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Accounting, financial and tax file icon Accounting, financial and tax file type extensions
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File extension used in various accounting, financial and tax reporting software

List of common financial files

Accounting, financial and tax file extension list

File extension used in various accounting, financial and tax reporting software.

Accounting, tax and file types are group of files, that are used for storing and exchanging of financial data either for personal, small business, or corporate use. File types in this category include accounting databases, tax return files, bank transactions and others.

Several exchange formats also exists, that are widely supported in many accounting and tax preparation software, including OFX (Open Financial Exchange), TXF (Tax Exchange Format) and QFX (Quicken Financial Exchange) formats.

The most popular accounting and tax software include Quicken, QuickBooks, QuickTax, Turbotax. Each country also typically has some local software for accounting.


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 file extension tax2017TurboTax tax return 2017
 file extension tax2018TurboTax tax return 2018 file
 file extension gdbDatabase file
iif file icon file extension iifQuickBooks interchange format
 file extension tax2019TurboTax 2019 tax return
qdf file icon file extension qdfQuicken financial data
qfx file icon file extension qfxQuicken Financial Exchange format
tax file icon file extension taxTurboTax tax return
 file extension gpcABO financial exchange message
ofx file icon file extension ofxOpen Financial Exchange format
qif file icon file extension qifQuicken Interchange Format
ptb file icon file extension ptbPeachtree Complete Accounting backup
 file extension tax2016TurboTax tax return 2016
 file extension t17H&R Block 2017 tax return
 file extension 2016Any data file created in 2016
 file extension tax2020TurboTax 2020 tax return
 file extension t18H&R Block 2018 tax return
 file extension 2015Any data file created in 2015
 file extension t16H&R Block 2016 tax return
qtx file icon file extension qtxQuicken data
 file extension tt17TurboTax 2017 tax return file
 file extension tt16TurboTax 2016 tax return
 file extension 500Tally.ERP accounting data
qbw file icon file extension qbwQuickBooks company data
 file extension rpfRaven Check converter payment
 file extension txfTax Exchange Format
 file extension myeMYOB data file
 file extension sieSwedish Accounting data format
qbm file icon file extension qbmQuickBooks portable company data
 file extension itfeSignal integrated trading data
lgb file icon file extension lgbQuickBooks little green box
 file extension tt18TurboTax 2018 tax return
 file extension etseSignal time and sales data
 file extension myoxMYOB data backup
 file extension epbEP Budgeting data
qbo file icon file extension qboQuickBooks online bank statement data
 file extension myobMYOB data
mny file icon file extension mnyMicrosoft Money data
qch file icon file extension qchQuicken for MS-DOS data
 file extension t14H&R Block 2014 tax return
tlg file icon file extension tlgQuickBooks transaction log
nv2 file icon file extension nv2NewViews 2 accounting data
ofc file icon file extension ofcOpen Financial Connectivity format
 file extension bc9Cashflow Manager backup
 file extension 2013Any data file created in 2013
hif file icon file extension hifQuicken Online data
vnd file icon file extension vndMedlin Accounting vendor information
lid file icon file extension lidQuicken 2002 Deluxe data
 file extension tt15TurboTax 2015 tax return
 file extension aciACI development appraisal
 file extension 2012Any data file created in 2012
lmr file icon file extension lmrQuickBooks Loan Manager data
 file extension t15H&R Block 2015 tax return
cfp file icon file extension cfpQuickBooks cash flow projector
210 file icon file extension 210StarMoney bpd hbcioffl 280 data
 file extension tt19TurboTax 2019 tax return
m14 file icon file extension m14Microsoft Money 2005 backup data
rdy file icon file extension rdyReady Pro accounting data
 file extension tax2015TurboTax tax return 2015
 file extension amjAceMoney database
tfx file icon file extension tfxTax exchange file format
 file extension ebqCITE Electronic Bill of Quantities file
