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File extensions used for configuration and system settings file types

List of common configuration files

Configuration file extension list

File extensions used for configuration and system settings file types.

Configuration files (config files) generally configure the initial settings for computer programs. They are used by many applications, server processes or operating systems. File format of configuration files is very often simple text in ASCII code, sometimes the binary format is used. Today, a very popular configuration file format is, the XML (eXtensible Markup Language). Configuration file in ASCII text format can be edited very easily by any simple text editor. Many applications provide its own tools for modifying, creating or editing application configuration. Some computer applications read configuration files only after startup, others are able to periodically check them.
The most used file extensions for configuration files are .cfg, .ini, .cnf, .conf, .config.

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 file extension ehiEvozi HTTP Injector configuration
 file extension cfgConfiguration files
 file extension proProfile
 file extension mmrcMADRIX MIDI remote configuration
tcp file icon file extension tcpAutodesk template control data pointer
mobileconfig file icon file extension mobileconfigApple iPhone mobile configuration profile
 file extension devicemetadata-msWindows Device Metadata device package
 file extension confConfiguration information
 file extension yamlYAML source code
ini file icon file extension iniText configuration data
 file extension cnfNetwork configuration data
 file extension ecuTunerPro ECU configurator data
 file extension netNetwork configuration
 file extension configConfiguration data
 file extension icaCitrix ICA configuration
jsc file icon file extension jscJavaScript configuration
mobileprovision file icon file extension mobileprovisioniOS mobile device provisioning profile
 file extension rakSensor+ CEM+ rack configuration data
 file extension tllLG TV Link-Loader configuration
reg file icon file extension regWindows registry data
 file extension vpnWinGate VPN configuration
 file extension pcfCisco VPN Client configuration
 file extension vvVirt Viewer configuration
 file extension pbPowerBASIC configuration data
evm file icon file extension evmMicrosoft Windows session configuration
 file extension dnoDriveExecutive configuration
 file extension ovpnOpenVPN config file
 file extension bitcfgPassmark configuration data
 file extension bootstrapAdobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming bootstrap
rdp file icon file extension rdpMicrosoft Windows Remote Desktop Connection settings
 file extension chOS/2 configuration
 file extension oraOracle database parameter configuration data
fp file icon file extension fpMicrosoft FoxPro configuration
 file extension ccfOS/2 Multimedia Viewer configuration data
 file extension rdgMicrosoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager configuration
 file extension qwcQuickBooks Web Connector configuration
 file extension gitconfigGit configuration
 file extension fpwFoxPro configuration
 file extension ptgPowerTeacher Gradebook configuration
 file extension dvpAutoCAD device parameter file format
sb file icon file extension sbApple Mac OS X sandbox configuration
 file extension mhcMPLAB Harmony configuration data
 file extension proxyProxy configuration
 file extension pdkPC Desktop Cleaner configuration
 file extension ypfYahELite configuration
 file extension axcMicrosoft Dynamics AX configuration
 file extension ini2Text configuration
 file extension nboNovell Nterprise Branch Office configuration file
 file extension bfdLinux BFD rules configuration data
nd file icon file extension ndQuickBooks network data configuration
 file extension zzpFutureSoft MultiView configurable pop-up menu
scf file icon file extension scfWindows Explorer shell command file
 file extension iuuxPowerflex configuration
tsk file icon file extension tskWindows Mobile skin or theme
 file extension helpcfgAdobe AIR help configuration
