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File extensions used to recognize plugins or addons to common software applications

List of common plugins

Plugin, addon file extension list

File extensions used to recognize plugins or addons to common software applications.

Plugins (plug-in, addin, add-in, addon, mod, program extension) is a small piece of code or computer program, which are used by main applications and provide special or new additional functions for them, modify or extend existing program functionality. Software supporting plugins has many advantages, such as easy implementation of new features, third party developer extensions, reduced size of main application or separate the source code from an application. Each software application has its own plugin file format, which is generally well described at the developer's support sites or in application's documentation.

Very popular applications applying a wide array of plugins are for example web browsers (Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer), graphics software (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, ACDSee), media players (Windows Media Player, Winamp), office suites (Microsoft Office,, audio software (Steinberg) or computer games etc..

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 file extension 3dcpack3D-Coat extension file
 file extension 4dx4th Dimension plugin
 file extension 8b?Photoline plug-in file
8ba file icon file extension 8baAdobe PhotoShop plug-in
8bam file icon file extension 8bamAdobe Photoshop for Mac plugin file
8bc file icon file extension 8bcAdobe Photoshop 5.0 Sdk Plugins file
8be file icon file extension 8beAdobe Photoshop plug-in filter
8be file icon file extension 8beAdobe PhotoDeluxe Plug-in
8bf file icon file extension 8bfAdobe plug-in filter
8bfk file icon file extension 8bfkAdobe Photoshop for Mac commands and plugins file
 file extension 8bfmAdobe Photoshop for Mac filter file
8bi file icon file extension 8biAdobe Photoshop Plugins Formats file
8bi8 file icon file extension 8bi8Adobe Photoshop plugin format
8bl file icon file extension 8blAdobe Photoshop plugin format
8bp file icon file extension 8bpAdobe PhotoShop import file
 file extension 8bpiAdobe Photoshop plug-in file
8bs file icon file extension 8bsAdobe Photoshop selection plug-in
8bx file icon file extension 8bxAdobe PhotoShop Plugin file
 file extension 8bxmAdobe Photoshop for Mac plug-in file
8by file icon file extension 8byAdobe Photoshop Plugins file
8li file icon file extension 8liAdobe Photoshop scripting plugin
8ly file icon file extension 8lyAdobe Photoshop plugin file
8ty file icon file extension 8tyAdobe Photoshop file
 file extension aadAudible download plugin
 file extension aauiAdobe Acrobat UI settings
 file extension aaxpluginPro Tools audio plugin
 file extension abaAvant Browser add-on
 file extension abdQuicken Address Book add-on
 file extension abeApplication Boundaries Enforcer rules data
 file extension abiAbiWord plugin file
accda file icon file extension accdaMicrosoft Access add-in
 file extension ackSwifty data
acroplugin file icon file extension acropluginAdobe Acrobat plug-in file
 file extension addAthena service configuration tool add file
addin file icon file extension addinMicrosoft Visual Studio addin file
 file extension addonZaplots CFS Console addon file
adiumlibpurpleplugin file icon file extension adiumlibpurplepluginAdium lib purple plugin file
adiumplugin file icon file extension adiumpluginAdium plugin file
 file extension adnLotus 1-2-3 add-in
aep file icon file extension aepAudioGraph animation file
 file extension agmoduleAdobe Lightroom module file
agx1 file icon file extension agx1Adobe FreeHand for Mac plug-in
 file extension ahqAudioHQ plug-in file
 file extension ai65Adobe PageMaker for Mac plug-in file
 file extension aifBeatnik Player plug-in file
aip file icon file extension aipAdobe Illustrator plugin
 file extension aizAero AIO plug-in file
 file extension alh5Adobe PageMaker add-in file
 file extension aliAlice plugin file
 file extension alxOM2 OMALI plug-in
amo file icon file extension amoAIM AOL Instant Messenger UI plug-in
 file extension amxAdmin Mod plug-in file
 file extension amxxAMX Mod X plug-in
 file extension aosNokia 9000 Communicator add-on software
