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File extensions used by operating systems or software applications to store temporary data

List of common temporary files

Temporary file extension list

File extensions used by operating systems or software applications to store temporary data.

Temporary file types are created by computer programs to temporarily hold informations, e.g. when a program cannot allocate enough memory for its tasks, when the program is working on data bigger than the architecture's address space, or as a primitive form of inter-process communication.
Temporary files are often stored in special directory, which is created by operating system or by the application using the file. Some applications don't delete their own temporary files, because of crash or they do not have temporary file delete algorithm in their source code. Temporary files can over time use large amount of disk space, but they can be deleted by user without any unwanted effects such as the system or application crash. There are plenty of utilities, that can help with disk cleaning and are able to delete temporary files. The common file extension for temporary file is tmp or temp.

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 file extension partPartial download
crdownload file icon file extension crdownloadGoogle Chrome incomplete download
tmp file icon file extension tmpTemporary data
csi file icon file extension csiMicrosoft SharePoint Server temporary data
 file extension thumbdata3--1967290299Android Thumbnail index file
 file extension thumbdata3--1763508120Android thumbnail index file
 file extension thumbdata4--1967290299Android thumbnail index
 file extension thumbdata5--1763508120_0Android thumbnail index file
cfa file icon file extension cfaAdobe multimedia cache
etl file icon file extension etlMicrosoft Windows trace log
dmp file icon file extension dmpMemory dump, screen dump, junk files
 file extension thumbdata5--1967290299_0Android thumbnail index
 file extension thumbdata5-1763508120_1Android thumbnail index
dwl file icon file extension dwlAutoCAD drawing database locking information
 file extension ~crRecovered picture or data
 file extension egtEagleGet incomplete download
 file extension loaded_0JavaScript cache
 file extension thumbdata5--1967290299_1Android thumbnail index
 file extension thumbdata3--numberAndroid MediaProvider thumbnail database
 file extension ewc2EDIUS WaveForm cache file
 file extension torchdownloadTorch Web Browser partial download
 file extension thumbdata4--1763508120Android thumbnail index
 file extension sfkSony audio waveform visualisation data
 file extension npkn-Track Studio waveform peak
 file extension savFree Download Manager download data
 file extension hexHex dump file format
 file extension thumbdataGoogle Android thumbnail database
 file extension loaded_1JavaScript cache file
 file extension 0Google Android cache
 file extension fseventsd-uuidfseventsd data
 file extension imgcacheCompressed picture cache
 file extension thumbdata4Google Android thumbnail database
 file extension mxdlMaxthon incomplete download
 file extension cacheGenerally cache
 file extension tt2Microsoft Office 2013 installation
 file extension filepartWinSCP temporary transfer data
download file icon file extension downloadMozilla partial download
laccdb file icon file extension laccdbMicrosoft Access database lock file
 file extension lckLock file
pnf file icon file extension pnfMicrosoft Windows precompiled setup information data
 file extension reapeaksREAPER scratch data
 file extension cleanInstagram for Android cache
 file extension thumbdata5Google Android thumbnail database
regtrans-ms file icon file extension regtrans-msMicrosoft Windows registry changes temporary data
 file extension thumbdata5-1763508120_2Android thumbnail index
 file extension thumbnailGoogle Android thumbnail cache
 file extension cvrMicrosoft Office/Outlook crash report
 file extension !utuTorrent incomplete download
 file extension db-walSQLite temporary database
 file extension lockLock data
csd file icon file extension csdMicrosoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary data
 file extension thumbdata5--1967290299_3Android thumbnail index
blf file icon file extension blfMicrosoft Windows registry data file
bc file icon file extension bcBitTorrent unfinished download
 file extension db-shmSQLite temporary database
 file extension thumbdata3-1763508120Android thumbnail index
 file extension thumbdata5-1967290299_8Android thumbnail index
 file extension partialMicrosoft partially downloaded data
