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File types related to emulation software applications

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File types related to emulation software applications.

Emulator file type category contains file formats related to emulation software and data formats containing exact (or near-perfect) duplicates of the original source (tapes, floppy disks, console cartridges, ROM memories). Emulator software basically imitates another program, platform or device (mobile phones, game consoles or printers etc.). Very popular are emulators of gaming consoles (Sega, Nintendo, Sony Playstation), old 8-bit or 16-bit computers (Sinclair, Commodore, Atari, Amiga, Apple) or arcade machines emulators.

Emulation software is popular, because older applications and games often do not run well (or at all) on modern operating systems such as Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7. The most popular emulators are Amiga Forever, Commodore Forever, ZSNES or DOS Box. There are many sites on internet with the informations about emulation of old programs or games, emulator downloads and emulator file archives.

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 file extension mbzPogoshell NES emulator plugin
 file extension romRead Only Memory image
 file extension datGame data
 file extension z64Nintendo 64 game ROM
 file extension gbaNintendo Game Boy Advance ROM image
 file extension tapZX Spectrum tape image
 file extension n64Nintendo 64 Emulation ROM image
 file extension nesNintendo Entertainment System ROM image
 file extension x64Commodore 64 emulator disk image
 file extension smdSega Genesis ROM emulator data
 file extension ndsNintendo DS game ROM image
 file extension dmsAmiga compressed archive
 file extension smcSuper Nintendo game-console ROM image
 file extension g64C64 emulator disk image
 file extension figSuper Nintendo game-console ROM image
 file extension pieGlove programmable input emulator data
 file extension s19Motorola EEPROM programming data
 file extension stAtari disk image
 file extension hdfAmiga hard disk image
 file extension sfcNintendo SNES9x ROM image
 file extension gczDolphin emulator archive
 file extension gbNintendo Gameboy ROM image
 file extension kimCommodore KIM-1 image
 file extension ppAmiga compressed archive
 file extension atrAtari 8-bit disk image
 file extension tzxZX Spectrum tape image poke
 file extension binNintendo DS binary data
 file extension dstDeSmuME saved state
 file extension dgzDega saved state
 file extension ttpAtari Falcon application
 file extension ggsGameboy emulator data
 file extension srmSuper Nintendo ROM saved game
 file extension gbcNintendo Game Boy Color emulator ROM image
 file extension mcrePSXe memory card data
 file extension trdZX Spectrum floppy disk image
iso file icon file extension isoePSXe Sony Playstation game image
 file extension patKega Fusion game cheat
 file extension mdrZX Spectrum microdrive emulator data
 file extension m64Mupen64 movie capture
 file extension sgsWinDS PRO data
 file extension zxtZX Spectrum emulator data
 file extension cxarchiveCrossOver bottle file
bin file icon file extension binAtari 2600 game ROM image
lha file icon file extension lhaLH ARC compressed archive
 file extension chdMAME compressed ROM image
 file extension zs2ZSNES slot 2 saved state
 file extension cdzpSX emulator compressed CD image
 file extension a26Atari 2600 ROM image
 file extension pjProject64 game progress
 file extension 68kSega Mega Drive ROM image
 file extension z80ZX Spectrum Emulator memory snapshot
 file extension sclZX Spectrum emulator disk image
 file extension ps2PCSX2 memory card data
 file extension brmKega Fusion RAM backup
 file extension mdvQLAY image
 file extension unfUniversal NES Image Format
 file extension zpakSony Ericsson Xperia Play game pack file
 file extension snaZX80 Spectrum Mirage emulator snapshot
 file extension adfAmiga disk format
 file extension d64Commodore emulator data
 file extension fskAtari 8-bit cassette image
 file extension ss0GameBoid first saving slot
 file extension fdiFloppy disk image
 file extension pokZX Spectrum emulator poke
 file extension rp9RetroPlatform data
 file extension v64Nintendo 64 emulation ROM image
 file extension p00C64 emulator data
 file extension lzxAmiga LZX archive file
 file extension ltpZX Spectrum emulator program
 file extension chtZSNES cheat code
 file extension itvNostalgia Emulator Intellivision ROM image
 file extension jsfProject64 joystick settings
 file extension zxKGB ZX Spectrum emulator snapshot
 file extension snapZX Spectrum emulator Mirage Microdrive snapshot
