebook download settings
policy file icon file extension policyJava policy data
 file extension mxplMAGIX MP3 deluxe playlist
 file extension xpadderprofileXpadder settings data
 file extension rmskinRainmeter skin
 file extension cnfNetwork configuration data
 file extension scmExported Samsung channel list
wimp file icon file extension wimpMicrosoft Windows icon palette
 file extension pdfArcView preferences definition data
 file extension xstMicrosoft Outlook personal folders
cue file icon file extension cueCue sheet description
svc file icon file extension svcMicrosoft Visual Studio ASP.NET WCF Web service data
 file extension qhcQt help collection data
 file extension zapMicrosoft Windows software installation settings
sln file icon file extension slnMicrosoft Visual Studio solution data
ifo file icon file extension ifoDVD movie information file format
sty file icon file extension styMicrografx Picture Publisher print style
 file extension iafMicrosoft Outlook exported account and email setting
 file extension fragMicrosoft XPS document fragment
 file extension gxwGRASS GIS workspace layout definition data
 file extension lobIBM DB2 LOBFILE
pip file icon file extension pipMicrosoft Office personalized settings
dsc file icon file extension dscDebian source control data
opax file icon file extension opaxMicrosoft Office Customization Tool (OCT) standard settings
 file extension codBlackberry compiled Java code
 file extension a2themeAston 2 theme
ccd file icon file extension ccdCloneCD disk image
themepack file icon file extension themepackMicrosoft Windows 7 theme pack
stf file icon file extension stfMicrosoft ACME setup table
 file extension cipCavena subtitles
 file extension nxsPioneer Rekordbox profile
 file extension srvFBB initialization settings
xlb file icon file extension xlbMicrosoft Excel toolbars settings
pls file icon file extension plsMedia playlist
 file extension mxgMX Editor MX-900 document
 file extension dfqSmartWare query definition data
spn file icon file extension spnCorel WordPerfect distribution definition
all file icon file extension allCorel WordPerfect general printer information data
rsp file icon file extension rspLinker response data
 file extension rulRule settings
 file extension cksMicrosoft Windows CE image info data
rps file icon file extension rps3ds Max (3d Studio Max) render preset settings
 file extension ccipCurse Client addon download protocol
 file extension mrkDPOF auto print order data
 file extension pmpdPanasonic camcorder extra data
 file extension bscpBitvise SSH Client (Tunnelier) profile
 file extension bpfBatchPhoto profile data
 file extension vmoptionsinstall4j VM parameters data
acl file icon file extension aclMicrosoft Office automatic correction list
lut file icon file extension lutXnView Lut configuration
 file extension automaticdestinations-msMicrosoft Windows 7 jump list
 file extension rwzMicrosoft Outlook Internet rules settings
 file extension pf2Canon Picture Style Editor picture style data
 file extension refReference
wpp file icon file extension wppCorel WordPerfect color palette
 file extension cjstylesSkin Builder project
wab file icon file extension wabMicrosoft Windows Address Book
 file extension kfpAdobe Acrobat preflight profile
 file extension dockerfileDocker settings
 file extension opsMicrosoft Office profile settings
 file extension engEnglish language localization
 file extension vviVisView INI data
 file extension enEnglish language localization
 file extension rtcMicrosoft Office Live Meeting connection data
 file extension odrHMI Builder report
 file extension ncpNikon camera photo settings
 file extension qmsQQMusic skin
suo file icon file extension suoMicrosoft Visual Studio solution user options
contact file icon file extension contactMicrosoft Windows contact data
 file extension edrEmbird color palette
 file extension sknSkin
 file extension sublime-settingsSublime Text settings
eap file icon file extension eapAdobe Photoshop exposure data
 file extension allowLinux access data
 file extension xpaddercontrollerXpadder controller layout
ex file icon file extension exNorton Ghost template data
 file extension wbxWebshots file format
dzt file icon file extension dztCyberlink DirectorZone title template
 file extension contPanasonic camcorder extra content data
ppd file icon file extension ppdPostScript printer description
 file extension omcOrigin customized menu data
svp file icon file extension svpVirtual DJ visualization effects
 file extension lfeLFClient document
 file extension wfwWindows Firewall exported rules
thm file icon file extension thmSony Ericsson mobile phone theme
wba file icon file extension wbaWindowBlinds Desktop visual style
acv file icon file extension acvAdobe Photoshop colour curves