 file extension novNI Battery cache file
 file extension localstorage-journalGoogle Chrome rollback journal data
 file extension tempTemporary file
 file extension pkfAdobe Audition peak data file
 file extension chknIMVU Create Mode temporary data
 file extension thumbdata5--1967290299_4Android thumbnail index
 file extension thumbdata3Google Android thumbnail database
 file extension pcpWindows Installer patch creation process data
 file extension thumbdata5--1967290299_5Android thumbnail index
 file extension thumbdata5--1967290299_7Android thumbnail index
_501 file icon file extension _501Apple macOS (OS X) data
 file extension thumbdata5-1763508120_3Android thumbnail index
box file icon file extension boxSystems Management Server (SMS) temporary holding area file
 file extension mmsyscacheGoogle Android system cache
 file extension swoVim temporary data
dlm file icon file extension dlmAdobe Download Manager partial download
 file extension installstate.NET Framework Installation file
sqlite-journal file icon file extension sqlite-journalMozilla Firefox data
 file extension rraWindows Installer temporary data
 file extension swnVim temporary data
 file extension tecSamsung phones cached image
aso file icon file extension asoAdobe Flash cache
 file extension lvlSamsung Galaxy video thumbnail cache
 file extension thumbdata5-1763508120_6Android thumbnail index file
lrd file icon file extension lrdMicrosoft Money lock data
meb file icon file extension mebCorel WordPerfect Macro Editor bottom overflow
dat file icon file extension datMicrosoft Internet Explorer cache
 file extension onebinOneNote data
bc! file icon file extension bc!Bittorrent unfinished download
little file icon file extension littleMozilla Firefox start-up cache
steamstart file icon file extension steamstartSteam Client temporary data
 file extension loaded_3JavaScript cache
 file extension adadownloadAdobe Download Assistant partially completed download
moz file icon file extension mozNetscape temporary cache
 file extension aaaSybase SQL Anywhere temporary data
 file extension dapDownload Accelerator partial download
 file extension rldNorton Commander temporary data
 file extension h64Audioless H.264 video data
 file extension loaded_2JavaScript cache
 file extension rcvEudora temporary download
 file extension tmtTemporary file
 file extension cachedmsgValve Steam cache
 file extension tombstoneGoogle Android tombstone data
clp file icon file extension clpMicrosoft Windows clipboard data
 file extension thumbdata5-1763508120_5Android thumbnail index file
 file extension prmdcAdobe Premiere Pro metadata cache
 file extension btsBitTorrent Sync unfinished download
 file extension islInstallShield temporary installer file format
 file extension indexarraysMac Spotlight data
 file extension buPegasus Mail temporary data
 file extension dtapartDownThemAll download part
 file extension thumbdata5-1763508120_12Android thumbnail index
 file extension saveNano temporary saved data
TemporaryItems file icon file extension TemporaryItemsMac OS X temporary data
 file extension thumbdata5-1763508120_8Android thumbnail index
 file extension bufBuffer file
 file extension slxcSimulink cache
 file extension csstoreApple Mac OS X (macOS) cache
 file extension wafMicrosoft Internet Explorer for Mac cache
download file icon file extension downloadChrome partial download
 file extension imsAdobe Premiere Pro cache
 file extension indexpositionsmacOS (OS X) Spotlight data
tmp file icon file extension tmpNero WaveEditor peak data
 file extension tofMr. Photo temporary thumbnail
bct file icon file extension bctAdobe Bridge cache
 file extension objectcacheCache
tv5 file icon file extension tv5Corel WordPerfect overflow data
 file extension thumbdata3-1967290299Android thumbnail index
 file extension cahUlead Photo Explorer thumbnail cache
idlk file icon file extension idlkAdobe InDesign lock file
 file extension thumbdata5-1763508120_4Android thumbnail index
 file extension aria2uGet aria2 incomplete download
 file extension db3-journalSQLite temporary database journal
 file extension thumbdata5-1763508120_19Android thumbnail index
 file extension rgtIntuit Quickbooks temporary data
 file extension tbnXBMC folder thumnail cache
 file extension msjMicroSurvey CAD temporary
 file extension onecacheMicrosoft OneNote cache file
 file extension as$Microsoft Word temporary file
 file extension journalEquitrac cache
 file extension glhWise Installer temporary file
download file icon file extension downloadApple Safari partial download
bmc file icon file extension bmcMicrosoft Terminal Server Client bitmap cache
