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File extensions related to e-books, digital publications and comics, ebook file formats

List of common e-book files

E-book file extension list

File extensions related to e-books, digital publications and comics, ebook file formats.

E-books are digital publications of various forms that are especially suitable for reading on computers or other electronic devices. The simplest form of digital publication is a simple text book - a document that contains only text and no other elements. However, modern ebooks use text formatting and also have other elements, for example pictures and occasionally also multimedia content like music, or interactive animations. One of the most common standards for digital publications is EPUB, but there are many similar formats introduced either with some reader or app.

Some earlier forms of ebooks may also be found as a collection of scanned pages from original books, but such files are usually pretty large and their quality may not be great. You can also find comic book archives, which are files that contain series of comic book pages that can be viewed in a sequence.

Nowadays, tthere are dozens of specialized e-book reading devices on the market, including the popular Amazon Kindle. For every device, there is usually a specific file format readable only in that device and often protected by DRM.

Recently, e-books gained huge popularity on mobile platforms and there is hundreds of apps available to accommodate the demand for electronic publications on smart phones and tablets.

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pdf file icon file extension pdfAdobe Portable document format
epub file icon file extension epubOpen Publication structure e-book
 file extension jwpubBible study publication format
 file extension azw3Amazon Kindle eBook
 file extension opfOpen Packaging Format
cbr file icon file extension cbrComic Book Archive file or ComicBook Reader e-book
 file extension mobiMobipocket eBook format
 file extension bdb2Skillpipe course data file
 file extension mbp1Kindle Touch annotation data
 file extension pdgChinamaxx/SSreader digital book
 file extension htmlzZipped HTML document or e-book
 file extension wolfWOLF document
 file extension orbOriginal eBook Reader e-book
 file extension ibooksiBooks e-book
 file extension ibaiBooks Author e-book
 file extension edtAdobe Ebook download settings
 file extension azw6Amazon Kindle eBook
cbz file icon file extension cbzComic Book Archive file or ComicBook Reader e-book
 file extension fb2FictionBook e-Book
 file extension litMicrosoft Reader eBook
 file extension sebFranklin eBookMan e-book
 file extension azw4Amazon Kindle Print Replica e-book
 file extension azwAmazon Kindle eBook format
 file extension mpubMobile optimized ePub ebook
 file extension eboMicrosoft Reader eBook Format
 file extension trTomeRaider e-book
 file extension vbkVitalSource Bookshelf VitalBook format eBook
 file extension cebApabi e-book
 file extension umdUMD mobile e-book
 file extension cbtCDisplay TAR Comic book file
 file extension luciAmazon Kindle Fire mobi ebook container
 file extension apnxAmazon Kindle ebook index
 file extension pdbPalm OS database or e-book
 file extension tpzAmazon Kindle Topaz e-book
 file extension original_epubEPUB e-book backup
 file extension txtzeBook
 file extension ebkeBook Pro e-book file
 file extension wbpWebshots picture collection
 file extension natNatata eBook file
 file extension original_mobiMOBI ebook backup
 file extension fubFranklin e-book format
 file extension bekShanda Bambook e-book
 file extension bflyBook e-book
 file extension cbcSony Portable Reader comic e-book
 file extension prcMobipocket eBook
 file extension gpfGanaxa’s Publishing e-book
 file extension cb7CDisplay 7-Zip comic book
 file extension cebxApabi e-Book data
 file extension martMartview e-book data
 file extension azw1Amazon Kindle Topaz e-book
 file extension prcPalm OS resource or e-book
 file extension ibookiBooks e-book data
 file extension snbShanda Bambook eBook file
 file extension lbxoebLibronix DLS resource
 file extension mgaManga comics document file
 file extension pobiKindle store magazine e-book
 file extension csdCSD Reader Compact Shared Document
 file extension htxtHanvon WISEreader e-book file
 file extension ubkEmbiid e-book
 file extension cl2arcComic Life 2 document archive
 file extension kf8Amazon Kindle Format 8
 file extension vellumVellum e-book project
 file extension xmdfXMDF e-book
 file extension txt7e-Book
 file extension lrxBBeB ebook file
 file extension tk3TK3 multimedia eBook file
 file extension txtce-Book
 file extension mebOpen e-book data
 file extension znoZinio reader magazine data
 file extension impIMP e-book format
 file extension htz4HyperMaker publication
 file extension tcrTCR eBook file
 file extension lbxcolLibronix DLS resource collection data
 file extension html0Book Designer e-book file
 file extension comictplComic Life template
 file extension avaAvaaBook e-book
 file extension ebk2E-book format
 file extension lrfBBeB ebook
pkg file icon file extension pkgApple Newton e-book
 file extension sbrzSky Ebook Reader e-book
 file extension pmlze-Book
 file extension dnlDNAML e-Book data
 file extension phlAmazon Kindle popular highlights data
 file extension tr3TomeRaider eBook data
 file extension bkkBookBuddi e-book
 file extension aznAmazon Kindle newspaper data
 file extension rbRocketEdition eBook file
 file extension oebOpen eBook format
 file extension ebaEBA ebook format
 file extension txtreBook
 file extension dbkDocBook source data
 file extension stkSTAReBOOK ebook file
 file extension cbaCDisplay ACE Comic book
 file extension aehArchos ebook file
 file extension webzWeb Format compressed eBook file
 file extension xebApabi eBook format
 file extension cbdsComic Book DS data
 file extension cbcxComic Book Creator comic book save file format
 file extension qmkYanCEyDesktop bookmark data
 file extension ebamlEBA ebook format
 file extension tpnuebPayame Noor University e-book
 file extension lrte-Book data
 file extension tr2TomeRaider eBook
 file extension kmlHiebook e-Book
 file extension ybkYanCEyWare eBook format
 file extension ybhtmyBook HTML document
 file extension sgfSigil e-book
 file extension brnyBook compiled eBook
 file extension chmprjAbee CHM Maker HTML archive
 file extension bpnuebPayame Noor University (PNU) e-book
 file extension cl2docComic Life 2 document
 file extension cbmvComic Book Millennium collection data
 file extension pmlPalm Markup Language source code
 file extension wmgaWeb Manga comics document file
 file extension znaZinio Digital Publication annotation
 file extension ebxElectronic Book exchange e-book
 file extension ybtxtYbook ebook file
 file extension gpxGanaxa’s Publishing DRM protected ebook file
 file extension ybraryBook e-book
 file extension hsbHandStory Suite eBook file
 file extension lrsBBeB ebook source file
 file extension ybrtfYbook ebook file
 file extension dfmHelp & Manual eBook template
 file extension fb3FictionBook3 ebook
 file extension fbzFictionBook e-book (compressed)

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