 file extension gulJungUm Global Viewer Korean language data
 file extension kflMicrosoft Outlook RSS feed list
 file extension srsMicrosoft Outlook server request settings
 file extension intDelphi interface data
 file extension eleZEMAX Element Drawing settings
pow file icon file extension powMicrosoft Windows power schema
 file extension acs2AIMP Media Player skin
 file extension ewbNI Multisim / Electronic Workbench design
adr file icon file extension adrOpera bookmarks file
 file extension gmwGlobal Mapper workspace
xlw file icon file extension xlwMicrosoft Excel workspace
col file icon file extension colAutodesk color palette
cxf file icon file extension cxfGoogle Picasa collage
 file extension mceSony CAV-M1000ES common source infrared command file
dict file icon file extension dictMicrosoft Virtual PC dictionary
props file icon file extension propsMicrosoft Visual Studio property sheet
act file icon file extension actAdobe Photoshop/Illustrator color table
 file extension kofKylix options data
 file extension sltMozilla Firefox/Thunderbird user profile folder
 file extension containerEclipse project settings
prfpset file icon file extension prfpsetAdobe Premiere Pro effect preset
 file extension profD-Fend Reloaded profile
 file extension oabMicrosoft Outlook offline address book
 file extension vxpVisiTrax playlist
 file extension pbzGoogle Picasa button ZIP archive
 file extension s1pTouchstone 1 s-parameter data
oeaccount file icon file extension oeaccountWindows Mail account settings
 file extension wsIBM System i iSeries client access workstation profile
 file extension bbdXilinx Black Box definition
 file extension cefCA Clipper workbench application
ccp file icon file extension ccpCloneCD profile
 file extension pppEnfocus PitStop preflight profile
theme file icon file extension themeWindows desktop theme
 file extension wlvsMovie Maker profile
hfp file icon file extension hfpXnView filter settings
 file extension prpCompressed Gimp image properties
 file extension sbeSpybot exclude data
 file extension aapApollo Advanced Playlist
jsm file icon file extension jsmFirefox JavaScript module
 file extension ptpACT! modem sync data
 file extension ev1Calendar Commander version 1 event
dsw file icon file extension dswMicrosoft Visual Studio workspace
 file extension smtSamsung mobile phone theme
 file extension dfLightscape parameters
 file extension lsvLight-O-Rama sequence editor visual preference file
mat file icon file extension matMicrosoft Access table shortcut
 file extension pnpPegasus Mail POP3 server side filter rule
acb file icon file extension acbAdobe Photoshop Color Book file
 file extension ctbAutoCAD colour-dependent plot style table
ddf file icon file extension ddfDiamond directive file
 file extension avgfvAVG Internet Security user interface settings
 file extension srpCheckpoint exported VPN client information
 file extension skinSkin data
 file extension dbhCodeWarrior debug preferences
ste file icon file extension steAdobe Dreamweaver backup site settings
 file extension apxtDataLink settings data
 file extension tablecontentSMART Table Toolkit activity data
 file extension dotsettingsMicrosoft Visual Studio C# settings
ast file icon file extension astAdobe Photoshop color separation table
pan file icon file extension panCorelDRAW printer specific settings
 file extension ofdObjectView form definition data
 file extension agdbANSYS DesignSpace data
 file extension presetFlare graphic effect preset
mml file icon file extension mmlAdobe FrameMaker document properties
 file extension nbsNTI Backup Now file based backup set
ic file icon file extension icSPICE initial condition
 file extension alxBlackBerry application loader
 file extension jaiJaikoz settings file
 file extension 5xsPOD HD500X set data
 file extension crateSerato DJ crate plylist
atf file icon file extension atfAdobe Photoshop transfer function data
 file extension bpdPostScript binary printer description
 file extension ursControlDraw user requirement specifier
dfx file icon file extension dfxMicrografx Designer effects file
 file extension iftCanon settings data
 file extension tpdEDIUS EffectPreset file
cui file icon file extension cuiAutoCAD customization data
 file extension propGoogle Android properties file
 file extension mszMediaMonkey skin
 file extension kblKeyboard layout
 file extension q1Winamp equalizer preset
 file extension oflOtsTurntables playlist
 file extension mmgMKVToolNix muxing settings
 file extension utiSpybot - Search & Destroy includes
 file extension xtremeWinstep Xtreme theme pack
 file extension auxTeX/LaTeX auxiliary references
 file extension favMicrosoft Outlook bar-shortcut
 file extension a2eArcGIS option data
 file extension m2dHTC Manila 2D for Windows Mobile skin
 file extension cmbXtree for Windows button bar