 file extension thumbdata5-1763508120_17Android thumbnail index
 file extension bdmPro/ENGINEER temporary data
exd file icon file extension exdControl Information Cache
 file extension ticTruKnox cache
pft file icon file extension pftCorel WordPerfect temporary data
 file extension thumbdata5-1763508120_7Android thumbnail index file
dia file icon file extension diaMicrosoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary data
 file extension haxTemporary wave data
 file extension indexCompactDirectorymacOS (OS X) spotlight data
 file extension fuse_hiddenSamba data
 file extension shadowIndexGroupsmacOS (OS X) spotlight data
 file extension )2(LHA archiver temporary data
 file extension rdnOpenSSL temporary data
 file extension bmbPro/ENGINEER temporary data
cdc file icon file extension cdcAutodesk AutoCAD DesignCenter preview cache
bsd file icon file extension bsdMicrosoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary data
 file extension ptn2PaperPort thumbnail cache
 file extension indexpositiontablemacOS (OS X) Spotlight data
 file extension hrdMSC Patran device-dependent hardcopy
 file extension snapdocAshampoo Snap data
 file extension id3tagMP3 Skype Recorder temporary data
 file extension bomPro/ENGINEER temporary file
 file extension helpUnix help document
 file extension thumbdata5-1763508120_0Android thumbnail index
ytf file icon file extension ytfGoogle Picasa font cache
 file extension dcaVisual Basic active designer cache
 file extension sfmS Memo data cache
 file extension citriodownloadCitrio incomplete download
 file extension onetmpMicrosoft OneNote temporary data
 file extension shadowIndexTermIdsmacOS (OS X) Spotlight data
 file extension audio temporary data
 file extension fsfMicrosoft Office cache data
 file extension filetablelockEclipse lock data
 file extension cache-2VLC media player font cache
 file extension bridgecachetAdobe Bridge cache
 file extension shadowindexcompactdirectorymacOS (OS X) Spotlight data
qbt file icon file extension qbtQuicBooks temporary rebuild file
 file extension pkcJython JAR cache
 file extension rsxTemporary Red Alert camera data
 file extension identcacheDelphi temporary cache
mex file icon file extension mexCorel WordPerfect Macro Editor expound data
 file extension sqlite3-journalSQLite temporary data
 file extension ilpGurobi Optimizer temporary data
 file extension fb!FlashGet incomplete download
 file extension thumbdata5-1763508120_20Android thumbnail index
 file extension m_pPro/ENGINEER temporary data
$vm file icon file extension $vmWindows 3.x Virtual Manager temporary data
 file extension cache-3VLC media player font cache
 file extension utpartµTorrent unfinished download
 file extension mbcMulberry e-mail client cache
 file extension xpWindowBlinds temporary data
 file extension fileSpotify cache
 file extension cos2Pinnacle Studio cache
 file extension xcuserstateXcode data
 file extension cccDev-C++ code completion cache
 file extension indexdirectorymacOS (OS X) Spotlight data
 file extension wovCakewalk SONAR cache clip
000 file icon file extension 000Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary file
 file extension initWM Keeper CLASSIC temporary keys
 file extension rsc_tmpTemporary data
 file extension wfmPro Tools wave cache
 file extension bphysBlender cache
 file extension escopyES File Explorer temporary data
bv1 file icon file extension bv1Corel WordPerfect overflow file
tv6 file icon file extension tv6Corel WordPerfect overflow data
 file extension vdjcacheVirtualDJ cache
 file extension laiGNU Libtool temporary data
 file extension pm$Pegasus Mail temporary data
 file extension aecacheAdobe After Effects cache
 file extension $edMicrosoft C++ editor temporary file
 file extension heuAdobe Flash Player cache metadata
 file extension tstPro/ENGINEER temporary data
db file icon file extension dbApple Safari cache database
 file extension 1Google Android cache
peb file icon file extension pebCorel WordPerfect program editor bottom overflow
 file extension 4sh4shared temporary download data
 file extension wccWincam 2000 cache
 file extension bridgecacheAdobe Bridge cache
 file extension yumtxYUM transaction data
 file extension ~$~3GP/iPod/PSP/MP4 Converter temporary file
 file extension $dbdBASE IV temporary data
 file extension ---Temporary file
 file extension nc2NewsLeecher cache data
002 file icon file extension 002Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary file
 file extension appdownloadMac OS App Store incomplete download
 file extension bdePro/ENGINEER temporary
(d) file icon file extension (d)pcAnywhere temporary data
