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File extensions related to applications using internet, used on internet web pages, web content, web development or data exchange

List of common internet related files

Internet related file extension list

File extensions related to applications using internet, used on internet web pages, web content, web development or data exchange.

Internet related files is a group of file formats, which is related by some way to global data communications system called internet, programs accessing internet or server software.

The most known internet service is World Wide Web. WWW is a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the internet. Web browser software is able to view web pages that may contain text, images, scripts, videos, and other multimedia file types.

Web pages are written in HyperText Markup Language (or its derivations) with file extension htm or html. HyperText Markup Language is the basic description language and format of the web documents. HTML documents contain pointers to content in other media and data formats, such as images, audio or video files, animations or scripts. Dynamically created HTML documents have often other file extensions depending on server and used scripting technology like php (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor - PHP is an open source server side scripting language. It is very popular for developing web based software applications because programmers can easily use it to create web pages with dynamic content that interact with databases.), aspx (Microsoft developed technology called ASP.NET - a free technology that allows programmers to create dynamic web applications. ASP.NET can be used to create anything from small, personal websites up to large,enterprise-class web applications), asp (Microsoft Active Server Pages (used prior ASP.NET technology), jsp (Java Server Pages) and other similar technologies.

The technology called Adobe Flash is often used for interactive and content rich web pages with animations, video or audio. Flash was developed by Macromedia, which was later acquired by Adobe Systems Incorporated. Flash files use file extensions such as fla, flv, swf and because it is an open format, its also supported by non-Adobe/Macromedia programs. Microsoft has its own similar technology called SilverLight. SilverLight application package file use xap file extension.

An increasingly important role in the exchange of a wide variety of data on the Web and elsewhere is also playing XML - Extensible Markup Language (XML standard file extension is xml). It is a simple, very flexible text format originally designed to meet the challenges of large-scale electronic publishing.

