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File types used by crypt applications to store data in encoded or encrypted state

List of common encrypted files

Encoded and encrypted file extension list

File types used by crypt applications to store data in encoded or encrypted state.

Encoded or encrypted file stores passwords or any other data, protected by encryption algorithms. To open encoded or encrypted file, it must be first decoded or decrypted, with the use of the original encryption software or password.

Unencrypted data is called plain text and encrypted data is called cipher text. Encryption is the most effective way to achieve data security.

Encryption software is used to encryption and decryption of data, usually in the form of files on hard drives, removable media, email messages, or in the form of packets sent over computer networks.

There are two most used types of encryption: asymmetric encryption (public-key encryption) and symmetric encryption. Asymmetric encryption is using one key to encrypt a message and another to decrypt the message. Symmetric encryption uses same key to both encrypt and decrypt the message.

Some of the most used encryption algorithms are for example Rijndael, Serpent, Twofish, RC6, MARS etc.

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 file extension obbAndroid opaque binary blob archive
 file extension pkpassApple Wallet pass data
 file extension rpgmvpRPG Maker MV encrypted PNG image
 file extension cryptWhatsApp encrypted backup (original)
 file extension crypt12WhatsApp Messenger message database
 file extension vdataVaulty hidden picture or video
 file extension crypt8WhatsApp Messenger message database
 file extension sdtidRSA soft-token
 file extension keyLicence or encrypted security key
asec file icon file extension asecGoogle Android encrypted application package
 file extension asiceAssociated Signature Container (ASiC-E)
 file extension ksdKeepSafe encrypted data
 file extension eslockES File Explorer encrypted data file
signed file icon file extension signedmacOS (OS X) data signature
 file extension p7sPKCS #7 signature
 file extension iwaApple iWork document archive
rem file icon file extension remBlackBerry encrypted data
 file extension switchEgress Switch secured package
 file extension p7eSecureSoft encrypted data
pem file icon file extension pemPrivacy Enhanced Mail security certificate
 file extension hcVeraCrypt disk volume file
 file extension epkLG firmware archive
acsm file icon file extension acsmAdobe Content Server Message data
 file extension crypt7WhatsApp Messenger encrypted message database backup
 file extension crypt10WhatsApp Messenger encrypted message database backup
 file extension adocAuthentica Secure Office encoded Word document
 file extension slmGallery Lock hidden media
 file extension leotmiPrivacy Lock protected picture
 file extension p7mS/MIME digital signature
 file extension jpgenxEgis encrypted JPG picture image
 file extension rpgmvoRPG Maker MV encrypted OGG audio
 file extension dcvDriveCrypt encrypted volume
 file extension emcStriata Reader encrypted document
 file extension mcatMeerecat File Guard encrypted data
 file extension encUuencode encoded data
 file extension ifsInfoSlips secure information package
 file extension prvSecretAgent private key
 file extension secPretty Good Privacy secret key ring file
 file extension vsfVoltage SecureFile encrypted document
menc file icon file extension mencMicrosoft Windows Mobile encrypted data
 file extension awsecVodafone Secure Content Locker encrypted data
 file extension pdcLizard Safeguard secure PDF document
 file extension ftile-Hastakshar contract note
 file extension authShopSite store authorization
 file extension xlslDocument Manager locked Excel spreadsheet
 file extension pfxCertificate
 file extension crypt9WhatsApp Messenger encrypted message database backup
 file extension aeeASUS Data Security Manager protected data
 file extension jpg_encryptedGoogle Android encrypted JPEG picture image
 file extension pp7mEntrust Entelligence Security Provider password-encrypted data
 file extension kdbxKeePass password database
 file extension rsaRSA digital certificate
 file extension uhhEurotherm Hydra History encrypted data
 file extension p7zS/MIME compressed e-mail message
 file extension gpgGNU Privacy Guard public keyring