qbx file icon file extension qbxQuickBooks Accountant transfer data
 file extension n43Norma43 data
 file extension t12H&R Block At Home 2012 tax return data
 file extension tax2012TurboTax 2012 tax return data
 file extension 2009Any data file created in 2009
tax2011 file icon file extension tax2011TurboTax 2011 tax return
zdb file icon file extension zdbQuicken data
 file extension etqeSignal time and quotes file
 file extension tax2013TurboTax tax return 2013
 file extension sajSage 50 folder
 file extension tt14TurboTax 2014 tax return data
npc file icon file extension npcQuickBooks online banking data
 file extension fnmFannie Mae 1003 data
dac file icon file extension dacDynacom Accounting data
 file extension esvPrincipia stock research document
 file extension baiBank Administration Institute format
 file extension qxfQuicken for Mac data exchange format
ta8 file icon file extension ta8TaxACT tax year 1998 form
1pe file icon file extension 1peTurboTax tax form
 file extension tax2021TurboTax 2021 tax return
m12 file icon file extension m12Microsoft Money 2004 backup data
 file extension kmoCommercial Bank Czech financial data exchange format
nv file icon file extension nvNewViews 1 accounting data file
 file extension opeSignal OptionsPlus data
 file extension brwPointCentral financial institutions loan
 file extension t10At Home 2010 tax return form
 file extension tax2014TurboTax tax return 2014
 file extension mnpUltrasoft Money file
 file extension mmbMoney Manager EX data
 file extension pvcSage MAS 90 data file
 file extension epaElectronic Payment Advice format
sba file icon file extension sbaSpeedBalance accounting data
ibank file icon file extension ibankiBank accounting data file
tax2009 file icon file extension tax2009TurboTax 2009 tax return data
 file extension ta1TaxACT 2001 tax form
 file extension t00TaxCut federal data file
tom file icon file extension tomTotal Office Manager accounting data
 file extension vypGE Money Bank financial data exchange format
dgc file icon file extension dgcTurboTax tax form
 file extension ta6TaxACT tax year 2006 form
gto file icon file extension gtoQuicken Online data
 file extension qsmQuickBooks Statement Wirter data
 file extension letGenesis 2000 data
 file extension t13H&R Block 2013 tax return
 file extension slpTimeslips data
qsd file icon file extension qsdQuicken data
mn1 file icon file extension mn1Microsoft Money version 1 data
 file extension t09At Home 2009 tax return data
 file extension u12UFile 2012 tax return
tax2008 file icon file extension tax2008TurboTax 2008 tax return
 file extension ssgInvestor's Toolkit stock selection guide
tbp file icon file extension tbpTASBooks accounting data file
 file extension xaaXML audit data
sic file icon file extension sicQuicken 2002 order data
tax2010 file icon file extension tax2010TurboTax 2010 tax return
 file extension atiMicrosoft Office Accounting updated company data
qbr file icon file extension qbrQuicBooks report template
 file extension dxiPayWindow database
 file extension pd6Lacerte Tax data
 file extension hsrRezeptAssist import or export file
m16 file icon file extension m16Microsoft Money 2007 data file
 file extension defxmlDanea Easyfatt data
 file extension q43Aqbanking Q43 file format
qba file icon file extension qbaQuickBooks accountant review copy data
qel file icon file extension qelQuicken Electronic library file
 file extension bc8Cashflow Manager backup
 file extension v11ESR v11 data
qb1 file icon file extension qb1Quicken data
 file extension tt11TurboTax Canada 2011 tax return
 file extension bxxBank of America loan docs
ptdb file icon file extension ptdbPeachtree Accounting accounting data
 file extension ta5TaxACT tax return form
mmw file icon file extension mmwAceMoney financial data
 file extension quoeSignal quote data
 file extension tt12TurboTax 2012 tax return
 file extension qpgQuickBooks data
qph file icon file extension qphIntuit Quicken price history file
 file extension t11At Home 2011 tax return data
 file extension pr5CheckMark Payroll distribution data
m10 file icon file extension m10Microsoft Money 2002 data
vmb file icon file extension vmbQuicken 2002 order data
 file extension t08TaxCut 2008 tax return data
qml file icon file extension qmlQuicken DOS data file
 file extension saySaya Matrix accounting database