tsp file icon file extension tspMicrosoft Windows Telephony Service Provider file
 file extension zupMicrosoft Business Solutions Navision configuration
 file extension cnnADO-network connection configuration data
 file extension dbcOrCAD capture CIS database configuration file
 file extension statusStatus data
 file extension ldTelix long distance codes data
 file extension cfSendmail configuration data
 file extension ytyt Project configuration
 file extension avastconfigAvast configuration
 file extension tdBorland Turbo Debugger for DOS configuration data
 file extension colorAmaya configuration data
 file extension wtiWebTranslateIt configuration
ncf file icon file extension ncfSteam Client game configuration
 file extension hidSony Ericsson configuration archive
 file extension ccrSystems Management Server client configuration request data
 file extension launchZend Studio debugger configuration data
 file extension spdAdobe PostScript printer mini driver
 file extension ffs_batchFreeFileSync configuration data
 file extension ceidSeagate Dockstar configuration
 file extension vscMcAffee VirusScan configuration
 file extension qdrQ-Dir configuration
 file extension settingcontent-msMicrosoft Windows 8.1 configuration data
 file extension ftpFTP configuration data
 file extension hcrIBM HCD/HCM production configuration
 file extension t4TerrAlign alignment configuration data
 file extension tfTurbo Profiler configuration
 file extension gsdGeneric Station Description file
 file extension sublime-workspaceSublime Text workspace settings
 file extension pxcMatrikonOPC server configuration
 file extension btfBaires Turf configuration
 file extension pltcfgMicroStation printer driver configuration file
 file extension kcfKiSS configuration data
 file extension htaccessApache access configuration
 file extension magicMagic Mail Monitor configuration
 file extension bgiBGInfo configuration
 file extension bsiBSPlayer configuration
 file extension svySmartQuest survey configuration data
 file extension jcfJAWS configuration file
 file extension wysWyBuild server settings
 file extension chatOnline chat configuration
 file extension uvoptx┬ÁVision configuration
 file extension iscXilinx device configuration information
 file extension ewcEWView configuration data
 file extension vviSiemens Teamcenter lifecycle visualization configuration
 file extension kgrSmartConfig configuration data
 file extension fhxDeltaV configuration
 file extension ccbVisual Basic animated button configuration
 file extension tgbIPSec VPN Client VPN configuration
 file extension jtgJoint Test Action Group configuration data
 file extension txmtrakAx Mixer configuration data
 file extension parmSAS Scalable Performance Data Server LIBNAME data
 file extension wdaNetManage RUMBA configuration data
rtk file icon file extension rtkAdobe RoboHelp configuration
 file extension chfpcAnywhere remote control data
 file extension mkyMagicKey configuration data
 file extension setSetup data or info
 file extension igdXbox 360 Controller for Windows configuration data
rvp file icon file extension rvpMicrosoft Scan configuration
 file extension xdflXDFL configuration data
 file extension bslBS.Player configuration
 file extension evpEarthview configuration
 file extension hcmIBM HCM ork file
 file extension dockerignoreDocker ignore data
 file extension hfcH-JTAG configuration file
 file extension zcZipkey configuration
 file extension csrFast SMS Set SMS Relay configuration
 file extension dtsconfigMicrosoft SQL Server Integration Services configuration
 file extension conf-autoWOW! configuration data
$msf file icon file extension $msfAdobe configuration data
 file extension uaeWinUAE configuration data
 file extension ncfgArcGIS Explorer configuration data
 file extension parParameter
 file extension plnMicrosoft Flight Simulator flight plan
 file extension iomOmniscope configuration data
 file extension nsdNorton System Doctor sensor configuration
 file extension ffs_guiFreeFileSync configuration
 file extension pcfPackaged collaboration data
dun file icon file extension dunDial-Up Network config file