 file extension izeIZArc encrypted archive
 file extension crypt5WhatsApp Messenger encrypted message database backup
cxt file icon file extension cxtAdobe Director protected cast data
 file extension jpgxEgis encrypted JPG bitmap image
 file extension eeEncrypt Easy encrypted data
 file extension tcTrueCrypt disk volume image file
 file extension p12PFX file (Personal Information Exchange)
 file extension smeSmartEncryptor encrypted archive
 file extension c2vWellSight Systems license information file
mse file icon file extension mse3ds Max encrypted MAXScript script
 file extension pi2Portrait Innovations high resolution image
 file extension keyAvira AntiVir Personal license key
 file extension cngCryptoNG encrypted data
 file extension safeeCypher cryptographic container
 file extension hdeNAUPA File Encryptor encrypted data
 file extension awsecVMware Airwatch encrypted data file
 file extension wlsRenault R-Link encrypted authorization data
 file extension pgpPretty Good Privacy encrypted key
 file extension pleMessenger Plus! Live encrypted log
 file extension flkaFolder Lock encrypted portable folder
 file extension spkSpyProof! encrypted symmetric key
lgb file icon file extension lgbQuickBooks little green box
 file extension ascPGP (Pretty Good Privacy) signature
 file extension sthLotus Domino stash data file
 file extension kdbKeePass encrypted passwords database
 file extension lfSoftwareKey license
 file extension db.crypt8WhatsApp Messenger message database backup
hds file icon file extension hdsWindows Digital Right Management data
 file extension bioexcessMyWinLocker protected data
 file extension rfpRoboForm Passcard
 file extension pdePowerDesk encrypted data
 file extension rgss2aRPG Maker VX RGSS encrypted archive
 file extension uueUUEncoded data
 file extension v2cWellSight Systems HASP SRM license information data
 file extension sccfgEncrypted INI settings data
 file extension afpFileProtector encrypted data
 file extension pngxEgis encrypted PNG picture image
 file extension hid2KeepSafe encrypted photo
 file extension encCopySafe PDF encrypted document
 file extension egisencEgis encrypted data
 file extension filelockFileLock data
 file extension eocEncryptOnClick encrypted data
 file extension crlCertificate revocation list
 file extension signGNU Privacy Guard data
 file extension base64Base64 file format
jse file icon file extension jseJScript encoded script
 file extension uuUuencoded (compressed) file archive (ascii)
 file extension ptxtMicrosoft Rights Management protected TXT file
 file extension encMedia Safe encrypted data
 file extension dbEnpass encrypted database
 file extension aexPGP armored extracted public encryption key
 file extension jsnShield Now shield data
 file extension secureSeptium secured document
wbc file icon file extension wbcWebshots collection image format
 file extension pufPuffer encrypted data
 file extension ekbSIEMENS Automation License Manager data
 file extension cgpPixelCryptor encrypted data
 file extension wzaEncryption Wizard archive file
 file extension dafDigital Anchor Manager data
 file extension apwAny Password password cache
 file extension 1pif1Password Interchange Format
 file extension crypt11WhatsApp Messenger encrypted message database backup
 file extension skrPGP Pretty Good Privacy private keyring
 file extension epfEntrust Entelligence profile
 file extension kgeKGB Archiver encrypted compressed archive
 file extension p7xApplication digital certificate
 file extension cfdCryptoForge encrypted document
 file extension mckMacro Keys encrypted macro
edat file icon file extension edatSony Playstation Portable PSP encrypted data
 file extension zbbZEMAX black box data
 file extension a2rKittyXplorer encrypted archive
 file extension jpegenxEgis encrypted JPEG picture image
 file extension p7mSecureSoft encrypted data
 file extension dc4ViaThinkSoft (De)Coder encrypted data
 file extension eeaEncrypted e-mail attachment
 file extension flkFolder Lock encrypted data
 file extension aes256Insurance.aes256 encrypted file
 file extension edcKryptel (Lite) Decoder/Encoder data
 file extension lock3BlackBerry encrypted 3GP data
 file extension svzSavez data
hsh file icon file extension hshMicrosoft IIS NNTP hash data
 file extension smbpMobipocket eBook secured auxiliary file
 file extension lxvLexar Secure II encrypted archive file