 file extension lldLoan Level Disclosure data
 file extension kd3Yayoi Kaikei accounting data
 file extension plsMYOB data
 file extension qbmbQuickBooks backup file
 file extension t02TaxCut 2002 tax return data
qby file icon file extension qbyQuickbooks Accountant's import data
 file extension wacWISCO Accounts storage
 file extension tt13TurboTax 2013 tax return file
 file extension gncGnuCash data
 file extension t05TaxCut 2005 tax return data
 file extension bd2Lacerte Tax tax file
 file extension qb2013QuickBooks 2013 for Mac backup
 file extension ta9TaxACT tax document
 file extension fcrCost report data
 file extension brwCalyx Point data
 file extension cpwOnline Cost Planning Service cost planning work data
 file extension qmtfIntuit Quicken data
 file extension t01TAXWIZ Deluxe tax data
 file extension oeteSignal order entry ticket
 file extension t06TaxCut 2006 tax return
qfi file icon file extension qfiQuicken 2002 financial data
sdy file icon file extension sdyStarMoney financial data
 file extension nl2eSignal market depth data
 file extension qb2010QuickBooks 2010 for Mac backup
 file extension cf9Cashflow Manager accounting data
 file extension h12At Home 2012 tax return data
 file extension qpbQuicken payroll data
qdt file icon file extension qdtQuicken data
 file extension s12WISO Steuer-Sparbuch 2012 data
 file extension 13tIntuit Profile Premier data
 file extension u11UFile 2011 tax return file
ptk file icon file extension ptkQuicken Online data
 file extension mrqNETFILE tax data
 file extension cfdiComprobante Fiscal Digital por Internetdata
 file extension fefSteuer2001 data
 file extension eqbeSignal quote board data
chg file icon file extension chgQuicken online data
m11 file icon file extension m11Microsoft Money 2003 data
pr0 file icon file extension pr0CheckMark Payroll Software company information file
qmt file icon file extension qmtQuicken memory list file
 file extension mneMicrosoft Money data
 file extension cf8Cashflow Manager data
 file extension q07QuickTax 2007 tax return data
 file extension tax14TurboTax 2014 tax return
 file extension tt10Intuit Turbotax 2010 tax return
 file extension t04TaxCut 2004 tax return file
 file extension quicken2016Quicken for Mac 2016 financial data
qnx file icon file extension qnxQuicken index file
mn5 file icon file extension mn5Microsoft Money 97 data
 file extension 00cProFile 2000 autosave data
 file extension u08UFile data
 file extension mmmMoney Manager data
 file extension 10tStudioTax income tax
qpi file icon file extension qpiQuicken for Windows version 3 financial data
 file extension q00Quicken 2000 tax return
 file extension 09tStudioTax 2009 income tax
bgt file icon file extension bgtQuicken 2002 internet common data
mn9 file icon file extension mn9Microsoft Money 2001 data
qix file icon file extension qixQuicken DOS data file
 file extension t99Kiplinger tax cut
 file extension qobQuickBooks 2010 Pro data
 file extension ec8Simplazz 1-2-3 accountant export
 file extension efw2AccuWage W-2 form
 file extension ldcSteuer2001 data
 file extension q98Quicken 98 tax return
 file extension bd3Lacerte Tax data
 file extension xicDIF Freedom data
 file extension q08QuickTax 2008 tax return
 file extension s07TaxCalc 2007 data
 file extension mqlMetaTrader indicator file
tb2 file icon file extension tb2TASBooks accounting backup file
mn6 file icon file extension mn6Microsoft Money 98 data file
des file icon file extension desQuickBooks form design template
 file extension eskeSignal scan
 file extension ta4TaxACT tax return form
exp file icon file extension expQuickBooks export
 file extension btifBank image TIFF data
 file extension skgSkrooge data
ac2 file icon file extension ac2Banana 4 accounting data
 file extension nniANNI information data
mn8 file icon file extension mn8Microsoft Money 2000 data file
 file extension kb7Kaikei accounting data
mn7 file icon file extension mn7Microsoft Money 99 data
 file extension quicken2017Quicken for Mac 2017 financial data
 file extension 09iProSeries Tax data
 file extension quicken2015Quicken for Mac 2015 financial data
 file extension t03TaxCut 2003 tax return file
 file extension tplTimeslips TSImport template
 file extension q01Quicken 2001 tax return
 file extension vdfVersaCheck database
 file extension 11tStudioTax income tax data
 file extension lhrQuicken Financial Life for Mac financial data
