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Disk image (ISO) binary file icon Disk image (ISO) binary file type extensions
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File extensions used for various disk image formats and their meta files, as well as backups of physical media (CD/DVD) and burning compilations

List of common disk images

Disk image (ISO) binary file extension list

File extensions used for various disk image formats and their meta files, as well as backups of physical media (CD/DVD) and burning compilations.

Generally speaking, a disk image file format contains the complete structure and content which represents a data storage medium or device (such as a hard drive, floppy disk, CD, or DVD) in a single file. A disk image is complete sector-by-sector copy of the source medium designed for perfect replication of the structure and content of the storage device. Historically, the first disk image file types were created to act as floppy disk backup, however, this practice extended to other types of media as they appeared.

Some of these formats may be compressed to reduce their file size, or even encrypted so they can be only used with proper credentials. Additionally, some metadata may also be saved in separate meta files so a whole "disk image bundle" is compromised of several files for maximum replication.

Some of the most common and widespread disk image include:

ISO - ISO binary image file - Binary image of CD/DVD in ISO 9660 standard, which defines a file system for CD-ROM media
BIN - Binary disk image file - Binary file is often used as CD/DVD backup image files, file format is very similar to ISO
DMG - Apple disk image file - Common format on Macs, used mainly to install new apps but can also act as CD/DVD backup
NRG - Nero or Nero Burning ROM image file - Used by NERO burning and multimedia suite and nrg file format uses a variation of the Interchange File Format (IFF) different from ISO
MDF - Alcohol 120% disc image - very often used format, file originally created in Alcohol 120%
UIF - Universal Image Format - developed and used by MagicISO, compression image file format for CD/DVD backup
ISZ - UltraISO Image Format - developed by EZB Systems, compressed CD/DVD image that can be also password protected
DAA - PowerISO Direct-Access-Archive - DAA CD/DVD image with supports for many special features including compression, password protection and multiple volumes splitting