ape file icon file extension apeWinamp audio visualization studio AVS plugin effect
api file icon file extension apiAdobe Acrobat plugin file
apl file icon file extension aplACDSee plug-in file
 file extension aplgAudials One add-on file
apln file icon file extension aplnAdobe InDesign 3rd party plug-in
 file extension aplpAudials One add-on installation package file
 file extension appLotus Symphony add-in application file
 file extension aqqAQQ plug-in file
 file extension arpiAdobe plug-in file
arx file icon file extension arxAutoCAD runtime extension
 file extension aspMSN ASF video plugin
 file extension assetprojCamtasia Studio asset information data
 file extension assistantHP Printer Utility for Mac assistant plugin file
 file extension atsAudiotools plug-in file
 file extension atxAnimation:Master plugin
 file extension avxArcView Extension plugin
 file extension avxAvid Media Composer plugin file
awf file icon file extension awfAdobe WorkFlow workgroup plugin
 file extension axMpeg-4 DVD filter file
 file extension baiBUILD2WIN add-in
 file extension bavAVG Bat! plugin file
 file extension bgrGirder binary plugin
 file extension binTenCORE plug-in file
 file extension bluFileMaker Pro runtime extension
 file extension briBryce plugin file
 file extension brmBryce plugin
 file extension broBryce plugin file
bundle file icon file extension bundleMac OS X Application plug-in
 file extension bzplugCorel AfterShot Pro plugin
 file extension cbpluginCode::Blocks plugin file
 file extension ccxMultimedia Fusion plugin file
 file extension cdcChromeleon driver configuration plugin
 file extension cdlConceptDraw PRO library file
 file extension cdlxConceptDraw PRO XML library file
 file extension cfpresetSA Color Finesse plugin for Adobe After Effects file
clr file icon file extension clrApple Mac OS X Color Picker palette file
cmp file icon file extension cmpMicrosoft Internet Explorer custom menu plugin files
 file extension cmpCaseMap send to TimeMap plug-in
 file extension codapluginCoda for Mac plugin file
component file icon file extension componentMac OS X System Component
 file extension coxMultimedia Fusion plugin file
 file extension cpsSenior Conta plugin file
 file extension crpluginComicRacks plugin
crx file icon file extension crxGoogle Chrome extension installer file format
 file extension cvtCanvas external tool data
 file extension d2aAvisynth MPAsource plugin scan data
 file extension d5cDragon UnPACKer plugin
 file extension d5dDragon UnPACKer driver
 file extension d64Commodore emulator data
dbx file icon file extension dbxAutoCAD database extension file
 file extension dcextDC plugin
 file extension desnProtect GameGuard game security plug-in file
 file extension dfpeyeon Fusion plugin file
 file extension dgaddinDigiGuide add-in
 file extension dirWebSTAR Directory Indexer plug-in file
 file extension discoveryHP Printer Utility for Mac discovery plugin
 file extension djpluginDigital Juice plug-in file
 file extension dkpDreamkeys plug-in
dlc file icon file extension dlc3D Studio Max animation controller
dle file icon file extension dle3D Studio Max plugin
dlm file icon file extension dlm3ds Max plugin
 file extension dlmSynology Download Station search module
dlo file icon file extension dlo3D Studio Max plugin file
dlu file icon file extension dlu3D Studio Max utility plug-in
 file extension dmpAmiga emulator file
 file extension dmxMicrosoft SQL Server data mining extension
 file extension dnsDynSite plug-in
 file extension docktilepluginApple Mac OS X app plugin file
 file extension dpmPro Tools plugin file
dumodule file icon file extension dumoduleApple Mac OS X Disk Utility plugin module file
 file extension eazArcGIS Explorer add-in
ecf file icon file extension ecfMicrografx Media Manager file
 file extension ecfMicrosoft Outlook add-in
 file extension ecfWinFax Office add-in file
 file extension emgLabVIEW EMGWorks DataPlugin
 file extension extNorton Commander extension
 file extension fffPegasus Mail form fact file
 file extension flxFlexTk plugin file
 file extension fmpluginFileMaker Pro plug-in file
 file extension fmxFileMaker plug-in file
 file extension fxbSteinberg VST audio preset plug-in
 file extension fxpSteinberg audio preset
 file extension fxtFinale plug-in