 file extension sizOracle 7 configuration data
 file extension cscfgMicrosoft Visual Studio cloud configuration
 file extension diagcfgMicrosoft Windows Troubleshooting configuration
 file extension undUrban Network Data
 file extension cf3PBX ANI-Link configuration file
 file extension zztFutureSoft MultiView terminal configuration
 file extension tmapTexas Instruments PowerLAN configuration
 file extension opfKEPServerEX project configuration
 file extension globalGlobal makefile
 file extension ncmNokia Communicator configuration message
 file extension puiFoobar2000 panels UI configuration
 file extension ae0NetBSD Ethernet configuration file
 file extension inuseText configuration (in use)
 file extension vshMcAfee VirusShield configuration
 file extension prtPrinter driver
 file extension mxuMultiExchange Unit configuration
 file extension sgcSecure SnapGear Router configuration
 file extension vrfOracle Database configuration
 file extension tsmTwinCAT System Manager configuration file
 file extension ifbOracle Siebel interface configuration
 file extension nsuNVIDIA nTune command system profile settings
 file extension wcrErgane configuration
 file extension optionsSE-SOFT configuration data
 file extension tdwBorland Turbo Debugger for Windows configuration
 file extension iipThinAnywhere configuration
 file extension dcfgrouters2.cgi dummy configuration data
 file extension perlcriticrcPerlCritic configuration data
 file extension zccECLIPSE server configuration information data
 file extension pfgjEEPersDX configuration data
 file extension inzDatalogic Lighter configuration
bau file icon file extension bauApache OpenOffice configuration data
 file extension esiEtherCAT slave information
 file extension ezhexLogitech Harmony configuration file
 file extension fxcDIMDATA FilePackager configuration data
 file extension xmcLingoes configuration
 file extension 521Murray State University Trojan Ring configuration data
 file extension jkmJAWS ini configuration file
 file extension prbPSpice PROBE configuration file
 file extension timRPC III data
 file extension zzbFutureSoft MultiView configurable toolbar
 file extension lccLight-O-Rama channel configuration
 file extension llpLotto Logic 2002 lottery configuration file
 file extension twcTripwire configuration data
 file extension ne0NetBSD config data
 file extension ucfMicroStation workspace configuration file
certauthorityconfig file icon file extension certauthorityconfigApple Mac OS X Certificate Assistant configuration file
 file extension mewMultiEdit configuration data
 file extension dksDataKeeper configuration
 file extension pb2OrindaBuild configuration data
 file extension netshWindows netset settings
 file extension rsxRSLinx configuration
 file extension pthPython path configuration
 file extension keyboardAmaya configuration data
 file extension zzkFutureSoft MultiView keyboard mapping
 file extension ubbBEA eLink Adapter configuration data
 file extension ccfgBartPE configuration
 file extension leasesVMware DHCP configuration information data
 file extension zzcFutureSoft MultiView connection details
 file extension tfaAston theme configuration file
 file extension wlmHP-UX Workload Manager configuration data
 file extension td2Turbo Debugger for Win32 configuration
 file extension jvrJavaView configuration data
cnf file icon file extension cnfLotus 1-2-3 configuration data
 file extension pvxParaView configuration XML file
 file extension mozconfigMozilla Firefox configuration data
 file extension pxgPixRef Pro configuration data
 file extension prtPrinter formatted data
 file extension fwtFacetWin configuration
 file extension pnagentCitrix Presentation Server data
 file extension ecfMicrosoft Exchange Server data
 file extension ktwKeyTweak configuration
 file extension wbxMikrotik RouterOS configuration
 file extension hexdwcHHD Software Hex Editor configuration
 file extension lvtLand surface Verification Toolkit configuration
 file extension exe4jExe4j configuration data
 file extension epfEclipse preference data
 file extension zzdFutureSoft MultiView wizard settings.