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bin file icon file extension binCD/DVD binary image
iso file icon file extension isoCD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray disc ISO binary image
dmg file icon file extension dmgApple Mac disk image
isz file icon file extension iszUltraISO compressed disk image
mdx file icon file extension mdxMedia Data eXtended image
 file extension b01Blindwrite image segment file
vcd file icon file extension vcdVirtualDrive CD image file
mdf file icon file extension mdfAlcohol 120% disc image file format
 file extension udfUniversal Disk Format image
 file extension xdfExtended disk format image
flp file icon file extension flpFloppy disk image
dsk file icon file extension dskDisk image
000 file icon file extension 000IsoBuster recovered CD/DVD image
b6i file icon file extension b6iBlindWrite disk image
img file icon file extension imgFloppy Image image
mds file icon file extension mdsAlcohol 120% Image file (media descriptor file) format
nrg file icon file extension nrgNero-Burning ROM CD or DVD image
ima file icon file extension imaGeneric disk image
daa file icon file extension daaPowerISO Direct-Access-Archive
cdi file icon file extension cdiDiscJuggler image
img file icon file extension imgGoogle Android boot image
 file extension appimageApplication portable image
 file extension cisoWii compressed game image
ccd file icon file extension ccdCloneCD disk image
swm file icon file extension swmWindows Imaging Format split archive
toast file icon file extension toastRoxio Toast disk image
cue file icon file extension cueCue sheet description
 file extension xvdXbox One virtual disk
gi file icon file extension giPrassi DVD disk image
 file extension tbiImage for Windows disk image
img file icon file extension imgCloneCD disk image
 file extension tcTrueCrypt disk volume image file
 file extension 3dsNintendo 3DS ROM image
 file extension ecmError Code Modeler disk image
 file extension ibrHP Thin Client image
uif file icon file extension uifMagicISO Universal Image Format
imz file icon file extension imzFloppy Image compressed image
nda file icon file extension ndaNero BackItUp drive image
 file extension ifzAll Image compressed image
dxp file icon file extension dxpCDBurnerXP data compilation
 file extension wiaNintendo Wii ISO archive
 file extension hdfAmiga hard disk image
 file extension irdPS3 original disc blueprint
gcd file icon file extension gcdPrassi CD disk image
 file extension xvcXbox One virtual disk
 file extension i01DVD Decrypter split disk image
 file extension mbnSamsung Galaxy multi boot image
fcd file icon file extension fcdVirtual CD backup image
 file extension squashfssquashfs-tools disk image
 file extension adiActive@ Disk image
 file extension rawRAW disk image
 file extension jffs2Journalling Flash File System 2 disk image
 file extension edsEnsoniq SQ80 disk image
 file extension poDisk image
 file extension mirMini Image Ripper disk image
 file extension dvdrDVD master image
 file extension ufsFreeBSD PC-BSD Unix File System data
wim file icon file extension wimWindows Imaging Format archive
ashdisc file icon file extension ashdiscAshampoo disk image file
ndif file icon file extension ndifApple NDIF disk image
 file extension gbigBurner disk image
 file extension wiiNintendo WII raw disk image
 file extension uibakUltraISO backup disk image
sparseimage file icon file extension sparseimageApple Mac OS X sparse disk image
dvd file icon file extension dvdelby CloneDVD DVD information data
vfd file icon file extension vfdVirtual PC virtual floppy disk image
 file extension i00Split MDS disk image
cd file icon file extension cdPhilips/Optlmage's Master tool disk image
 file extension xbxXbox save game system file
 file extension xmdGameJack virtual CD or DVD image
b6t file icon file extension b6tBlindWrite table of contents
 file extension hfsMacImage Macintosh HFS disk image
vcd file icon file extension vcdVirtual CD-ROM CD image
ibq file icon file extension ibqIsoBuster managed image
 file extension xdiWinArchiver compressed ISO image
c2d file icon file extension c2dWinOnCD image file
 file extension ixbUlead disk image
 file extension cdzpSX emulator compressed CD image
smi file icon file extension smiMac Self-mounting disk image
 file extension minisoDVDFab miniso disk image file format
bws file icon file extension bwsBlindWrite subchannel data file
tao file icon file extension taoTAO Track at Once CD/DVD image
 file extension rfsSamsung RFS image
pqi file icon file extension pqiPowerQuest drive image
ego file icon file extension egoRollback Rx drive image
bwi file icon file extension bwiBlindWrite CD/DVD image
lcd file icon file extension lcdCDSpace disk image
 file extension pgdPretty Good Privacy PGPdisk image
 file extension ddiDiskDupe disk image
vc4 file icon file extension vc4Virtual CD track description
ncd file icon file extension ncdNTI CD-Maker disk image
p01 file icon file extension p01GEAR image
 file extension ndzEmulab Frisbee disk imaging system image
nrv file icon file extension nrvNero Video-CD compilation data
 file extension xgsDisk image
cif file icon file extension cifEasy CD Creator CD image
 file extension xisoXbox ISO image
 file extension ezbEasyBoot image
 file extension nfiDreambox disc image
 file extension td0Teledisk disk image