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 file extension partPartial download
crdownload file icon file extension crdownloadGoogle Chrome incomplete download
png file icon file extension pngPortable Network Graphic file
aspx file icon file extension aspxActive Server Page Extended ASP.NET script
 file extension jsonJavaScript object notation data interchange format
torrent file icon file extension torrentBitTorrent information
eml file icon file extension emlEmail message
 file extension vttWebVTT subtitle format
swf file icon file extension swfShockWave Flash, Animated vector format for the Internet
html file icon file extension htmlHyperText Markup Language web page
jsp file icon file extension jspJAVA Server page file
 file extension vmsgVersit message format
xml file icon file extension xmlXML document
 file extension certNetscape certificate index data file
php file icon file extension phpPHP script or page
ashx file icon file extension ashxASP.NET web handler file
 file extension dropboxDropbox shared folder
 file extension gdocLink to Google Docs web application document
 file extension gsheetLink to Google Sheets web application spreadsheet document
rdf file icon file extension rdfResource Description Framework data
 file extension magnetMagnet link
pem file icon file extension pemPrivacy Enhanced Mail security certificate
gif file icon file extension gifGraphics interchange file format
webm file icon file extension webmMatroska WebM video
asp file icon file extension aspActive Server Page script page
 file extension meta4Metalink 4.0 data
 file extension webpGoogle image file format
htm file icon file extension htmHTML Hypertext Markup Language web page
js file icon file extension jsJavaScript source code script
 file extension opdownloadOpera incomplete download
xap file icon file extension xapMicrosoft Windows Phone and Microsoft Silverlight application package
 file extension bsonBSON binary JSON code
 file extension mimeMulti-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) format (RFC822)
flv file icon file extension flvFlash video
webloc file icon file extension weblocApple Safari Internet URL
 file extension gslidesLink to Google Slides web application presentation
 file extension ucfWebEx media data
download file icon file extension downloadMozilla partial download
mht file icon file extension mhtMime HTML (MHTML) document
 file extension 3dm3DML model
 file extension html5HTML5 Hypertext Markup Language revision 5 source
class file icon file extension classJava bytecode class
 file extension disposition-notificationMessage Disposition Notification
 file extension uhtmlUC Browser web document archive
website file icon file extension websiteInternet Explorer 9 pinned site shortcut
 file extension rssReally Simple Syndication - RSS file format
mso file icon file extension msoOLE web page storage stream
dlc file icon file extension dlcJDownloader download link container
xsd file icon file extension xsdXML schema description
 file extension uploadUpload file
 file extension jwsOracle WebLogic Server Java Web Services data
svc file icon file extension svcMicrosoft Visual Studio ASP.NET WCF Web service data
url file icon file extension urlInternet Shortcut - URL - Uniform Resource Locator
sol file icon file extension solAdobe Flash shared object
 file extension cssCascading Style Sheets
jsc file icon file extension jscJavaScript configuration
bc file icon file extension bcBitTorrent unfinished download
 file extension jcdFlashGet saved data
jsxbin file icon file extension jsxbinBinary JavaScript data
 file extension nzbNewzbin download pointer
 file extension binarycookiesSafari browser cookies package
 file extension partialMicrosoft partially downloaded data
crt file icon file extension crtInternet security certificate
inc file icon file extension incHTML server side include data
cgi file icon file extension cgiCommon Gateway Interface script
hta file icon file extension htaHTML program
 file extension ed2keDonkey download link
smil file icon file extension smilSynchronized Multimedia Integration Language multimedia presentation
obml file icon file extension obmlOpera Mini saved web page
 file extension dtsData Transformation Services data
zed file icon file extension zedBitTorrent metainfo
gg file icon file extension ggGoogle Desktop Gadget
stm file icon file extension stmHTML server side include data file
 file extension imapMerak Mail Server Internet Message Access Protocol data
 file extension sapHyperbanner Java animation
 file extension srxSPARQL Query Results XML format result
 file extension entSGML entity, character mapping data file
 file extension gformLink to Google Forms web application form document
pfc file icon file extension pfcAOL Personal Filling Cabinet
xsl file icon file extension xslXML eXtensible stylesheet
 file extension pharPHP Extension and Application Repository archive
der file icon file extension derDER encoded internet security certificate
bc! file icon file extension bc!Bittorrent unfinished download
xhtml file icon file extension xhtmlExtensible HTML document
 file extension tpsScam torrent file
opml file icon file extension opmlOPML Outline Processor Markup Language file format
shtml file icon file extension shtmlHTML server side include HTML document
 file extension feed-msMicrosoft rss feed store
ssh file icon file extension sshMicrosoft Internet Explorer style sheet
 file extension pkiEntrust public key infrastructure file format
 file extension prfPICS rules data
 file extension xtmlXML4web virtual HTML document
 file extension warArchived Konqueror HTML page
 file extension odMascotte Mascopt request
 file extension skSafari saved browsing history