 file extension effeFileFolders file format
 file extension db.crypt7WhatsApp Messenger encrypted message database backup
 file extension xlseDocument Manager encrypted Excel spreadsheet
 file extension kdeKaspersky KryptoStorage encrypted data
 file extension pkcs12Personal information exchange data
mpqe file icon file extension mpqeBlizzard encrypted game data
 file extension pkrPretty Good Privacy public keyring
 file extension ueaProtector Suite QL data
nip file icon file extension nipMicrosoft DRM (Digital Right Management) data
 file extension sdskSafeHouse private storage volume data
 file extension dsaPKCS #7 signature
 file extension walletxEnpass backup
 file extension pkkPuTTYgen private key
 file extension mcrpMobyExplorer encrypted data
dwk file icon file extension dwkAutodesk AutoCAD locked DWG drawing
 file extension sefSteganos encrypted file
 file extension egsGIS Software encrypted grid shape data
 file extension cryptedAshampoo WinOptimizer encrypted data
 file extension tzpTrueZIP ecnrypted JAR Java archive
 file extension jbcJetico BestCrypt container
 file extension dazDIABASS encrypted patient data
 file extension pwlMicrosoft Windows password data
 file extension pjpgMicrosoft Rights Management protected JPG image
 file extension mbz5Micros encrypted password database
 file extension ppencAshampoo Magical Security encrypted data
 file extension meoMEO encrypted data
 file extension cfeCryptoForge encrypted data file
 file extension eee3eee Triple Encryption encrypted data
 file extension rpgmvmRPG Maker MV encrypted M4A audio
keychain file icon file extension keychainApple Keychain password data
 file extension fveWindows BitLocker full volume encrypted data
 file extension hopHippon protected data
 file extension encBlackIce PC Protection evidence log
 file extension enkSybase Enterprise Portal security key
ad file icon file extension adAppleDouble encoded data
 file extension rsdfRapidShare download settings
 file extension bfebcrypt - BlowFish file encryption
 file extension sceAssociated Signature Container (ASiC-E)
 file extension xdbHyperCD HyperLOCK data
czip file icon file extension czipZG encrypted zip archive
 file extension pandoraPandora private multimedia data
 file extension ibeIBECrypto encrypted file
 file extension xiaChiasmus encrypted data
 file extension hidKeepSafe encrypted data
 file extension $crRoxio Retrieve encrypted data
 file extension bncBojanov Encryptor encrypted data
 file extension docenxEgis encrypted Word document
 file extension flkbFolder Lock encrypted folder
 file extension ecrEcrypt encrypted data
 file extension vf3Vaultlet Suite encrypted data
 file extension clkWatchGuard cloaked data
 file extension paePowerArchiver encrypted archive
 file extension nsxSynology DiskStation Manager exported note
 file extension pdflDocument Manager locked PDF document
 file extension iskDruvaa inSync client key file
 file extension cptCCRYPT encrypted data
 file extension dimDirect Internet Message Encapsulation DIME data
 file extension vmdfMyWinLocker encrypted virtual drive
 file extension csjRIM CSJ registration data
 file extension mimMulti-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions
azf file icon file extension azfAirZip FileSECURE secure format
 file extension sgzSigza’s SigzaLock encrypted file
 file extension safeSIGLock encrypted data
 file extension crptCryptosaurus encrypted data
 file extension icaIdentity Compass encrypted answers
 file extension kwmWM Keeper CLASSIC key data
 file extension img3Apple iOS Img3 encrypted or signed container
 file extension sjpgSealed JPG data
xxe file icon file extension xxeXXEncoded data
qze file icon file extension qzeQZip encrypted data
mnc file icon file extension mncAutoCAD compiled menu
 file extension alkDataLocker encrpyted data
 file extension gteGigaTrust protected data
 file extension pvkPrivate key
 file extension pwvSecret Space Encryptor password vault archive
 file extension k2pKryptel encrypted data
 file extension stxtSealed text document
 file extension docxenxEgis encrypted Word DOCX file
 file extension xconConceal encrypted data file
 file extension lmaP's Logik-Manager protect file
 file extension crypt6WhatsApp Messenger encrypted message database backup
 file extension pdfenxEgis encrypted PDF document
 file extension rdzRemoteDocs document
 file extension rxfResco encrypted data
