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Virtual machine, virtualization software related file icon Virtual machine, virtualization software related file type extensions
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File extensions used for virtual machines, virtual machine disk drives and other important configuration and setting files used by virtualization software

List of common virtualization software related files

Virtual machine, virtualization software related file extension list

File extensions used for virtual machines, virtual machine disk drives and other important configuration and setting files used by virtualization software.

This category of file types contains various files used by virtualization software, including their main data files, configuration, settings, disk images, logs, temporary or cache files.

Virtual machine is a software emulated computer system with virtualized hardware components (processor, video card, memory, storage etc.), which like a physical machine, runs an operating system and it's apps. Emulated hardware devices provide the same functionality as physical hardware.

A typical virtual machine is comprised of several types of files, that contains configuration files (VMX, VMXF, PVI, VBOX), virtual storage files (VMDK, HDD, VDI) and other like virtual machine snapshots, swap files, logs.

Virtualization is useful for running different operating systems on one physical computer machine. This is used to run suspicious apps, testing uhuthorized system settings, to emulate old operating systems and run old apps, or virtualizing different hardware architectures. Other benefits of virtualized system are portability, manageability, and security.

Two major classifications of virtual machine exists:

  • A system virtual machine - a complete emulated platform with entire operating system (VMware Workstation, Parallels Desktop, VirtualBox).
  • A process virtual machine - used to run and emulate environment for a one app in operating system (Microsoft .NET, JAVA runtime environments).

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 file extension ovaOpen Virtual Machine Format single archive
 file extension confConfiguration information
 file extension vbox-extpackVirtualBox extension pack file
vdi file icon file extension vdiVirtualBox disk image
vhd file icon file extension vhdVirtual Hard Disk file
vmem file icon file extension vmemVMware virtual machine's paging data
vmdk file icon file extension vmdkVMware virtual disk
 file extension xml-prevVirtualBox XML settings backup
 file extension qcow2QEMU Copy-On-Write data
ovf file icon file extension ovfOpen Virtualization Format package file
vhdx file icon file extension vhdxMicrosoft Windows Hyper-V virtual hard disk
vmx file icon file extension vmxVMware configuration data file
 file extension pvmParallels Desktop virtual machine
nvram file icon file extension nvramVMware VM BIOS state
 file extension avhdMicrosoft Hyper-V differencing disk data
vmc file icon file extension vmcMicrosoft Virtual PC settings
hdd file icon file extension hddParallels Desktop or Workstation virtual hard disk
 file extension vboxVirtualBox settings
 file extension fddParallels virtual machine floppy disk drive image
 file extension vmwarevmVMware virtual machine package
vfd file icon file extension vfdVirtual PC virtual floppy disk image
 file extension menudataVMWare cache data
pvs file icon file extension pvsParallels configuration data
 file extension appinfoVMware Workstation appData cache file
 file extension pvcParallels Desktop copied configuration file
 file extension xvaCitrix Xen Virtual Appliance data
 file extension hdsParallels Desktop hard disk image
vmsd file icon file extension vmsdVMware snapshots and metadata
 file extension appiconVMWare cache
 file extension efdParallels Desktop related data
vmxf file icon file extension vmxfVMware team virtual machine configuration
 file extension appdataVMware cache
 file extension vmcxMicrosoft Virtual PC virtual machine shell information
r0 file icon file extension r0VirtualBox data
vmsg file icon file extension vmsgVMware log file
 file extension vswpVMware virtual memory data
 file extension dskVMware virtual disk
vcb file icon file extension vcbVMware Consolidated Backup archive
vmss file icon file extension vmssVMware suspended state
vmsn file icon file extension vmsnVMware snapshot state
hlog file icon file extension hlogVMware Workstation log
 file extension vmoappVMware vCenter Orchestrator application
 file extension zrpVMware Unix Agent debug data
 file extension memParallels virtual machine memory dump
 file extension imgQEMU Qcow disk image
vsv file icon file extension vsvVirtual machine's memory saved-state
 file extension psfParallels shared folders
 file extension vmacVMware configuration data
 file extension qcowQEMU Copy-On-Write data
 file extension xvmVMware console configuration
 file extension qvmQ virtual machine
 file extension tvrVMware ThinApp virtual registry data
 file extension stdVMware suspended state data
 file extension vmlogVMware replay recording
 file extension vmdk-converttmpVMware Fusion temporary data
vud file icon file extension vudMicrosoft Virtual PC virtual machine undo data
vmtm file icon file extension vmtmVMware team configuration
 file extension pkiLibVirt PKI data
vmxa file icon file extension vmxaVMware ACE master configuration
 file extension vmplWMvare policy data
vmhf file icon file extension vmhfVMware ACE hot fix
fm file icon file extension fmVMware data
 file extension vpc6Virtual machine package
 file extension vmtVMware configuration
 file extension vpc7Virtual machine package
 file extension pviParallels Tools settings
 file extension syndarticleParalllels Desktop data
 file extension vmbaVMware configuration
 file extension kbdParallels Desktop preference file
vmhr file icon file extension vmhrVMware ACE hot fix file

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