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File extensions used for binary file types or other compiled data formats

Binary file extension list

File extensions used for binary file types or other compiled data formats.

A binary file is a computer file which may contain any type of data, encoded in binary form for computer storage and processing purposes. Binary file formats are usually designed to be both compact and efficient to parse, which is their main advantage over text-based formats. Binary file is a file which is using ASCII codes, which aren't displayed as letters, numbers, or punctuation.

Any executable file is a binary file. So are complex word processing codes, which often contain control codes to indicate underlining and other special formats to the program. Sound files, videos, formatted text documents (older document formats of Microsoft Office, or e.g. graphics files are other types of binary files.

Due to general meaning of "binary file", this category contains only some file extensions generally classifiable to binary file types or other files, which do not fit into more specific file type category.

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dmp file icon file extension dmpMemory dump, screen dump, junk files
 file extension resDelphi resource data
log file icon file extension logLog
 file extension mf4ASAM Version 4.0 measurement data format
 file extension bplDelphi packed library
suo file icon file extension suoMicrosoft Visual Studio solution user options
 file extension pldOracle binary module text form
 file extension 00Studievereniging Marie Curie binary data
 file extension sbnArcView spatial index for read-write shapefiles
 file extension dlfBelkin router firmware update
 file extension octRADIANCE Octree Format
 file extension pibPlatform independent binary data
 file extension bdfBdiff Bupdate binary update
sea file icon file extension seaShrinkIt self-extracting archive
ami file icon file extension amiAMI BIOS firmware data
 file extension mdfVector measurement data
 file extension vtzVTPro-E compiled project
 file extension dplDelphi packed library
 file extension pMATLAB binary-runtime P-file
 file extension qqBLU archive
 file extension dmtDelphi menu template
pbo file icon file extension pboMicrosoft Source Profiler profiler binary output
 file extension dmgOracle binary format dump data
 file extension bamlCompiled XAML file
aab file icon file extension aabAdobe Authorware binary data
 file extension odbAbaqus/CAE binary output data
 file extension rbfQuartus II RAW binary data
pbt file icon file extension pbtMicrosoft Source Profiler binary table
 file extension dcpDelphi component package
 file extension lsbLightScape Technologies binary data file
 file extension shkShrinkIt compressed Apple II file archive
 file extension 264Alcatel Speed Touch DSL modem firmware update
blg file icon file extension blgMicrosoft Windows binary performance log
vdb file icon file extension vdbNorton Antivirus virus definition update
 file extension x3dbX3D binary format
 file extension ocaVisual Basic Control Typelib Cache file
 file extension zbfRADIANCE Z-Buffer format
 file extension ddeDynamic Data Exchange
 file extension dcuDelphi compiled unit
 file extension aksAksharamala keymap binary data
 file extension 1Inno Setup binary data
 file extension bnyBinary ll format
 file extension dsmDelphi symbol file
 file extension bifBinary information data
 file extension dmDRM Delivery Message
bin file icon file extension binOpera encoder data
 file extension bufrBinary Universal Form for the Representation
 file extension expASCET binary model description
 file extension aotZenWorks snAppShot application binary object template
 file extension bxyNuFX archive within a Binary II envelope
 file extension binThomson Speedtouch series WLAN router firmware
 file extension mbMathematica binary data
 file extension essEkahau Site Survey binary container
 file extension lwLightWave 3D binary file
 file extension gribWMO CBS FM 92-VIII ext. gridded binary data
 file extension wpsRockbox theme
 file extension netaNetica Bayesian network binary data
 file extension emsIntergraph Engineering Modelling System data
 file extension uhsUniversal Hint System binary data
 file extension akmAksharamala keymap binary data
 file extension bsaveQuickbasic BLOAD/BSAVE format
 file extension bimZEMAX binary image
 file extension rqfR-Quest Duplication Systems firmware update
ctx file icon file extension ctxVisual Basic user control binary data
 file extension fb1FAWAVE binary data
 file extension bgfZEMAX binary glass catalog
 file extension gbfGTrek GPS binary file
 file extension moMessage catalog binary data
 file extension booBootstrap (Kermit protocol binary data)
 file extension bqfWavewatch binary quadrupled data
 file extension akmMOM management pack
 file extension ppoFree Pascal compiled unit
 file extension flxDataFlex compiled binary
 file extension tpbGROMACS portable binary run input data
 file extension gplGenePix Lab Book format
 file extension srpmLinux Source RPM Package
 file extension fb2FAWAVE binary data
pbi file icon file extension pbiMicrosoft Source Profiler profiler binary input
 file extension tpaGROMACS portable binary run input data
bif file icon file extension bifCorel WordPerfect binary information
 file extension bwsKS32C6200 demo board ROM binary file
 file extension bqyNuFX with BLU header
 file extension magEcoWin chart file
 file extension binary file patch

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