 file extension msplRPAS configuration
 file extension pc3Autodesk AutoCAD plotter and printer configuration
 file extension cosCapture One configuration file
 file extension nckCNC machine data
 file extension nfgNewsBin configuration file
 file extension dcfDynSite configuration file format
 file extension lntFlexeLint configuration data
 file extension tvcTeamViewer configuration data
 file extension propertiesHSQLDB configuration
 file extension cezeokeyCEZEO Key data
 file extension twcTTWin configuration
 file extension pcpAutoCAD plotter configuration
 file extension dcfCANopen device configuration
 file extension sconscriptSCons SConscript configuration
 file extension optsLinux configuration options
 file extension vimrcVim runtime configuration
 file extension cchMicrosoft .NET configuration and security policy data
 file extension bxrcBochs configuration
 file extension g16GoldED DOS compiled configuration
 file extension mbcModBus configuration
 file extension cnfOrigin configuration
 file extension asgpHP-UX NIS Maps configuration
 file extension fsiFSI Viewer configuration
 file extension srvBNBSURVEY configuration data
 file extension cmateControllerMate configuration data
 file extension sxpRedHat Linux configuration
 file extension zcfgZoom Search Engine configuration
 file extension dmcDAZ 3D Mimic configuration
aas file icon file extension aasMicrosoft Windows application assignment script
 file extension drhParalllels Desktop pvs package configuration
 file extension wxaBuxco system hardware configuration data
 file extension vcfVevi configuration data
 file extension psrcParasoft Insure++ configuration
 file extension ctrERGO receiver configuration file format
 file extension eg2IBM eGatherer collected system configuration information
 file extension figSWAT watershed configuration data
 file extension ps1xmlMicrosoft Windows PowerShell display configuration
 file extension lesLogitech entertainment system game profile
 file extension pc2Autodesk AutoCAD R14 plotter configuration data
 file extension fbkFlashFXP backup configuration file
 file extension mxdMX Editor remote control device configuration
 file extension mccMathcad configuration data
 file extension ghiNCSA Mosaic configuration
 file extension bwzWinImage batch configuration
vsct file icon file extension vsctMicrosoft Visual Studio command table configuration file
 file extension sxcHPX View SONET/SDH crossconnect configuration file
 file extension schFTP Voyager scheduled FTP file transfer
 file extension cnfMySQL startup configuration
 file extension optOptions
 file extension pcpAutoCAD R13 and Prior Plotter configuration file format
 file extension zzfFutureSoft MultiView file transfer configuration
 file extension wadcfgWindows Azure Diagnostics configuration
 file extension ccfLotus Symphony communications configuration
 file extension emvLabVIEW configuration
 file extension amsAdobe Photoshop monitor configuration
 file extension cwcCADfix wizard configuration data
 file extension hfmxHFM.NET configuration
 file extension brgBentley ProjectWise configuration data
 file extension jicJTAG indirect configuration
 file extension cwySongtrix style
 file extension absAbsolute Packager configuration
 file extension icteApple Mac internet configuration
 file extension grdGradebook Power configuration
 file extension mdrcMADRIX DMX remote configuration data
 file extension ddtLinux configuration data
 file extension cgiRAD Studio configuration
 file extension ivcInteliSea vessel configuration
 file extension mcdMediaCD configuration data
 file extension gmlNetRemote XML-based configuration data
 file extension elcNetcool/OMNIbus event list configuration file
azd file icon file extension azdAmazon Software Downloader data
 file extension prmMicroImages parameters
 file extension iokOmniscope configuration
 file extension bitpimBitPim configuration
 file extension sccActive ScreenSaver Builder configuration
thm file icon file extension configuration
 file extension osdDirectory Opus configuration
 file extension iafInformer configuration
 file extension 3Solaris Device Configuration Assistant Boot Diskette file
 file extension ffs_realFreeFileSync configuration data
 file extension rcfSonicWALL VPN configuration
 file extension perfmoncfgMicrosoft Windows Performance Monitor configuration
 file extension cqCqual configuration
 file extension phlDatabase configuration
 file extension srfSiebel repository data
 file extension dycXerox printer driver configuration
 file extension tcBorland C++ configuration
 file extension nbaNota Bene configuration information
inf file icon file extension infAdobe Type Manager font information
vmc file icon file extension vmcVirtual memory configuration
 file extension ubrIIS WCAT configuration
 file extension dtsearchdtSearch configuration
 file extension tdsTerrAlign dataset configuration file
 file extension busOMSI - The Bus Simulator configuration data
 file extension rspODBC driver configuration
 file extension nccNative Instruments Controller Editor configuration
 file extension conConfiguration data
 file extension tbrSoftQuad XMetaL configuration