scr file icon file extension scrZX Spectrum standard screen
 file extension genSega Genesis ROM image
 file extension sf7Sega SF-7000 ROM image
 file extension t64Commodore 64 emulator tape
 file extension mpkProject64 memory pack
 file extension l6464LAN image
 file extension dsvDeSmuME saved game
 file extension mgtZX Spectrum emulator disk image
 file extension gs0Sega Genesis (Megadrive) emulator quick slot 0 saved game
 file extension c64Commodore 64 ROM image
 file extension vmsDreamcast VMU save file
 file extension 81ZX Spectrum emulator data
 file extension rdbN64 Nintendo 64 ROM database
 file extension ngpNeo Geo Pocket ROM image
 file extension dckWarajevo ZX Spectrum emulation data
 file extension dskZX Spectrum emulator data
 file extension d81Commodore VC-1581 diskette emulator image
 file extension u00Commodore C64 universal data
 file extension snesSuper Ninento game image
 file extension smvSnes9x movie capture
 file extension nvMAME NVRAM data
 file extension xexAtari program executable
 file extension $1ZX Spectrum HOBETA format
 file extension hunPersonal Paint Hungarian language user interface
 file extension xdfX68000 image
 file extension 1Super Nintendo split ROM image
 file extension biiBasilisk II data
 file extension dessMicrosoft Device Emulator saved state
 file extension gsxGens Sega emulator saved state
 file extension iieSimIIe emulator data
 file extension reuCommodore C64 REU image
 file extension zxsZX Spectrum emulator ZX32 snapshot file
 file extension srmKega Fusion game RAM data
 file extension d71Commodore emulator data
 file extension j64Virtual Jaguar ROM image
 file extension adzAmiga emulator compressed ADF data
 file extension pj1Project64 saved game
 file extension d80Commodore CBM-8050 diskette emulator image
 file extension crtCommodore emulator data
 file extension vmvVirtualNES or VisualBoyAdvance file
 file extension inpMAME replay
 file extension casAtari cassette image
 file extension zm2ZSNES movie #2
 file extension fxeGeePee32 data
 file extension vbmVisual Boy Advance movie capture format
 file extension nezNES ROM emulator image
 file extension jmvJnes record
mcd file icon file extension mcdBleem! memory card save
 file extension d88Toshiba Pasopia 7 disk data
 file extension jmaNSRT compressed game data
 file extension frzSnes9x saved state file
 file extension qdSHARP MZ-series emulator data
 file extension gba.dsDeSmuME ROM image
 file extension nd5Nintendo DS game ROM image
 file extension dhfAMIGA emulator disk image ROM file
 file extension fdsNintendo Famicom (NES) disk system audio data
 file extension 64cCommodore C64 Emulator data or font
 file extension ic8Neo Geo BIOS image
 file extension staMAME saved state
 file extension ggSega GameGear game ROM image
 file extension gbaskinGBA4iOS controller skin
 file extension d82Commodore emulator data
 file extension snapshotZX Spectrum emulator Mirage Microdrive snapshot
 file extension gs4Genecyst saved state slot 4
 file extension ds3WinDS PRO data
 file extension gmbWinDS PRO file
 file extension dgnDragon 32 emulator file
 file extension 32xSega GENESIS ROM image
 file extension ds9WinDS PRO data
 file extension d67VICE disk image
 file extension szxZX Spectrum emulator ZX-state snapshot
 file extension agbGame Boy Advance ROM image
 file extension d41CCS64 data
 file extension t81EightyOne ROM image
 file extension ussWinUAE saved state
 file extension svsgpSP Game Boy Advance emulator saved state
 file extension zs4ZSNES slot 4 save state
 file extension ds10WinDS PRO data
 file extension cprCPC Plus cartridge image
 file extension mccAmiga MUI external class library
 file extension spZX Spectrum emulator source profile
 file extension upsVisualBoyAdvance UPS patch
 file extension swcSuper Nintendo Super Wildcard ROM image
 file extension zm?ZSNES movie
 file extension ds1DeSmuME saved state
 file extension uefUnified Emulator Format
 file extension rp2RetroPlatform Player (Amiga Forever) file
 file extension ptpPrimo Computer Emulator tape image
 file extension pZX81 picture image
lhz file icon file extension lhzLHA Compressed file archive
 file extension s28Genesis or Sega32X ROM image
 file extension unifUniversal NES Image Format ROM image
 file extension sa1Nintendo Game Boy emulator saved state
 file extension whdWinUAEX WHDLoad settings
 file extension scSega SC-3000 image
 file extension boxerBoxer for Mac game archive file
 file extension imgZX Spectrum emulator disk image
 file extension gciNintendo GameCube saved game
 file extension adxSega Dreamcast audio data
 file extension 500Pasofami data
 file extension hdzAmiga hard disk image