aes file icon file extension aesAdobe After Effects stabilizer settings
 file extension pgtSothink DHTML menu
resx file icon file extension resxMicrosoft Visual Studio .NET XML resource template
 file extension amApplix SHELF macro
actm file icon file extension actmAutodesk AutoCAD action macro
atn file icon file extension atnAdobe Photoshop actions settings
 file extension droidDigital Record Object Identification profile
wc file icon file extension wcTotal Commander file tree info
 file extension sssWindowBlinds substyle file
 file extension bfgBig Fish Games application
 file extension a2desktopAston Desktop desktop skin
 file extension drmCubase Drum map setup file
mar file icon file extension marMicrosoft Access report shortcut
 file extension slsImage playlist
ahs file icon file extension ahsAdobe Photoshop halftone screens file
 file extension r2wReflection settings
 file extension anydvdhdAnyDVD registration key
 file extension bcwBorland C++ workspace data
 file extension uscUSC module definition
vcp file icon file extension vcpMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ project
 file extension vstpresetCubase preset
 file extension mm1ActiveXperts MMS Toolkit settings
dll file icon file extension dllGoogle Chrome theme
 file extension rpbRadmin phonebook
 file extension cbmEaseUS Todo Backup record
 file extension wspMicrosoft Visual C++ workspace info file
 file extension fdocMicrosoft XPS document settings
asv file icon file extension asvAdobe Photoshop selective color data
 file extension sgSnapGraphix user data
 file extension rsuReflection for IBM updated settings
 file extension itcUTHSCSA Image Tool calibration data
 file extension catsettingsCATIA settings
sv2i file icon file extension sv2iSymantec Backup Exec system index
 file extension f4mAdobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming Flash media manifest
 file extension nthNokia Series 40 and 60 theme
 file extension smsMicrosoft package definition
 file extension cszThe Core Media Player skin
 file extension mcvManyCam effect file
wax file icon file extension waxWindows Media Audio redirector
apxl file icon file extension apxlApple Keynote presentation XML document settings
 file extension dpfF-Secure default policy settings
 file extension pioPro Tools I/O settings
amp file icon file extension ampAdobe Photoshop arbitrary map settings
 file extension classpathEclipse IDE JAVA project related data
lwl file icon file extension lwlLightwright printed paperwork formatting instructions data
swb file icon file extension swbSolidWorks macro
styles file icon file extension stylesSteam Client GUI resource data
 file extension ickIntelliCAD keyboard shortcut data
inetloc file icon file extension inetlocApple Finder internet location
 file extension csuCreston 2 - Series control systems update data
 file extension vdmVedit macro
 file extension cpxmlIBM Research data
 file extension vkdjVkontakte.DJ playlist
 file extension ispInternet Service Provider settings
 file extension editorconfigEditorConfig settings
admx file icon file extension admxMicrosoft administrative XML template
 file extension iccInternational Color Consortium profile file format
 file extension arvMicrosoft AutoRoute user information
 file extension projectEclipse IDE project description data
 file extension malMadAppLauncher settings
 file extension trmTerminal settings
 file extension klcMicrosoft Keyboard Layout Creator keyboard data
cuix file icon file extension cuixAutodesk AutoCAD custom user interface
 file extension synTextPad syntax definition
 file extension fleScanner settings
 file extension dsiDAZ Studio layered image set
 file extension rlsRadLight skin
 file extension svbStatistica macro file
 file extension txpTweaking Toolbox XP import/export settings
 file extension pfsZend Studio team project settings
 file extension doccDragThing color settings data
 file extension nmdsdcidMP3 player settings
 file extension nhnijji REACTOR html launch settings
 file extension langLanguage localization
mf file icon file extension mfJava manifest
 file extension fplFlitskikker language localization data
 file extension mcrBricscad macro file
 file extension ipccApple iOS carrier update
irs file icon file extension irsAdobe Photoshop optimized setting file
pbk file icon file extension pbkMicrosoft dial-up phonebook
 file extension bgCanon My Image Garden background preset
 file extension template info
 file extension pdf_profilePagePlus PDF profile
 file extension prefsPreferences or project settings
 file extension pzhPresto job data
rpv file icon file extension rpvRealPlayer visualization data
 file extension figLahey Fortran linker options data
dmv file icon file extension dmvAdobe Acrobat catalog data