 file extension gdmGnome Display Manager configuration
 file extension cmCable modem configuration
 file extension ccfGPS Pathfinder Office configuration
 file extension rcGNU Emacs configuration record file
 file extension p9dPlane9 configuration
 file extension joyJoystick calibration file
 file extension profilesAmaya configuration data
 file extension apmPro/ENGINEER configuration data
 file extension metHEC-HMS meteorologic model configuration
 file extension dcfProWORX Nxt database configuration
aus file icon file extension ausOutpost Firewall Pro configuration
 file extension xplLcdStudio configuration playlist
 file extension setConfiguration
 file extension csdCanon camera configuration
 file extension mpaE-Designer data
 file extension cddBalder Multiboot configuration
 file extension tmTecmail configuration data
 file extension bochsrcBochs configuration
 file extension scpcfgSuperCard project configuration
 file extension meMulti-Edit configuration
 file extension godGod configuration
pcf file icon file extension pcfPowerToy Calculator saved functions and variables
 file extension mmfMcAfee VirusScan configuration
bt3 file icon file extension bt3Control Runner button configuration
 file extension socSonic Object configuration file
 file extension prpPalace Server server configuration file
 file extension lctOracle Database configuration
 file extension cedVisionTools Pro-e smart graphic configuration
 file extension pcfSystems Management Server (SMS) patron configuration
 file extension xnpModbus Slave XNC driver configuration
 file extension fdpFesto Drive Parameter file
 file extension mcsPro/Engineer ModelCheck start configuration
 file extension sdgSmart Diary Suite graph configuration file
 file extension espEasy Setup program configuration file
 file extension autoconfAutoconfiguration file
 file extension dcbDigital Ceremonial Bugle configuration profile
 file extension pb1OrindaBuild configuration
 file extension mcserverMinecraft MCServer server file
 file extension gdtGuitar & Drum Trainer song configuration
 file extension olsrOlsrd configuration
 file extension hcuLogitech Harmony update file
 file extension nnsNAVNET32 configuration data
 file extension cldCA Clipper debugger configuration file
 file extension adbaAIMSS author project configuration file
 file extension hcfgHoDokK configuration file
 file extension resourceconfigVisual Studio resource configuration file
 file extension dccNokia Dynamic Camera configuration file
 file extension visFDS Imaging Software HW configuration
 file extension wedJAWS configuration file
 file extension pncPalm OS configuration file
 file extension ptiIBM Configurator configuration
 file extension kcfSony Ericsson remote control configuration
 file extension supPro/ENGINEER master configuration file
 file extension zzeFutureSoft MultiView emulation details
 file extension dfcDeSmuME firmware configuration
 file extension cfsINMOS configuration data
 file extension sdcSmart Diary Suite configuration file
 file extension chaIRC Chat configuration file
 file extension rbRosebud configuration profile
 file extension mm3Mortgage Minder saved mortgage configuration file
 file extension irafhostsIRAF user file
 file extension lpdTCP/IP hosts print file
 file extension topIBM Netfinity server Rack Configurator file
 file extension ezcEasy Concerns dynamic smart booklet file
 file extension rtaAdobe RoboHelp configuration file
 file extension patPalace Server Rooms configuration file
 file extension ncfNovell NetWare configuration
 file extension exprwdconfigMicrosoft Expression Web XML configuration
 file extension vclVarnish configuation
 file extension scpPalm OS configuration file
 file extension wcfWadAuthor configuration
 file extension vueMicrosoft Schedule+ configuration data
 file extension spdesignconfigSharePoint Designer configuration file
 file extension adbAIMSS runtime project configuration file
 file extension fstGFI FAXmaker configuration file
 file extension genChromeleon generic driver configuration data
 file extension zcfgHLGuard Z configuration file
 file extension mm4Mortgage Minder saved mortgage configuration file
 file extension pwrPowerail configuration file
 file extension apiLotus printer driver
 file extension cCheck Point site configuration file
 file extension gladinetspGladinet configuration
 file extension apmAMS configuration file
 file extension crpCureROM configuration
 file extension vmcDESQview video monitor configuration file
 file extension efceFiler configuration
 file extension rapRunAs Professional configuration file
 file extension ncfSystems Management Server (SMS) network configuration file
scf file icon file extension scfLotus Symphony spelling checker configuration file
 file extension eqconfigEQATEC Profiler configuration
 file extension x4kXML4King configuration file
 file extension wspWeb Site Publisher configuration file
 file extension dtpcLaserWriter configuration file
 file extension xilizeXilize configuration file
 file extension wsbWindows SandBox configuration

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