 file extension mfsMetFS encrypted FUSE based filesystem
 file extension signed document
 file extension p7aPKCS #7 signature
 file extension rbbTop Secret Crypto Gold random bits bin data
 file extension efuEncryptafile public key
 file extension migitallockMigital encrypted data
 file extension db.crypt5WhatsApp Messenger encrypted message database backup
 file extension bfaBlowFish encrypted data
 file extension reqSSL request data
 file extension ueafUpek protected single data
 file extension xlsxenxEgis encrypted Excel XLSX spreadsheet
 file extension aenInventus Antum secured encrypted data
 file extension agilekeychain1Password data
 file extension $efsEncrypted EFS data
 file extension jpegxEgis encrypted JPEG picture image
 file extension saaSecretAgent encrypted archive file
 file extension xlsxlDocument Manager locked Excel Open XML workbook
 file extension bpkNero SecurDisc public key
 file extension rpzCrystal Reports ZIP compressed and encrypted report file
 file extension wzdEncryption Wizard encrypted individual data
 file extension jmcJM-Crypt encrypted data
 file extension xteaXTEA encyrpted data
 file extension fpaFront Panel Designer encrypted order data
 file extension sbeSafeBoot encrypted archive
 file extension ksKeystore data
 file extension pooOn-Line game protected file
 file extension sxmlSealed XML document
 file extension passwordwallet4PasswordWallet encrypted data file
 file extension viivoViivo encrypted data
 file extension dseDAZ Studio encrypted script
 file extension ontxtheWord encrypted module
avn file icon file extension avnaltaVENTE application user notes
 file extension pptenxEgis encrypted Powerpoint PPT data
 file extension jpiJupiter encrypted XML file
 file extension vmeVirtual Matrix encryption data
 file extension kgbKremlin Encrypt data
 file extension zpsZebra Portable Safe file
 file extension sxlSealed Excel worksheet file
 file extension rdkBlackberry RDK data
 file extension cfogCloudfogger encrypted data
 file extension zipenxEgis encrypted ZIP file
 file extension txtenxEgis encrypted TXT file
 file extension pkeyPowerKey encrypted data
 file extension pawpawaaFILE file format
 file extension opefOmniPass encrypted folder
 file extension gxkGalaxkey File Manager encrypted data
 file extension fcfeMicrosoft Access encrypted database
 file extension devicesaltNook encrypted data
 file extension wmtWinMount data
 file extension x26Taser X26 encrypted record
 file extension sufccrypt encrypted data
 file extension pswxPassword Depot password data
 file extension ___fpeFolder Password Expert protected folder
 file extension sdeSteganos Disk Encryption file format
 file extension dscNikon Coolpix disk identification data
 file extension flwaFolder Lock wallet
 file extension boxMicrosoft Store download data
 file extension cipCryptoBuddy encrypted file
 file extension mkeybCompeGPS Land registration key
 file extension jwkJSON web key
 file extension flkwFolder Lock encrypted file
 file extension apvAcerose password data
 file extension xrm-msMicrosoft security certificate
 file extension xmmGEX MP3 satellite receiver saved data
 file extension etxtEncrypted text
 file extension fpencMobile File Encryption MIDlet encrypted data
 file extension embpMobipocket eBook encrypted auxiliary data
 file extension xlsenxEgis encrypted Excel XLS spreadsheet
 file extension rarenxEgis encrypted RAR archive
 file extension dcoDisCryptor encrypted archive
 file extension zixZixCorp encrypted data
 file extension efrEncryptafile private key
 file extension ctzCherrytree password protected data
 file extension cipGhost Keylogger file
 file extension abcAdobe ActionScript byte code
 file extension aesAES Crypt encrypted data
 file extension jcryptJCRYPT encrypted file
 file extension yncyEnc encoded data
 file extension __bFile Splitter & Joiner encrypted archive
 file extension rteRTEncoder RTE encoded data
 file extension mxlsMaxL encrypted script
 file extension efsMicrosoft Windows Encrypting File System
 file extension cryptomiteCryptoMite encrypted archive
 file extension pptlDocument Manager locked PowerPoint presentation
 file extension docxlDocument Manager locked Word Open XML document
 file extension doclDocument Manager locked Word document
 file extension afs3AFS 3 Basic encrypted data
 file extension chmlchameleon encrypted data
 file extension spptSealed Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