 file extension i2bInvoice2go product
 file extension 07iProSeries tax data
 file extension ab4AB4 Accounting & Business data
qme file icon file extension qmeQuicken Win version 3 file
 file extension fa1DATAIR FAS 87/132 reporter data
 file extension q06QuickTax 2006 accounting data
zix file icon file extension zixQuicken encrypted data
1pa file icon file extension 1paQuickBooks form
 file extension pmaPayroll Mate file
mn4 file icon file extension mn4Microsoft Money 95 data file
 file extension t07TaxCut 2007 tax return file
 file extension qb2006QuickBooks 2006 for Mac backup
 file extension ebcCITE Control file
emp file icon file extension empMedlin Payroll Software employee data file
 file extension quickendataQuicken Essentials for Mac financial data file
 file extension tax17TurboTax tax return 2017
 file extension sbfSmartBroker data file
 file extension kmyKMyMoney data
 file extension ta2TaxACT document
 file extension vbpf1Virtual Business - Personal Finance data
 file extension mdMoneydance financial data
 file extension q09QuickTax 2009 tax return
 file extension fyceSignal data
 file extension jsdJazer financial file
 file extension pfdPersonal Finances database
m15 file icon file extension m15Microsoft Money 2006 data
 file extension metastockMetastock data file
 file extension tkreSignal ticker data
 file extension cbCashbook Complete company data
 file extension fxweSignal data
 file extension qdfmQuicken for Mac financial data
mwi file icon file extension mwiMedlin Payroll Software invoice layout information
scd file icon file extension scdTurboTax schedule descriptions data
 file extension u10UFile 2010 tax return file
 file extension stmLloydsTSB bank statement data
 file extension gsbGrisbi data
 file extension tax16TurboTax tax return 2016
 file extension ebdEmpower business dashboard file
 file extension sbdMicrosoft Office Accounting company data
 file extension flkAccountEdge lock data
 file extension bpfBusiness Plan Pro cash compass table formatting data
 file extension htsMetaTrader historical data
 file extension t01TaxCut 2001 tax return data
 file extension 08iQuickBooks return tax
 file extension qb2009QuickBooks 2009 for Mac backup
 file extension rebReimbursement Tracker data
 file extension empeSignal market profile
 file extension pxaXpressAccounts data
 file extension qbzQuick Trial Balance data
 file extension qbmdQuickBooks backup
 file extension seamSales report
 file extension xeqSage MAS 90 data
 file extension fcaCost report data
 file extension qb2011QuickBooks 2011 for Mac backup
ach file icon file extension achMedlin Payroll Software automated clearing house data
 file extension ldreSignal hot list
 file extension efseSignal formula script
intu file icon file extension intuQuicken for Mac data
rec file icon file extension recPayroll Mate 2008 bank reconciliation data
 file extension p072007 CANTAX T1 tax return
mn2 file icon file extension mn2Microsoft Money version 2 data
 file extension accGraphic Accounts account data
 file extension 07gProSeries Tax data
bpw file icon file extension bpwQuickBooks business planner data
saf file icon file extension safSelfAccounts data
aif file icon file extension aifQuickBooks Accountant's Review copy data
 file extension qb2012QuickBooks 2012 for Mac backup
qw5 file icon file extension qw5Quicken Win version 5 financial data
 file extension stxStockChartX data
 file extension #vcBig Fish ViewChoice data
 file extension esseSignal symbol search
 file extension mlcMultiLedger ship to data
cdf file icon file extension cdfNominal Small Business Accounting Software company data
 file extension impSimple Accounting data
int? file icon file extension int?Quicken for Mac data
 file extension tt2017stateTurboTax 2017 state tax form
 file extension afmAbassis data
 file extension ml2MultiLedger budget data
ffd file icon file extension ffdFortora Fresh Finance data
cat file icon file extension catQuicken IntelliCharge categorization data
 file extension qb2005QuickBooks 2005 for Mac backup
 file extension tax12TurboTax 2012 tax return
 file extension tax13TurboTax tax return
 file extension tt2013stateTurboTax 2013 state tax form
dbat file icon file extension dbatQuicken for Mac data
 file extension rcsSaralTDS eTDS software annual report
 file extension vyrJAPO data