 file extension fzipFoxit Reader add-on
 file extension gitextGit extension
 file extension gmlGirder plugin
 file extension goxThe Games Factory extension file
 file extension gpcGenie Backup Manager plugin file
 file extension growlviewGrowl display plugin file
gta file icon file extension gtaMicrosoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove tool archive
 file extension haHA compressed archive
 file extension hglAutoVue graphic plug-in file
 file extension hhpackHTC Home extension file
 file extension hksHTML-KIT plugin file
 file extension hmyHemingway Content Management System plugin
 file extension hpiJenkins plugin
hplg file icon file extension hplgApple iTunes device plugin file
hvpl file icon file extension hvplApple iTunes visual plugin file
 file extension iadplugiAd Producer plugin
 file extension ibpluginXcode Interface Builder plug-in file
 file extension idbQuicken Home Inventory add-on file
 file extension ifbInfotriever plug-in file
indesignplugin file icon file extension indesignpluginAdobe InDesign plugin file
 file extension inxInkscape extension descriptor file
ioc file icon file extension iocWinamp Io plug-in
 file extension iwzItemWizard file
 file extension jimJIRA importers plugin
 file extension kmmK-Meleon macro module file
 file extension kxakX add-on
la file icon file extension laNetscape packetized audio file
la file icon file extension laApple QuickTime plug-in file
 file extension lafLingoes appendix file
ld2 file icon file extension ld2Lingoes compiled dictionary file
 file extension lrdevpluginAdobe Photoshop Lightroom plugin file
 file extension lrpluginAdobe Photoshop Lightroom plug-in file
 file extension lwzLightWave 3D plugin file
 file extension lxpLa grande Encyclop├ędie plug-in file
 file extension lzolzop archive file
m2p file icon file extension m2pMaxthon plugin installation package file
mbx file icon file extension mbxTotal Commander file
 file extension mchMacromedia Xtra cache
 file extension md2pMessengerDiscovery file
 file extension md2sMessengerDiscovery file
mda file icon file extension mdaMicrosoft Access add-in
 file extension mdeArchiCAD educational version module file
menu file icon file extension menumacOS SystemUIServer MenuExtra plugin
 file extension mepmadExcept plugin
 file extension mftMultitude FireTalk Web Launcher plugin file
 file extension mfxMultimedia Fusion extension file
 file extension miAutoVue graphic plugin file
 file extension mjpJRiver Media Center plug-in
 file extension mllAutodesk Maya plug-in
 file extension modeCoda for Mac plugin file
 file extension monitorHP Printer Utility monitor plugin file
 file extension movAutoCAD AutoFlix movie
 file extension mtfXLActuary Excel Add-in file
 file extension mtxMadTracker extension file
 file extension mvtMiva Merchant module file
mxaddon file icon file extension mxaddonMaxthon add-on
mxi file icon file extension mxiAdobe Dreamweaver Extension Manager plugins package
mxp file icon file extension mxpAdobe (Macromedia) extension package
 file extension mxxMaxwell Render extension data
 file extension mzdMootzoid plugin
 file extension nbpNeoBook plugin file
 file extension nexOpera Next extension file
 file extension nfsGigawatt NPNFS3 plugin
 file extension nmsvAbleton Live Massive plugin preset
 file extension nsplNetscape Navigator plugin file
 file extension nvxnvStructural plug-in
 file extension nxpNEXUS expansion pack
ny file icon file extension nyNyquist plug-in
 file extension obrOSGi Bundle Repository data
oex file icon file extension oexOpera add-on
 file extension ottheWord text module file
 file extension oxePulsar/SCOPE z.matrix file
 file extension extension help format
 file extension p2mPhotoWorks appearance file
pa file icon file extension paMicrosoft PowerPoint add-in
 file extension pePrivacy Eraser plugin file
 file extension pflPhotoFiltre plug-in file
 file extension pfpluginPixelformer plugin
 file extension pkpPrivacy Killer Plug-in Manager data
 file extension pl1Adventure Maker plug-in file
 file extension plexappPlex plugin package file
 file extension plgSibelius plug-in file
 file extension plgAston shell plug-in file
 file extension plgxKeePass optional plugin format
pln file icon file extension plnAdobe InDesign plugin file