phtml file icon file extension phtmlPHP Web page
 file extension jsfJava server data
 file extension fmlGetRight file mirror list
xslt file icon file extension xsltXSL transform data
 file extension iimiOpus Internet macro
cshtml file icon file extension cshtmlASP.Net web page
as file icon file extension asAdobe Flash ActionScript document
 file extension vrmlVirtual Reality Modeling Language 3D model
 file extension jspxXML Java Server page
 file extension varWebHub web session data
mhtml file icon file extension mhtmlWeb page archive
 file extension zitZIT file tracking repository
 file extension xhtExtensible HyperText Markup Language document
 file extension obml16Opera Mini saved web page file
 file extension metalinkMetalink 3.0 download descriptor file
chl file icon file extension chlMicrosoft Internet Explorer channel information
 file extension qqqTotalFix fixed AVI video
pht file icon file extension phtPartial Hypertext
 file extension mmeMultipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
 file extension _emlWindows Mail Live e-mail document
upl file icon file extension uplStarMoney agent download data
tpl file icon file extension tplPHP template file format
 file extension ttmlTHTML script
 file extension iaInternet archive
dll file icon file extension dllMicrosoft DLL dynamic web page
 file extension jspaJava Servlet alias file
 file extension folder.metadataPortal Structure Markup Language folder data
download file icon file extension downloadApple Safari partial download
ctt file icon file extension cttWindows Live Messenger contact list file
ssi file icon file extension ssiHTML with server side includes
swz file icon file extension swzAdobe Flash Player signed RSL data
 file extension hotMosaic Internet address
 file extension bookexportBooksmart export format
jst file icon file extension jstJava Server page
sht file icon file extension shtHTML server side include document
wml file icon file extension wmlWireless Markup Language document (WAP)
 file extension srtWebSRT movie subtitle file format
 file extension snmNetscape Communicator e-mail or News messages index
 file extension maiMicrosoft Mail message
 file extension importeduTorrent torrent file
 file extension lsxAdvanced Streaming Redirector
 file extension p7cDigital ID
htc file icon file extension htcHTML component
edml file icon file extension edmlEDML Parser-Library file
 file extension bedInfoSnorkel data
 file extension gdrawLink to Google Drawings web application drawing
 file extension asisApache as is data
 file extension pimPixMaker project file
 file extension wblArgo WebLoad upload data
 file extension p7bPKCS #7 Certificates file
 file extension xscXML schema
 file extension xpdXML pipeline document
 file extension csrCertificate signing request
 file extension grxGetRight file list
 file extension vbmNetFront browser bookmark
cer file icon file extension cerInternet security certificate
shtm file icon file extension shtmHTML server side include file
rhtml file icon file extension rhtmlRuby HTML web page
509 file icon file extension 509Internet security certificate
axl file icon file extension axlXML project
 file extension pceEudora mailbox name map
 file extension bttICQ find users data
 file extension bcxBeam Report standard definition file
 file extension fwpFrontpage web packages
 file extension webarchivexmlAndroid 3.1 browser saved website
 file extension xbapMicrosoft Silverlight application package
jhtml file icon file extension jhtmlJava HTML (ATG Dynamo) web page
cook file icon file extension cookNetscape Navigator for Mac cookie
rcg file icon file extension rcgNetscape newsgroup data
 file extension lbcCloaked Affiliate Link Builder saved link
 file extension tvviTitanTV television listing data
 file extension zulZK user interface data
 file extension soxExtensible Markup Language schema
 file extension uhtmluHTML document
cfc file icon file extension cfcAdobe ColdFusion component data
 file extension mibManagement Information Base data
ascx file icon file extension ascxActive Server Pages web user control data
 file extension jccfg3FlashGet incomplete download
 file extension feedsdb-msMicrosoft RSS feeds store
 file extension scrMicrosoft Silverlight data
atom file icon file extension atomAtom web feed
 file extension pacProxy automatic configuration
 file extension FTTTorrent scene file
 file extension faqFrequently Asked Questions
mhtm file icon file extension mhtmMime HTML (MHTML)
avb file icon file extension avbChat character data
 file extension vrmVirtual Reality Modeling Language file
 file extension sflbSitefintiy library
 file extension dimeDirect Internet Message Encapsulation format
 file extension wtkWinTalk URL address
 file extension mapxMapjects GRYD webserver data
 file extension rnkDial-up shortcut file
war file icon file extension warJava web archive
 file extension wbxmlWAP binary XML data
 file extension htmlsHyperText Markup Language document with server-side include
 file extension htxMicrosoft FrontPage database results
url_ file icon file extension url_Internet Shortcut - URL - Uniform Resource Locator
 file extension svrSuperScape Viscapel data
 file extension pandoPando package
 file extension cqlXDCC Catcher queue list
 file extension htm~HTML Hypertext Markup Language web page
moss file icon file extension mossNetscape Navigator for Mac HTML document
asmx file icon file extension asmxActive Server Plus Web Services source data
 file extension dctmpDC++ partially downloaded data
 file extension ditaDITA output data
 file extension argoArgoUML project
 file extension uriList of Uniform resource identifiers
 file extension chtmlCompact HTML document