 file extension dwxCADLock locked AutoCAD drawing
 file extension kneKeyNote encrypted data
 file extension tmwTimeless Time & Expense multi-user security data
 file extension uudUUDecoded file
 file extension gifenxEgis encrypted GIF picture image
 file extension pswPassword Depot data
 file extension esfSteganos Password Manager container
 file extension bmsBIOWRAP multi-layer security data
 file extension uencUltraEdit encrypted text
 file extension cryCryptainer encrypted volume
 file extension zxnPhotoEncrypt encrypted photo
 file extension vpVerilog encrypted source code
 file extension rzxFile Crypt encrypted data
 file extension pdvPrivacy Drive volume data
 file extension aepkeyAdvanced Encryption Package key data
 file extension sckeSpyClock encrypted video
 file extension cefSanDisk CruzerLock encrypted data
 file extension sgnSignet encrypted data
 file extension svqInfoBind file format
mjd file icon file extension mjdAdobe Acrobat MIME encoded job definition
 file extension dcfSafetica encrypted archive
 file extension rawSentry 2020 encryption data
 file extension dpdDekart Private Disk encrypted disk image
 file extension aosArchos signed encrypted data
 file extension pieStudio2 high resolution encrypted image
 file extension pfAladdin Systems private data
 file extension raeTrueZIP encrypted ZIP archive file
 file extension abcdAudioVisual book data
v11pf file icon file extension v11pfACDSee private folder
 file extension macsMADRIX encrypted script file
 file extension sefEncryptafile digital signature
 file extension apptAuthentica Secure Office protected PowerPoint presentation
 file extension enoFruitfulTime TaskManager encrypted note
 file extension xdcTotal Commander with DarkCrypt IV plug-in encrypted data
 file extension efaEcrypt 2005 encrypted data
 file extension vboxSecurityBox encrypted data
 file extension pptxenxEgis encrypted Powerpoint PPTX presentation
 file extension ivexWorldviz Vizard encrypted data
 file extension nefNero BackItUp encrypted data
 file extension xefWinAce encrypted data
 file extension ccpTwo Brothers Software encrypted data
 file extension atcAttacheCase encrypted file
 file extension hpgHide Photos encrypted photo container
 file extension pfStuffit private archive
 file extension osfICZ OriSAFE data
 file extension ncmcrypt encrypted archive
 file extension wmgSecureDoc encrypted hard drive control data
 file extension pvrSecretAgent private key
 file extension hexMacintosh BinHex encoded file archive (ASCII)
 file extension grdStrongDisk encrypted disk image
 file extension fgpFolder Guard passwords data
 file extension shyShyFile encrypted data
 file extension aclArchiCrypt Live secured data
 file extension b2aBinary to ASCII (BTOA) encoded data
 file extension sdcMicrosoft Secure Download Cabinet archive
 file extension spnSealed PNG graphic
 file extension entEntrust Entelligence Security Provider secured data
 file extension rzsRed Zion security data
 file extension hbxBinHex encoded data
 file extension pkfSecretAgent key
 file extension dstViPNet products encryption key set
 file extension y8pdPassword Finder exported password
 file extension yencyEnc encoded archive
 file extension dsfPC-TRUST signed document
 file extension canCan Encryptor/Decryptor encrypted data
 file extension icpIdentity Compass encrypted profile
 file extension attZipLip secure e-mail message
 file extension tpmMicrosoft trusted platform module password data
 file extension mkeyCompeGPS Land registration key
 file extension mhtenxEgis encrypted HTM file
 file extension spdSpyProof! encrypted disk data
 file extension ppkPuTTY Win32 Telnet/SSH client private key
 file extension clxCeelox SecureMail encrypted document
 file extension ezkEasyKrypt encrypted data
 file extension doceDocument Manager encrypted Microsoft Word document
 file extension eflEncryptafile encrypted data
 file extension esmEuropay security module
 file extension ismSimulationX encrypted model
 file extension chiTOMBO encrypted data
 file extension pcxmSQL Server encrypted forms backup
 file extension cypCypherus encrypted archive
 file extension xflxICE Desktop encrypted folder
 file extension aexpkPGP armored extracted public key
 file extension zbdZebedee encrypted data
 file extension eidFaena MyID encrypted data
 file extension bmpenxEncrypted BMP picture image