 file extension cgbGameboy color data
 file extension ipfInterchangeable preservation data
psx file icon file extension psxSony PlayStation saved game
 file extension carcNintendo DS compressed archive
 file extension gbcskinGBA4iOS controller skin
 file extension pooCommodore C64 machine code
 file extension $bTR-DOS basic file format
 file extension proAPE Atari disk image
 file extension t88NEC PC-88 tape image
 file extension zmvZSNES movie data
 file extension harddiskBoxer for Mac harddisk image
 file extension sanZX Spectrum emulator file
 file extension vgsVirtual Game Station memory card save
 file extension 64bCommodore C64 emulator data
 file extension prgSHARP MZ-series emulator data
 file extension sltZX Spectrum emulator Super Level Loader snapshot file
 file extension nmmNightmare module
 file extension vmczHyper-V imported virtual machine
 file extension zs1ZSNES slot 1 saved state
 file extension rawZX Spectrum memory dump
 file extension lnxAtari Lynx ROM image file
 file extension a83EightyOne Sinclair ZX81 ROM image
 file extension brtexWii BRTEX texture
 file extension difMAME CHD diff saved data
 file extension poscPentagon 1024 overscan
 file extension mcPlaySaver and PSEmuPro memory card save and single game save file
 file extension gmeInteract DexDrive memory card saved state
 file extension wdfWiimm Nintendo Wii disc file
 file extension gbcWinDS PRO data
 file extension pdbC64 emulator data
 file extension 001Snes9x slot 2 saved game
 file extension vbVirtual Boy disk image
 file extension mixDon Knuth's MMIX emulator file
 file extension zm1ZSNES movie #1
 file extension mdbZX Spectrum emulator MB-02 disk format
 file extension fddZX Spectrum emulator data
 file extension qcfQ-emuLator data
 file extension zsgGENS zipped Sega Genesis ROM
 file extension hpfHP9100A program
 file extension polPersonal Paint polish language user interface
 file extension $dTR-DOS data file format
 file extension sgSega SG-1000 image
 file extension pzxPerfect ZX tape format
 file extension gmvGens movie capture
 file extension dskSHARP MZ-series emulator data
 file extension 000Z80 Spectrum emulator data
 file extension sitSinclair ZX Spectrum emulator snapshot
 file extension archimedesSpeccy ZX Spectrum emulator snapshot
 file extension sgbSuper Game Boy image
 file extension mdSega Genesis ROM image
 file extension rzxZX Spectrum emulator input-recording format
 file extension gnmGNM Output music
 file extension prgZX Spectrum SpecEm snapshot
 file extension opdZX Spectrum emulator data
 file extension semZX Spectrum-Emulator snapshot file
 file extension n80P-88 memory data
 file extension cwzPogoShell data
 file extension mztSHARP MZ-series emulator data
 file extension 500Nintendo Famicom Disk System
 file extension zs7ZSNES slot 7 saved state
 file extension pcsxstatePCSX emulator saved game
 file extension zm9ZSNES movie #9
 file extension ds4DeSmuME saved state
 file extension blkZX Spectrum emulator data
 file extension zs9ZSNES slot 9 saved state
 file extension zs5ZSNES slot 5 saved state
 file extension famNintendo Entertainment System FamicomS emulator ROM image
 file extension amfAmiga metafile
crg file icon file extension crgAtari Jaguar Cinepak Chunky-format 16-bit RGB film file
 file extension $?TR-DOS ZX Spectrum file in HOBETA format
 file extension eprZ88 Disk ROM image
 file extension palZX SPECTRUM emulator data
 file extension snxZX-32 snapshot extended
 file extension zs6ZSNES slot 6 saved state
 file extension zs3ZSNES slot 3 saved state
 file extension airZX Spectrum emulator input-recording format
 file extension zs0ZSNES slot 0 saved state file
 file extension zx82ZX Spectrum emulator Speculator file
 file extension itmZX Spectrum emulator tape file
 file extension xadmlAmiga Forever XADML file
 file extension fmvFamtasia movie capture
srg file icon file extension srgAtari Jaguar Cinepak Smooth-format 16-bit RGB film file
 file extension cdmediaBoxer for Mac cd-rom image
 file extension spcJ. Swiatek SP ZX Spectrum emulator tape
 file extension a64Nintendo 64 memory export file
 file extension wdrZX Spectrum emulator data
 file extension outZX Spectrum emulator data
 file extension memVirtual Game Station memory data
 file extension zs8ZSNES slot 8 saved state file
 file extension 64dC64 PC64 Emulator file
 file extension gs6Genecyst save state 6 file
 file extension zm6ZSNES Movie #6 file
 file extension zm4ZSNES Movie #4 file
 file extension zm8ZSNES Movie #8 file
 file extension zm7ZSNES Movie #7 file
 file extension zm3ZSNES Movie #3 file
 file extension mgdSega Genesis ROM image

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