dao file icon file extension daoDisk at Once CD/DVD image
 file extension kkdK Kitchen burning project
 file extension xmfCDRWin virtual CD image
 file extension p2gCyberLink Power2Go project
 file extension murAtari disk image
 file extension nhdNero Burning ROM AVHCD DVD compilation
 file extension snySony image
 file extension imdImageDisk disk image
 file extension ubifsLinux UBIFS image
 file extension 3doFreeDO Phoenix ISO image
pxi file icon file extension pxiPlexTools disk image file
 file extension vdiVirtuo CD Manager disk image
 file extension ex01EnCase Forensic evidence image
 file extension tnoHandheld Operating System image
 file extension smsSega Master System emulator ROM image
 file extension e01EnCase Forensic image
b5i file icon file extension b5iBlindWrite image
nr3 file icon file extension nr3Nero CD-ROM (MP3) compilation
 file extension 2mgXGS Apple IIGS emulator disk image
 file extension qedQEMU enhanced disk image
 file extension discRoxio Toast disc image
dmgpart file icon file extension dmgpartApple UDIF split disk image
 file extension i04Split disk image file
 file extension gdiSega GD-ROM image
 file extension diskLinux virtual hard disk file
 file extension dskWinImage disk image file
pdi file icon file extension pdiInstant Copy disk image file
dat file icon file extension datNero BackItUp drive image
ibp file icon file extension ibpIsoBuster managed image information data
dart file icon file extension dartDiskImageMounter DART image
b5t file icon file extension b5tBlindWrite image
 file extension nibDisk image
c2c file icon file extension c2cCopyToDVD project file
 file extension i03Split disk image file
001 file icon file extension 001Microsoft Drivespace cirtual drive
 file extension bdkOS/2 floppy disk image
 file extension i05Split disk image
 file extension i02Split disk image file
axp file icon file extension axpCDBurnerXP audio compilation data
 file extension rdfCyberLink PowerProducer disk image file
 file extension misoMacImage ISO+ project
 file extension b02Blindwrite image
 file extension wdfWinDupe disk image
 file extension spfStorageCraft ShadowProtect full image
 file extension baflBurnAware Free compilation
 file extension dimgMac disk image
rmg file icon file extension rmgRimage Image file
b5l file icon file extension b5lBlindWrite image
 file extension nb0Microsoft Device Emulator operating system image
ashprj file icon file extension ashprjAshampoo Burning Studio project
 file extension ifuAll Image disk image
 file extension xfsXFS filesystem image
nhf file icon file extension nhfNero HFS-CD compilation data
 file extension b00Blindwrite data
 file extension k3bK3b burning project
 file extension wbiWii Backup Manager ISO image
 file extension miprMacImage hybrid CD-ROM project
 file extension simgSynclavier disk image
 file extension md1GEAR CD suite CD image file
sub file icon file extension subCloneCD sub channel data
 file extension ddkIBM OS/2 saved SKF file format
 file extension zriBBC/RISC OS ROM image
 file extension tdiToshiba Disc Creator image
 file extension doDisk image
dc42 file icon file extension dc42Apple Disk Copy 4.2 disk image file
 file extension cdmNTI CD&DVD-Maker image
 file extension dcfCopy Fast floppy disk image file
 file extension hdvDisk image
 file extension mdoAlcohol 120% split image
 file extension hfvVirtual Mac hard drive file
 file extension i2dWyse Device Management thin client disk image
 file extension wincloneWinclone disk image
 file extension dmfDistribution Media Format
 file extension disk image
 file extension p01Roxio Toast CD image
 file extension d01VirtualDrive disk image part
 file extension ixaUlead disc image format file
 file extension md0Alcohol 120% disk image segment
 file extension cdkOS/2 saved SKF format
 file extension isofileimageUMDGen data
 file extension xaGEAR disk image
 file extension bvdCloneCD DVD information data
 file extension catMacImage hybrid CD-ROM project
 file extension bdfMIDAS BDF disk image
aa file icon file extension aaGeneric multi-volume CD image
 file extension vcxVirtual CD data
 file extension rqiR-Quest TrueNet disc image
 file extension 3dkIBM OS/2 floppy disk image
 file extension gedriveGizmo Drive virtual drive
 file extension 2imgXGS Apple IIGS emulator disk image format
 file extension loxiLiquidCD Loxi disk image
 file extension rdiRohos encrypted disk image
 file extension isoeISO Builder file
 file extension bwuBlindwrite CD copier data
imgpart file icon file extension imgpartApple Mac NDIF split image file
 file extension fdkOS/2 SKF diskette image file
diskcopy42 file icon file extension diskcopy42Apple Disk Copy 4.2 disk image file
 file extension md4Alcohol 120% CD image segment
 file extension a4wApple II Emulator disk image format
 file extension md2Alcohol 120% disk image segment file
 file extension 32knGeneric disk image format
 file extension sparsimageMac OS X image
 file extension vhdpmemHyper-V persistent memory device image
 file extension s01Expert Witness disk image segment
 file extension 8knGeneric disk image format
 file extension 2knGeneric disk image format
 file extension 4knGeneric disk image format
 file extension 1knGeneric disk image format
 file extension 16knGeneric disk image format

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