 file extension lrsLexar encrypted data
 file extension ueedUconomix Encryption Engine encrypted directory
 file extension pwaPassword Agent encrypted data
 file extension tifenxegis encrypted TIFF image
 file extension spsxIBM SPSS password protected data
 file extension ppteDocument Manager encrypted PowerPoint presentation
 file extension pkdEurotherm Hydra History encrypted data
 file extension p7Elemica eSignature digital signature
 file extension lp7LP7Signer digital signed data
 file extension fdpProtector Suite QL encrypted file
azs file icon file extension azsAirZip FileSECURE secure format
 file extension raesTrueZIP encrypted ZIP archive
 file extension drcDriveCrypt container file
mbs file icon file extension mbsMulti-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions
 file extension msdSecured and encrypted data
 file extension cpxCryptaPix encrypted image
 file extension hdtProactive Windows Security Explorer hash data
 file extension gflGilisoft File Lock Pro encrypted archive
 file extension armSoftwarePassport protection system
 file extension prvkrPretty Good Privacy private keyring data
 file extension flDRM Packager forward lock
 file extension dlmDmailer encrypted data
 file extension monoMonolith munged encoded data
 file extension tscTop Secret Crypto Gold encrypted file
 file extension efcFAIRCOPY encrypted fair copy
 file extension desInterscope BlackBox data
 file extension ccittCCITT Group 3 and Group 4 encoded fax
 file extension cptdBASE encrypted memo
mtd file icon file extension mtdMicrosoft Live Mesh hash
 file extension btoaBinary-to-ASCII file format
 file extension egisenxEgis encryped data
 file extension mhtmlenxEgis encrypted MHTML document
 file extension caeCaditor encrypted document
 file extension pcpRCF EnCoder/DeCoder encoded data
 file extension rdiRohos encrypted disk image
 file extension cdbFreeOTFE key
 file extension ntxyEnc32 encoded data
 file extension ntxtheWord encrypted module file
 file extension smhtSealed MHT archive
 file extension bskNero SecurDisc private key
 file extension icdSafeDisc encrypted digital rights management data
 file extension exceDataSecurity Management archive
 file extension SafeTextEncrypted text
 file extension cmlCryptoMailer encrypted data
 file extension rzkFile Crypt password data
 file extension xlamenxEgis encrypted Excel XLAM file
 file extension aasArchos signed encrypted data
 file extension hsfLizard Protector Web Content Security protected web content
 file extension skaPretty Good Privacy (PGP) secret keyring
 file extension sfiSafeFolder encrypted data
 file extension jmckJM-Crypt encrypted file
 file extension htmlenxEgis encrypted HTML file
 file extension fssSplitty split data
 file extension sdaPretty Good Privacy (PGP) encrypted executable
 file extension xfixICE Desktop encrypted data
 file extension autXitami webserver admin password
 file extension cryptraCryptra encrypted data
 file extension vznWindows VZN picture image
 file extension exportedfavoritesTransmit for Mac exported logins file
 file extension s1jSealed file
 file extension stiSealed TIFF file
 file extension dotxenxEgis encrypted Word DOTX file
 file extension cluIBM PCI cryptographic coprocessor code file
 file extension dotmenxEgis encrypted Word DOTM document
 file extension lokFileWrangler encrypted archive file
 file extension bexpkPGP binary extracted public key file
 file extension jrlTop Secret Crypto Gold top secret journal file
 file extension sxmSealed XML document file
 file extension ppsenxMicrosoft PowerPoint encrypted PPS slideshow
 file extension ppsxenxEgis encrypted PowerPoint PPSX file
 file extension otpTop Secret Crypto Gold one time pad key file
 file extension bpwBitser password file
 file extension jmcrJM-Crypt encrypted file
 file extension jmcpJM-Crypt encrypted file
 file extension sccefStreamCryptor chunked encrypted file
 file extension jmcxJM-Crypt encrypted data
 file extension dhcdDHCD Computing file
 file extension rngTop Secret Crypto Gold RSA key ring file
 file extension pnneNorton Encrypt for Mac
 file extension jmceJM-Crypt encrypted file
 file extension p12dDigiDoc PKCS#12 certificate
 file extension potmenxEgis encrypted PowerPoint POTM file
 file extension sdocMicrosoft Word sealed document
 file extension riofRioplay encrypted PDF (version 2021)

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