 file extension phpsPHP script source code file
 file extension obml15Opera Mini 5.1 saved web page
 file extension glinkLink to third-party Google Drive web application document
 file extension ipuVocaltech IPhone user data
 file extension btappuTorrent application
 file extension capsCaptureSaver data
ata file icon file extension ataAntenna project
 file extension gdocxLink to Google Docs web application document
 file extension nofNetObject Fusion 5.0 data
msrcincident file icon file extension msrcincidentMicrosoft Windows Remote Assistance request data
 file extension POP mail data
1 file icon file extension 1Mozilla Firefox cookie, image, popup permissions
 file extension yawsYaws source data
hdml file icon file extension hdmlHandheld Device Markup Language
 file extension mxmlAdobe Flex interface component
 file extension iwsIntelliJ IDEA web page
 file extension vnuCoffeeCup Visual Site Designer project
bml file icon file extension bmlBetter Markup Language
 file extension mweopenArchitectureWare workflow file
 file extension tvpiTitanTV television listing data
 file extension gtableLink to Google Fusion Tables web application table
 file extension cscpktColasoft Network Analyzer sample packet
 file extension swf2Adobe Flash for Mac animated vector format
sitemap file icon file extension sitemapASP .NET site map
cfml file icon file extension cfmlAdobe ColdFusion Markup Language source code
ms-tnef file icon file extension ms-tnefMicrosoft Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format
 file extension asmAdobe Digital Editions link
 file extension ldapLightweight Directory Access Protocol server information file
 file extension htmsPHP HTML document
 file extension ubjUniversal Binary JSON format
stml file icon file extension stmlHTML server side include document
hdm file icon file extension hdmHDML Handheld Device Markup Language source code
 file extension mtmlMeaningful Text Markup Language
 file extension swflShockWave Flash animated vector format
 file extension getrightGetRight unfinished download
 file extension eceOracle Application Express dynamic web page
 file extension webintentsWebintents data
 file extension cdfMicrosoft Channel Definition Format
bok file icon file extension bokProStores dynamic web
webbookmark file icon file extension webbookmarkApple Safari bookmark
 file extension vfbMicrosoft Outlook FreeBusy data
 file extension pageHybridJava web page file
 file extension murlMaxthon saved uniform resource locator
 file extension spmlTeleFinder server parsed HTML document
 file extension aqfAquifer-Generated web page
gim file icon file extension gimMicrosoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove identity message file
 file extension css1Cascading Style Sheet
 file extension izs1st Page 2000 JavaScript example data
msie file icon file extension msieMicrosoft Internet Explorer for Mac HTML document
phtm file icon file extension phtmPHP Web page
 file extension awmLikno AllWebMenus data
 file extension bkmkMicrosoft IE bookmark
 file extension nxgeSite Builder NXG web page
webtest file icon file extension webtestMicrosoft Visual Studio web test
 file extension sexAlpha Five set index
 file extension qvtQuantum Streaming video stream url data
 file extension urlsGetRight Internet shortcut
 file extension vdwMicrosoft Visio web drawing
 file extension bbeMindGenius Brainbloom data
alx file icon file extension alxActiveX layout file
 file extension pixatePixate Studio project
 file extension jdcJDownloader links
 file extension dwpMicrosoft Office SharePoint portal server dashboard web part
 file extension gneFlickr PHP data
 file extension pihKarrigell Python HTML document
 file extension zpwebZeta Producer web document
 file extension htBrowser Html template
mspx file icon file extension mspxMicrosoft XML-based web page
 file extension rmiJava remote method invocation file
 file extension gscriptLink to Google Scripts web application script
wmd file icon file extension wmdWindows Media Player Download Package
dap file icon file extension dapMicrosoft Access data access page
ie3 file icon file extension ie3Internet Explorer 3 file
lasso file icon file extension lassoLasso database driven web page
php5 file icon file extension php5PHP script version 5 (HyperText PreProcessor)
 file extension gygGygan download instructions
srf file icon file extension srfMicrosoft Visual Studio server response data
 file extension igjiGrafx Process published web content
 file extension rmhRights-managed HTML document
 file extension btxInMagic database term/word index
 file extension qrmQworum message
 file extension vsyVNC Spy data
ihtml file icon file extension ihtmlInline HyperText Markup Language document
 file extension zhtmlSecure IE Zipped HTML document
 file extension hathdlHentai@Home download data
 file extension handlebarsHandlebars template
webhistory file icon file extension webhistoryApple Safari history item
 file extension aliSAP document
 file extension kmrKnowledgeMill linked resource
 file extension defaultsite1&1 defaultsite
 file extension !btBitTorrent incomplete download
 file extension oltOrbit Downloader download list file
 file extension hsqlhtmSQL html data
php4 file icon file extension php4HTML page with PHP (HyperText PreProcessor)
asa file icon file extension asaActive Server configuration
 file extension gpcGoogle Page Creator data
 file extension dcdDocument Content Description (XML) data
xhtm file icon file extension xhtmExtensible HTML document
wmlc file icon file extension wmlcWireless Markup Language bytecode document (WAP)
 file extension discomapMicrosoft DISCO discovery output data
 file extension p7rResponse to a security certificate request