 file extension pzxPizazz Plus swap data
 file extension crcPro/ENGINEER temporary
 file extension oemigaccountOutlook Express temporary data
dinfo file icon file extension dinfoDivX Web Player temporary download
 file extension 00aMicrosoft temporary data
 file extension bdiPro/ENGINEER temporary data
 file extension a$vQuarkXpress automatically saved project
 file extension infPro/ENGINEER temporary data
~nt file icon file extension ~ntMicrosoft Windows NT installation data
tv1 file icon file extension tv1Corel WordPerfect overflow file
 file extension qdatQuickTime installer cache
 file extension pfcPegasus Mail message cache file
 file extension @@1HiDownload temporary data
hmap file icon file extension hmapMicrosoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary file
 file extension xps~WindowBlinds temporary data
mpgindex file icon file extension mpgindexAdobe MPEG index
bv4 file icon file extension bv4Corel WordPerfect overflow file
 file extension cpdRoboHelp cache project database
inprogress file icon file extension inprogressApple Time Machine temporary data
bv2 file icon file extension bv2Corel WordPerfect overflow file
chk file icon file extension chkCorel WordPerfect temporary file
wsb file icon file extension wsbMicrosoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary file
 file extension lstPro/ENGINEER temporary data
tv2 file icon file extension tv2Corel WordPerfect overflow file
 file extension db$Clarion Modula-2 temporary debug info
 file extension xp~WindowBlinds temporary data
 file extension pspcacheCorel PaintShop Pro cache
 file extension jnkJunk temporary data
tv7 file icon file extension tv7Corel WordPerfect overflow file
 file extension mov,Switch data
ird file icon file extension irdMicrosoft Money temporary data
 file extension zoner-rawdata-cacheZoner Photo Studio raw data cache
 file extension simpl_intTemporary data
 file extension qp1QuickPar cache
 file extension temp_videoAndroid temporary video file
 file extension nb2Newsbin unfinished download
tv3 file icon file extension tv3Corel WordPerfect overflow file
 file extension svn-workCollabNet Subversion cache file
qbi file icon file extension qbiQuickBooks image file
 file extension sss~WindowBlinds temporary data
rad file icon file extension radReal Rhapsody cache
 file extension vssccMicrosoft Visual Studio temporary file
 file extension csacWeb Research collection optimization temporary data
 file extension qp2QuickPar cache
 file extension sdxSmart Diary Suite temporary
 file extension ipe_tempfileiPhone temporary data
 file extension adblockAlpha Five temporary
par file icon file extension parWindows 3.x swap
tb0 file icon file extension tb0Adobe Photoshop file browser thumbnail cache
 file extension f2lChemtool temporary data
 file extension xqpI-Doser temporary data
 file extension mDS photo for Android cache
wtmp file icon file extension wtmpMicrosoft Word for Mac 5 temporary data
 file extension dtfLotus Domino server temporary data
 file extension demCreator Simulator temporary data
 file extension w44dBASE temporary
 file extension t44dBASE IV temporary data
 file extension tmdMySQL temporary database
 file extension patchcacheMicrosoft Windows patch cache
 file extension wtmpPartial torrent download
#$# file icon file extension #$#ULead Photoimpact temporary file
 file extension ^fsfGhostscript data
 file extension lrefWPF XAML cache
 file extension onlineresourcesOnline resources data
 file extension @@2HiDownload temporary data
ddat file icon file extension ddatDivX Web Player temporary download
 file extension zoner-index-cacheZoner Photo Studio index cache
 file extension ###Temporary data
 file extension dovTemporary file
 file extension phcPegasus Mail header cache
wa~ file icon file extension wa~Microsoft Address Book data
 file extension cached_iconHERE Maps for Android icon cache
pat file icon file extension patExtensible Storage Engine (ESE) patch file
 file extension wrkMicrosoft SQL Server log shipping data
tv9 file icon file extension tv9Corel WordPerfect overflow data
md0 file icon file extension md0Adobe Photoshop file browser metadata cache
bv6 file icon file extension bv6Corel WordPerfect overflow file
 file extension $$$Temporary data
 file extension ersPro/ENGINEER temporary file
 file extension fdpartFresh Download partial downloaded data
 file extension alsPro/ENGINEER temporary data
vmc file icon file extension vmcAdobe Acrobat virtual memory
stf file icon file extension stfMicrosoft Exchange Server temporary data
 file extension bt0Band-in-a-Box temporary data