 file extension plpMessenger Plus! sound pack
plsc file icon file extension plscLive Messenger script pack
 file extension plugPlug-in file
 file extension pluginPlugin file
 file extension plwInteractive Disassembler plugin module file
 file extension plxInteractive Disassembler plugin file
 file extension plx64Interactive Disassembler plugin file
 file extension pmpPocketMusic plugin file
 file extension pnhProject ROME plug-in archive
ppa file icon file extension ppaMicrosoft PowerPoint 97 to 2003 add-in
ppam file icon file extension ppamMicrosoft PowerPoint macro-enabled Open XML add-in
 file extension ppcMacromedia BreezePlug-in for PowerPoint sync file
 file extension ppmPPMd archive
prm file icon file extension prmAdobe Premiere plug-in
 file extension prmAdobe Prelude plugin file
 file extension prxPlaystation Protable plug-in file
pset file icon file extension psetAdobe InDesign plug-in set
 file extension ptqPianoteq plug-in file
puc file icon file extension pucPage Update Checker checker data
 file extension pushstoreiOS notification service extension
 file extension px5Poker Pal third-party plug-in file
 file extension q1qLunarCell Adobe Photoshop plug-in file
 file extension q2qFlexify Adobe Photoshop plug-in file
 file extension q3xQuickDraw 3D Extension file
 file extension q4qSolar Cell Adobe Photoshop plug-in file
 file extension q5rMelancholytron Adobe Photoshop plug-in file
 file extension q7qIndia Ink plug-in data
 file extension q8rFlood Adobe Photoshop plug-in file
 file extension q9qBlade Pro plugin file
 file extension q9rGlitterato Adobe Photoshop plug-in file
 file extension q9sMr. Contrast Adobe Photoshop plug-in file
 file extension qamEpson QuickAnime Player plugin
 file extension qarQlikView plug-in
 file extension qdpMPQDraft plugin file
 file extension qfpQuicken Financial Planner add-on file
qlgenerator file icon file extension qlgeneratorApple Quick Look plug-in
 file extension qpaQuicktime Player addition file
 file extension qpdQuicken QuickPay Windows 3.0 add-on
qpx file icon file extension qpxApple QuickTime Player extension file
qsf file icon file extension qsfMicrografx QuickSilver graphic plugin
qtr file icon file extension qtrApple QuickTime extension resource
qtx file icon file extension qtxApple QuickTime related image extension
 file extension rbSketchUp plugin script
 file extension rbzSketchUp plugin script
 file extension revLiveCode plugin
 file extension rezEscape Velocity Nova plugin
 file extension rhiRhino Installer Engine package
 file extension rhpRhino 3D plug-in file
 file extension rockRockBox plugin
 file extension rplibAxure widget library file
 file extension rplnAdobe InDesign required function library
rpm file icon file extension rpmRealAudio plugin
 file extension rpymcRen'Py module
 file extension rsrsBuddy API file
 file extension rwpluginRapidWeaver plugin
 file extension rwtHyperRESEARCH plugin
 file extension rxtRetrospect extension data
 file extension sa9Hue and Cry Adobe Photoshop plug-in file
safariextz file icon file extension safariextzApple Safari extension
 file extension sboSAP Business One SDK add-on related file
 file extension sclSinclair file
 file extension sdlpSimpleDiagrams plugin
seplugin file icon file extension sepluginApple Mac OS X AppleScript Editor plugin file
 file extension sh3pSweet Home 3D plugin file
 file extension slnkSAP Business All-in-One plug-in file
sms file icon file extension smsNetscape PHYSICON Interactive plugin file
 file extension so-abiAbiWord plug-in
sparc file icon file extension sparcSkype Extra plug-in file
 file extension speSPSS extension
stc file icon file extension stcAcrobat Exchange Plug-in file
std file icon file extension stdAdobe Acrobat exchange plug-in
stp file icon file extension stpAdobe Acrobat Exchange plug-in
 file extension sublime-packageSublime Text compressed extension package
 file extension sugarEspresso plug-in file
 file extension svpSonique visual plug-in file
 file extension t3xTYPO3 compressed extension
 file extension taskHP Printer Utility task plugin
 file extension tbpThe Bat! plug-in file
 file extension tgpTGPGuiLib Terragen plugin
 file extension tlbpluginTrue Launch Bar plugin file
 file extension tmbundleTextMate bundle
 file extension tp_pluginThumbsPlus file plugin