 file extension wbsWebExpress website
 file extension cmsContent Management System web page
ca file icon file extension caInternet security certificate
ccc file icon file extension cccMicrosoft Internet Chat conversation log
 file extension qfQompose HTML template
 file extension wdgtOpera browser widget
 file extension hhtmlRealmedia adstream html document
 file extension p7PKCS #7 digital ID data
 file extension fhtmlMacromedia HTML document
 file extension ctpCakePHP template
 file extension ivpPanorama data
 file extension webdocBox service document
 file extension vsdiscoSOAP dynamic discovery data
 file extension wmlscWireless Markup Language (WAP) bytecode script
 file extension abdThe Bat! mail processing system data
 file extension rwswRapidWeaver website saved project
 file extension adpAOLserver Dynamic Page
 file extension zbdZebedee encrypted data
 file extension apiApple WebObjects Interface data
 file extension bspBestAddress HTML Editor project
 file extension fmp123 Flash Menu project
 file extension wwtWinDev page template
 file extension ctlCertifcate trust list
 file extension epaePhotoAlbum album
 file extension stStreamTorrent data
 file extension orqOnline Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) request data
epibrw file icon file extension epibrwWeb file location
dwt file icon file extension dwtDynamic web template
 file extension ssageInbound internet email message
asr file icon file extension asrAdobe Flash ActionScript remote data
 file extension tstreamSwarmPlayer video stream control data
webpnp file icon file extension webpnpWeb Point And Print
 file extension ahtmHTML document
 file extension lzxOpenLaszlo web application
 file extension brxBeam Report document
 file extension fdmlForms Definition Markup Language source code
 file extension smiSynchronized Multimedia Integration Language presentation
 file extension a5wcmpAlpha Five web publishing data
 file extension fpxmlMicrosoft FrontPage HTML document
 file extension apFifth Generation Systems active page
 file extension bwpBuRg3r web page
 file extension ldmtLikno Drop-Down Menu Trees data
 file extension securedownloadSafari partial download
 file extension xweb3htmMicrosoft Expression Web HTML document
mvc file icon file extension mvcMiva compiled script
 file extension cspRadGs Concept Application Server web page file
newsloc file icon file extension newslocApple Finder news internet location
 file extension agpAppGini PHP scripts
htd file icon file extension htdAdobe ExtendScript HTML document
 file extension pagLmsoft hypermedia page
 file extension pnaPanoramide Java 3D panoramic animation file
xsd file icon file extension xsdICQ 6 file
 file extension page.securityPortal Structure Markup Language global page security
 file extension dbnxNetscape for Mac host file
 file extension jczMicrosoft Liquid Motion animation file
mxm file icon file extension mxmMicrosoft Project workgroup message file
 file extension urisUniform Resource Identifiers
 file extension ogncDynamic web page
 file extension nsconfignsconfig authentication data
 file extension daDynApp dynamic application template
sdl file icon file extension sdlWeb Service Description Language file
 file extension xmtFiserv summit download data
 file extension fpsmlPortal Structure Markup Language fragment definition
 file extension agsAppGini saved style sheet
 file extension jsbJavaScript Bean (JSB) file
 file extension psmlPortal Structure Markup Language page
 file extension wimWAP Wireless identity module
 file extension xrdseXtensible Resource Descriptor Sequence format
 file extension vslGetRight download list
 file extension tpsmlPortal Structure Markup Language page template
 file extension ilhtSafari Internet location file
 file extension rjsRuby JavaScript source code
 file extension dpsmlPortal Structure Markup Language dynamic page
 file extension spmTeleFinder server parsed HTML file
 file extension samIP address map file
 file extension twfTecgraf Web Format
 file extension sdbSocialDecks blog
 file extension imhIncrediMail contacts export
 file extension kismacKisMAC web service file
awt file icon file extension awtAlbumWeb data
 file extension as4SurfSaver data
 file extension 000Apache Beehive collection
 file extension ratPICS Platform for Internet Content Selection data
 file extension ktspackKeyTruss FTP truss archive
 file extension xweb3asaxMicrosoft Expression Web web app
 file extension webpublishhistoryAlpha Five file
 file extension dbmgNetscale Navigator history file
 file extension fpwebMicrosoft FrontPage disk based web
 file extension xweb4shtmlMicrosoft Expression Web shtml document
 file extension ptPop!site HTML file
 file extension maiPegasus mail sub directory
 file extension esprojMacRabbit Espresso project file
 file extension fwebFortran WEB
jsobj file icon file extension jsobjOpera file
 file extension spdesignopenSharePoint Designer file
 file extension lavsLiquid Audio Secured Download file
 file extension axlASCET archived XML
 file extension pubkrPretty Good Privacy public key ring data file
 file extension bimdBlue Ink meta-data export file
 file extension mmanClaris emailer file
saveddeck file icon file extension saveddeckNokia saved web page file
 file extension owmOutWit Hub OutWit mashup XML format
 file extension spdesignsitemapSharePoint Designer site map file
 file extension lwttLikno Web Tooltips Builder file
 file extension linkPortal Structure Markup Language link file
 file extension lwacLikno Web Accordion Builder data
 file extension lwbmLikno Web Button Maker data
 file extension owaOutlook Web Access file
 file extension !syncBitTorrent partially synced file

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