pet file icon file extension petCorel WordPerfect top overflow data
tv8 file icon file extension tv8Corel WordPerfect overflow data
swd file icon file extension swdAdobe Flash debug data
fts file icon file extension ftsWindows Help index file
 file extension compoDAZ 3D Carrara Pro 7 or 8 temporary file
 file extension zn~Zinio reader temporary data
ci file icon file extension ciMicrosoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary data
 file extension scufTemporary data
 file extension plsPro/ENGINEER temporary data
001 file icon file extension 001Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary
tv4 file icon file extension tv4Corel WordPerfect overflow file
 file extension altMicrosoft Dynamics AX temporary data
 file extension mpxAlpha Five temporary index data
 file extension outPro/ENGINEER temporary data
 file extension ncchMicrosoft Interner Explorer for Mac cache
wlx file icon file extension wlxMicrosoft Live Mesh placeholder data
 file extension $aAutoCAD temporary data
 file extension vmdk-converttmpVMware Fusion temporary data
 file extension qtmpQtracker mapshot pack
 file extension wpkNero WaveEditor data
 file extension mtxTemporary data
 file extension temp_audioAndroid temporary audio file
 file extension nav2WinAVI temporary navigation data
 file extension zsrform-Z temporary saved data
 file extension pspdeformationmapCorel PaintShop Pro deformation map
dmsk file icon file extension dmskDivX Web Player temporary download
lex file icon file extension lexMicrosoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary data
bsi file icon file extension bsiMicrosoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary data
 file extension abcABC-View Manager thumbnail cache
 file extension iniisAsusSetup log
 file extension §§§Pegasus Mail temporary data
 file extension iplPLATO Web Learning Network (PWLN) temporary data
bc file icon file extension bcAdobe Bridge cache
bcm file icon file extension bcmAdobe Bridge cache
 file extension asabRepo temporary output data
bv8 file icon file extension bv8Corel WordPerfect overflow data
bv3 file icon file extension bv3Corel WordPerfect overflow file
 file extension fes3D Topicscape file format
 file extension iffSmartWare temporary merge data
 file extension mufAlpha Five access control data
wid file icon file extension widMicrosoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary file
bv7 file icon file extension bv7Corel WordPerfect overflow file
 file extension nmuEMC Documentum Client Library query cache
 file extension ipl22PLATO Learning network temporary data
r1m file icon file extension r1mRealOne streaming media data
 file extension asxAlpha Five temporary index
 file extension cdtProWORX Nxt temporary long comment data
 file extension xpsWindowBlinds temporary data
 file extension c1sCapture One photo cache
 file extension dw3DeathWatch WebCrawler file format
met file icon file extension metCorel WordPerfect Macro Editor top overflow file
 file extension 4sw4DOS swap
 file extension ebktmleBook Pro encoded temporary file
 file extension stfPhotoImpression thumbnail cache
 file extension vbtiAntiVirus temporary scan data
bv5 file icon file extension bv5Corel WordPerfect overflow file
 file extension gerPro/ENGINEER temporary
 file extension lockfileMac OS X Lion property list XML lock data
 file extension qtindexAdobe QTIndex file
 file extension refPro/ENGINEER temporary data
 file extension t$mAVG Internet Security temporary data
 file extension mdccacheMicrosoft Document Connection cache file
zl file icon file extension zlMoney S3 temporary data
blk file icon file extension blkCorel WordPerfect Office temporary file
 file extension sNitpicker Ipflow file
cnv file icon file extension cnvCorel WordPerfect temporary data
 file extension preview7WindowBlinds temporary file
 file extension omcOMake cache
 file extension u96EasyZip temporary data
 file extension fchcFetch cache file
spc file icon file extension spcCorel WordPerfect temporary data
bv9 file icon file extension bv9Corel WordPerfect overflow file
 file extension membPro/ENGINEER temporary file
 file extension dir00Disk defrag error or dump file
 file extension admPortfolio admin-level access flag
 file extension db$dBASE temporary file
 file extension vafDVD2SVCD temporary file
 file extension grbdropfileGetRight file
dir file icon file extension dirMicrosoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary file
hmap.Dir file icon file extension hmap.DirMicrosoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary file
 file extension if2PADS temporary data

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