 file extension megaMegacubo metafile
csf file icon file extension csfAdobe color settings
id2 file icon file extension id2Microsoft Live Messenger avatar
 file extension tbrAdobe Photoshop custom toolbar preset
ars file icon file extension arsAdobe After Effects render settings
 file extension ctaColorTouch Assistant settings
 file extension rgdRosegarden device definition
pbs file icon file extension pbsCorel PaintShop Photo Pro brush stroke presets
 file extension ulzWindows Updates Downloader update list
 file extension apdEclipse plugin descriptor file
 file extension xsxMicrosoft Visual Studio XML schema layout
layout file icon file extension layoutApple MainStage layout data
 file extension cnfpNokia Series 40 SD card configuration data
 file extension fulMicrosoft backup file list
 file extension pthVisualGPSXP path
 file extension nksnNative Instruments Kontakt settings
 file extension bmkBookmark data
 file extension abpAVS Barcode profile
 file extension iblIBasic component
 file extension strmPlex Media Server settings
 file extension fccSiteMinder forms credential collector data
 file extension wsnWhoopSee skin
 file extension gpsBPM Studio play list structure
obt file icon file extension obtMicrosoft Office Binder template
 file extension trwBorland Turbo Debugger for Windows session-state settings
 file extension txrCorelDraw custom data
atc file icon file extension atcAutoCAD catalog
wwb file icon file extension wwbCorel WordPerfect button bar data
 file extension advAbleton Live device preset
 file extension fldWinFlash Educator options and statistic data
 file extension gridGridMove grid settings
 file extension ospxDell KACE patch definition
 file extension icpUnix IContact parameter data
 file extension triLinksys WRT54GS data
 file extension applesyncinfoiOS data
 file extension a3gPhoto! 3D gallery
 file extension sublime-buildSublime Text build data
 file extension mktVisual FoxPro configuration file
 file extension aauiAdobe Acrobat UI settings
 file extension np2Picture Control Utility picture control data
 file extension settings update
pen file icon file extension penCorel PaintShop Pro enamel presets
 file extension zdctAdobe language localization
 file extension ffpresetFFmpeg preset
ipz file icon file extension ipzICQ Plus skin
 file extension aulAviUtl language settings
vssettings file icon file extension vssettingsMicrosoft Visual Studio settings file
 file extension tswNI TestStand workspace
settings file icon file extension settingsMicrosoft Visual Studio settings data
feb file icon file extension febCorel WordPerfect figure editor button bar
 file extension fgaFolder Guard attributes
 file extension spySEO SpyGlass project
 file extension qtfQtracker filter
mam file icon file extension mamMicrosoft Access macro shortcut
 file extension r2langRainlendar2 language data
 file extension sruPowerBuilder user object
playlist file icon file extension playlistPowerDVD PlayList
 file extension fmpAutoCAD font map settings
 file extension appletviewerJava appletviewer data
 file extension prslAdobe Premiere style library
browser file icon file extension browserASP.NET browser definition
 file extension dnpDRM digital rights management
 file extension localDelphi user-specific project options
end file icon file extension endCorelDRAW arrow-head definition data
 file extension norNorwegian localization data
 file extension lkfINTUS Terminal keyboard settings
workspace file icon file extension workspaceAdobe applications workspace setting
 file extension pstplLimesurvey template related data
lab file icon file extension labCorel WordPerfect label definition file
 file extension bashrcBash Shell startup script configuration data
 file extension cxrCX-Programmer settings
 file extension smrSmedge2 job settings
 file extension semAlpha Five set objects
 file extension dtbDataCAD custom toolbar data
apc file icon file extension apcLotus printer driver characters
 file extension itaItalian localization language data
resmoncfg file icon file extension resmoncfgMicrosoft Windows Resource Monitor settings
udl file icon file extension udlMicrosoft Data Link
 file extension 3dg3D Grapher plot description data
afw file icon file extension afwMicrografx FlowCharter work area data
 file extension mcxmlMicrosoft Office 2013 XML settings
 file extension eitE-Icons theme
icw file icon file extension icwMicrosoft Internet Explorer Internet Connection Wizard data
ctt file icon file extension cttWindows Live Messenger contact list file
 file extension rtoRumba file transfer profile
 file extension nkpKontakt saved presets
 file extension kplKMPlayer playlist
pkgdef file icon file extension pkgdefMicrosoft Visual Studio Shell data
 file extension gruGeist preset data
 file extension ssl2Sunlite Suite 2 ScanLibrary settings