 file extension d07DeductionPro 2007 data
 file extension stceSignal stretch chart
inv file icon file extension invMedlin Payroll Software current year checks and invoices
 file extension tax15TurboTax tax return 2015
 file extension qemExpensAble report
 file extension qdfxQuicken Essentials for Mac financial data exchange format
 file extension dtausDatenTrägerAustausch data
rec file icon file extension recMedlin Payroll Software bank reconciliation data
 file extension enteSignal NewsManager file
cus file icon file extension cusMedlin Payroll Software customer data file
cus file icon file extension cusPayroll Mate customer data
 file extension fa2DATAIR FAS 87/132 reporter custom text
tdr file icon file extension tdrMedlin Payroll Software tax deposit record file
 file extension sbcMicrosoft Office Accounting company shortcut
 file extension tax2022TurboTax 2022 tax return
 file extension dtleSignal file
 file extension tt2016stateTurboTax 2016 state tax form
 file extension pcifPayCycle data
mem file icon file extension memMedlin Payroll Software additional vendor data file
 file extension efw2cAccuWage W-2C form
mn3 file icon file extension mn3Microsoft Money version 3 data
coa file icon file extension coaMedlin Payroll Software chart
 file extension pgeSignal page file
 file extension $ac$&Sense data
rda file icon file extension rdaReady Ace accounting data
 file extension moneywellMoneyWell financial data file
qdt file icon file extension qdtQuickBooks UK accountancy data
 file extension bk2Cashbook Complete data
 file extension fcpaOfficer cost report data file
 file extension jsdaJazer financial data
 file extension tt2015stateTurboTax 2015 state tax form
 file extension p08SApartnership2008 file
 file extension trmeSignal Trade Manager file
 file extension acheSignal file
 file extension fcprOfficer cost report data file
 file extension poreSignal portfolio file
qdlx file icon file extension qdlxQuicken for Mac data file
 file extension qb2008Quickbook 2008 for Mac backup
 file extension h10At Home Canada 2010 tax return
 file extension cheSignal file
 file extension efslibeSignal EFS function library file
 file extension h11At Home 2011 tax return
 file extension qwmodQuicken for Windows data
trn file icon file extension trnMedlin Payroll Software current year transactions file
hbk file icon file extension hbkHumanic Software accounting data file
zka file icon file extension zkaQuicken Win version 6 file
 file extension bgtGraphic Accounts budget data
omf file icon file extension omfOMF Operation, Management & Finance database file
 file extension resxPayroll Mate file
 file extension ml9MultiLedger transactions
 file extension gfiGeneral Index of Financial Information
ddd file icon file extension dddMedlin Payroll Software direct deposit information file
des file icon file extension desMedlin Payroll Software sales code information file
pr3 file icon file extension pr3CheckMark Payroll Software employer payees file
 file extension enseSignal NewsManager preview file
pr1 file icon file extension pr1CheckMark Payroll Software employees file
 file extension qb2007QuickBooks 2007 for Mac backup
acr file icon file extension acrMedlin Payroll Software accrual method adjustments / unpaid invoices file
pr4 file icon file extension pr4CheckMark Payroll Software employer checks file
 file extension acmeSignal file
 file extension chteSignal data
 file extension 3peTurboTax 2008 form
 file extension 3meTurboTax form
 file extension tax08TurboTax 2008 tax return file
stm file icon file extension stmMedlin Payroll Software statement layout
ddd file icon file extension dddPayroll Mate 2008 direct deposit file file
lin file icon file extension linMedlin Payroll Software current period invoice detail
 file extension tax10TurboTax 2010 tax return
mws file icon file extension mwsMedlin Payroll Software statement layout information file
 file extension tax11TurboTax 2011 tax return
 file extension tt2014stateTurboTax 2014 state tax form
pr2 file icon file extension pr2CheckMark Payroll Software employee checks file
 file extension emdeSignal market depth file
 file extension mlbMultiLedger ship via file
 file extension tt2012stateTurboTax 2012 state tax form
 file extension tax09TurboTax 2009 tax return file
 file extension dsbeSignal file

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