 file extension trakNative Instruments Traktor content pack file
 file extension transportHP Printer Utility transport plugin file
 file extension trbAnimation Master turbulence plug-in
 file extension ts3_addonTeamSpeak add-on
 file extension ts3_iconpackTeamSpeak 3 add-on
 file extension ts3_pluginTeamSpeak 3 plugin
 file extension ts3_soundpackTeamSpeak add-on
 file extension ts3_translationTeamSpeak add-on
tvex file icon file extension tvexApple QuickTime MoviePlayer plug-in file
 file extension twmtheWord module file
 file extension twztheWord compressed module file
 file extension twziptheWord compressed module file
 file extension umrMyEclipse UML model repository file
 file extension upcUltimate Paint component file format
 file extension upiUlead PhotoImpact plugin
 file extension vdfVirtualDub filter plug-in
 file extension vdpluginVirtualDub plugin file
 file extension vfpTMPGEnc VFAPI plug-in
 file extension vfxAnimation Master volumetric effect plug-in file
 file extension vmrVBMaximizer file
 file extension vntDecorating Vignette web interior decorating plug-in file
 file extension vpgVAKCER Project Tracker DLL plug-in
 file extension vpluginOrcs Must Die! plugin file
vsix file icon file extension vsixMicrosoft Visual Studio extension package
 file extension vstVST audio plug-in
 file extension vst3Cubase plugin
 file extension vwpVoxware MetaVoice plug-in file
 file extension waWindows 7 Toolkit file
 file extension wbexANSYS Workbench extension
wcx file icon file extension wcxTotal Commander plug-in
 file extension wdgpWord for Mac Add-in file
 file extension wdicWord 5 for Mac plug-in
 file extension wdllWord 6 for Mac Add-in file
wdx file icon file extension wdxTotal Commander content plugin
wfx file icon file extension wfxTotal Commander plugin file
wll file icon file extension wllMicrosoft Word add-in
 file extension wlxFileMaker Pro plug-in
 file extension wlxTotal Commander lister plug-in
 file extension wowslWOW Slider plugin
 file extension wpiWCPUID plug-in file
wpp file icon file extension wppApple Logic Studio WaveBurner plug-in chain preset file
wpr file icon file extension wprApple Logic Studio WaveBurner plug-in preset
 file extension wssxMicrosoft Windows Server add-on
wt6 file icon file extension wt6602Pro PC Suite plug-in file
wwl file icon file extension wwlMicrosoft Word add-in file
x32 file icon file extension x32Adobe Xtra data
 file extension x3d3D crossword plugin for Netscape/IE/Opera
 file extension xaddMicrosoft Expression Web 4 add-in
 file extension xcodepluginApple Xcode plug-in file
 file extension xcpluginApple Xcode plug-in file
 file extension xcplugindataXcode plug-in data file
xcu file icon file extension xcuApache OpenOffice ( extension control data
 file extension basic module
 file extension xeoSignwave Auto-Illustrator plug-in file
 file extension xgdwGDevelop extension
 file extension xgoGeoConcept add-on file
xla file icon file extension xlaMicrosoft Excel add-in
xla5 file icon file extension xla5Microsoft Excel 5 for Mac add-in file
xla8 file icon file extension xla8Microsoft Excel 98 for Mac add-in file
xlam file icon file extension xlamMicrosoft Excel Open XML macro-enabled add-in
xla_ file icon file extension xla_Microsoft Excel 4 for Mac add-in file
xll file icon file extension xllMicrosoft Excel add-in file
xll_ file icon file extension xll_Microsoft Excel 4 for Mac add-in file
xlv file icon file extension xlvMicrosoft Excel VBA module file
 file extension xlxSAP Xcelsius add-on
 file extension xmdBitDefender plugin
xnp file icon file extension xnpXnView addon file
 file extension xntQuarkXPress extension file
 file extension xopIGOR Pro add-on file
xpi file icon file extension xpiFirefox browser extension
 file extension xplX-Plane plug-in
xrs file icon file extension xrsRealPlayer plugin external resources file
 file extension xsiaddonSOFTIMAGE XSI add-on file
 file extension xtndAdobe Acrobat for Mac Plug-In file
xtra file icon file extension xtraAdobe Director Xtra data
 file extension xxe_addonXMLmind XML Editor add-on
 file extension xyzXYZZLY RealPlayer plug-in file
 file extension ytiGoogle Picasa plugin
 file extension yvesYVES Bible plugin
zxp file icon file extension zxpAdobe zip format extension package

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