 file extension qfNokia (Ovi) Maps version data
 file extension s8lSAP GUI data
 file extension jgpQWS3270 PLUS session parameter data
milk file icon file extension milkWinamp MilkDrop plugin configuration data
 file extension cskinCD Art Display skin
 file extension auiAGE3D UI Editor color table
attr file icon file extension attrApple iPhoto image attributes
 file extension ispacSQL Server project deployment model
 file extension pmkPegasus Mail keyboard settings
 file extension mse-setMagic Set Editor settings
 file extension jbeamBeamNG vehicle definition format
edm file icon file extension edmAdobe Extension Data Markup Language (EDML)
ipl file icon file extension iplCorelDRAW Pantone spot reference palette
 file extension dmlDepiction element definition data
 file extension nplNokia playlist
 file extension shadowFontTwister shadow file
pst file icon file extension pstApple Logic plugin settings file
 file extension ccmMultimedia Fusion custom menu data
csw file icon file extension cswCorel WordPerfect setup information data
 file extension vgpVectir profile group data
 file extension nk2Microsoft Outlook contacts AutoComplete file
 file extension mshaMicrosoft Help library help manifest
 file extension vncVNC configuration file
adml file icon file extension admlMicrosoft administrative language-specific XML template
pl4 file icon file extension pl4Micrografx Designer graphic palette
 file extension cvaHP PC Hardware Diagnostics settings
 file extension socApache OpenOffice colour palettes and various style elements
 file extension aliasesLabVIEW IP addresses map
 file extension mnuLabVIEW palette
 file extension gapPhotoImpact pencil style data
 file extension feqSuperEQ equalizer settings
style file icon file extension styleSketchUp style
 file extension krcMouse and Key Recorder recorded settings
 file extension channelinfoCCAM emulator file
joboptions file icon file extension joboptionsAdobe Acrobat job options data
eqf file icon file extension eqfWinamp equalizer settings
 file extension mbrZune smooth streaming file
tpl file icon file extension tplAdobe Photoshop tool preset
axt file icon file extension axtAdobe Photoshop replace color range
 file extension fevFMOD audio settings
 file extension fastresumeNetgear ReadyNAS BitTorrent client data
 file extension zplZune playlist
 file extension ginGEMS engine control unit
 file extension bash_logoutUnix Shell Script (bash) data
 file extension nmsvAbleton Live Massive plugin preset
 file extension ddrDDRemote parameter data
 file extension copCISCO Options Package settings
 file extension tamTame program settings
wal file icon file extension walWinamp 3 skin format
 file extension pksOracle PL/SQL package specification data
 file extension lxLPEX customization command profile file
 file extension xciAdobe Reader font mapping file
 file extension mdmTelix modem definition data
 file extension ocwOracle Configuration Watch template
 file extension prflNetscape user profile
 file extension slzAdobe RoboHelp screen layout
 file extension qssNokia Qt style sheet file
 file extension bbwBand-in-a-Box interface data
 file extension nscWindows Media Station file format
 file extension uppGhostscript Uniprint unified printer parameter settings
 file extension jffJAWS ini data
fnd file icon file extension fndMicrosoft Windows Explorer saved search data
 file extension schemeSothink Logo Maker color scheme
 file extension pqzQuaSZ palette data
 file extension ignICQ ignore list
 file extension dfwSmartWare cross-tab definition
 file extension swfMicrosoft Sidewinder profile activator data
 file extension vschMicrosoft Windows Credential Manager schema
 file extension kfpKaraFun karaoke preset
nra file icon file extension nraNero Audio-CD compilation
 file extension agprefsAdobe Photoshop Lightroom preferences
 file extension eseMillions Email Generator syntax settings
iros file icon file extension irosAdobe Save for Web settings
 file extension userMicrosoft Visual Studio project user options
mskin file icon file extension mskinMaxthon skin
otm file icon file extension otmMicrosoft Outlook macro
sldreg file icon file extension sldregSolidWorks settings
 file extension dupMicrosoft Windows DUA Polling Reconfiguration data
 file extension hprRoboHelp settings
 file extension uewUltraEdit wordfile
 file extension exaExamine32 saved search paramaters
 file extension setSetup data or info
 file extension qbpQuickBooks printer file
mu file icon file extension muCorel Quattro Pro for DOS menu definition
 file extension tmsTimeless Time & Expense multi-user settings
mad file icon file extension madMicrosoft Access module shortcut
 file extension argAutoCAD exported profile
 file extension msccmSecure sync data

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